Krishna – The Beauty and the Truth

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Dear All,

This is an experience of Bharati Kapoor from Delhi about her aunt Asha Mumma, her illness, her life, her values, at the end her liberation, and Mohanji’s blessings…

A true experience, written lovingly straight through heart…

Bharati, please accept Bless The World Family’s love and tribute to Asha Mumma


A Beautiful Karmic Journey

“Long Life is not important. ‘Life’ in our life is very important.”~ Mohanji.

This is a beautiful karmic journey of my massi, Asha Mumma (my mother’s elder sister). This small write-up was guided to me by my Master Mohanji, even though I never verbally communicated with him on this. I am an instrument to pen it down. The experience of God Almighty has magnificently proven me that HE is being in and around me and in all HIS creations.

Birth till becoming a mother

On 2nd May 1945 a divine Soul, a girl was born to Late Shri Sardari Lal Mehra and late Smt. Satyawati Mehra in “Guru ki Nagri” Amritsar (Punjab, India). This beautiful girl was named “Asha” who personified love. She was brought up with all simple grounded moral values by her parents. Her father was into SHRI KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS. Being an ardent follower of Shri Radhe Krishna, she grew up with good value and education, certainly different amongst all brother sisters. She was full of life, chirpy, bubbly and a spiritual girl. As a teenager, she was everyone’s delight. All use to look upon to spend time with her. At the age of 22, on 6th “June” 1966, Asha Mumma was married to a gentleman with simple living, high thinking, well grounded Shri. Prem kapoor; Son of late Shri. Nathu Ram Kapoor and late Smt. Champawati Kapoor. They were staying at Ludhiana.


Getting married into a big Joint family brought one lifetime change in her. She never lived for herself after she stepped into Kapoor Villa. Being an elder daughter-in-law, she always tried to make up to the expectation of all elders and youngsters at home. She was always available for all and never said no to anyone. She was an epitome of love and Selflessness. She brought so much pride to her parents that her parent-in-laws were always indebted towards her parents to have her in their lives. She became a proud mother of three sons who always looked upon to her as a pillar of strength in their life.

The big Kapoor Family

In the journey of life, she must have made lots and lots of sacrifices and compromises but she was always a contented human being. She served, cared, responded with equality to all, always smiling and made everyone smile. While all was going on in the Karmic journey of life terrestrially fulfilling her Dharma and Karma; her soul was always connected to Shri Krishna.

Cancer detection

In the year 2010, one day in the month of June, she went under some discomfort. Soon, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her family became her pillar. Her husband, her sons and daughters in law (who meant more than daughters to her) became her strength. My courageous maasi who had will to live life fully; fought back and underwent treatments in Mumbai till March 2011. Her complete faith and surrender to Shri Krishna, revived her back. Her health was improving. It is all GRACE. In 2012 in the month of October; she started complaining of some seasonal cough and cold, and underwent some treatment in Delhi with the best of Doctors.

I request all the readers to kindly understand her beautiful connection with Shri Krishna.

“Enlightenment is being-ness, the soul keeps going up and down…its wisely said you only get what you deserve and not what you desire. This is one of the fundamental laws of existence.” Mohanji

Asha Mumma gets connected with Mohanji

9th Nov 2012 is a very special date for me and our Bless the world family also. It is celebrated as Ammucare day. Ammu, Mohanji’s daughter (Krishna consciousness) left her body as a child; so this day is dedicated to Selfless Seva acts. On this occasion, we had organized Mohanji’s “Power of Purity” meditation and Food Seva at Aricent Technologies in Gurgaon. After this meditation, as promised to Asha Mumma, I went to meet her at her house at Gurgaon. The Grace would have been on her in all her past lives but what happened on 9th was all her soul needed and that was merging into the Krishna consciousness.

We both sat together and started talking about our experiences of Lord Krishna. She insisted that I should make her learn meditation one day. Very enthusiastically she learnt all breathing exercises. But Divine didn’t let us do the ‘Power of Purity’ meditation on that day. With a smile and a hug I promised her that very soon I will come to Ludhiana and do meditation with her there. She kept asking me about Mohanji and how HE or any Master operates from higher realms and change the purpose of one’s life and how time flew, after nearly 3 hrs of our Satsang, when I was about to leave, she asked me how can I connect with Mohanji. To my surprise, I found an Eye card of the Gracious Mohanji in my wallet. I guided her on how to connect to HIS consciousness. Then, I left with a lot of love and positive energies around her.

Mohanji’s spiritual card that Bharati gave to Asha Mumma to get connected with Mohanji’s eyes

Next day, I got a call from her that she was really getting connected with Mohanji’s consciousness. The dream that she narrated was not just a dream that came true. I felt  it was the reality of life. It was not a surprise to me. Her soul’s food had started energizing her. This could be felt by those only who are connected to Master’s consciousness and not at the terrestrial level. Her words in Hindi “Bharti mere liye tou yeh Mohanji nahi hai, yeh tou Krishnaji hai..Naam tou ek hi hai .. inohone mujhe wo shaanti di hain jo shayad maii kab se talaash kar rahe thi, yaddi tum mujhe naa milne aatii , tou shayad se mai appne Krishanji kabhi mil naa paati .” ….

Meaning “Bharti; Mohanji is not Mohanji for me. He is my Shri Krishna. Name is also similar! He has blessed me with inner peace which I was looking for ages. If you would have not made me meet him, I would have never met my Shri Krishna in this lifetime.”

I as Bharti here was talking to Asha mumma but our souls were chanting in the higher realms.  I am blessed to be graced by my Master, who showed me that HE is a human activator giving relieving many searching souls.

She left for her hometown on 15th Nov, rejoicing herself with the utmost grace on her soul though physically in a lot of discomfort. She spoke to me several times sharing her experiences that happened after that and the white light she was floating in. She felt liberated in herself.

Asha Mumma’s revival

On 8th Dec, I came to know that she is in the hospital under the medical supervision. The instincts in me showed me how one’s connection leads to path of liberation but I as a human body entangled in the terrestrial attachment saying to my masters ,”She being such a divine person should not suffer so much. She doesn’t deserve this.”  My Master answered.. “Dare not interfere in her karmic journey, just let her get liberated, she deserves to be at her best, the pain she went through in the last 2 months, physically or emotionally trashed her karmas.” I wanted to visit her but couldn’t make as all in the family thought this might not give her comfort. I knew she was sinking every day. Finally we managed to reach Ludhiana.

As I landed there, I was told to that may be, these are last few minutes of her life. I rushed to meet her in PCCU in the hospital at 1.30pm. I held her hands and hugged and wished her. She gave me a broad smile. I was constantly reassuring her and talking to her. She kept giving me either the divine thankful or sharp frightened look. She collapsed and became unconscious. With few pats on her chest, she revived. She looked at me and said I am ok and then the grace started flowing at its peak.

I was guided to give her Shaktipat. I saw the improvement in her sustainability. I was inside for nearly 2 hrs, realizing that she is being responsive. The chanting was on. All the human binding chords were losing strings. She asked me for holy water Gangajal. I put in her water bottle which she was consuming as she deserved. It’s well said by Masters “You get only what you deserve not what you desire.” She was getting best of the treatments but when it’s the time to go back to your actual home. Nothing would work then.

She was a fighter

Asha Mumma’s first Power of Purity Meditation

On the 28th late evening, I went to meet her again. The most beautiful times of her life; she experienced the white light merging into her. Tears were rolling her eyes when she hugged me. She said, “Beta tu itni door aayii hai mere ko mediation karrane. Yaaddi Delhi karra deti tou apna ghar choorh kar yahanm na atai”..

meaning – you have traveled so far to give me meditation! If you would have done this meditation for me in Delhi, then leaving your house, you would have not come to my house WoooW!! see the connection. Amazinggg… I was not seeing Asha Mumma there, but the beautiful liberated soul. Amazing experience!

In the hospital, when she was conscious, she asked me to chant all the Beej Mantra’s, all Krishna chants, Gayatri Mantra and we chanted for 3 to 4 hrs constantly. She chanted all along raising her hands to the sky while smiling and seeing all divinity in front of her. Amazing it was. Suddenly I asked her about doing meditation and she said, “Yes” please do so if possible. I was just not me. Felt some supreme power engulfed in my body, the oozing energies out from me to her were beyond explanations. I plugged earphones into her ears to listen to the divine Power of Purity meditation. As it proceeded, she was in a different world. Smiles with tears rolling down her face, she was glowing with gratitude towards HER Krishna..!!! Shaktipat (An energy transfer from the higher realms of consciousness) was graced by Mohanji. Her body had pain but she was at peace with her soul. The chants after that, really led her to the path free from bindings of earthly relations.

Never in life had I witnessed such a truthful and pure communion between Self and Soul. “She was conscious enough to say that her next karmic journey is in Vrindavan and the new sets of clothes for her soul are ready to engulf her.” Thrice she left her body in a stone state but revived back.. .. that was a divine experience for her body..!!!!

By nearly 1 am I felt that she was in a very relaxed state and fell asleep. Next day As I asked her to take leave, she smiled with tears and asked me not to leave and said “tum tou mere ko Thakurji se milaane aaiee ho, yaddi tum gayi tou meri gatti kaun kareaga..” This meant she asked me not to leave, if I leave who will make her meet her Krishna. That was a blessing on her.. the grace which rare of the rare people are blessed with..!!!! I cancelled going back and stayed there for another day, spent all my time with her chanting and doing satsang. The grace was constantly flowing.

She was so grateful towards her husband

The last breath

She was conscious till the next morning 8am i.e the 30th of Dec. I fed her some food. She and I were alone in PCCU. All others had left for home to change to come back to hospital. Suddenly she started pouring out her  heart regarding the simplicity of her husband. She had utmost regard for her husband. She praised him and always blessed him.  She blessed her adorable sons and daughter-in-laws, her grandchildren, all her relatives in this terrestrial world.

NOW, the actual journey started. I could so find her in very different mode. She insisted on Power of Purity meditation despite of the doctor’s visits, she again insisted. As per inner guidance, we started the Power of Purity meditation and she was in the realm of HIS consciousness. Amazing facial expressions, some moments in life can’t be explained.
After the meditation, she asked for Tulsi leaf and water, as per her guidance, I gave her both. She thanked me for making her meet all her Gurus, her parents and all the parted souls and thankful towards every single element in this world.

The moment I hugged her to leave, she actually held my hand and sank. I could not gather the message there that she didn’t want me to leave. I took the hug as ‘good bye’.. ..  … when I left, she sank into unconscious state and had merged into the consciousness of white divine light..!!

The calls I got at 2.30pm, while going back to Delhi, had signaled that she is not on this earth any more, but yes she is here with all we loved ones.

I sent my write up to Mr. Prem Kapoor, Asha Mumma’s husband. He wrote back, “Well done my daughter. You have made a good article and well deserved tribute to the departed Soul “my Asha”. I am very much moved and impressed by your thoughts about her. She was very much devoted to Lord Krishna- I know it; and the way she was chanting RADHE RADHE, due to your efforts and the blessing of Shri Mohanji- its’ really releasing and a memorable thing.

Woh kehte hain na- (It is said that)

Guru Godind dono khare, kis ke lago pai,

balihari guru aap ke jo gobind diyo milay”


When at the time of death , When Satguru (Master) and Para Brahma Govind (Lord Shri Krishna) are standing in front of you, to whom shall I prostrate?

I shall Prostrate to My Satguru ( Master), because of HIM , I have met Para Brahma (Lord krishna)

Whatever Satsang you did with her or whatever meditation you taught to her and with the name in her heart and blessing of Mohanji, I think she left the world. I wish someday I go to Varindavan and lookout and to find her there. Please pray for me.

Long Life is not important. ‘Life’ in our life is important. -Mohanji.

My life has changed after this all. I request you all to please forgive me, if by all means any write-up has made anyone upset.

Asha mumma’s last wish was to have you all understand and connect to any Guru, off course not leaving your present life and dharma.

Unconditional love you all
Stay blessed
Love and light to you all


The Mystery and the Master – Who is Mohanji?

Everyone will agree with me that something attracts one to Mohanji. It could be his energy, his consciousness, his penetrating eyes, his unconditional love for all, his genuinity, his spontaneity, his sense of humor, his bluntness, his honesty, his compassion, his insights on spirituality, truthfulness, display of anger, or just his mere presence. Mohanji is a mystery to many. Many people think they know Mohanji and gets totally confused when they discover that the man whom they thought they knew is beyond their understanding. Many people have left him, disillusioned because of their own reasons or Mohanji’s plain simplicity. Mohanji hardly displays his true potential. He gives one only what he or she needs or deserves. That may confuse many. Where is the so-called enlightenment? Where are the altered states of existence? Then, one must ask oneself. “Do I have the eyes to see it, even if it is displayed in front of me?” It is our inability and not his. He expresses himself or his true nature all the time, masked in simplicity. He does deliver his promises. We fail to see.

Mohanji- Maha Kumbh Mela 2013
Who is Mohanji? What is his consciousness? I sincrely pray, let me have those eyes to see Him.

I am connecting to Mohanji’s consciousness and writing this. May dear Mohanji write through me! May I be used as his mouth piece to narrate our experiences at Maha Kumbh Mela and beyond.

Maha Kumbh Mela 2013. I had the privilege of being with Mohanji and 40 others to enjoy the holy dips on three auspicious days at Allahabad, India in February 2013. We arrived at Allahabad on 14th morning. We took dips on three auspicious days such as 15th(Vasant Panchami), 17th (Ratha Saptami) and 18th(Durgashtamai). All at Brahma Muhurtha between 3-4 am along with Mohanji! What else could we ask for?

May I take this opportunity to narrate a few of the incidents that happened during this time. The first is a revelation about Mohanji which another saint disclosed for our understanding. This made us get a better view of the unassuming saint who walks and talks to us and often we take for granted!

We had stayed at ISCKON tents in Allahabad. Morning of 17 Feb 2013, Bala Sai walked into Mohanji’s tent at Kumbh Mela along with another saint and his 11 odd disciples. The saint who accompanied Bala Sai was connected to Gorakhnath Baba of Nath tradition. Gorakh Babaji enters his body and starts to speak. As all the visitors assembled inside the tent and made themselves comfortable, this saint requested permission to click a picture with Mohanji. Mohanji agreed and they stood together for the picture. Mohanji put his hand partially hugging the saint and suddenly the saint shivered, went into a trance and started talking to him. Soon after the picture, he said, “I would like to talk about Mohanji” and he started talking about Mohanji in “Pali” Language sitting on his chair. Later, as suggested by Bala Sai, he sat down on the rug between the cots. Mohanji also sat down in front of him, facing him. Then, he disclosed the truth of Mohanji’s existence in a classy Tamil verse. The translation is given below.


“This place is miraculous and this time is more miraculous. Lord Shiva is here with mother Amba present to talk to this child. Who do you think this is who sits here? He is descended from the lineage of Gorakha, many births having served Shiva, bound to his feet. This child here now and he is at many places working many things. Shiva is here and mother Amba is here, my child; and we have come to let you know some things through this body. He is blessed Siddha of Shiva, Gorakha Himself. He will serve material life in a small village in Tamilnadu. He will attain a tremendous light body / energy body in a short time. In this place you are Mohanan, and you are blessed with tremendous powers, and these come to you from Lord Datta Himself and Gorakha coming from many births of serving Shiva; hence blessed abundantly by Him. Many blessings come to you from, mother Anasuya. Many miracles are due to happen yet to you, through you, by His grace. Where ever you go, there will be prosperity, and grace. Whichever holy place or enterprise you even think of with your mind, will become glorious, prosperous and full of grace. This Gorakha is telling you. You have done many great miracles in your previous births and this birth and there are many more to come. Due to the merits you have accumulated, this is your final birth and in this birth in the latter half of your life you are / will be working with glorious golden body of light, no longer gross body. This will be shown with great many miracles, blessings, and grace which will flow through you. This is what Gorakha and the blessed Datta and Shiva Shakti tells you and we bless you, ending this. You know all.”


He started calling Mohanji “Son of Shiva”, and at one point Gorakhnath Babaji said “He is Myself”. This was an overwhelming experience for all who were present. After this revelation, he went on talking about Sumit, Shashank, Ravi, Palak and many others. He revealed further about Mohanji while talking to them and he also explained why it is extremely important for them to stay with deeper faith with Mohanji. He said you all here with Mohanji to have Mukti (Liberation). He also spoke about Mohanji’s ashram “Datta Tapovan”. He mentioned that “Millions of Siddhas” will come and stay and work in the ashram, once Mohanji moves in there. Lot of Annadhan will happen. Many people will come here and serve. He also mentioned that both Maharshi Atri and Mata Anasuya (Parents of Lord Datta) will be present in the ashram. That place would become a major Saktisthal (place of power), where people will get benefitted even as they step in.

Mohanji- Maha Kumbh Mela 2013
When experience is given, heart knows the truth.

Just a day earlier, some of us were discussing and contemplating if we are sharing our experiences with Mohanji at all, or if it is needed at all. With this experience from Gorakh Babaji, we had no doubt left in our minds that it is important for us to share our experiences or else the world will miss some deep truths of human existence. We are just doing the world a big seva by telling, guiding, instilling hope and vouching that there are numerous dimensions to our existence and many stay hidden due to our own mental blockage. It is important to share; never know which mind would open up to truth and larger realities.

Mohanji- Maha Kumbh Mela 2013
Evolve spiritually with laughter… spirituality is not to make one’s life serious….. Mohanji

The three dips that we took during Brahma Muhurth were amazing and refreshing too. We walked from our tents at the ISKCON campus. Ghats were roughly 2 and a half km away. Interestingly, our tents were in an area demarcated and called as “Bilwa Vana” or the forest of Bilwa, the favorite plant of Shiva! An apt abode for Mohanji and his children! While walking towards the bathing ghats, most of us found it difficult to catch up with Mohanji’s pace. He was walking or rather floating in great speed. Indeed, “Beat the tamas by embracing rajas”. For some of us, it was too difficult to shed the comfort of a thick cozy blanket and walk towards freezing cold water on a foggy cold morning at 2.30 am. This was the test! Most of us dared the objections of our tamasic mind and got over their inertia and Mohanji, as always, led by example.

Mohanji- Maha Kumbh Mela 2013
Walk to the ghat for dip at early morning 2.30am in Alahabad… We were contineously chanting aloud while walking. That speed, the energy, the deep desire for dip and faith on the consciousness… undescribable..

Sumit always ensured our path is right and directly towards the bathing ghats without any detour. Once we took the dip, all the fear and apprehensions of cold and cold itself went away and many of us, who intended to take 9 dips ended up much more, lovingly and willingly. Many of us actually experienced a tremendous purification, burdens of our past removed and also a shift in our awareness. It is the faith and surrender with which we take the dip that is important. Dip should not be a mechanical act! We have to shed our comfort zones to evolve.

Shashank’s 80 year old father was a striking example of determination. Shashank and his brother held him on both sides, he walked all the way to ghats and he had his lifetime experience. He was fully satisfied. All those who came were happy and completely satisfied, in their own way.

Mohanji- Maha Kumbh Mela 2013
At Maha Kumbh Mela, after the holy dip

While at Kumbh, apart from the visit of Bala Sai, Gorakh Baba and their disciples, Mohanji also met Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Swami Vishwananda, Swami Srila Navayogendra Maharaj of ISKCON and the loving mother Kunti Mata from Jammu, apart from many seers, saints and sadhus that we kept encountering. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Mohanji and Swami Vishwananda also had dinner together on 14th evening.

Mohanji- Maha Kumbh Mela 2013
Mohanji with Srila Navayogendra Swamiji Maharaj from ISCKON Jammu, India. Both had a meeting during Mohanji’s Kumbh Mela visit in February 2013

Mohanji and our whole group also visited Vihangam Yoga ashram in Allahabad. We were served a sumptuous lunch at the ashram. Mohanji and all of us were lovingly received and honored by Sant Namdeoji Maharaj, the son of Saint Swtantradeoji Maharaj. There were beautiful discourses and introductions to Vihangam Yoga by the acharyas. Finally, Sant Swtantradeoji Maharaj himself came in, hugged and honored Mohanji. Mohanji explained that he felt at home and he felt deeply humbled by their genuine love and sincerity.

Mohanji- Maha Kumbh Mela 2013
Mohanji’s meeting with Paramhamsa Nityananda and Swami Vishwananda during Mohanji’s Kumbh yatra in Feb 2013

Earlier, Sant Swatantradeoii Maharaj, Sant Namdeoji Maharaj and Sant Pravar Shri Vigyandeoji Maharaj had visited Oman in October 2012. Mohanji had received them at the airport and later, they had dinner at his place. Sant Swatantradeoji Maharaj also initiated Mohanji and Biba in three levels of Vihangam Yoga, at Mohanji’s home in Oman. Mohanji says “I feel deeply honored by this loving gesture of the guru, the grandson of the great master Anant Sadguru Sadafaldeoji Maharaj, visiting my humble abode and doing us this honor”. Mohanji prostrated at his feet in gratitude. Sri Namdeoji Maharaj, in his speech mentioned about Mohanji as a perfect example of egolessness. And he mentioned his experience when he saw Mohanji at Muscat airport in jeans and T shirt – totally unassuming and never caring about his image, stature or looks. He said that only a person who has crossed over the boundaries of his ego can be so careless about his image or what people will think about him. Mohanji is a perfect example of a true guru of modern times; he walks his talk and he walks the same earth where too much pretensions and image making are indeed happening.

Mohanji-at Vihangam yoga center 2013
Mohanji lovingly received and honored by Sant Namdeoji Maharaj, the son of Sant Swatantra Deo Ji Maharaj at Vihangam Yoga Centre at Allahabad.
Mohanji at Vihangam yoga Feb 2013
Mohanji humbly accepts honor from Sadguru Swatatradeoji Maharaj, Head of Vihangam Yoga Center, Allahabad

Mohanji addressed the gathering with few words, but, he indeed mentioned about his sorrow in seeing competition among spiritual leaders. He said, “Kumbh Mela should be a platform for unification. Everyone should come together for the welfare of the world. We have 7 Billion people to take care, elevate, and show the true light of God. True saints can never have insecurities. There should be no competition. Those who are of the highest elevation cannot have dualities. It is time to preserve dharma, beyond individual egos”. Mohanji spoke the same thing to all the saints and acharyas whom he met at Maha Kumbh Mela.

This was Maha Kumbh Mela which happens only after 144 years. We were indeed lucky to have attended it – that too with Mohanji. I feel, even though we have been with him, hearing, talking, touching and feeling him almost always, we are yet to “KNOW HIM”. We are yet to know his consciousness. He behaves ordinary. He easily conceals his true identities. He laughs and makes others laugh and slips past. He gives something small and escapes and expects you to realize it and get back to him to claim the higher that he is indeed capable of giving. He needs to be explored, quite patiently. These were the thoughts of many of us who traveled with him to Maha Kumbh Mela and to Ayodhya and Banares.

Many events and visits have happened in last 6 months. We were continuously on the move, and times were so demanding that could write about those events. Next blog that follows is about visit to Ayodhya and Banares.

Love and only love,


First Maha Shivratri of Datta Tapovan: 10 March 2013

We have been visiting Datta Tapovan since a year and seen lot of things taking shape. The land of Datta Tapovan has been powerful and mystical. All those connected with Mohanji and Datta Tapovan may need more proof of how powerful this land of tradition is. Once one steps on this land, one doesn’t return empty handed for sure. We have been experiencing this since we set our foot on this powerful land of our tradition. This land lies on the spine of the Datta tradition ( also called Agasthya Bhoomi – Land of Agasthya.) This is located near the mouth of tradition from where river of tradition – the River Krishna Originates. No words are enough to describe the power this land holds. No one returns without an experience.

Mohanji shifted to Datta Tapovan on 24 Feb 2013. We have all spent time with Mohanji in different space and time, but one look at Mohanji now after shifting to Datta Tapovan will give an idea what mystic powers this land holds. Mohanji looks more of a powerful yogi who has just come out of caves after meditating for years. We feel reluctant to speak in his presence because there is always a deep silence on his face. He at times mentions about his daily communion with the higher beings and visit of many Siddhas in different forms to the ashram land.

Mohanji_Datta Tapovan Maha Shivaratri 2013
Mohanji at Bhjan-Kirtan at near by village of Datta Tapovan
Mohanji at Bhajan_kirtan at nearby village from Datta Tapovan
Mohanji at Bhajan_kirtan at nearby village from Datta Tapovan on Shiva Ratri.

Mohanji asked us to prepare for Maha Shivratri. Preparations were made as per his guidance. On Maha Shivratri day, Mohanji first visited a Shiva temple in a nearby village called Vashivali on the request of locals. They had program of bhajan-kirtan and pooja on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri. We requested Mohanji to call off the visit as there was a sudden change in weather. The extreme dryness in weather was uncomfortable for all. But Mohanji insisted “Promise is a promise, one must learn to keep it”. On reaching the temple, the locals were very happy to receive him and see a Master of this stature coming to their village as promised. The person conducting the kirtan (Stories/leelas of god discoursed as lessons through music) himself called Mohanji on the stage and made him comfortable. Mohanji was honoured by giving a coconut and garland, as per the local tradition. We then left for Datta Tapovan to oversee Maha Shivratri preparations. Slowly, many BTW family members gathered at Datta Tapovan to attend the Maha Shivaratri. .

Water in Borewell

There is a villager who is guided by the higher to spot the source and location of underground water. Few days back, he earmarked a spot in Datta Tapovan and claimed that to be the best spot for underwater source. He mentioned that the water was coming from underneath of the Dattatreya Idol and such places are known to be very powerful places on earth just like swayambhu (self-manifested) Shiv Linga getting abhishek from hidden underground water .

We had bored that well as per his directions on the same day Mohanji shifted to Datta Tapovan i.e 24 Feb 2013. But water was not found as told to us before. The person said that the water source is so powerful that it will not allow us to dig more than 35 feet onward to 150 feet. But what happened was contrary to that. The bore reached 35 feet, 50 feet, 100 feet, 150 feet still there was no trace of water! We used all the capacity of the bore-well machine and went up to last 300 feet but still no water was found. This was the first time that any failure of such magnanimity happened at Datta Tapovan. We have seen many leelas (both agonies and ecstacies, tests and rewards) of this land but nothing of this sort. We stopped the work. We completely surrendered it to the Lord Dattatreya to an extent that we never discussed about it again since then; nor did Mohanji said anything on this. We just moved ahead.

Drawing water from the bore well... Mohanji sprinkled first few drops of water on Audumber tree behind the temple.
Drawing water from the bore well… Mohanji sprinkled first few drops of water on Audumber tree behind the temple.

On Mahashivratri day, after arriving at Datta Tapovan, we just dropped a small stone in the well and could hear the sound of stone falling on water. We could not believe our ears as the water sounded very near. How was it possible? We worked out a crude method and were able to pull out a mug of water. We were so overwhelmed that we ran to Mohanji who as usual said “Happy Now?” He knew how much this meant for us. As a gesture of gratitude, the first drawn water was to be used to do abhishek (religious bathing ceremony of the idols) to Ganapati, Dattatreya, Sai Baba and Shiv Ling at Datta Tapovan. Do we need to write what has brought water to a dry well? The water was found at 90 feet i.e the tube well has been filled up till 210 feet!

Everybody, even children helped in pulling out water from the narrow mouth of bore well, which was then filled in two containers and kept ready for the Abhishek inside the temple. First few drops of water was sprinkled by Mohanji on Audumber tree behind the temple.

Audumber tree near Dattatreya Temple

As mentioned earlier, nothing in this land is less than miraculous or mystic. Whatever one takes to write upon it, is simply not enough. The Audumber tree was planted during Datta Jayanti on 27 Dec 2012 by Mohanji himself behind the Datta temple, but it dried up within less than a week. Local suggested that a new plant needs to be planted as it had been completely dried up. For us it was hard to believe. Two months passed away and we thought that once Mohanji shifts we will get the Audumber tree planted by Mohanji again. It was very difficult for us to throw the dried up plant as our beloved Mohanji had planted it. We left it as it is unwatered for 2 months but just few days before Mohanji’s arrival we just noticed a small tiny single leaf sprouting. We couldn’t believe our eyes. This Audumbar is one of the Mohanji’s favourite and he personally takes care of it and waters it daily.

Medicine Distribution

Mohanji Seva Foundation started off with the “Health and nutrition project” for the local villages on Maha Shivratri day. With help from Dr Patel and Abhayji de-worming tablets and food packets were distributed to village children and people. They flocked to ashram in great numbers and were really happy and elated after receiving love and warmth from BTW family. They took blessings of Mohanji and left after some time.

Begining of project- "Health and Nureition" in the village of Datta Tapovan
Begining of project- “Health and Nureition” in the village of Datta Tapovan

Maha Mrutyunjay Homa

Maha – Mrutunjay Homa was done in front of Dattatreya temple. Mohanji had made it clear to all the present BTW family members to not to forget whatever is being done on this day will be purely on behalf of entire BTW family and not at personal level. We also knew how many people around the world on this point of time are connected with Mohanji and everything was offered to Homa on behalf of entire BTW family. After completion of Homa it was time for Abhishek to start.

Mahamrityunjaya homa at Datta Tapovan
Mahamrityunjaya homa at Datta Tapovan
Mahamrityunjaya homa at Datta Tapovan
Mahamrityunjaya homa at Datta Tapovan, purple aura around Shiva Linga.

Rudra Abhishek

At 7pm on 10 March, abhishek started with Lord Ganesha, Lord Dattatreya, Shirdi Sai Baba and then Shiv Linga – in the same sequence. Mohanji was leading the whole event and gave instructions to do Abhishek every hour. Not to forget on behalf of entire BTW family. Suresh was entrusted with this responsibility. Mohanji also planted a Tulsi plant in front of the temple and lit a diya (lamp) at its bottom.

Akhand (Non-Stop) Naam Japa started with the mantra –

Mrityonjayaya Rudraaya

Neelkanthaya Shambhave

Amrateshaaya Sharvaye

Mahadevaya Te Namah

It continued till 4 AM of 11 March. After that, japa of “Sripada Rajam Sharnam Prapadaye” started. Everybody took turns in sitting for naam japa and were thrilled to be witnessing the intense divine energy in the ashram throughout the powerful night of Maha Shivaratri.

Akhand Abhishek on Maha Shivaratri at Datta Tapovan
Akhand Abhishek on Maha Shivaratri at Datta Tapovan
Akhand Abhishek on Maha Shivaratri at Datta Tapovan
Akhand Abhishek on Maha Shivaratri at Datta Tapovan

Mohanji’s Yajna

When naam japa started in temple, at the same time around 8 pm, near the akhand dhuni, Mohanji, Abhayji and other members of the family were offering ghee in Akhand Dhuni with chanting of mantras. Atmosphere around the Akhand Dhuni was of very high energy and the various deities showed their presence in fire of yajna. To see Mohanji in the form of Shiva was a hair rising experience. The energy build up was extremely powerful and everybody could feel the effect on their body, mind and soul. Some of the family members experienced that in-spite of sitting close to yajna fire, the heat and smoke created by the high rising fire didn’t affect us. The breathing was normal and although everyone was inhaling the smoke but there was no suffocation and when same thing was tried out next day by ourselves, it just suffocated us.

Mohanji offered coconut to the sacred fire. He mentioned that this coconut is on behalf of all those who are connected with him. Offering of this coconut to the fire is to reduce a lot of karmic baggages of our entire BTW family members to ashes. Mohanji prayed and brought the negativities of all those who are connected to him, without any expectation, on to the coconut. The coconut became visibly heavy and would not break. And, in-spite of intense fire and offering of ghee didn’t show any sign of burning. Mohanji continued chanting  mantras powerfully and finally it got burned and reduced to ashes. This yajna fire was no normal fire, the power of it was revealed later on .

Atmosphere around the Akhand Dhuni was of very high energy and the various deities showed their presence in fire of yajna.
Atmosphere around the Akhand Dhuni was of very high energy and the various deities showed their presence in fire of yajna.
Not only elders, but kids too felt the energy.
Not only elders, but kids too felt the energy. After Mohanji left, the havans continued…
The energy build up was extremely powerful and everybody could feel the effect on their body, mind and soul
The energy build up was extremely powerful and everybody could feel the effect on their body, mind and soul

Kailash Abhishek

Mohanji was very particular that everybody should do Abhishek every hour without fail. Suresh did a wonderful job in calling people every hour without fail for the same. Few minutes after midnight Anurag entered Mohanji’s hut to show him some snaps which he had taken. Mohanji immediately asked, “Have you done Abhishek”? Anurag was struck with the surprise since he actually had missed one at 0000hrs! So he immediately rushed to do Abhishek and realised that nothing is invisible to a Master, who can read your thoughts at ease.

Nilkath narrates- Mohanji arrived few minutes before 00.00 hrs and he seemed to be very eager to do abhishek. He took water and before pouring it on Shiva asked Mohanish to close his eyes and see what he does. Meantime I also closed my eyes and see whether I was able to see what he was doing. After doing Abhishek , Mohanji asked me what did I see. I said “You did Abhishek to KAILASH.” He asked Mohanish about what did he see. Mohanish said “He also saw Mohanji performing Abhishek to Kailash”. Mohanji was happy that we both could see the same thing.

It can happen only at Datta Tapovan!

What is being revealed here now is just to show how powerful our tradition and the Guru of our tradition can be. Another dimension of our tradition which many of us may not be aware was revealed to everyone who was present at Datta Tapovan that day. Many of them would not speak about it but it’s important to reveal few things about it here so that when next time any one steps of this land is aware that this place is not just ashram but the Powerful Land of The Tradition, and this can happen ONLY at Datta Tapovan.

At around 1 am lights went off for few minutes and then came back. This was indication to us to get our emergency light and torches ready. No sooner did we fetch them the lights were off. We continued to do Akhand naam japa (non-stop chanting of manthras) and abhishek on shiva linga every one hour. Akhand naam japa was happening with full energy. Whole of the ashram was reverberating with energy. Each one of us whilst reciting the mantras was witnessing the subtle changes happening inside and outside of us. Mohanji was leading with example by being dot on time for every abhishek. After performing Abhishek at 3 am he went to his hut. Everybody was reciting the mantra with full energy and even though at this hour of the night, spirits of each and everybody was at full swing. Nobody was tired or sleepy. Then we noticed at around 03.15am that Mohanji was standing at the entrance of the temple facing Lord Datta. There was single oil lamp burning. We noticed that Mohanji expressions were not the same as usual. Even though 15 min passed Mohanji kept standing at the entrance like a guard. This was really unusual because after each hour’s abhishek, he went back to his hut. Every one present in the temple by the time went into a different state.

Since all members were chanting continuously few were taking break and again rejoining to contribute to the Akhand Jap. After abhishek at 3 am, one of the members came and sat exactly in front of Lord Datta as if it was pre-decided. That member sitting exactly between the Dattatreya Idol and temple entrance with Mohanji at back started swaying while chanting Mantra “Shri Paad Rajam Sharnam Prapadye”. It was clear that Mohanji was there for a purpose and he was working on something. But the thought that what would happen next left many of us shaken from spine.

That member started chanting more intensely and slowly voice changed. The member then shouted Shri Paad … Shri Paad….and then lent out a huge deafening cry. The cry and loudness were so intense that it not only sent shivers in our body but some family members resting inside the hut 100 meters away got up and didn’t dare to come to temple. Two of them closely connected to Mohanji gathered enough courage to come to temple. That cry shook up the silent mountains. Mohanji was stand still at the door of the temple, unmoved. Seeing him everyone regained their strength and continued to chant. By this time it was clear that this was not a normal cry. It was probably a cry of an entity which has been trapped in between Dattatreya and Mohanji. There was no room to escape. Mohanji gave specific instructions to specific family members. Some he asked to chant specific mantra and to some other mantra. He made few members to go around the temple with specific mantra. It was kind of kavach (protection ring) that Mohanji created around the temple. It was evident by now that he is making it impossible for the entity to hang on. It was all meticulously planned. All the movements of Mohanji and his instructions prior to 3 AM were now falling in place. Power going off, torches, lamp burning at temple. The person sitting exactly in between Dattatreya and Mohanji, Mohanji not entering the temple, all chanting different mantras of our tradition, shifting of mantras from Shiva to Shripad Vallabh Sharnam Prapadhye and to Shirdi Sai Baba .. ..

Mohanji asked one person  to be at his side. He asked for Abhishek water and then Vibhuti from the sacred fire (yagna). When everything was ready, he still waited. Just looking sideways, back and forth, and communicating with Dattatreya. That member continued to cry and shout. It was not at all a normal cry. It was fearsome. Suddenly the person collapsed backwards into Mohanji’s hands and was made to lie down. It started the second spell with the entity inside laughing nastily at Mohanji. It was a challenging, daunting laugh. It challenged Mohanji and refused to come out. Mohanji kept looking intently and unemotionally, moving his feet but not entering the temple as if nothing is happening. The one who was asked to stand beside Mohanji was given a vision to see the entity challenging Mohanji with that laugh. Seeing enough is enough, Mohanji asked to apply vibhuti to that person’s forehead. With application of vibhuti, it gave a fierce and angry look to Mohanji. Person standing next to Mohanji and who was asked to apply vibhuti says, “Those eyes sent shivers within me but standing next to Mohanji was a big strength. Those eyes; I can’t forget those eyes. It challenged Mohanji but no so sooner Vibhuti was applied on forehead, it subdued. But again there was second round of challenge, fiercer and a bigger laugh. Mohanji asked to apply more Vibhuti; but on the third eye. He then sprinkled Abhishek water and that was all. Everything became silent. There were only mantras being chanted continuously in the temple. It was amazing to see the power of the Vibhooti of the eternal dhuni that Mohanji had started! 

The person regained strength and then again vibhuti was applied on sahastrara. It was completion of the cleaning process and leaving no room for the entity to make its way back. The person prostrated at Mohanji’s feet in deep gratitude. All of us did the same. This was an amazing show of sheer spiritual strength. It could have shaken any brave man to the core! The person revealed later on that throughout all this, was aware of what is going on but everything was beyond control. It was as if there was no hope to come out of this. Only faith, that Mohanji was there standing and taking care. That time, two entities had left out of body, one of which had been powerful and silently working through without making its presence felt in day to day life.

This family member shared the dream/ Vision got on Saturday i.e 9 March; just a day before Maha Shivaratri. He/she stated that “I was clinging on Mohanji like a small child and Mohanji like the Supreme Father was protecting me from two people and was helping me to pass the particular passage thrice”. The member shared this dream with Mohanji and Mohanji confirmed that those two persons were entities and smiled saying “I always do my job”. This vision was given on Friday night and Mystery was revealed on night of Maha Shivratri, the very next day.

This is how our Supreme master works there are no words to define his power & stature. This particular experience was shared to just show how powerful tradition is, Stature of Gurus of The Tradition and another dimension of The Tradition which many may not have known. There is NO room for any negativity when one is deeply connected with Divinity. We have Divinity, in the form of Mohanji with us. Faith and surrender are the keys. If this is absolute, we are completely protected. Period. Nothing can escape the eyes of the master. Nothing can bind us or trouble us. He knows and he cares.

Tulsi vrundavan at Datta Tapovan
Mohanji planting Tulsi vrundavan at Datta Tapovan

Bell Ringing

By the time, this fearsome event was over, it was exactly 4 am. Bramha muhurat had started. Timings of all events were meticulously pre-planned. We were flowing with it and following it without we knowing it. We performed our last abhishek at 4PM on Shiva linga.

All of sudden, Mohanji rang the temple bell. In that deep silence of Datta Tapovan, the bell could be heard from far off distances as well. Mohanish explained to us that he could see that, with Mohanji ringing the bell the main Naga Devata appeared from the top of that mountain and sat on the place where Maha-Mrityunjay homa had happened. It was also a command/request to other Sidhhas and Nag Devatas from different planes to come and attend the Dattatreya aarti. He also said, many other celestial beings also appeared from Kamandalu river on the north side of Datta Tapovan to attend the arati. Mohanji was giving a cute smile when Mohanish was watching this. He knew how surprised Mohanish was. He could see the subtle aspect of Mohanji’s actions.

Everyone offered gratitude to the tradition by singing the aarti. The energy level by now was at its peak. We all fell at Mohanji’s feet in gratitude and giving us the opportunity to witness the grandeur of The Tradition.

Abhishek, naam japa, homa, Hanuman chalisa, ..... all were filled with energy and happiness on Maha Shivaratri
Abhishek, naam japa, homa, Hanuman chalisa, ….. all were filled with energy and happiness at Datta Tapovan

With 12 hours of Akhand Naam Japa extending to the whole night had filled the members of BTW family with awe and fascination. It appeared that new era had dawned in them. Everybody witnessed an absolutely new form of Mohanji as if He is operating in His true form. The long 12 hours of naam japa culminated with Lord Dattatreye Aarti which filled each member’s heart with love. The horizon of each and everybody was expanded. Everybody understood and witnessed Datta Tradition in its real form. Some members took rest and some assembled in the temple again for performance of Mohanish on Mridung/pakhwaj. Hanuman Chalisa was sung twice and no sooner did it end, a loud noise with thud heard behind the temple. As we came out, we saw 10-15 monkeys sitting on a single tree and again there was a silence. We offered gratitude to Hanuamanji for responding to our call.

Morning rays filled the entire area with love and signified the birth of new life.

We left Datta Tapovan at noon. By the time we reached home it was 2pm. Even after not sleeping for entire night and driving 250 kms, there was no tiredness because Mohanji filled up everyone with high energy level. He made sure that we reach home safely through the long drive to respective places.

Mohanji, by the morning had gone into deep silence and we could see it in his eyes. We knew that he wanted to be left alone. Mohanji just mentioned that it was a fulfilling day and he has filled up every member who is connected with him, worldwide. Mohanish also saw Mohanji multiplying into atom level, into many Mohanjis and reaching the entire world. When he told this to Mohanji, he joked “You only saw me spreading horizontally. Why not vertically?” This question challenged Mohanish and he understood that the full dimension is impossible to be witnessed.

Mohanji's love for animals
Mohanji’s love for animals… these calves come to see Mohanji everyday and sleep under his window…
Mohanji_Datta Tapovan Maha Shivaratri 2013
Animals love Mohanji too… Kamdhenu and Datta of Datta Tapovan.

Mohanji as usual sat at the entrance of his hut stairs feeding four calves who are his daily visitors, as if nothing ever happened in the previous night. One calf loves Mohanji so much that it is not even interested in Mohanji feeding her. Rather it enjoys kissing Mohanji all over! Before we departed we all saw an unusual bird very difficult to catch in camera. After half an hour trail after it, it still remained elusive, finally when requested from bottom of heart to all it to be pictured, it showed up and allowed only one picture. The picture itself conveys who it was..

The unusual bird with blue aura.. a rare sight on the way back from Datta Tapovan.
The unusual bird with blue aura.. a rare sight on the way back from Datta Tapovan.

Dattta Tapovan will always remain mystical place….

Love and gratitude,

BTW Family- Pune

Complete surrender at your Lotus feet Mohanji... BTW Family Pune
Deep Gratitude and complete surrender at your Lotus Feet Mohanji… BTW Family Pune

Mohanji’ Birthday – New birth for all of us!

Mohanji’ Birthday – New birth for all of us!

Written by Shashank Jaitely


 February 23 was Mohanji’s Birthday. It was celebrated at Shirdi, in the lap of Sai Baba.

                                         Shirdi temple

The day started with attending Kakad Aarti at the Shirdi Sai Temple. It was wonderful and electrifying atmosphere with Sai chants and aarti reverberation. Mohanji was feeling at home and after the aarti, took everyone around the temple and explained every corner of the place.  The first place to be visited was Baba Samadhi. He explained to us that Baba had promised, “I shall be active and vigorous even from the tomb,”.

After attending the aarti, we visited Gurusthan. The first thing that caught our eyes at Gurusthan was the huge neem tree. This tree gave shelter to Baba for a few years when he stayed beneath it. Neem has many medicinal properties, though its leaves are notoriously bitter. However, some people once reported that the leaves of one of the branches tested sweet. For them it was a sign of Baba’s grace; others see it as evidence of the tree’s exceptional sanctity.

We visited Dwarkamai and meditated near Baba’s Dhooni. To the devotees of Sai Baba, Dwarkamai is one of the treasures of Shirdi. The spirit of tolerance, acceptance and welcome for all is very much alive. Baba has said that merely going inside the mosque will confer blessings, and the experiences of devotees confirm this. Sai Baba respected all religions and creeds, and all had free access to the mosque. It is typically unique of Sai Baba that he regarded a place of worship – the mosque – as a mother. He once told a visitor, “Dwarkamai is this very mosque. She makes those who ascend her steps fearless. This masjidmai is very kind. Those who come here reach their goal !” 

                                            Shirdi Sai Baba – Live darshan – Mandir

On entering the mosque one is struck by its powerful atmosphere and the intensity and absorption with which visitors are going about their worship. Another point we notice is the great diversity of devotional expression. Some people will be kneeling before Baba’s picture of making offerings, others will be praying before the dhuni (perpetually burning sacred fire), some may be doing japa or reading from sacred texts, and others will be sitting in contemplation. If we spend some time here we may become aware of a mysterious phenomenon, unexplained, only experienced…. 


We felt that Baba came to welcome His Son and His family to his house. There was so much love, so much compassion…

After spending a couple of hours at the temple, we reached Khandoba temple. Here Mohanji narrated the story about how Baba got his name – Sai. In the sequence of events that were destined to become famous as part of the early life of a most beloved and very great saint, this small temple is of two-fold importance: first as the spot where Shri Sai Baba halted on his entry into Shirdi with the wedding party of Chand Bhai Patil, and secondly as a place where he acquired his name.

It is said that a young man, dressed in the Muslim fashion in a Kafni (Robe) arrived in a bullock cart as the guest of the wedding party. As the party approached the temple, the temple priest, Mhalsapati, on seeing the fakir, called out, “Ya, Sai!” (“Welcome, Sai!”) and the name remained ever after (Sai is a Persian word meaning “saint” or ‘holy’, and Baba means “father”). In this way, it was Mhalsapati who was responsible for Baba’s name, which has become the sacred mantra of thousands of his devotees.

In those days, the temple was on the periphery of the village in the midst of a burial ground. The structure was very basic and did not even have a door. However, it seems to have appealed to Baba’s temperament as he commented to the incumbent priest, Mhalsapati that being so quiet and solitary, it would make a good spot for an ascetic like him to stay.

After spending some beautiful moments at the temple, we came back to the hotel to have tea and breakfast and after resting for a while, headed towards the Shirdi shrine again for Satya Narayan katha. After attending the katha, we visited Sai Sansthan Prasadalaya for lunch. It was an amazing experience.  Baba himself was there at the entrance to welcome us. Everyday,25 to 30 thousand Sai devotees take meal as a Prasad. During the time of festivals of Lord Sai baba the number of Sai devotees hikes up to 55 thousand. Free Prasad meals are served to poor, blind, handicapped and sages.


We then visited Sakori to the temple of Upasni Maharaj.  Mohanji explained to us about the role and greatness of Shri Sai of Shirdi in the the life of Kashinath Govind Upasani Sastri, who later came to be known as ‘Shri Upasani Maharaj’. Shri Sai’s deeds and life were full of miracles, but the greatest miracle was His creation of this once inconsequential person to the status of a Sadguru within a period of four years! The methods used by Shri Sai to completely transform Kashinath Sastri, the pain taken by him to protect the neophyte and the assurance with which he grew this unsure and confused disciple to the state of a Perfect Master, would indicate where in the spiritual hierarchy of this world Shri Sai remains.

It was almost evening when we ended darshan at Upasni Maharaj temple and it was time for the dhoop aarti. We all moved towards the temple. Another miracle was waiting to happen there. We got a bit late and there was huge crowd that had already gathered in the queue. We were almost at the end and it was literally impossible to get the glimpse of Baba during the aarti. There were some more people who had joined us and they were disappointed that they would not be able to see Baba. But when the door opened, somehow the people ahead of us scattered to different directions and we ended up just ahead of Baba’s idol! We could experience the full glory of Baba during the Dhoop aarti. It was not less than a miracle!

After the aarti, Mohanji asked us to go get Udi before the counters close. Few of us went to get it but the queue was overwhelming. Some of us took the courage and managed the queue to get it. Few of us were left. This was the manifestation of another plan of Mohanji which we came to know only later!

As it was Mohanji’s birthday, we had planned a dinner at a local restaurant. It was a blessed dinner with the family. Mohanji was in cheerful mood and acted as a host as he was feeling at home!

                                                      Mohanji loves and protects people

Finishing the dinner when we were planning to go back to the hotel, Mohanji suddenly asked if everyone had got Udi. It was almost 10 pm but four of us who had not taken Udi, decided to go back to the temple to get it. It was a matter of chance as the Udi counter closes early. But somehow we were pulled towards the temple. We were supposed to reach gate no 4 and there was a way from the temple compound to reach there. But we decided to take some other route. We were not sure why we did that, but we kept on going. When we reached gate no 4, the counter was closed. We were not really disappointed as we knew we were late, instead of returning back from the same route, we decided to take yet another detour. The moment we did that, we saw a small child in the corner crying! And there was no one with him. He was alone and scared. We tried talking to him but he did answer. We asked people around about his family, but no one knew about it. We picked him up and started walking toward the announcement door. The child kept on crying and did not answer any of our questions. We got hold of a security officer and very reluctantly he offered to help. After walking few meters, a man approached us and declared that he was child’s relative and has been looking for him! We wanted to be sure so walked with him to the child’s mother who was thrilled to see her lost child. We did not really reprimand them as we had understood by this time that it was all part of Mohanji’s leela. Few of us could not get Udi earlier as we were supposed to come back to the temple, not to get Udi but to help the lost child find his parents.


Greatness of a Master gets exhibited not by words, but through his experiences and learnings. And the day was full of them.ImageIt was his birthday, but it felt that it was a new birth of all of us!


Symbol of Protection – Fragrance of our Master

After the visit to Mahakumbh where we had experienced divinity in the lap of mother Ganga, it was time to head for Shirdi, the penultimate destination of a two week long pilgrimage.
Rajni Dasgupta and I planned to reach Pune on the 22nd February  night so that we could reach Shirdi by midnight, well in time for the first early morning Kakad aarti, marking the beginning of birthday celebration of Mohanji. Our schedule was tight but we had full faith that we would be able to make it on time.
Our flight landed on time and we hopped in the cab for Shirdi. We got the first sign of Divinity when we realized the number of the car. It totaled up to 9 which is a very sacred number!
We started our journey to Shirdi. I was wanting to sleep as the next day was starting very early, but could not. There was something unusual and I could feel it strongly. I tried to figure out and felt a familiar fragrance in the car! The fragrance that is associated with Mohanji! I looked around for car for the source but could not find any. The fragrance became strong as if some was wearing it was sitting amongst us. It struck me that Mohanji must be here! I went in silence and started to feel his divine presence. Till now I was not sure what Rajni was feeling. I turned towards her to share what I was feeling, and suddenly she said, “He is here!”. Even she has been experiencing the fragrance moment we had left the airport.
The fragrance remained with us for the rest of the journey. We were feeling elated and thrilled with joy that Mohan ji was with us, travelling with us on his birthday eve! And of course we could not sleep of excitement.
Somewhere in the middle of the journey, we noticed that the speed of the car had slowed down. We were running on a very tight time schedule and wanted to reach Shirdi as soon as possible. We asked the driver to hit the gas paddle a bit but he kept driving at a slow speed. I then noticed the reason for his driving…he was sleeping! I jolted him up and asked him to stay awake and drive carefully and offered that he could stop for a while to have tea to get fresh. But he continued to drive and became alert after that. We kept a watch on him for the rest of the journey.
We reached Shirdi and checked into the hotel where Mohanji was staying. We had to get ready in an hour’s time to attend the morning Kakad aarti at 4 am. We met Mohanji in the lobby. After wishing him on his birthday, we thanked him for being with us the whole of the journey but wanted to know the reason. He smiled and said, “I protected you from an accident! The driver had slept and I was driving the vehicle and avoided it getting hit by another car! “. The thought sent the chill in the spine..YES, the driver was sleeping and the car was still moving straight. It was Mohanji who had taken control of the car.
We could only express immense gratitude. He did ensure that we not only reach in time but also safe and sound. What a wonderful beginning to a blissful day!


                                   Shashank and Mohanji