5th Anniversary of Conscious Walking

On 21st June 2020 (International Yoga Day) we mark the 5th Anniversary of Conscious Walking, a powerful dynamic meditation created by Mohanji. This deeply transformative technique has many benefits ranging from reducing anxiety and fears to improving overall health and wellbeing.


We look at our past year in awe and gratitude, and share with you the experiences of our CW practitioners from around the globe.

“Conscious Walking makes me more disciplined. It helps me to accomplish all of my daily work as I planned.” – Marko Božović from Loznica, Serbia

“Conscious Walking helps me in concentration levels. In erra of social media it’s very easy to get distracted. Conscious Walking is not only helping me for concentration. It is helping me for Consciousness Kriya also. Because you are fully focussed and align with your breath.” – Kirti from India

“It was a blissful experience walking in calm and serene surroundings so close to nature. Ljiljana made us so comfortable since the beginning. Walking altogether gave me a sense of unity with the universe realising oneness and cherishing the present.” – Manjiri Bhalerao from Canada


“Every time I do the Conscious Walking, it transports me to a different world of serenity.” – Sahebrao from Surat, India

“I love nature and walk a lot, but Conscious Walking blends all flavours together in silence. I do not pay attention if I look unusual to the people, who are passing by. In that particular day, Conscious Walking really increases vibrations to the rest of the day. Conscious Walking also improved my concentration in general.” – Ljiljana Petrovic from Canada

83597239_2625147617808209_1222393167555330048_o“Conscious Walking has become very Powerful Meditation Tool for me. Every time I do Conscious Walking, it’s helping me in increasing my concentration and focus to go along with day to day routine. Thank You Mohanji for this Wonderful Blessing to The Mankind.” – Sanjay Acharya from Canada

“The Conscious Walking experience for both Parmesh and myself was very beautiful. As explained to us very well by Liliyana, we did the walk very much in awareness. So we could experience fully every small bug and any that came in our path, which normally we would stamp and not even notice their existence. It made me feel how even a tiny ant has a right to live.

Besides that, the sound of the flowing water in the stream and the birds chirping the rattling of the leaves in the morning breeze everything became so loud and clear. Parmesh and myself walk this path in this garden every week, but in those times we are focused on walking fast or discussing our problems our worries of the future or remembering the past that we don’t focus on the present.

Conscious Walking helped me to be in the present and enjoy the moment.”

– Geeta and Ganapathy Parmeshwar from Canada

84162445_2630734623916175_5868632601605963776_o“Conscious Walking brings me to mindfulness, a state of total calm and living in the present.” – Shanthi Mohan from Mumbai, India.

“For me CW is like a fuel that keeps me active on my long Working Sundays. It takes all my pressure away and rejuvenates my whole body and mind.” – Bojana Fabel from Singapore

“Conscious Walking provides me some intimate, private time with the Source.”Biljana Vozarevic from Novi Sad, Serbia

“Conscious Walking makes me happy, I am more focused, full of energy and without stress.” – Izabela Jovovic from Belgrade, Serbia


“Conscious Walking brings me back quickly to a place of inner peace and tranquility, which in turn helps me to cope easier with daily challenges.” – Mirjana Manjaka, Split, Croatia

“Each step while practicing Conscious Walking brings me back my energy which I usually give out to others daily, and in that way afterwards I feel more fresh, fulfilled and ready for a new day.” – Helena Bjelaković, Split, Croatia

“Conscious Walking is a wonderful technique which quickly gives me stability and peace, while helping me to center and balance myself. Breathing inside my aura while practicing Conscious Walking, I feel inner power and strength, which stays with me during the whole day. Gives me a wonderful feeling of confidence. Self-confidence. Thank you Mohanji 🙏 – Linić Eugen, Rijeka, Croatia


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If you would like to learn Conscious Walking please write an e-mail to Conscious Walking Team at consciouswalking@mohanji.org and they will guide you further. You could also join our Global Conscious Walking community on Facebook and find out about updates, experiences and events happening across the world.



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