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These are two lovely testimonials of how Masters appear in our lives and take care of us through various mediums. The love and support of our Mohanji Acharyas in Canada are also very much appreciated by these two ladies.

Maureen Matthew, Victoria BC, Canada

I am deeply blessed to have two precious Mohanji Acharyas in Victoria BC, Canada. Through this challenging time of Covid-19, I have been guided to do 40 days of daily chanting of the Gayatri and the Maha Mrityunjaya mantras with my Acharyas. I felt the incredible vibrations within my being through this new experience even though it was on zoom. I was also graced by regular Mohanji Mai-Tri sessions with these two dear Acharyas. I felt so supported spiritually.

During this time, my deepest concern was for my 94-year-old mother in a Montreal care home, so I focused my heart energy on her loving comfort when she had Covid-19. I had many painful emotions, but instead of resisting them, I allowed them to fully be and practised letting go and surrendering to the Divine. Half the 160 residents in Mom’s care home died, while Mom and a 101-year-old woman were the only 2 survivors on the 3rd floor of the 3-floor residence. Remarkable!

I have learned a great deal through this grief period and am much more aware of egoistic noise that can create blocks. I am humbled and strengthened by the surrender process. I’m also forever grateful to have Mohanji’s love and guidance in my life and to be gifted with Cini and Eric, Mohanji’s devoted Acharyas.

May you all feel the power of Mohanji’s love in your lives.

Blessings, and namaste to all.



By Supreet Bedi, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Baba’s leelas are never-ending! Recently I shared with you that I have been following Mohanji since last year, but not like a Guru, more like a person who talks from the heart and whose talks make sense. In the meantime, I also met one of the Mohanji Acharya’s in Canada, Sanjay bhaiya (brother). He has been very encouraging, going out of the way in his efforts to get me on this path. But besides Sanjay bhayia’s efforts, my mind was stuck, the only thing that used to come to my mind was that my Guru is Sai Baba, how can I follow another Guru.

I want to mention here that about a year ago, I had a few dreams of Baba. In one of them, I saw that I was walking down a street where there were two houses in front of each other. On one side, on the wall of the first house, I saw a big framed picture of Shirdi Sai Baba looking like a king, and in my mind, I thought maybe it’s a picture of a Raja (king) and as my eyes wanted to see Baba, I was seeing him. Now, on the other side of the road, I saw a man dressed like Sathya Sai Baba and again I thought, this can’t be Baba, he is no more, it must be someone pretending to be Baba, like someone in a performance. Then I turned my head to the other side of the road to confirm my vision once again and I then saw a small statue of Baba moving the neck as if dancing, and there were colours in the street like Holi (festival of colours) as if it was something auspicious.

During that time there was some turmoil going on in my career and I thought it was a sign that everything will settle down. However, things remained the same at work and nothing changed, but today when I think about this dream, I feel it meant spiritual progress initiation for me.

Coming back to the present, Baba patiently watched me doing nothing and then decided to take matters in his hands! For about 1-2 years, I had been having a very strong feeling that I have to do something but I was not doing it as if there was some kind of blockage on my inside. I started correlating it to the outside world; career, job, household work and my pending lists but after doing the required, nothing relaxed that feeling. I couldn’t control my worry anyway. In the meantime, Covid-19 happened and I was given time, but again I took to satisfy the needs of my family – cleaning the house, cooking new things, watching TV and sometimes even getting up late, but that feeling was still there and I wasn’t feeling happy. I started listening to podcasts by Deviji and Mohanji. I felt as if Baba was getting me closer to Mohanji, but again my doubting mind would not settle. I finally decided to ask Baba with chits in front of him. The answer came – follow Mohanji – and I asked again to confirm, and the second time, the answer was still the same and I said to Baba, if this is your wish, Mohanji will be my Guru.


I started following Mohanji from the heart and I started reading ‘Autobiography of Yogi’ as advised by Deviji on Podcast. I had read only a few pages when Sanjay bhayia asked me to apply for Consciousness Kriya. I read a little online about Kriya and I was kind of scared to commit to such a big responsibility, plus I didn’t have much understanding of the process. I asked Baba again and he said, go for it, so I submitted the application. It took me only 5 minutes to apply, meaning, without really thinking much. From my side, I submitted it but it never got submitted on the website and Sanjay bhayia kept inquiring if I received any confirmation and I said no. He said he would check.

By this time, I was progressing with my book (Autobiography of a Yogi) and started developing the feeling that I have to wake myself up and needed to work towards my journey to liberation. 4-5 days passed by and Sanjay bhayia told me that due to some technical issue the application was not submitted and I needed to fill it again. He texted me one morning at around 5 am. I was sitting in front of Baba and decided to fill the application. You would not believe this, that this time when I was writing everything was coming from the heart, I was crying while filling the form and I took about half an hour to fill it, the form that I filled in 5 minutes last time! As I submitted the application, I got the confirmation email right away. Baba wanted to shower the grace of Kriya on me but wanted to make sure I was eligible for it, and then 2 days later, I received the email for acceptance! Baba’s ways are always unique!

Many thanks to Baba and Mohanji for showering their grace on me and accelerating my journey to liberation!

Mohanji and Sai



Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 18th June 2020


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