What Can I Do?

Written by Snezana Jovanovic-Popov

This is a story about a sudden manifestation, about honestly surrendering and asking a precise question. After my third retreat with Mohanji in Sharjah (U.A.E), certain processes were taking place in me every day: insights, awakenings, discoveries and getting to know myself. For some time before the retreat, I’d had the intention of hosting Power of Purity meditations in Doha (Qatar) to enable people who want to find their answers through Mohanji’s meditations. I felt it was my task.

Time was passing by and every day in the moments between my past (which manifested in a torrent of tears) and the future (various questions and human fears), a  kind of inner battle waged within me – Between that me who is actually not me, and the real ME who is the fulfillment of my existence on Earth.

Snezana Jovanovic - Popov in a vegan restaurant with Mohanji
In a vegan restaurant in Novi Sad, after a satsang with Mohanji and my first retreat

I was sitting in my flat in Doha looking at all the pictures and messages announcing that the holiday season and associated celebrations was here. Images of the years passed appeared in my thoughts. I felt my heart beating strongly in my chest. It reminded me that I used to be sad during the New Year holidays when I was a girl. There was an heavy cloud in my chest telling me that there was something I needed to face, something which was holding me stuck in one place, and binding me. There was something which I needed to release, to let go of, so that I could move freely into the New Year. I was sitting by an open window, watching the clear blue sky, on that beautiful Christmas Eve. There was a moment of awareness that I was at the end of my past, and at the beginning of the future. Earlier also I used to stare up into the sky, into that endless blue vastness, and surrender to it.

As the feeling in my chest continued to become stronger, rumbling within me, tears rolled uncontrollably down my face. I didn’t even care to wipe them. From that pain which was tightening within and all the mixed feelings, suddenly from my heart and soul a question arose. While I was wiping away my tears, watching the sky, watching that beautiful blue vastness, I somehow surrendered to it. I surrendered and asked a question from my heart: “My God, tell me what to do? What to do? Silence, silence… silence… After ten minutes I received a message. “Hello Snezana. I am coming to Doha tonight. Could we organise a Power of Purity meditation tomorrow?” It was Jay from Dubai. Suddenly I realised that I had just got an answer to my question. I felt happy because we were going to hold the first organised meditation in Doha. I was exhilarated with the realisation that our communication with higher consciousness is easy and available all the time. With my master Mohanji and with everyone.
The next day we performed the meditation. In all, there were five of us. During the meditation, some intense and very strong reactions took place within me, including an intolerable pain in my chest, as if a hundred knives had been stabbed into my chest. For one hour after the meditation, I felt pain, discomfort and heaviness. Then the release happened. With a smile, I saw Jay and Binoj off, and feeling like a newborn baby, grateful that I had gone through this experience, I fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, it was only then that I felt the benefits of the Power of Purity meditation and the blessing delivered by Jay. I felt lightness, inner serenity, clarity of mind and joy from all the positivity which was coming into my thoughts. In my chest I felt only mildness, tenderness, peace and purity.


With gratitude for everything and to everyone,
Love to all


Walking in the Presence of Master’s Grace and Love – Part 2

Written by Riana Gaspar (South Africa)

 Riana 1


Since October 2015, several incidents occurred where Mohanji had to intervene to protect me from physical harm. While the first part of this blog is on the most recent and horrendous accident from which Mohanji saved me, I now humbly try and describe the Grace and protection of Mohanji on my life.

In Kumba Mela of 2015 at Nashik, Mohanji blessed a rudraksh mala bracelet for me as protection against black magic, which I encounter daily and the violence against girls in our community.  Every day when I put it on, I am reminded that Mohanji is with me and will never leave me.

Dealing with criminal children

I work as the Director of a shelter for abused, abandoned, destitute, street children or trafficked teenage girls in the slums of Hillbrow, Johannesburg.  The government calls the area we work in “little Beirut”.  We are surrounded by various drug dens and mostly illegal immigrants. The crime rate is extremely high in this area.

Over time, the good relationship we had with our neighbours started dwindling and people who were normally placid became progressively more aggressive.  Street work started tapering off as we were suddenly met with threats. In addition, the children’s behaviour at the shelter started getting more and more erratic and sometimes violent. Gangs were formed and children and staff were threatened. I contracted an NGO dealing with criminal children to help us cope with this kind of behaviour, which were outside our scope of expertise.

Late October 2015, we had a thanksgiving weekend for Mohanji at the Datta Tapovan Temple in Durban.  During the Skype Satsang with Mohanji that Saturday I asked him how to cope with what is going on around us, as I do not understand the changes in the world.

He explained that for the next two years the energies will shift and a lot of churn will happen at all levels – internal (doubts about faith in people), in relationships with others and external (conflicts, earthquakes, disasters, etc). Mohanji explained that the next two years would bring out a lot of negative energies until it begins to subside slowly by 2018.

The next day we were getting ready to return to Johannesburg when during a freak accident I cut my head. Swami Bhaktananda, Keshnie and Ami took me to hospital to receive stitches. Swami told me in his soft and gentle way that Mohanji prevented us from leaving as something much worse was waiting for us on the road.

A robbery

Two weeks later, I was held up at gun point in an armed robbery. It was a
nice sunny day when I went to the bank to withdraw money to pay the staff at
the shelter. Not all the staff  have their own bank accounts and hence need
to be paid in cash. Everything was going fine. I withdrew the cash, put it
in my wallet and walked out of the bank.

I was driving back to the centre when I stopped at a bookstore to buy
textbooks for the children.  Some of them lost their textbooks and would not
receive their end year school report if they were not replaced. Trouble began
when I stepped out of the car.  Three men wearing  business suits
surrounded me. One of them was clearly the leader and older in age.
He also held a gun in his hand. He politely asked me, “Please ma’am, can you
hand over your wallet and phone?”  Later I realised I must have been
followed from the bank.

In South Africa, armed robbery can easily turn violent often causing the
loss of life of the person being robbed over petty demands and a few Rands.
I was in a state of shock yet somewhere from within directions were being
sent to my mind and  body. I calmly handed over my wallet to the men before
they could grow anxious or angry. I also handed over my new phone (which I
really loved)! Last place it was traced to was an African Country Embassy.

The men checked the wallet for the cash and seeing it there, lowered the
gun and walked off. Quickly they disappeared from sight.  I stood at the
place rooted still shell shocked. More shocked that my life was spared than
by the loss of money and the phone.

At that moment I knew that Mohanji was present and prevented the armed
robbery to turn nasty.

At the same time

The story doesn’t end here. I once again witnessed how Mohanji works! In
India, during that exact point of time while the robbery was in progress,
Mohanji was travelling with some people in a car. The whole group was chatting.
As the armed robbery began, he informed the co-passengers that He just
wanted some moments in silence as someone needed His help. Later on we
correlated the time when Mohanji went into silence back to when the
incident was taking place.

After the incident

Across oceans and continents, my Master was present by my side and
prevented a calamity.  He  whispering His Guidance into my soul and saved
my shock-induced paralysed body from body harm.

After I became aware of the whole incident, I was in shock more than ever.
My Master made me witness a small part of how He protects His devotees. How
can I merely say a thank you! This incident is beyond me.

I know for certain that when He says, “I am with you”, He actually is,
always! No matter where you are, no matter at what time you call out to
Him. He is always with you. He always keeps His promise.  These are not empty

The support I received from the Mohanji Family after the incident was a
true blessing and a testimony of Mohanji’s message of unconditional love
for all His devotees.  All the money which was robbed (this was the salary
of the staff at the shelter) was donated back to us from all over the
world. Not only this, support came on many levels and through prayers.

A few weeks after this robbery, the children at the shelter arrived from school and as the main security gate was opened for them to enter, a gang of men with guns and sticks chased two people into the shelter’s premise.  It was mayhem as they wanted to execute those two people in front of the children!  Once again it was Mohanji’s name which repelled the attackers.  I know how my Indian friends chant Hanuman chalisa when faced with mortal dangers such as these and Lord Hanuman immediately protects His devotees. For me, Mohanji’s name is as powerful!

Mohanji’s presence is very visible at the centre.  His photographs are everywhere and Power of Purity meditation is done with children as a therapy.  The Shiva Kavach in His voice is played for protection.

Riana 3 Mohanji ‘looking’ at the Shelter – Guarding and Guiding always
Mohanji ‘looking’ at the Shelter – Guarding and Guiding always



Riana 5 - Vicky plays Mohanji Mantras constantly at the Shelter
Vicky plays Mohanji Mantras constantly at the Shelter

I can go on and on and describe all the small and big things which show Mohanji’s protection and Grace on my life. I am blessed to live under my Mohanji’s Grace and protection 24/7. I hear his voice clearly and dwell in His Presence with a loving heart.


Mohanji: “Do not take ownership.  The crisis has taken place and you are dragged into it.  This means it was part of your karmic agenda to go through it.  Go though it in a non-attached way.  This will not destroy you.  This is just another phase.  Also this will pass.” (Power of Purity, page 122)

With Love