Mohanish’s (and his grandma’s) Mystical Experience During BTW in Pune

This is about yesterday’s BTW meditation in Pune (on 26 March 2010) attended by my grandma Dadi and me.  

Dadi and myself connected with Mohanji’s eyes, did the Omkar and breathing preparation, and proceeded with the ‘Power of Purity’ meditation. Another aunty who wanted to attend, for some reason, could not join us.  

The Smiles of Mohanish and His Dadi


It was quite surprising that my Dadi had the following wonderful experience during BTW: she saw herself in Baba’s darbar in Shirdi. She also saw the 24 hrs burning flame and the vibhuti and its smoke was flowing from Shirdi to Muscat, Pune and everywhere!  

By the very end of BTW meditation, when Mohanji guides us to open our eyes, Dadi, while opening her eyes, saw and felt a splash of water on her body and all the burning flames in her body were silenced with that splash. She felt a surge of positive energies and thoughts. Post meditation, her head was heavy but felt very pleasant and calm.  

Divine Splash


Before narrating my experience, I would like to share with you what happened a few days ago when I decided to do BTW meditation alone (I was missing Muscat…). I knew that there was no one to give me Shaktipat, but still felt like doing it.  

A strange, unimaginable thing happened. During the part of meditation when we are guided to take the hand into the Aashirwad (blessing) position, my hand automatically curled and took shape of a shell (Shankha). I realized that my hand is kind of dissociated from me. A strange force guided my hand and took it to my Third eye. It gave a strong energy surge.  

The Mystical Hand


 Wonderful! This was the first time I experienced strong expansion at my Third eye and Sahasrara chakra. With automatically guided hand on the Third eye, I felt tremendous physical pull at my head, as if it was pulled into a higher dimension! It was just beautiful. I knew that it was He, Mohanji, who guided my hand. I had neither fear nor anxiety of what is happening. I was fresh and relieved of all negativities after that meditation.  

With regards to my experience during the meditation with my Dadi, I must say that I was rather uncomfortable throughout. As I had experienced the mystical guidance of my right hand earlier….this time too I felt it is being guided somewhere. However, sadly, I was unable to follow it – my mind was too agitated to receive the message properly. There were too many conflicting thoughts about the guiding hand. I did not feel heavy nor had any other experiences normally followed after meditation.  

Nevertheless, after the meditation, I noticed there are hardly any thoughts. Initially, I was feeling a bit sad that my hand was being directed for something and I was unable to realize what it was for. Oh! But now the sadness has disappeared. I am just feeling ‘me’…connecting deeply with my inner reality!  

Mysteries of the Hand


With all due gratitude and respect to Mohanji,  

Mohanish and Grandma – Dadi!

Dana’s Sharing – 2 days of BTW bliss on Navaratri

Dear friends,  

What a weekend I/we had! Two meditations in two days in two different cities, but only one common thread – bliss! Since I was traveling to Delhi on Saturday, we decided to still conduct our meditation in Kolkata, but on Friday.  

I was so happy to find out that Mr. Haksar would visit us in Kolkata on that day for work purposes – and promised to join us in my residence. He was conducting BTW meditation the following day at his residence in Delhi, which I couldn’t miss either. 🙂  


Friday meditation in Kolkata was the lightest meditation ever! We had a group of 10 people (9 ladies and “the blessed one” among the ladies – Mr. Haksar), out of which 5 were newcomers. Somehow the entire group was so nicely tuned in and I had a feeling that all of us were on a kind of a cloud, floating around in a slow motion.  

Floating in light and lightness


Mr. Haksar enriched our Q&A session after the meditation, sharing his knowledge and experience with all of us. Meenakshi wanted clarification about not being able to follow Mohanji’s instructions from the CD sometimes, which, am sure is very good as it means that the chattering mind is definitely not involved. Mohanji once explained that, due to high energy and the presence of the Master, a sensitive person can go into a semi-trance state, a different plane of awereness altogether (it happened to me as well). Mr. Haksar then gave us an elaborate explanation why we sometimes feel as if we were sleeping instead of meditating. His presence was most appreciated and welcome and I’m always glad to have people out of Kolkata joining us.  

Saturday meditation in Delhi (on March 20th) was completely different, yet such a deep and powerful experience. As Anju said earlier, Mr. Haksar’s house is a true abode of peace, especially the room in which he conducts the meditation. I was so much looking forward to meeting the few ladies with whom I’ve been in touch for a while, yet never had the chance to meet them – however, the moment my husband and I reached the venue, I just set on the floor, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the pre-meditation energy which was already high (Mr. Haksar was playing Devi Stotram Chants while everyone was gathering).  

Devi Stotram - In Glory of the Indescribable Beauty of Divine Feminine


After that, he explained that our Navaratri meditation session will be as follows: reading on invoking Divine Mother Kundalini, followed by listening the amazingly beautiful Kundalini Stavah, after that I will conduct healing breaths and, at the end, since it is Navaratri time, he will play Kali Durge Chants, while connecting with Mohanji and performing Shaktipat.  

Shortly after he started, I was in such a deep meditation already, and, for the first time in my life, was constantly having Shiva’s image in front of my eyes. My body was so still and throat chakra in such a wonderful state that I thought that I wouldn’t be able to talk and conduct the intro breathings at all.  

However, when the moment came, somehow I managed to open my eyes and mouth and accomplish the task, after which Mr. Haksar started with those powerful Kali Chants.  

After a while I felt somebody’s presence clearly and thought it was Mr. Haksar giving Shaktipat – however, it was only after a few seconds that I received his (the most unusual) Shaktipat ever – first I experienced a kind of a electric shock on my third eye, which caused my entire body (while I was sitting cross-legged on the floor), to jump up and down (I don’t know how one can jump like this – I think I saw this happening during TM meditations, but never experienced it before) and soon after that, that same electricity started happening on top of my head and made my hair stand up! I don’t know who and what that was, but I was just enjoying the flow and cool vibrations.  

Soon after that, Mr. Haksar gave me two lovely Shaktipats and I was truly “in seventh heaven”. Then, suddenly, something kind of pulled my right hand, giving me a sign to get up and perform Shaktipat as well (I knew that was Mohanji). Since that was not planned (my intention was to just sit and meditate this time), I gave a signal to Mr. Haksar that I will be joining him. That was clearly a ‘divine plan’ – I know this may sound strange, but I really felt like Kali Durga as I started performing Shaktipat, finding my way around through the packed room.  

The Mighty Kali Durga


Soon after I finished and got back where I was sitting, Kali Durga chants were over (perfect timing!) and Mr. Haksar told all of us dazed off people to gently open our eyes. What bliss on everyone’s face! I really regret not having a photo camera with me…  

Interestingly enough, most of them didn’t even know that I performed Shaktipat. They shared that first Shaktipat (of Mr. Haksar’s) felt like warm energy and second one (mine) complete opposite and complimentary – ice cold. Mr. Haksar nicely explained the blessing of meditating during Navaratri and experiencing both male and female (Shiva-Shakti) energies by having both of us performing Shaktipat. What an eye opener… what a lovely, unforgettable session!  

The Perfection of Shiva and Shakti


And as a small Navaratri gift for all of you, I would like to share with you the above-mentioned  Invocation of Goddess Kundalini, which really resonated with us when Mr. Haksar read it out to us:  

Goddess Kundalini!  

You are red like the morning sun.  

When You bestow Your grace,  

The inner awakening takes place,  

And You continually shower   

The nectar of supreme bliss.  


O Goddess!  

Bestow Your compassionate  

Glance upon me.  

When Your glance of grace  

Falls upon a human being,  

He becomes God.  


You are my own radiant,  

Joyful, supremely divine,  

And all-pervading Self.  


O Mother Kundalini!  

Manifest within me.  

Oh Mother Kundalini, Manifest Within Me


With love and gratitude,  


Dr. Deepali’s Experiential Wisdom; Mohanish Burns the Fear Samskara

Finding the Way Out of the Dark Forest
There is Always A Way Out of A DarK Forest

Dear BTW friends,     

Experiences and miracles are happening from all directions for BTW meditators.  Pradeep’s profound experience through marma points, Dana’s tornado, Shernaz’s glaucoma, Gul’s healing and safety of her nephews, Sanjay’s astral experience, deep experience of Shampa….. to mention a few. Special note on Dr. Deepa’s experience where she could stop post operative, difficult to manage, bleeding – just by connecting with Mohanji’s eyes!      

The Shining Third Eye - Showing the Path Into the Light


India was once full of miracles which were happening easily and frequently everywhere! Many people were tapping into that dimension within them which indicated their true power. In modern times, we have started analyzing these miracles with scientific mind forgetting that where science ends, spirituality starts and super conscious takes over. There is something beyond science.         

Anything Is Possible - Realize That


  Shaktipaat is indeed taking us to higher consciousness. It is cleaning our deeper Samskaras which we are not aware of! What we feel we understand about ourselves is very limited and superficial. What also helps along with the Shaktipaat is Mohanji’s crisp, crystal-clear and succinct writing on the blogs which is developing and enhancing our understanding further.     

BTW Meditation on Feb 19 in Muscat was attended by Dr. Deepa’s close friend from UK. He is a neurosurgeon. Unfortunately, he is developing retinopathy as a complication of long-standing diabetes. He enjoyed the meditation and felt relaxed. The relaxing effect lasted for few days. He said that he is just happy for no reason. When I was giving him healing on his eyes and Sahasrara chakra, I was also guided to heal his Manipura chakra. I felt tremendous pull at his Manipur chakra and realized that it was too weak! Manipur chakra corresponds with pancreas, a gland that regulates blood sugar levels and hence diabetes. It was only later that I made the connection between the strong pull in Manipura during healing, and his diabetes – as mentioned above, where science ends, spirituality starts…   

While giving simultaneous Shaktipaat to a couple, I realized that some deep Samskara which is common to two souls has left! It was too bold of a realization. However, during next meditation, Mohanji confirmed that.  I was amazed at different dimensions of Shaktipat experience which continues to surprize and amaze me.   

The effect of Shaktipaat lasts for few days. It keeps working on us. We are not subtle enough to understand that.     

Mohanish Attending BTW in Muscat, Feb 2010


  Few days following the meditation on 19th, Mohanish, my son, one day did not get up until 10 am! We also did not wake him up, thinking, let him enjoy holidays. As he got up, he said: “I am very happy. I feel new me. I had a strange dream!”     

Haunted By The Deep-Seated Fear


  His dream was:     

            Two people were after Mohanish to kill him. He ran and ran in deep fear to save his life. He reached the ground floor of the building where we live in Pune. He came near lift. There was no place where he could run further. He stopped. Suddenly got some energy and told those two people, “You want to kill me. Ok. I have no problem. But just let me go to my house. I want to meditate for some time and I want to play my tabla for the last time. Then I offer myself to you”. Mohanish took them home and sat in meditation in front of Sai Baba. He knows that he was connected with Mohanji during that time.       

What happened next was the most beautiful experience…. He saw that his soul is coming out of body, went far away, and then returned. He thought he is born again. Needless to say, those two bowed down to Baba and left without harming Mohanish!      

Mohanish discussed this with Mohanji during the next meditation on 26th Feb. Clarity that Mohanji gave healed Mohanish forever.      



Sourcing From the Depth


  He said: “I know, I was there. This was not the dream. It was astral travel which was mixture of past life incidence fitted in the present situation. You had faced this situation in past life which developed fear in you. Those deep Samskaras have left you forever because of this astral travel that happened with awareness”. What a blessing!      

As parents, we know that, Mohanish had fear of dark and staying alone. More so, he was getting dreams of people following him for last few months and he would get up disturbed. Hopefully he will lead fearless life henceforth with Mohanji’s grace.       

The white swan - symbol of discrimination between right and wrong


 Mohanji, we are highly grateful to you.     

With deep gratitude and complete surrender,     



Back in Muscat – the Sweet and Intense BTW on Feb 26th

Dear friends,   

it did feel so lovely to experience BTW back in Muscat, after all the travels and adventures. I was so happy to see the familiar loving faces.   

As soon as Mohanji entered the room, he brought the mighty vibrations with him – I noticed that the intensity of his sheer presence has increased lately.  

Mohanji - The Presence


While awaiting one new comer who had a problem with finding the venue, we enjoyed  a casual conversation with Mohanji and the glow on his face as he spoke briefly about some of our experiences during the last two trips to India.   

We started the meditation as soon as our first timer Kala entered the room. We went very deep at no time – the intensity of energy flow during Shaktipat was way beyond average. I could feel that something profound was happening in the recipients of Shaktipat. Whether I was giving the Shaktipat, standing or walking, the powerful energy flow through the palms was happening continuously, as if it gained the required momentum and now it took off!   

During experience sharing, Kamlesh said that he always experienced something during BTW, but this time he REALLY felt it. At one point the energy was almost unbearable. Feroz shared with me his experience the following day and said that he also felt it to be almost too strong for him, but held on because he knew that heat was burning the negativities in him. He was amazed how long and how deeply he slept that night – he was knocked off! I told him not to worry and to flow with the experience – I am a veteran in getting knocked off due to Mohanji’s high energy :-).   

Kala - First Time and Yet So Deep


  Kala was the last to arrive and first to leave (had another appointment). She just told us briefly that her Mum is her Guru as well, that she is a musician and never meditated, but that this was something truly profound. Throughout the meditation she felt some unusually intense pain in her leg, which came out of nowhere and really surprized her. As she struggled with that pain and kept shifting her position, at one point she clearly felt that pain leaving her body, as if it was some kind of entity. She then experienced amazing lightness and deep fulfillment. Mohanji said that a major samskara was removed from her system and that she’ll experience a big change in her life now.    

Our Radiant Moushami Distributing Shirdi Prasad


  We enjoyed the remaining part of the evening so much – like one big happy family :-). I experienced the magic of a pressure cooker, gifted by dear Deepali, and was so happy that lots of my time spent in the kitchen will now be saved (what a brilliant healthy version of ‘fast food’ – and the food was yammy!).   

BTW Muscat-eers, see you this Friday, March 5th at the same venue, 6.30pm. Samskaras – you are toasted! 🙂   

With love,   


Dana’s Shamballa Experience – from Nov 2008

Dear friends, 

in the previous blog post about Dana’s experience of facing the fear head on, I mentioned her Shamballa experience after connecting with Mohanji’s third eye. 

This happened more than a year ago (in Nov 2008), when Dana hardly had any inner experiences with Mohanji and was far from Shaktipat initiation. Since many of you joined BTW subsequently, I decided to share it once again because it truly is extraordinary – reaching Shamballa, the most subtle vibratory plane of the Masters, is close to impossible for any sadhak (and can be achieved only through grace of the Master(s) and/or good ‘poonya’ from the earlier lives).

With love,


Dana’s Experience, Nov  2008: 

 For the last one year I have been living in Nepal and so far didn’t have a chance to experience Bless the World meditation. However, my connection with Mohanji has been strong and consistent and it is getting stronger now that I’m “making the best use of this life for higher evolution, which is the only meaningful purpose of this life”, as Mohanji explained to me recently. 

I don’t have any BTW experiences to narrate, but would like to share with you something that happened to me few days back, for which I am deeply thankful to Mohanji. 

Dana in Gratitude - NAMASTE to the Existence

 Following Mohanji’s advice to visualize his eyes during my meditation, just before going to sleep I wanted to do ujjay breathing with mudras. During the first ujjay breath I connected with his eyes, but after 3rd breath I was suddenly stopped by somebody’s strong presence (the message that I got was something like “You don’t need to do these breathings any more. You can meditate immediately. No time to lose”)… And I really couldn’t/didn’t need to breathe any more at all (like what happens in deep meditation) and felt that I already reached the stage of expanded consciousness. 

At that very moment I saw myself in a cave and the man who’s presence was so divinely radiant has cleaned it a little bit – I sat there, feeling such a strong energy of the place (I have never experienced something like this before. It was like place of the “spiritual Knights of the Round Table”… actually, I don’t know how to describe it, but the energy of the place was so sacred and strong, like all the Masters meditated there). 

I didn’t recognize the Master immediately, but by looking at the long hair and slim body, I became aware that the Master was nobody else but the great Mahavatar Babaji!!!… Oh Lord, how powerful and rigorous he was!!! No other living Master that I ever met in this life (and I was blessed to meet few) has ever had this kind of authority combined with love oozing out of his very presence (I wish I had appropriate words to describe it all!!!). 

The Great Immortal Yogi - Mahavatar Babaji

The only thing that I was able to express verbally to him was my gratitude, but he was not bothered…  My mind tried to analyze and remember what was happening at that moment, but I knew that I just had to let go… And the only thing that I remember was that I was one with the Master, I felt that my body was only bones and skin… But my consciousness… Oh God… So expanded… 

My dear friends, so many Masters work through Mohanji (all of you have different, but strong experiences)… And the experience that I had is a re-confirmation of Babaji’s grace in him, as Babaji used the path of Mohanji’s third eye to access me and take me to Shamballa. This kind of experience changes one forever. Nothing is the same any more… 

Two months back, Mohanji told Biba that I will soon reach the path of Shiva… Now he tells me that I have already reached and started travelling on it… I’m so thankful to him… Well, my dear friends, now that I have found the gateway, I’ll keep travelling for sure… 

But, as I can see, I’m not the only one who has found it and that makes me so happy and even more grateful. It’s such a grace to travel on this path with the wonderful companions like you… 

All of us will have different experiences on the path, but the final destination is the same… Journey is one to be enjoyed… So, PLEASE, keep on sharing your experiences on this group mail, since knowledge and happiness can only increase while sharing… 

Dana - With a Bubbly Smile and Flowers From Nepal



Two Unprecedented BTW Meditations – in Delhi and Gurgaon, Valentines

Dear friends,   

Out of all the BTW meditations that I experienced ever since Mohanji received the gift of BTW from the Masters (in Oct 2007), I must say that these two meditations, in Delhi and Gurgaon, (on “Divine Valentine”, as Dana sweetly put it), were most stunning in every way. I felt that they marked a SHIFT in the way Mohanji’s mission is evolving.   

Mr. Dipak Haksar, who assumed FULL responsibility for organizing these two meditations ( arranging the venue, reaching out to people, etc.) told us the previous night, when he picked us up from the train station in Delhi:   

“I have worked tirelessly and have done my level best, but until now I don’t know how many people will come. I have spread the word to all the people I know would be interested to come. If I only had more time, I would have done it better… Oh well, I know that I did my very best – I leave the rest to the Masters. I think minimum 20 people will surely come, the rest we’ll see.”   

Dana too was so sweet – she could not come to Delhi to help us, but was following up with Dipakji and us all the time from Kolkata. Mohanji and I knew how instrumental she was in making all of this happen.   

BTW in ITC Maurya, New Delhi   

I arrived to the grand hall of the beautiful ITC Maurya Hotel in Delhi an hour early to make sure all is arranged properly. I was amazed with the size and beauty of the hall. There were a few adjustments to be made, but all in all, I felt that the hall not only had a beautiful interior, but good vibrations as well – it was ideal for the inner expansion experience that usually marks our BTW meditations.   

Mohanji’s cousins Bindu and Shaju were of great help to me as well – I was happy to see Mohanji’s family members joining us for BTW for the first time. I knew they were heading for a big surprise as they have not seen ‘this side of Mohanji’ before 🙂   

The Pathirisseri Family After BTW - Mohanji with Bindu, her daughter Aparna, father and husband Shaju


While I was busy playing around with the newly bought Handi Cam, I noticed that the number of people assuming their seat inside the hall was continuously rising – 50… 60… 70, and more. I wished there was at least one more person initiated into Shaktipat to help us out – I wondered how are two of us going to give Shaktipat to such a big crowd in only 40 min. or so (duration of the Power of Purity meditation). I surrendered and relaxed…   

When the time came, Mohanji entered humbly and assumed his position on the improvised stage – it was lovely to see how all the faces brightened up the moment he bowed and saluted them. I could feel that he was in expanded state already and enjoyed seeing people’s reactions to his presence.   

Mohanji In Expanded State - BTW in ITC Maurya, 14 Feb 2010


I knew that most of them would follow the usual pattern of gauging/judging him first, learning to trust and relax slowly, and then finally open up by the very end :-).   

Hm.... Let us see.... Expressions, ITC Maurya, 14 Feb


 People who came were from all walks of life, some completely new to meditation, but most with previous experience in other spiritual paths like Reiki, Pranic Healing, Kriya Yoga, Art of Living, Siddha Yoga, Kashmir Shaivism, Sufism, etc. There were a few people whose smile did not drop from the moment Mohanji walked in, till the time they left the hall. I somehow felt great love towards all of them, for no reason…   

BTW Audience in ITC Maurya on 'Divine Valentine'


After a brief intro and preparatory breathing techniques, the meditation started. Since the sound system was absolutely PERFECT, Mohanji’s voice flowed and echoed in the hall with Shaivic power and loving softness. Wonderful waves of energy were felt and I could sense that all were floating on them…   

Giving Shaktipat to such a big group of people was a truly wonderful experience, and it kept deepening as I went on – the heat in the spine and on the palms became overwhelming and my body became a perfect instrument of Divine grace, whose logic only the heart knew. I could feel what the people were feeling and, with some, the experience was just so incredibly deep…   

Even though the inner pull was deep, I did not allow myself to close the eyes and go into meditation, as I knew that I would not be able to get up on time to capture on camera those magical initial moments right after the meditation. I thus sacrificed that aspect of the experience in order to perform my task. If I had the power to clone myself, I would have surely done it then and there :-).   

Q&A Session - Genuine Questions


When the experience sharing and Q&A session started, I did not know what to do first (monitor the video recording, take photos, check the music system, collect the papers with questions from people, or simply sit next to Mohanji and enjoy the show).One person told me later on that I was moving around like a butterfly -with speed and yet with lightness. That is how I felt too 🙂   

The experience of some people was so deep that they felt their whole life has been transformed. One gentleman, who has been practicing Kriya Yoga for many years, recognized Mohanji’s spiritual stature fully. He was overwhelmed and could not find the words to express what he experienced. Many of the people experienced deep meditation for the first time in their lives and were bubbling with joy and amazement, while others were calm and poised, still a bit intoxicated with the energy.   

Post-BTW Expressions


Q&A session took longer than expected, and on top of it all, Mohanji committed to do one more Shaktipat to all (and answer any personal questions they may have) since there were a dozen of people whom, during meditation, we could not even reach on time to give Shaktipat.   

A long line formed soon and hardly anyone cared for the lovely snacks that were offered in the lobby – who can think of the food when bathed in such intense energy? 🙂 I was still busy running around, answering individual queries, arranging the music, etc. but whenever I looked, I could see that the line was hardly reducing at all! New people kept joining in, while many of those whose second Shaktipat was over, remained in the hall to simply be in Mohanji’s energy field for some more time.   

The Sacred Moments of Shaktipat in ITC Maurya


There was one gentleman on crutches who insisted to wait in the line like others – I tried asking him to sit down and rejoin the line when his turn comes, but he would not budge – he did not want to risk missing the precious second Shaktipat. 🙂   

Two hours already passed and 20+ people were still in the queue – since our second meditation in nearby Gurgaon was scheduled to start in less than an hour, I had to leave Maurya hotel in order to make sure that the other venue is all set. Never before have we conducted two BTW meditations in one day and the gap between the two was clearly not big enough since we never anticipated such a high attendance. The schedule was really tight! I was relieved when Dipak told me that the crowd in Gurgaon will be much smaller, between 20 – 30, so that will be ‘piece of cake’ after the Maurya experience.   

Let’s see how that went:   

BTW in Gurgaon – another surprize!   

As soon as I reached the venue in Gurgaon, I got straight into rearranging the chairs, fixing the camera stand, etc. and, as more and more people kept coming in, I started eliminating all unnecessary furniture items from the room, one by one, in a desparate attempt to create more space and bring in more chairs. At one point I took a short break in order to answer the nature’s call and by the time I came back (after 3 min. or so) the number of people doubled! At least 50 people were there already – even if they were to stand during BTW, they still would not fit into that room!   

I looked at Dipak and told him: “We’ll have to shift into a bigger room Dipak, this definitely won’t work.” He pointed towards a bigger hall just next to this room without much enthusiasm because he didn’t like the way it looked (and echoed). I went to see that hall and was ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED – it was very spacious and simply perfect! The last minute rescue!  

After experiencing the luxury of ITC Maurya, this hall certainly lacked the luster in terms of the looks, and the sound system was not very good either. However, the group energy (which definitely has nothing to do with external decorations) was really great, mainly due to a high number of Shirdi Sai devotees and/or people with childlike openness required to surrender and experience the higher, subtle energy of the Masters.   

We kept adding more chairs as people kept on coming (God only knows from where and how!) and, in the end, filled it up COMPLETELY – there were altogether around 80 people present in that room, even more than in Maurya! Dipak stood humbly at the back and was simply stunned while observing the whole show (after BTW, one lady shared with me that she forwarded the mail about Mohanji’s meditation to 8 of her friends, and was shocked to see that almost all of them showed up. She said that this is very unusual, especially for someone who is not known and comes for the first time. “There was a Divine hand in that, for sure”, she said.)   

Mohanji During Inner Communion With the Masters - BTW in Gurgaon, Valentine


During BTW and Shaktipat I felt that I will either explode any second or take off into the outer space like a rocket – the heat and the energy were beyond control. It was beautiful…   

We had a special guest that evening, someone really dear to Mohanji and me – Dr. Yogesh Choudhary, one of world’s greatest past life regressionists (The 3-hour-long regression in 2008, under his expert guidance, was one of the most profound experiences of my life – so enriching, so revealing. Aside from re-living some of my intimate spiritual experiences with Jesus Christ and Shirdi Sai Baba, during that regression I also discovered my connection with Mohanji from many lives and understood myself so much better… I also had a glimpse of Dr. Choudhary as my loving grandfather in one of the lives. Since then I reserve the right to call him ‘Grandpa’ 🙂 ). Due to his high purity, I kept seeing him as a young boy throughout BTW– he was beaming at us with sincere love and joy, genuinely happy to see us serving and sharing love.   

Dear Dr. Choudhary's Innocent Gaze - BTW in Gurgaon


I felt deeply fulfilled as one more BTW meditation ended with amazingly high energy. Knowledge during Q&A session flowed through Mohanji so beautifully, and then another long queue formed for the ‘private Shaktipat’.   

Satsang at Dipak’s Residence   

After all was over, Mohanji and I, along with a few more people, went to Dipak’s residence for a private Satsang and dinner. We enjoyed the ambience and energy in his apartment, and meeting his mother, wife and daughter was a truly wonderful experine as well.  

A few people requested private counseling with Mohanji, during which I chatted with those who were waiting for their turn in the living room.  Somehow the topic of Mahavatar Babaji came, and I felt very high energy gushing through me as I spoke about one experience of  mine with this great immortal Yogi. At one point, Dipak offered to play one special CD for me, with Mahavatar Babaji’s chants. We both sat in meditation and listened to the chants in high volume. Something started happening in my inner space…. At one point, I had a very profound experience – I could clearly feel a miniature Mahavatar Babaji sitting inside my heart chakra! I then received an inner prompting to place my right palm on Dipak’s back, at the area of Anahata chakra. IMMENSE energy was flowing through my whole body, flowing out through the right palm, and the love I felt towards Mahavatar Babaji consumed me completely. I never expected that this already surreal day would have more in store for me – I was so deeply grateful to the Masters. Dana was right – a  ‘Divine Valentine’ indeed!   

We then enjoyed the TASTIEST DINNER EVER, the sumptuous Kashmiri cuisine marvels prepared by Dipak’s lovely wife – I just couldn’t believe how tasty that was! Before leaving, Dipak, myself, Mohanji and a few more people did one more final meditation, while listening to chants from Siddha Yoga tradition.   

It was then that I noticed that Mohanji’s expression changed completely – he suddenly started to assume a sadhu-like look, as if he just emerged out of some Himalayan cave…   

A Sadhu Expression, Thejus - at Dipak's Residence, Gurgaon


 Midninght was approaching and my body was giving me the ‘ready to shut down’ signs.  

Behind us was an unprecedented, magical day during which Mohanji personally gave Shaktipat to more than 160 people. His final comment for the day sounded like a historic press statement: “I am happy that my existence on this planet is now getting  utilized more effectively. And I can do much, much more.”

Serving the Master and Experiencing Shiva – profound sharing by Dr. Pradeep Ullal

Date: 01  March 2010  

Place: Rajesh and Shristi’s Residence, Karama  

Shiva is revered as the state of ‘purest consciousness’. So pure is this infinite power, that it does not have any attributes like form, shape, color, identity or any attribute. Shaivic path is called the path of dissolution, where we have surrendered to Shiva fully after we have activated the powers of divine shakti through ardent kriya sadhana and sought liberation from all identification, desires and accumulating karma.  

Kundalini Shakti Emerging Through the Sahasrara and Hair of Shiva


 In the path of dissolution, there is no lure for any gains and death is welcome any moment. The Fearless has no death. All desires have to be annihilated and the soul is ready for the liberation from the jananamarana (life and death) cycle.  

Many great spiritual masters in India have observed that a few earthlings will draw the courage to sustain their quest in the fiery shaivic path, while most seekers choose the path of longevity and comforts where there is greater emphasis on acquisitions and lesser on liberation. This leads to false intimacy with the external Gurus and hopes pinned onto these external saviors who are going to take us to the promised heaven and gift us with boons and blessings that will trigger abundance that is supremely aspired for on this physical plane.  

To read and talk about Lord Shiva is itself an ecstatic experience for an ardent Bhakta. Today, the rare event that unfolded is beyond any description. However I am required to articulate an experience for at least inspiring a few aspirants on this path.  

The Explosive Power and Glory of Lord Shiva

Sitting in the presence of Mohanji in immensely expanded state of consciousness is an experience to be treasured for any receptive sadhaka. What more could I ask for this afternoon, when Mohanji knowingly asked me to do some ‘marma’ work on him.  

I gladly accepted this opportunity to serve the Master. When I put my hands on Mohanji, suddenly a deep feeling of gratitude took over me. The currents began to flood my space and this instant connection became more intense, as I began to work more on his marma points along the body. Mohanji’s body began to expand like the body of Virata Ishwara. The spiraling currents within me ushered me into Rudra Avasta.  

There was a raging fire within that was worshiping the body of Shiva. I was in meditative prayer and chanting continuously as my hands were being guided by a mystical force.  

The Upward Pull of the Mystical Cosmic Force


 As my hands moved along vigorously, I could sense Mohanji entering into deep silence and then into absolute stillness. I bowed in deep gratitude and sat next to the Master absorbed in turiya avasta (4th state of consciousness and super awareness).  

As I sat next to Mohanji, I had a beautiful opportunity to experience glimpses of the pure state of Shiva. The river of grace then began to flow and soon descended upon me and my dear friends Manoaj, Shristi and Rajesh, who sat immersed in meditation next to Mohanji.  

Such was the impact of the shakti flow, that I felt the immense currents and energy explosions in my subtle body for the next 4 hours. My body began to heat up unusually and the nadis expanded to accommodate the flow of currents. I was reeling in divine ecstasy. There were shifts happening that I couldn’t fathom or comprehend. In surrender there are no questions and no logic.  

There was a ring of fire that had formed around all of us, while the shaivic energy working on each one of us. We remained in awe for such an amazing grace descended upon us.  

Lord Shiva as Nataraja - in the Ring of Fire


 Mohanji opened his fiery eyes after several minutes. He had a far out look as he slowly began to return back to normal from his expanded state. He then explained to us of how rare this event was. He expressed his satisfaction in having witnessed us receive this blessing of Lord Shiva. He went to also add that I had performed ‘Tandava Puja’ on him and received this blessing from the source, enabling myself to open the floodgates to receive the explosive energies.   

Mohanji After Shiva Experience - the Fiery Eye That Says It All

Mohanji also reiterated the significance of intense sadhana and preparation to receive the high intensity currents, w hich can never be overlooked or under estimated on the shaivic path. This event allowed us to experience energies that were extraordinary and yet delivered so smoothly and unconditionally. We are so grateful to Master Mohanji for relaying this power to us.  

Mohanji has always stressed upon the ‘siddha path’ and how the ‘kriya’ and ‘bhakti’ marga have prepared aspirants to receive the eternal blessings of sadguru. Enriched by this magnanimous experience, we were absorbing pearls of wisdom that Mohanji shared with us.  

Third Eye of Lord Shiva


In midst of this conversation, Mohanji also explained my past life connection with him and Biba, which was really interesting. I can’t share all of it here, however there was an element of deja-vu for me. He explained how I had the same opportunity to serve him with marma therapy during my past life meeting at an ashram in India. We have crossed many lifetimes and now met again, and the familiarity and the exchange of energies continued to be overwhelming.  

Mohanji told me to write about this experience while he was leaving for a meeting. The explosions within me were so overpowering that I barely managed to write a few lines and finally rested myself on the couch for a little while and enjoyed the flow.  

It’s indeed hard to write about all that happened during this eventful afternoon of energy explosions. It would be over zealous to even expect a vicarious experience even by reading about it. I have experienced tremendous magnetic pull from above my crown over the last 9 months, but today the intensity took me to another level altogether. It kept growing and orbiting around and then made several corrections in my subtle body as it descended.  

Having experienced years of energy explosions within me, I am glad to share that what I experienced today has no comparison to anything before. Mohanji did hint that it was a blessing for us to have absorbed the experience and made the best out of this expanded state of consciousness. The good news is that there is more coming our way. 🙂  

Mohanji's Shiva Experience in Feb 2008 - with Mystical Cobra Protecting the Third Eye, and Vibhoothi Emerging From Sahasrara Assuming the Shape of Kailash Mountain


 Surrender is an amazing state. We don’t know what to expect and have no desire for the next big leap. As Mohanji says, when we truly surrender, the quantum leap just happens without the need for asking.  

What more inspiration can one get 🙂  

Lots of love,  

Pradeep Ullal

Dana’s Shift – Facing the Primal Fear Head On

Dear friends,   

It is so interesting to observe how nicely progress is happening in all the layers of our existence, just by strong faith and surrender.   

Dana's Smile From Within


 We had a relatively smaller meditative group yesterday in Kolkata, and that gave me sufficient time to meditate as well (which is usually not the case due to my task of performing Shaktipat). The moment we finished with the breathing techniques and started the meditation, I saw one saint, all in white, sitting in a lotus position and floating around. I just offered my pranaams to him and continued following the meditation. When I felt that it was a time to get up and finally give Shaktipat to everyone, it was so increadibly easy – I felt as if I didn’t even move at all.   

We had one new participant who not only came for our meditation for the first time, but meditated for the first time in her entire life. While giving her Shaktipat I felt that she was so open and energy was nicely flowing… and suddenly, to my great surprise, I got a glimpse of HER PAST, when she was on the boat with so many other people –  chaos, waves, water all around, and all of them finally reaching the shore. I couldn’t connect what that was and why I saw it, but obviously it was deep rooted and got released during the meditation, so I caught it.   

Later on she explained to me that during her college days she went for a cruise on a small boat (around 15 of them altogether). While they were passing under the bridge, one boy jumped on the front part of the boat and it started sinking. She was on the opposite side, finding herself in the air and sinking after that as well. She was on the same side where engine was, so the fear of getting injured was even higher. Luckily she knew how to swim, but there were 2 girls who did not. She saw them drowning and rushed to send some guys to save them once she reached the shore. They ended up in a hospital, but I don’t know if they have survived or not. These kinds of impressions get really deeply imprinted in the mind.  

Enu had a very deep and nice experience and couldn’t stop talking about how light she was feeling after the meditation… We all did…   

Straight from the meditation we went to attend one classical Indian music event for a short while and came home. My family was having a dinner and I was just sitting on a terrace since I couldn’t even move after this high energy experience. Body was not listening at all. I recognized the same vibration as from the time when Mohanji was “working on me”, i.e. preparing me for the high energy task of performing Shaktipat. For few hours I was almost like a plant… until I finally closed my eyes to sleep…   

I woke up in the morning after a very intense dream… Dream in which I would have felt so much of fear only if I was not who I was – the new Me… Dana who has such a strong faith that even natural catastrophes can not affect her… 🙂  

Dare the Storms of Life


 This was my dream:   

I was somewhere in South-East Asia with my cousin Nina (from this life), one more lady and her little daughter (I don’t know them) and  I don’t know what we were doing there (you know how it is in a dream :-)…). Suddenly on we noticed a TORNADO (twister) on the horizon, moving in our direction very fast. It looked so scary since I’ve seen something like this only in movies. Everyone started panicking and running, but I was just looking at it and it changed its direction to my right. Little girl who was with us started running, so we had to run after her.   

From the hill where we were, we came down to some field. Behind the forest I could see tornado coming towards us again. I was just trying to come up with some kind of strategy how to keep everyone together and safe, so that, even if we get sucked in, we don’t get hurt (oh, what an all was going through my head). Twister was really twisting left and right, but I knew that it was coming towards us. It looked like some kind of a monster which sucks in all the living beings that it notices in its surrounding.   

The Overwhelming Force of Tornado


 Finally, I made some knots which we all were holding on to while laying down on the grass. My left cheek was on the ground and tornado was approaching us from my right. The entire Earth was shaking and I was looking STRAIGHT AT IT, as if it had eyes and a soul. Less than a meter in front of me, it just stopped. I was still looking at it and that was the moment when I realized that I had NO FEAR at all. I was feeling so expanded, one with Mohanji, one with all the Masters, one with the entire Creation… Just the same as I feel during the meditation… Twister was still in front of me for a while, and then it turned and continued to the left… I woke up and felt that I was not the same any more…   

Dana in the Bliss of Loving Service - Orphanage in Nepal


Without any explanation, I just sent a short message to Mohanji, asking whether he was doing anything on me yesterday (hm, mind always likes confirmations). He replied:   

“You underwent a great shift. It strengthened you further. I was there. I changed your constitution to handle much more. It was time. You will start to experience my consciousness more often than before. You will be guided more than before.”   

I’m silent friends… No more words needed… Only gratitude for all the blessings…