Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 105 & 106

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 105 Lesson – Meditate and pre-plan

Yesterday I was thinking back to some of the lessons, tips, and guidance that Mohanji shared since living with him about the more practical aspects of this role and life in general. I don’t think I could have asked for a better guide or mentor when it comes to leadership, management, organisation, and planning. He’s handled so much in his career and is also handling so much now. As my background is from the world of business, I’ve always found it useful to look up to someone as a mentor to learn and grow from, and Mohanji is definitely one of the best that I’ve had. 

For me, it helps a lot to hear his experiences and how I can apply them to the work I’m doing. Today, I wanted to share a story from Mohanji’s work life, which is a great example of the advice he often gives to team leaders. It’s about pre-planning and meditating on what you need to accomplish before moving into any action. That’s important because only when we’re clear, it is possible to guide others. 

As the summit has come to a close, this is a really good example of how pre-planning, thinking ahead and meditating on what needs to be done can help. Maybe it helps all the teams involved. 

This was from a time when Mohanji was handling five countries for a shipping company. This means many different types of ships would come to use the port; cargo ships, cruise ships, huge oil tankers, etc.; it’s incredibly dynamic. The prices fluctuate for oil every hour, the weather, the tides, everything’s changing. It is important that everything is timed and planned correctly for quick unloading and loading, so there are no delays; otherwise, they could be waiting longer than necessary. And for them, that’s losing money and time. 

Mohanji had a reputation for getting things done. He was so good that people used to pay him more because they knew they didn’t have to worry if it was with him. That was his reputation and the respect he built. I think the head of Toyota spoke about Mohanji. He said, “If we give business to Mr Mohan, we can sleep peacefully; it will be done.” Like that, he worked error-free. People would tell him, “It’s impossible”, and then he would ask, “Who said so?” And then he would prove that it wasn’t. 

This attitude was how he got an award from the Japanese Navy. And they had never given an award to anybody before. But by following the protocols and through good pre-planning, Mohanji was awarded this. Even his head office was shocked; they asked how. He just simply said – “pre-planning”. 

He had never handled a Navy vessel before. This was the Japanese Navy, and they are very protocol-oriented, as I learned from Mohanji. When Mohanji found out that the ship was coming, he took a copy of all the procedures of what needed to be done, and he meditated on it for some time. He didn’t discuss this with any of his staff, even though some of them had handled Navy ships before. He wanted to be clear on what needed to happen. Otherwise, he can’t tell the team what to do. So, he studied it and understood that timing was crucial. 

For example, if something has to happen at 7 am, 8 am, or 9 am, that’s how the Japanese operate, a clear protocol. So, he did that for all those activities that happened at a certain time; he made sure that everything was equal. If something had to happen by 7 am, it was done by 6:30. If it needed to happen by 8 am, it would be done at 7:30. Like that, there should be a clear completion before the requirement has to happen. 

The same went with the protocol for receiving the dignitaries of the ship. Obviously, there’s a hierarchy in the Navy, so he made sure that his team matched that. If the admiral were coming off the ship, then Mohanji would be there himself because he’s head of the country. Like that, if the undersecretary were coming, then his operations manager, the next in line to him, would go. The protocol was aligned to everything which they needed. 

They were so happy with this, and that’s why they gave him the award. They said they’d been to various ports, but they’d never seen such clinical precision. He was awarded in recognition for that. He achieved that simply by studying beforehand, pre-planning and meditating on what needed to be done. 

I think that’s a good lesson, which I look to incorporate anytime I’m taking a serious task. 

Day 106 Lesson – Facing life 

Today I’ll share another story from Mohanji’s time working in the shipping industry. I like this one because it highlights many lessons and qualities Mohanji has. Like all good stories, people will take the messages that resonate with them the most. To help that happen, I will reserve sharing the lessons which I’ve picked up from this story and leave it for you to find your own. 

This story was from around 2002 when Mohanji was working as the country head for a shipping company. A ferry service was introduced, and it was looking to be an alternative to the airlines. At that time, Emirates was just starting, and there were only a few expensive airlines. Also, you could only take limited luggage. 

So, a group of people had leased a ferry ship, and probably about 25% of the vessel was closed rooms, and the rest was deck and storage space. That way, many people would have to sit on the deck. That would probably be okay for three or four hours, but this journey was across the Arabian Sea. It was planned to take three or four days, depending on the weather. 

They hired the company which Mohanji worked for. The ship would come from Bahrain to Oman, people would load all the things onto the ship, and then it would sail across the Arabian Sea to India. But when it crosses, the ship cannot go straight; it has to zigzag because the waves and the currents can make the ship drift. That adds on maybe half a day or another day. Depending on the weather, the planned three-day trip could even take five days. 

All these people would be sitting on the deck; with the wind, the salt, the water vapour, and the sun, they’d be barbecued. Plus, probably some vomiting and seasickness. So, not a good experience. 

This ship had announced the line in the newspapers. People were super excited. They said that the amount of luggage you can take is not 25 kilos, but 750 kilos per person, because they could put everything on the ship. People brought all the things, all the garbage, plastic bottles, glass bottles, gas canisters, oils, anything they could take. 

Many people had booked, and the agent who would come to the port where Mohanji was, was very excited because they’d planned for maybe 600 or 800 people capacity, and they had bookings for more than 18,000 – 20,000. So, they were going to plan future sailings. Mohanji looked at this; he had thought about it, looked at what was going to happen and said, “I’m not sailing the ship.” The agent said, “What do you mean? How can you say that?” Mohanji just calmly said, “How many people can stay indoors?” The agent said, “50, maybe 60.” Mohanji replied, “Okay, good. If you can arrange so that it’s 60 people taking the ship, we’ll sail it because then that would meet the safety standards.”

This became a huge issue; it was in the newspapers, it was on the TV. They said the airline industry had bribed him to make sure that this didn’t go so that they could benefit. It completely exploded, but throughout all of it, Mohanji was cool. Even his office was afraid; they thought he had gone crazy to take on all this – news, press, ministers, government, and police. But he just kept with what he knew was right and said the ship wasn’t sailing. 

The minister even called from Oman and said, “What’s wrong with the ship? This is a new service, and it should be okay.” Mohanji said the ship is not fit to go because of safety and security reasons. He said that if the same was done with a cruise ship, he would agree because everybody has an indoor place, and safety is met. But here, there’s going to be many deaths and ailments on the way. 

Also, they say it’s three days across the sea, but it won’t reach in three days if you look at the weather and consider all the currents. It’s at least another day. Mohanji asked if they had food for all these people. And if they don’t, or if they run out, how will they deliver it, by helicopter? Because once they’ve left the shore, you can’t do anything. Whatever they have in store won’t be sufficient for 600-800 people. And most people will be sat on the deck, women and children as well. He repeated that he was not sailing the ship as it didn’t meet the standards.

The complaint then went to the police chief, the ministries and everywhere else to say Mohanji was blocking it. His boss called to find out what was happening and said, “It looks like you’re having some fun there. Do you need any help?” Mohanji said, “No, I’m okay. If anyone calls, just say I’m handling it, I’ll take care.” He took full responsibility. Even the ship owner came, a rich Arab guy, and said, “I’ll buy you.” Mohanji turned around and said, “Well, you may be able to buy other people, but you won’t buy me; you can’t do anything to me.” Like that, he stood firmly. 

At that time, there was no internet. People were calling him up on the phone to share lots of colourful wishes to him, lots of abuse, saying he’d been bribed, “who gave you the money”, “who are you working for.” You can imagine all these calls coming in like that. 

One evening, he was sitting at home, and he turned on the TV and saw a picture of himself. They were saying that he was suspected of being bribed by the airline industry. It was around 9:30 at night, and he immediately called a press conference. He explained the whole situation; he didn’t take permission; he just did what needed to be done. He said, “This doesn’t meet the safety standards. Do you know how much money these people are making, but there’s no safety for any of the people going, and there’s no guarantee that people will reach alive.” He gave the whole story and blasted them for the situation that they caused. 

The next day, it came out on the front page. In the end, I think they tried to negotiate something else; they reduced the passenger count, they also sailed from a different location, Bahrain instead of Oman, I think it was. But six people died on the way, even though there were 50 people in the rooms and very few people on deck. You can imagine if there was 600 people, it would have been a full disaster. 

Also, this company had approached many of the shipping agencies who also refused to sail their ship. But they only refused because of Mohanji and what he had spoken. They saw what was going on. They probably wouldn’t have even thought about it in that level of detail. Mohanji standing up to his responsibility and telling the truth had a big value. 

But all he was really doing was just thinking logically; three days across the sea, all the people would be out on deck. Even if you took a boat to the sea for three or four hours, it’s hard to handle. Four or five days, with women and children, it wasn’t sensible. He doesn’t like to block other people’s business. But when the blame was put on him, he had to act. 

That’s how he has faced most of his life as well, fully head-on. In fact, in some ways, he enjoys a fight, and he will fight to the end; as we’ve experienced here on the badminton court, he never gives in. He loves that. But he also says that, unfortunately, many people choose to fight in the shadows these days, especially in Mohanji’s life and experience. Rarely will they come to him and say, “Hey, I’ve got this problem or this situation. Let’s talk.” It’s always via somebody else or in the shadows. 

I hope you enjoyed that story. And I also hope you have a great day ahead.


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Mohanji, a constant companion

By Bhumika Arvind, Canada

We relocated in the fall of 2021 from Alberta to Ontario. The entire move felt like a movie. Looking back, I realize that everything was moving so fast, it was like the move, and every detail was already planned and expedited for a purpose bigger than any of us in the family. I am yet to find out what that purpose could be, though I get glimpses of it every now and then.

My partner and I had been talking about moving in the past few years, but nothing had materialized. And then, when the divine intervened, it happened in a snap. By the time the interview process finished and my partner received the confirmation to join, it was mid-July. His employer expected him to join the new job in August. In those two weeks in July, the entire house was packed, shipped, things given away, the car sold, and so on and so forth. There are many incidents wherein Mohanji played his divine leela, but I will just share a few.

The salary listed for the job wouldn’t have been enough to make ends meet, so my partner took a day or two to think about it. While he was pondering on that, the counteroffer came with a much better salary package, making it hard to say no. When my partner called HR (human resources) to confirm, she said this was unheard of and had never happened before. What can I say about who the HR was dealing with. Mohanji can make the impossible possible!

It was time to put my car for sale. We checked the market to find out at what prices cars of the same make, model and year were being sold, and then we put the car up for sale. My partner was worried as time was limited, and we might have had to compromise on the price to sell the car in the time frame we had.

He noticed that similar cars had been on the market for six months and more. But within two days of putting the car up for sale, it was sold with all the formalities completed. Oh! And did I mention that the windshield glass had a big crack? We had mentioned this in the description along with the images, and it still sold quickly.

I have had a life so far where everything has been a drag. I always looked at my friends and felt frustrated, as it would take me ten extra steps to get the same work done as them. So, you can imagine what was happening was absolutely unreal in my world and was completely and fully divine intervention.

My work was to start in September. Since the move was materializing now, it was best that I resigned from my job. I called my supervisor, informed her of the situation, and shared that it would be best to resign. From nowhere, she proposed, “Don’t resign; take a leave of absence for a year.” I couldn’t believe it! She was going to hold the position for me for a year. Mohanji’s compassion and kindness just kept flowing.

I thought it would be best to wrap up the work officially. I had not taken care of my work documents in a timely manner, and with this move, I had to work extra hard to get everything in order. Since it was summer vacation, most of the staff at the office was not working. Anyway, I arranged to drop the files and was strictly told to be at the office at 4 pm and that the doors would automatically close after that time and the building would be locked down.

It was Friday, and our flight was on Saturday morning. The movers were still working, and I could only get to the boxes by 2 pm, and I left home at 3:40 pm. The drive from my home to the office usually takes 20 minutes, but given that it would be peak traffic time, it could easily take 30 minutes. I was really stressed. On my way to drop the files, I started crying, or rather, sobbing because of lack of sleep and nervousness about reaching in time, and in my mind, I was blaming my partner for this.

Mohanji is a very tough task-master, but he is also compassion and love incarnate. While I was sobbing and blaming my partner,  I heard Mohanji’s voice loud and clear, “Is it really your partner’s fault or yours alone? You procrastinated and have not kept up with filing. Do you really think it is someone else’s fault?” Well, I knew this deep within. I’d just wanted pity and to play the victim.

But when Mohanji put it like that, I wiped my tears and buckled up to face the consequences. But since Mohanji is also compassion incarnate, he made sure that I reached my workplace in time, and he assured me, “Don’t worry, I am right here! (Main hoon na). I got all the green traffic signals and made it just in time.

What could possibly go wrong when it was time to board the flight? Our cat, Grey, refused to get into the pet carrier bag. He is such an integral part of our family; we couldn’t possibly leave him behind. But he refused to get in, and then, during the drive, he ripped the bag and jumped out in the car. We missed our flight, it was a direct flight, and my partner was very disappointed. I, on the other hand, was not! I knew everything was happening as per Mohanji’s plan; he had a better plan for us.

If there are pet owners among the readers, you might understand how difficult it could be for the cat to be on the plane. It was not something I was happy about. While waiting for the next flight to be confirmed, I heard Mohanji’s voice say, “Do Mai-Tri for Grey.” I kept sending Mai-Tri to Grey throughout the flight. There was a layover, and we got an opportunity to get him out of the carrier. I am not sure if that helped in this situation, but Mai-Tri was a saviour, and I was holding on to Mohanji very tightly.

Mohanji’s leelas didn’t stop here. We arrived late in the night and needed to stay at the guest house that was close to the nature park. The following morning, my partner was up before me and was standing outside the guest house. When I went out, he came in to check on the kids. In the open field in front of me was a most beautiful deer. It was looking straight at me. I felt my heart expand. I said to myself quietly, “Hi, Mohanji, I know it’s you.”

For a split second, the thought of my departed mother came, and I knew she had come to bless me on my journey ahead. I turned around to call my partner to get the phone to click a picture, and the deer had disappeared into thin air. There was a mention of a deer sighting by a family in the Netherlands in Christopher’s daily messages, and that was an additional affirmation that it was Mohanji who had come in the form of the deer.

I went for a walk with the kids when they were awake, and as I was chanting the Mohanji Gayatri, I could feel his presence, and I felt the joy of being in a city where Mohanji had set foot, walked and left his essence…

Mohanji, I am forever grateful to you for your infinite kindness and compassion, and most importantly, your patience!


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 103 & 104

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 103 Lesson – Mohanji’s Birthday – Commanding Power ‘Stories of a King’

Good morning everybody; I hope that you’re doing well. 

Today is a special day being Mohanji’s birthday. It is a day of celebration across the Mohanji platforms. People use this opportunity to share their thanks and gratitude to Mohanji; launch events, complete major activities, and serve the needy. Mohanji has always said that serving the helpless is serving him – one of the best gifts we can give Mohanji is to serve the needy. Many food and clothing donations are happening through Ammucare, ACT Foundation, and the Act4Hunger platforms. 

Later today, Mohanji will speak at a live satsang on the Mohanji official YouTube channel. I have spoken before in previous voice recordings that Mohanji is here for the world. Until I started living with him, I never fully understood this because the world I knew was not like that. 

The world has a disposition of greed, competition, conquest and people in this mad rush to acquire as much as they can, trampling over each other in the process. Mohanji is a true living example of the opposite. What he has accomplished and what we are all part of will set the trend for generations to come. 

I was thinking of birthdays and remembered some stories shared by Mohanji at a recent trip to Kerala, where he spoke about a rarely known king from the area called Sakthan Thampuran – ruler of the Kingdom of Cochin. We were in Thrissur, where Sakthan Thampuran lived long ago. The lessons that call out from these stories convey the importance of Iccha Shakti (Will Power) and Aagya Shakti (Commanding Power), especially commanding power. They are a must listen!

Mohanji enthusiastically shared many stories about this king with much familiarity and veracity, which was interesting because I’ve heard people say before that Mohanji spent many previous lives as a king. That’s why even now, he lives very humbly and takes nothing, and he has that character trait, that presence of regency, of royalty. He was conferred the title of Raja Yogi. There is the story of when he visited Saint Ganeshanda Giri, a powerful Master and a devotee of Sai Baba to whom Baba spoke at 6 am every morning. Baba told him to put up Mohanji at a fine hotel because Mohanji had been a royal in all his previous births. 

Mohanji has never confirmed or spoken about his past lives to me. He’s only said that he is Mohanji, and that’s his relevance in the world. But when I heard the story of this king, I couldn’t help but find very similar parallels in style. Mohanji loved this king, his style, humour, and ability to get things done. The king was fierce and ferocious, and some say that he was even an avatar of Narasimha, the ferocious form of Vishnu. People would pee in their pants in front of him because he had a reputation for simply chopping heads, as that was his solution to justice, but all dharmic.

As a thank you to Mohanji, I share this story, and some of the things which I see are similar. This king, Sakthan Thampuran, had a commanding power, and he was completely unorthodox. Some would say probably crazy, but he got things done in his way. During the time he ruled, the law was maintained, people were safe, and the kingdom was peaceful. 

There’s one story where he disguised as a forest dweller and went into the forest with some basic cooking utensils, some basic food, and he would sit there in the forest to check that the animals were okay. One day a Swami passed by and said, “Maharaj (king)?” The king said, “How did you notice?” Swami replied, “You can’t be mistaken; no matter what clothing you wear, you’ll still be known and seen as a king.” 

Whenever there was trouble in a village – like crime, dispute or something stolen; the news would reach the king, whose method of handling this would be to simply give the village 24 hours. “It’s your village, you know the people, and you should be able to find the person yourself.” He would give them 24 hours, and if the culprits were not found, he would handle it himself. Within 48 hours (for sure, the matter would be solved) because he would go there and was very quick to chop heads of the guilty.

This style even applied to his queen. During his time, the queen fell in love with another man. The king said to her, “Well, that’s a good idea. No problem. Now I know where we stand. I know that you don’t want to see me anymore. I also know that this other man wants to see you. So, I know what we can do here.” What he did was he took out both of her eyes with the logic that the other men can still see her, and because she doesn’t want to see the king anymore, the eyes aren’t necessary. So he took them out. Problem solved. 

There’s another story: the king was on his final days and didn’t have any successor. He had no heir or children but had nephews. The logical route was that everything would be passed on to them, but he didn’t respect his nephews, and they knew this too. The nephews discussed together and decided that they would do something for the king. They wanted to prove themselves to the king, so they decided to ask the king what he wanted them to do. 

They asked him, “What would you like from us? What can we do for you?” The king said, “I don’t want too much now. I’ve done all I needed to do. I’ve lived my life. There’s one thing; I don’t have any taste in the mouth right now, so I don’t want much. But a thought that if I had raw jackfruit or something with jackfruit in it would be nice. So if you can, I would like you to get jackfruit and offer this to Brahmins, and I will also eat.”

The nephews were surprised, “Uncle, this is nothing. Are you sure? It’s so small. Are you sure you want a jackfruit curry?” He said, “Yes, I’m sure.” The nephews called their minister and said that they needed jackfruit to cook a meal for the king. The minister sent his people to the market around the area, across all the towns, but they returned without jackfruit. They said that it was not the season, so there was no jackfruit in the market. 

The nephews were disappointed and went back to the king. They said, “Uncle, we are sorry, there’s no jackfruit; it’s not the season.” Obviously, the king knew this. It was again to show how he felt about the nephews. So with a fake surprise, he said: “Oh, really?” He called in his chief captain, his minister and asked him, “Can you arrange for my sake, meals for 101 Brahmins, but everything should have jackfruit except the rice, and also we should give them silk (a full-fledged seva). Let’s do it next Monday, which is only four days away. Can you do it?” The chief captain replied without hesitation, “Yes, sir,” and he did it. 

Now the nephews looked like idiots. It was a grand feast; everything had jackfruit. The nephews were really confused, so they called the chief captain (Minister) and said, “How did you do these things?” The captain said, “See, there’s this thing called Aagya Shakti – commanding power. When your uncle, the king, says something, there’s no such thing as ‘No’. When he says something, it just happens. All we have to do is just follow through. His commanding power is something else. But I’m sorry to say that your Iccha Shakti (willpower) itself is weak. So forget about your commanding power. First, you sow your Iccha Shakti, your willpower.” 

They said, “Okay, okay. But we want to know how you arrange that. How did you manage this?” He replied, “I did something simple. I called the Army Chief and told him to send the army to the villages to get as many jackfruits as possible. If anybody comes without a jackfruit, the orders were to chop his head off. So everybody brought jackfruit, loads of jackfruits, rooms full of jackfruits.” He also said, “In the market, there was no jackfruit. But that doesn’t mean there’s no jackfruit on the tree”. 

I think this is both a great story and a great lesson in itself. 

Here is one more story, much before the king’s last days. There was an island in the area full of moneyed business people and traders. It was a little secluded, an enclosed area slightly detached from the kingdom, and the traders closed the gate at six so nobody could enter. The traders used to send materials to the king as offerings. Being traders, they dealt with the finest silk, pearls etc., but they started becoming very arrogant as they had a lot of trade coming in. They had money. Sakthan Thampuran knew that they were arrogant, but he didn’t have a problem with that. The materials were coming, the palace requirements were being met, and they had high-quality silk, etc. So not a problem. 

One day for a feast, many Brahmins had been invited. It was a very important event, so the king was checking the progress of things, the food, etc. The Brahmins said, “Everything was good with the food. But we have to be honest, the materials you have here, the silks, are not the same quality. They’re not so good at all.” 

The king told the chief captain, “What the hell? We should have the finest! These are Brahmins, and they should have the best silk. Who supplied this?” The chief captain said that the same trader had supplied them, and the king said: “I want the head of that trader, chop the head.” Without hesitation, the chief captain went, and he swam to the island because the gates were closed; it was after six. He tied a sword in his bag around his back, swam across to the island, he knocked and entered the gate. 

The trader was surprised and asked, “Why did you come? You could have just ordered the materials; I would have sent them to you. Why did you have to come yourself?” The captain said, “No, no, no, it’s important because I want to buy some high-quality silk, and I want to buy some cheap quality silk as well. The shopkeeper/trader realized and said, “Sorry, I made a mistake. Last time I sent some things which were not of good quality. But that’s because I didn’t have the high quality. It hadn’t come. But I’ll compensate later, for sure.”

The chief captain said, “Sure, sure, no problem. Give me both, the high quality and the cheap one; I’ll take it.” After the silk was packed, the captain chopped the head of the trader and packed it in the same cloth. As the gate didn’t open until 6 am, he swam back to the kingdom. The chopped head was hanging even before the king had woken up. The pace, speed, and commanding power all wrapped into one story – this is the king whom Mohanji really loves. I’ll leave it open for you to draw any parallels.

Having lived with Mohanji for some time, I can definitely see parallels in style, especially his commanding power. It’s moving mountains as these platforms are strengthening and growing. I’m sure that they’re going to have significant relevance in the world in years to come. (Although now, I’m quite thankful that chopping heads have gone out of fashion these days. 

On this special day, I give my thanks and sincere gratitude to Mohanji for all that he is giving to the world and towards my journey. Have a great day of celebrations ahead.

Day 104 Lesson – Transforming challenges into opportunities 

Good morning everybody; I hope you’re doing really well. 

Yesterday was Mohanji’s birthday, and many activities took place across the world to spread the love, warmth, kindness, and friendship of Mohanji. Animals and people were fed; clothes were distributed; music and testimonial events took place; it was a real celebration. I’m amazed that despite the numerous wishes that come in from different parts of the world on his birthday, Mohanji manages to attend to each one promptly, with complete individual recognition. 

We’ve begun to collect all the events worldwide to create a blog and presentation in the office. Biljana usually pulls this together, and we’ve been assisting in this. Mohanji also gave his birthday satsang yesterday, and it was fantastic. I’ve listened to Mohanji’s satsangs many times, but there was a different quality to this one. The program in Turkey is titled ‘Transform challenges into opportunities’, and the satsang covered this well. It’s available on YouTube to view if you haven’t seen it. 

I found many of the messages were good reminders of some of the voice messages I’ve shared over the past few days. So I wanted to share what stood out for me from the satsang; the main messages are good daily learnings and some recollections. 

The first was, which he shared again, is that life happens now. The only time we have to be happy is right now, about tomorrow, we don’t know. We must cherish whatever is happening in our life with the presence of mind and awareness that there is only now. Even happiness can’t be postponed. The past cannot be changed, and the future is unknown. 

The second was, Mohanji, reminded us that flexibility is now more important than ever. If we begin to assess our life based on what it used to be in the past, this can make the present miserable. We have to flow with what is available now, especially given such changes in the world because of the impact of COVID. If we can’t do that, we become a hangover of the past. So, remaining flexible and present was the key message. 

The third was although we’re all unique by birth, each of us are individuals with a unique retina and thumbprint, yet the world and the existing society has pretty much enslaved us. That’s a strong statement. This was based on the view that there are 7.5 billion people in the world. How many people do we know? He said many are a product of a system designed to sustain itself or a hangover of people’s pasts which we don’t need to be. So through self-love and self-acceptance, the walls which prevent us from being ourselves can be demolished. 

The fourth was: many times in life, we’re against something. Looking back across my life, I can see situations and experiences which make this statement true. He said that we compete with people, judge, criticize or compare, and this never affects the other person; it only affects us. Thus generally, we’re projecting into the world what we are, what’s inside, and then the world gives it back. If it’s anger, anger will come back. If it is anxieties, then these are given. Like that, all life exists. 

The fifth one, which I think is always a good reminder, is that not everybody will like or appreciate you – this is in the context of progressing on a spiritual path, moving away from a group of friends with whom you may have been. He said that we only need to be truthful to ourselves because when we stick with the truth, the right people will come. Those who are not interested in the truth will run away, which is probably good because it’s more likely than not, they’re not the right people for us. Thus, these were the five key reminders that I took away from the satsang.

The most prominent one is the message that what we project into the world comes back to us. I was experiencing this as some emotions and patterns were coming up. I can recognize now that the state of how I am, often comes back multifold as a mirror, especially if I begin to resist what’s happening in life. Through patience and slowly increasing awareness, I understand that these are some patterns. It’s a constant process of patience and awareness needed until they pass. That’s something that Mohanji reminded in the satsang that patterns could take a long time to leave, and it requires a lot of patience and awareness. 

I hope you have a great day ahead and we will speak soon.

You can still watch the satsang on YouTube if you missed the live event.


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Dare to be free

By Olivera Miskic, Serbia
Translated by: Maja Otovic

Since my first retreat with Mohanji in 2014, I’ve tried not to miss any of his programs, at least when it comes to the Balkan region. If I had to choose one word that describes all of his programs and retreats I’ve attended, it would be, Transformation. Each meeting with him brought about an inner change that reflected not only on my life but also had a subtle positive impact on my family. 

Due to the epidemiological situation in the last 2 years, our meetings have moved to the online platforms, but it did not reduce the strength of the programs; on the contrary, everything intensified. It is as if Mohanji was preparing us to face what is happening everywhere in the world as strong and as stable as possible.

I was looking forward to the Empowered 1.0 program in September 2021 with anticipation and was wondering what he had in store for us this time. Based on my previous experience, I knew that the changes start right away when you’re open and are sometimes felt physically. 

As always, Mohanji gave us tasks that seemed very simple at first glance. They may seem simple, but they are truly subtle and powerful. At one point during the program, I felt pain behind the right shoulder blade, which is my weak spot. Later in the day, it developed into a mild spasm, and I waited no further to schedule a massage before it deteriorated further to the point of stiffness. In such situations, it usually takes one or two shiatsu massage treatments for it to go away. 

However, after the third massage, it didn’t go away, but it felt tighter and tighter. That’s when I realized that my body was telling me to completely release the belief, which was triggered from the depth of subconsciousness and got stuck somewhere on the physical plane. It dawned on me, “This is something deep; now you need to let go of it all.” I understood that there was no point in me doing anything physically, but only on the energy level. 

I called my friend, a Mai-Tri practitioner, to do a session for me. It all fell into place as she was free that night. I felt the energy moving in my energy body from the beginning of the treatment. Energy swirls were calming me more and more. I felt something being unhooked and unblocked in my chest area as I sank into a deep sleep. Usually, people can’t wait to hear some feedback from the Mai-Tri practitioner, but I didn’t wake up till the morning. 

I knew that everything that had to go was gone. In the morning, there was no trace of any spasm or pain. It completely disappeared. That is how Mohanji is helping us in various ways to free ourselves from patterns and blockages that keep us enslaved and prevent us from being truly powerful. I was thrilled with the clarity, depth and efficiency of the program.    

After Empowered 1.0, a new life challenge was waiting for me as usual. That’s because when you gain strength, you are then ready for new growth. My father ended up in a covid hospital with severe pneumonia in both lungs during this time. Doctors were shaking their heads and kindly pointing out to me that he was 90 years old and that I shouldn’t hope too much that he’d be cured. 

I prayed for my dad to be released at least for a day so that if he was meant to leave his body, it would happen at home, as he had wished. After a series of Mai-Tri treatments for covid, my father recovered pretty quickly and left the hospital after two weeks to the doctors’ amazement.  

Even so, a new life challenge was emerging. Dad could not get on his feet alone, and being a 90-year-old, he was recovering slowly, so I got a home oxygen concentrator and found people that could take care of him as he needed 24h attention. 

And then came a new Empowered 2.0. 

If through Empowered 1.0 we were supposed to realize who we are not, that is, who we really are, in this second part, we were supposed to learn how to live what we truly are: pure consciousness without any fears, emotions, thoughts, and attachments to what we have gained in life and which is so fragile and transitory and is indeed only an illusion of our mind that binds us and distracts us from our strength and essence.

The program was unfolding each day through clear, simple tasks. However, everything that Mohanji packs in simplicity is actually very deep and pierces into the most subtle parts of our being. 

On the outside, things were getting more and more complicated in my life. I was facing new challenges regarding my dad’s health daily: three rounds of persistent bacterial infection, Clostridia, that is difficult to treat in outpatient settings, and that can have a fatal outcome, frequent calls to the ambulance during the night due to sudden jumps in blood pressure and oxygen drop. 

We just got rid of the intestinal infection, and pneumonia appeared. I somehow managed to find a doctor that agreed to do a home visit in the whole covid situation, and he told me after examining my father: “Olja, he needs to go to the hospital.” I was determined to fulfill my father’s wish and provide him with the entire care and therapy at home. If this is the end of his life, then let it be where he wants it, at his home. 

In my inner world, huge changes were happening daily as well. I was practically put to the test every day to face my deepest fears, patterns, attachments, as if my life was setting up a training ground for me to practice what we learned in the program. I felt how Mohanji was giving me energy and how he already knew it all, how he was providing his guidance in a gentle yet clear manner, never leaving us. Yet, we have to walk on our own two feet. My faith grew stronger. I knew I had the power to face whatever the new day brought. 

On top of the problems with my father’s health, my work was also going through a crisis. I was also troubled with big issues related to my kids. It was as if everything was uniting at that very moment to distract me from the program and convince me that it was all pointless and that I was wasting my time on this online program, meditation, contemplation, etc. But I didn’t give up. 

When fears and huge challenges with my children were pressing on me, I practiced what Mohanji was teaching us. Sometimes, it seemed that I had up and down oscillations every day as if I was back to square one. But it is all our mind’s trap. Each moment of conscious living is important and is never in vain. Conscious living is what stays in our bank account and what gives us stability.

As time went on, acceptance of every situation grew in me. Even in the most critical situations, I managed to keep a cool head and make good decisions. I did not let fear and questions such as, “Why this is happening?” distract me, and I connected to Mohanji’s Consciousness every day. I did not despair, but I surrendered to Mohanji’s guidance with deep faith. 

Guidance would always come in the form of the right doctor, right therapy, the right person to take care of my dad. Many patterns from my past, even from my childhood, came to surface thanks to the methods that we learned and applied daily; they would be illuminated by awareness and thus resolved. 

My favorite technique is the so-called ‘Pause Method’ that literally roots me into myself, into the center of my strength, in a powerful yet simple way. It is just one out of many tools and guidelines that Mohanji provides. 

As I write this, new health-related and emotional challenges emerge in my family. However, I feel as if I have taken some burden off my back. I can see more clearly; I calmly accept everything that comes my way. I manage to overcome worrying, to avoid reacting. I observe myself, my thoughts and emotions, to embrace the part of me that I consider as a failure and, through it, discover the power of acceptance, to face the death of my loved ones; in a word, I feel empowered.  

A lot of people wonder what the purpose of life is. The purpose is to be You! And who is that you? Who am I? Which part of me is my true self? Has anyone ever taught us how to answer this question or showed us how to find the answer? Am I finding the strength and stability in what I have gained in life, material wealth, or positions that I have achieved through education, professionally, or any other way? Who am I when it comes to my relationships? 

Am I the emotion or thought that keeps bothering me, or the concepts I have acquired in life or inherited from my parents and society? And, who am I when they all change or when positions, possessions and relations are gone? What happens then? Does a part of me disappear with it all, or is just an illusion of the mind? 

The answers were gradually emerging as the program progressed and I allowed them more and more to pop up. Ego’s rigid structures were slowly dissolving under the effect of pure love and awareness. As the fears and doubts fade away, love emerges by itself and overwhelms you as if it was waiting behind the corner for you to open the door for it finally. 

Mohanji is a Master who takes you to the center of your own being so that you would discover the immense power that lies behind all of the roles that we identify with in life. We are not those roles (daughters, mothers, wives, doctors, sisters…). They are transitory, and we can live and experience them with a lot more ease when we don’t get attached to them, but when we realize instead that eternal aspect of ourselves. 

Indeed, this journey into our inner being, thanks to the intensive and to the smallest detail well-organized program, has brought me peace and stability. Although the storm in my daily life is not subsiding, I’m presented with new challenges that await me; I now know how to connect with this peace that is in the core of my being. And I know that this peace as the source has always been there and that it will always be. That is the priceless gift and blessing that I have received and still receiving through the Empowered programs and the very connection to Mohanji.

In his own words: 

“The truth lies within, waiting for you to discover it. The truth is your own reflection.”


I can’t wait for the new Empowered 3.0 program in February 2022 that is dedicated to Mastery. Mohanji is preparing us to become masters of our minds, which leads to complete freedom. Is there anything more precious than that? 

I am infinitely grateful to my Master and Guru Mohanji for each word, road sign, great support, guidance, and immense love for us all; my deepest pranaams at your feet, dear Mohanji.


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The answer

By Sreeja Ranjit, Ethiopia

Every silent prayer and our soul’s call reach our beloved Para Brahma and the Tradition. We get answers almost immediately…

I was very eagerly awaiting my visit to Kerala in January 2022. I wanted to be there for the Prathishta Dina Ceremony at the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Palakkad, and I was also waiting eagerly to meet Mohanji personally.

I had expected my visa formalities which happen every year, to be completed by the 1st week of January. Things did not go as planned, and I got it renewed only on 12th January. By then, flights to Cochin via Dubai had stopped due to the spread of omicron. Other routes cost triple the amount for just one way of the journey. 

The strict quarantine rules in Kerala for passengers from Africa made me very sad and disappointed as I knew I couldn’t go ahead with my plans in this scenario. I could not imagine why things had to go wrong when all I wanted was to be in my Guruji’s presence. Tears would overflow daily due to my expectations of being with Mohanji not being fulfilled.

On 11th January, I had the most beautiful dream of being in Mohanji’s presence. I got up in the morning feeling so happy. My heart was full of gratitude as Mohanji had spent so much time with me. He heard all my accounts on why I could not make the trip and spent a lot of time with me, patiently hearing me out. Then he suddenly disappeared. I was clueless why this happened. 

Yesterday, when I spoke to Savitri Vasudevan, she told me out of the blue that Mohanji had said to her that he astrally visits people who need him, and sometimes they see him in their dreams. I thought, my Goodness, I took so much of his time that Mohanji was delayed and had to leave immediately.

I was in bliss for a few days. But on 15th January, my mind started playing games with me again. Seeing the ceremony photos and Mohanji again, I felt sad that I could not be there. I was inconsolable, and tears would start flowing whenever I thought about this.

On the 17th morning, the first message I saw after waking up and opening facebook was the below message from Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba about the Supreme Soul from Sandeha Nivarini, Chapter IX.

Swami: Oh, you have come! Well. What is the news?

Devotee: What other news do we have except yours? I heard that your Kerala tour was most pleasant and wonderful. I am sad that I was not destined to join.

Swami: Why are you sad about it? Listen to the account and be happy, that is all. Have the confidence and the hope that when such an opportunity next presents itself, you may be able to join. Don’t brood over the past.

I was shocked beyond words. It was a direct message for me; it said ‘Kerala tour’ as well! I read the message again and again. Baba answered me with so much clarity and in a stern and matter of fact manner, but also with a lot of love and affection.

Immediately, all my sadness and disappointments left me. I was beaming with happiness. I thought I would read a few Mohanji blogs for posting on the Mohanji Consciousness FB page, and this was the first message from Mohanji that came to me to read:

“If you really love something, there will be a pleasant, consistent connection. It will be a connection forever, very pleasant, loving and without expectation. Then you are not looking at him and judging, “Oh, is he looking at me? Is he smiling?” Whether he smiles or cries, it just doesn’t matter; the connection is forever. When you are stable and mature in your own inside, your connection outside also reflects that.”

Love Mohanji.

Again, it was a revelation and a clear message to have a clear, consistent connection without expectations. After all, wanting to be in physical proximity of a Master was also an expectation. When time is destined, even that will happen. Tears of deep gratitude started flowing again. 

Thank you, Mohanji. Koti koti pranaams at your lotus feet. I have no words but deep gratitude in my heart to my beloved Baba and Mohanji for always being with us and guiding us every time we falter. 


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The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 101 & 102

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 101 Lesson – ‘We have a lion – A story by Mohanji

Good morning, everybody. I hope that you’re doing very well. 

Today, I continue with some stories that Mohanji has shared while I have been living at the house. These come in various settings and circumstances spontaneously, depending on the topic of conversation. 

This is one that I really like because, for me, it really shows what Mohanji is made of; his fearlessness and his attitude. It is from when he was working as a country head in the Middle East. They had an attendance book in the office, where people would sign in their name and the time of arriving at the office. This was like a register, and then the book would go to the administration, and they would process it. 

There was a period of a few days that, for some reason, someone was coming in, spitting on the book and tearing a page. For a few days in a row, this happened. Eventually, after the fourth day, the administration officer brought this to Mohanji and told him about it. It was brought to his attention, so he had to deal with it. 

He realized that it was most likely a local, an Arab, who was doing this because the majority of the people were Indian expatriates, and they won’t do it being too scared about their job. So, Mohanji tried to figure out who this was, but there were so many locals that it was difficult to find out. Eventually, following the clues, he narrowed it down to one person and called him to the office. Mohanji looked him in the eyes and said, “You’re doing something inappropriate. From tomorrow onwards, you’re not here; you’re sacked.” 

This man became really upset because he was a local and was being sacked by an Indian expatriate. He started shouting, “This is my country, this is my land”, and then pulling all the legal types of things out as well as excuses, “You have to give me three notices, how can you do this. I know the Minister, I can speak to the Minister, I can have you sacked…” etc. 

Mohanji just calmly told him: “I came with one briefcase; I will go with one briefcase. I’m not dependent on your country, nor this job. I’m confident I’ll get another job. But I’m also confident that you won’t be here.” 

I can imagine that this man got scared because he then knew that he couldn’t really say anything that would shake Mohanji or twist his arm to change his mind. 

There was a group of local Omani people in the company, and they were connected to the royalty. One of the employees had a royal family member. If they found out that this local person had been sacked, it would have been his reputation that was on the line – his reputation with the kin would have been affected. So, this man told Mohanji not to sack the local guy, gave excuses, and said he needed to give him three notices. 

Mohanji replied, “No, no, I’m sacking him. Whatever legal work you need to do, do it, even if you have to put three letters that need to be pre-dated. He’s gone tomorrow; I don’t want him in the office.” Then one by one, they all came pleading with him, asking him to reconsider, saying that he won’t make any mischief again. 

Mohanji then said, “Well, it’s then all your responsibility. You either agree or disagree that if anything happens after now, it’s then your issue. They agreed, and he let him stay. Mohanji then said this man outperformed. He went on to become an ‘Employee of the Year’. 

Later, after Mohanji had been there for some time, there was a meeting. The head of the Omani group connected to the royal family stood up and spoke. Mohanji was then about 35 years old, and this man was 50. He spoke in front of everybody and said, “We don’t just have a good manager here. We have a lion.”

It reflected Mohanji’s attitude, how he handled the situation and the confidence in his eyes. And it’s something that, as I see it now as well, is probably carried throughout his life. He’s not scared of anything. He faces everything head-on. He was very clear then, and he’s very clear now with everything happening across all the platforms and organizations; he’ll keep discipline as he needs to. 

I hope you enjoyed that story and have a great day ahead.

Day 102 Lesson – Closing of the summit, Mohanji Ⓜ️, our friend 

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

Yesterday (21/02/2021) marked the final day of the Global Summit for 2021, which has been happening for the past week. As a reminder, this is where all the heads of the platforms, countries, and activities come together. They share the highlights from their team’s contributions over the past year and set out their vision and goal for the year ahead. 

It’s been very impressive, especially when you look at the breadth and diversity of all the organizations we have now because they’re catering to everybody, all different aspects of society. Anybody can contribute to these platforms; many have joined in the cause and are gaining fulfillment through that service. 

As I showed the dashboard of all the platforms, it’s a reminder that despite COVID, we really strengthened our position in the world with stable expansion. Now what’s coming up are many associations with different organizations and individuals that go well beyond our normal standards. It’s not just growing what we have; more is coming. Many challenges have been overcome, and now is the time to make people aware of the good work we’re doing in the world and to set actions now in motion to benefit more people. 

It was a very inspiring summit. Mohanji joined us for his opening and closing address. He spoke from Turkey, where he’s currently, for a retreat. His closing address was a powerful talk. I wanted to share some of the key messages I took away, especially how he sees himself in the world. Over the past year, there has been some confusion about how people can speak about Mohanji when referring to him and the platforms. He put it simply, and I think this is useful for anybody who may be confused about how they can speak about Mohanji if people ask them. 

He started the message in a really lovely way. He said, “We’ve done so much here, but we shouldn’t think about who has done more or less. That’s not important. What is important is that we are together; we are one family working together.” He mentioned this before as well, using the analogy that if you take one stick, you can easily break it. But put 100 together; that’s not so easy. 

He proposed a question, “What am I doing on Earth?” He undertook immense sadhana to find the root of noises, which is silence. Six years it took him to detach from the habitual world and reach the source. Once he reached there, he was asked to come back, which he said was incredibly painful because he spent all that effort, focus, single-pointed concentration to obtain that truth. But it then came with the recognition that it’s not possible to leave the world without paying the rent. So even if you want to leave from here, you have to pay your dues, which is partly why all these platforms exist now, helping everybody give back to the world. 

Then he began to share with the world what he had. The result that we see are all these platforms, which are also the unifying factor, pulling us all together as one great family. Now, many activities cater to different types of people, different people in their way of receiving fulfillment. It’s growing organically, which is a testament to the team’s conviction and consistency, and Mohanji gave all the credit to them. With the reminder that you can’t buy this unity that we have, the uniformity and the purposefulness in the world.

After we saw everything that was presented, it was clear to me that he hadn’t done any of this for his glory. Everything he did was with no expectation. I noticed at the summit that most of the time spent talking were by the leads and the heads presenting their ideas on how they can take it forward. Mohanji set in motion something which now people are picking up and taking the lead in all these areas of the platform activity. 

Coming back to Mohanji and his position, Agastya Muni gave Mohanji two titles; Jagatmitra and Vishwamitra (Friend of the World and Friend of the Universe). And he reminded that those titles hold true in all aspects. Agastya Muni didn’t call him Jagat Guru. He called him Jagatmitra and Vishwamitra – Friend. So, his purpose is friendship, a friend of the people, the birds, and the animals. This is what he’s here for, to be a friend to all. 

What does a good friend do? A true friend will help through all situations in life as much as he can, assisting people in their various paths, such as bhakti, jnana, karma and raja yoga. In this way, he doesn’t change his role as a friend. Depending on the person’s needs, he responds to them as a friend helping with what they need. As people approach, he helps. 

When someone approaches him as a seeker for spiritual growth, he helps them. Then he appears to be a Guru because the Guru guides someone to their own elevation. When someone who is sick wants relief, he responds as a healer. And when a person has questions about spirituality, he becomes a teacher. In that sense, he doesn’t cater to everyone as one thing; he caters to each person individually. 

He humbly explains that he sees himself as simply fulfilling his dharmic duty. He is simply completing what he came for. 

For me, this was a powerful clarification that he wants nothing from here and simply gives. What he is demonstrating through his life is giving without expectations. Usually, we’re trained in the system of comparison and competition to gain something. But here, the whole team and family are helping each other to win and win together. 

In many people in the world, we see selfishness and greed. But here, there’s a solid platform built on pillars of dharma and righteousness. It’s a movement of benevolence being created without any expectations in return. It’s a strong message to the world that there’s an alternative to greed and selfishness and that there is a possibility for togetherness, peace, and unity. Those were the key points that I took away from his talk. 

The message of being able to live without expectations and give is the powerful message that we have, and one we can share further with the world to inspire others into a similar mindset and action. 

I hope you have a great day ahead, and I will speak to you soon.


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Shirdi experiences – Part 2

By a Mohanji follower

I took my seat in the hall and began waiting for Mohanji. I was happy and excited. My mind, however, was oddly quiet and vacant. But it had been more silent than usual from the time I had signed up for the retreat. Also, though this retreat was a dream come true for me, I’d not arrived with any particular expectations. My biggest wish was to be in Mohanji’s physical presence finally. Something in me was just not interested in thinking of anything beyond that. 

I vividly remember the moment Mohanji walked into the hall. I was asked later how it felt to see Mohanji for the first time, and I couldn’t think of anything to say – and even now, I am drawing a blank while trying to think of the best way to describe how I’d felt in that instant. Was it joy? Peace and calmness? Excitement? Yes, it was a mixture of those emotions, but it was also much more… 

I was completely elated and overwhelmed. My eyes were full of tears, and I was smiling. I felt intense vibrations in my feet and calves as if the floor was pulsating with energy as Mohanji walked past the rows of seekers. There were no thoughts of the past or future in my mind. I felt very present and in the moment, fully aware that I was experiencing something extraordinary. That’s the best I can do to describe my state of mind. During Mohanji’s talk, tears kept filling up my eyes now and then for no particular reason. 

Then the Kriya initiation began. The atmosphere in the entire hall changed once the initiation started, and the very air seemed to be vibrating with sacred power. As I took out my dakshina, my mind began to behave like its usual self and started to tell me about all the things I had done wrong and was going to go wrong.  

Was the dakshina appropriate? Was it enough? When I would walk up to Mohanji, would I stumble and fall and drop everything and ruin the divine atmosphere? This last concern was not baseless since I have a hard-earned reputation for being as graceful as a drunk bull in a china shop.

May be an image of 2 people, beard and text that says "mohanji.org"

A gaze divine

Soon, I was walking to the side of the stage with my dakshina in hand. As I stood there while waiting for my turn, the worries eased, and a quietness fell within me. As I walked onto the stage and approached Mohanji, he looked at me. Mohanji’s eyes looked red, and at that moment, I felt as though I’d received a glimpse of something incomprehensible to my mundane brain. I’m not capable of describing it further. 

During the initiation, Mohanji’s fingers on my forehead felt abnormally hot, and though my mind was empty, there was a feeling of being in the presence of an immense power. Later, when I was standing for the group photograph, I realized I was swaying like standing on a boat. I tried to control it since I was standing with everyone for the picture, but the swaying continued. I tried again with more determination, and it finally ceased. 

The following day, I woke up early and went to the Samadhi Mandir for darshan with some wonderful new friends. I had carried my Sai Satcharitra with me in my bag, and as we began moving towards the main hall, I took out the book and held it with no particular intention. Then I thought – it would be nice to get a leaf or petal from Baba to keep in the Satcharitra. 

After darshan, we left the hall and went towards the neem tree. At that point, a member of our group kneeled down and reached through the steel bars to pick up some fallen leaves, and she gave me one too, which I accepted with great happiness and love, and felt very moved that such a small wish of mine too had been fulfilled by Baba. Then we visited the Chavadi too and stood outside on the road outside Dwarkamai for some moments. Overall, my wishes related to Sai Baba were all fulfilled that morning.

The day began with a group Mai-Tri session, which was really powerful. I felt wonderful internally by the end of it, but there was a crushing pain in both my shoulders. I’ve had pain in my shoulders for years now, but it usually afflicted one shoulder at a time. And the pain had never been this severe. It actually felt like my shoulders were breaking. Also, my head felt very heavy, and extreme drowsiness overcame me. It wasn’t ordinary sleepiness. It felt as though I’d taken a powerful medicine and was dealing with its effect. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and was almost afraid that I would fall off the chair and cause a small planet-sized dent in the floor. 

Mohanji arrived soon, and when he remarked that everyone looked sleepy, I felt a little relieved that I wasn’t the only one struggling to be awake. Mohanji asked everyone to do the five-speed breathing to get rid of the drowsiness. Preethi Gopalaratnam guided us through the process. It helped me feel more alert, but the sense of drowsiness continued during Mohanji’s morning satsang. When there was a lunch break, I was worried that I would feel even more drowsy after a meal. Instead, as soon as I’d finished my lunch, all the drowsiness vanished, and I felt refreshed. A Mai-Tri Practioner confirmed later that the session had been very powerful, and the drowsiness and pains were indicative of the energies working in me. 

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The devotion of Hanuman

During Mohanji’s second satsang that day, I listened with full alertness, and tears continued to flow out of my eyes frequently. When he began speaking of Hanuman’s devotion to Shri Ram and how Hanuman would not tolerate even a word spoken against his Lord, I couldn’t control my tears. His words had reminded me of an argument I’d had with someone close to me about the Shirdi retreat. They knew very little about Mohanji, and their only intention had been to make sure that I would be safe during the trip.

While they had not expressed anything hurtful, the doubts that I had sensed in their questions had upset me, and I had responded harshly. I had felt astonished later at the rage and hurt I’d felt in those moments. And I realized that the incident had helped me understand just how much devotion and faith I had in Mohanji, and my lingering irritation towards that person turned into gratitude. 


After the powerful satsang, Mohanji gave Shaktipat to several people in the hall, and I was fortunate to be one of them. During Shaktipat, an almost unearthly peace and silence filled up my insides. As I stood with my eyes closed and hands joined, a white light appeared in my vision towards the left. The inner peacefulness and stillness lasted for a long time afterwards.

Later, many people queued up with books, crystal bracelets and malas to get them blessed by Mohanji. They talked to him about their doubts or problems or just conversed with him happily. I decided to get my purchases blessed the next day and just sat watching Mohanji for some time, trying to think about what I could say to him when I finally got the chance. And as has been my experience during the Empowered classes, I couldn’t think of anything to ask him or tell him. I only wanted to be in his presence. 

When we were returning to the hotel after the programme, it struck me that I wasn’t feeling tired at all, and I hadn’t felt tired on the previous day too despite the long road journey to Shirdi. And that was astonishing, considering even a 20-minute walk is usually enough to make me think I have earned two full days of rest. I realized Mohanji’s energy and blessing were keeping all exhaustion at bay. That night, I got my periods. I walked to the photograph of Sai Baba in my hotel room and thanked him happily for having permitted me to take his darshan that morning. 

The next morning, Mohanji’s satsang was yet again powerful, profound, and also full of humour and warmth. Laughter rang out through the hall again and again. I had all my usual periods-related aches and pains, and shoulder pain from the previous day had not subsided fully, but I was oblivious to all of it. When it was time for Mohanji to sign and bless books and other articles, I quickly joined the queue with a book and two bracelets in a pouch. 

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Digambara, Digambara

I was also carrying a coin that I had received (along with other prasad) via courier from the Sripada Srivallabha Mahasamsthanam in Pithapuram after registering for a puja online. I had become a devotee of Sripada Srivallabha Swami ever since I’d read his charitamrutam at the end-2020 and had also accepted him as my Guru. And strangely, it was after that turn in my life that more and more of Mohanji’s teachings began to come my way, and an inner transformation began. And I’ve felt since then that Sripada Srivallabha Swami guided me to Mohanji.

Coming back to that morning in the retreat, I had a brief confusion if I should ask Mohanji to bless the coin too. Then I decided to go ahead and keep the coin in the pouch. Instantly, the song that was being played in the hall changed to “Digambara Digambara Sripada Vallabha Digambara”. I think it played for a couple of minutes, and then the previous song returned. I almost laughed in a burst of exhilaration. 

As I moved closer to the stage, I tried to think of something I could ask or share with Mohanji. But nothing crossed my mind. The contentment of being in Mohanji’s presence continued to overrule everything else in my head. And ultimately, I remained silent and just smiled happily as Mohanji signed the book and blessed the bracelets and the coin, and I felt intense gratitude as I touched my head to his feet.

The dance of the Ganas

As Mohanji left the hall, I felt sad, but there was also a strong feeling that I had gained something miraculous that would not be lost. And needless to say, I was extremely grateful for the grace that had allowed me to be in his presence for three consecutive days. 

However, once Mohanji left, I became conscious of all my physical discomforts. I felt listless and tired and had considerable pain in my shoulders from the previous day. I struggled to sit through the Power of Purity meditation. Mentally and physically, I felt very reluctant to participate in Conscious Dancing, which was scheduled as the day’s last event. I even wondered if I ought to go back to my hotel room after lunch and leave for Mumbai. 

But there was a strong instinctive reluctance to leave, so I found myself sitting in the hall when it was time for Conscious Dancing. But the whole process was explained so beautifully and with such wonderful energy by Monica Nedic that I rose to participate with considerable interest and enthusiasm. It was very intense and brought up a lot of emotions, but it was also powerfully healing. And I’m so glad and thankful that I was given a chance to experience it. 

Towards the end, we had the choice to either sit with our eyes closed in meditation or dance. I sat down with my eyes closed. The floor was reverberating with the energetic footsteps of those who were dancing. 

A thought of Lord Shiva’s Ganas flitted through my head. And my imagination showed me a picture of the Ganas dancing exuberantly in joyous abandon around their beloved Lord. 

Then Mohanji appeared in place of Lord Shiva, and all those who loved him and devoted to him became the Ganas. The thought and imagery caused a wave of emotions to engulf me, and tears flowed down my face. 

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Unforgettable visit

I was on an emotional high for days after my return to Mumbai. And then, by the grace of Sai Baba and Mohanji, I was granted the opportunity to revisit Shirdi in January 2022. I was able to take darshan in the Samadhi Mandir thrice over two days. During the first two visits, I was preoccupied with anxieties and could not pray peacefully. 

During the third darshan, I was still thinking of some issues rather than praying while walking towards the hall. But as I moved ahead in the line and began to come closer to Baba’s samadhi, I was suddenly hit by a strong feeling of Baba’s presence pervading everything around me. It was a very intense, emotional, blissful feeling that ‘Baba is everywhere’. It overpowered me wholly, and I forgot all my worries. The feeling persisted after I left the Mandir and began to walk to the exit. It was as if I could sense Baba’s presence all around me at every step. Baba was in the air itself. It was a very intense experience, and I had a hard time concealing my tears from my family. 

This was the first time I had such an indescribably beautiful experience. And I know without a shred of doubt that it happened only because of Mohanji’s grace and blessings. I love visiting temples and have had the good fortune to visit many shrines over the years, including the Samadhi Mandir. I have often felt exhilarated and moved by the power in holy places. But this had been unlike anything I’d felt before. And not only did it grant me a tiny insight into the eternal truth that divine consciousness pervades everything, but it also helped me understand how transformational the presence of the Guru can be in our lives. 

A resetting of the inner self

Over the next week, my parents and aunt developed fever and cold, and they tested positive for covid, and so did I. But despite the chaos and general anxiety, I instinctively felt that the situation was a blessing from Sai Baba in a way that couldn’t be grasped logically and that Mohanji and Baba were with my family throughout and taking care of all of us. There was a constant sense of being held carefully by loving hands. 

I also believe the powerful teachings and techniques imparted by Mohanji through the Empowered programmes helped me handle the tension and worries with much more stability and calmness than usual. It enabled me to do whatever I could to take care of my family without being too disturbed by all that was happening. 

On the whole, after the Shirdi retreat, I’ve felt as though my inner self has hit the reset button and that I’ve finally reached a major turn in the road that I’d been travelling towards for ages. 

I offer my humble pranams, filled with deep devotion and gratitude, to my Guru, Mohanji, for his divine grace and presence that has blessed my entire being and pray for eternal refuge at his holy feet. 

Shirdi experiences – part 1

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Lessons Living with Mohanji – Days 99 & 100

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 99 Lesson – A vision for each activity   

Good morning everybody. I hope you’re doing very well. 

The Global Summit for 2021 is underway and will continue for the next few days. The Summit is a continuation of the sessions where the heads of countries, activities and platforms outline their plans and vision for the coming year. It’s exciting and inspiring to listen to the activities that have taken place across the world and how each team is planning to take things forward. 

The session yesterday covered many of the country teams from the Balkan region. Last year, they had the vision to bring the Balkan countries together as one overall team; countries such as Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, and Montenegro. The Balkan region has seen many complex divisions through time, even as recently as the war in the 90s. By joining together as one team, they’re ushering a message of unity to the region, which is inspiring. 

As each team provided their vision for the year, I was reminded of one of the early lessons Mohanji shared on the importance of having a vision for everything you do. It helped me become more effective in each area of my work and activities. It’s still a learning for me because obviously, everything you get taught can take some time to settle. So I’m continuing to perfect it. I wanted to reshare this again as it’s a fitting theme given the week we have now for the Global Summit. 

When I look at Mohanji, I see his unshakeable vision for the world, and that’s to raise the collective consciousness of a generation to a frequency where there’s more kindness and compassion so that a new generation and new age can come forth. All of the activities and platforms are born from that grand vision. I realize that the grand vision has been broken down into much smaller visions, down to simple steps that need to be taken to help give that momentum of moving things forward. Speaking to Mohanji and learning that you can have a grand vision, what is good is your reality, your resources, the capacity you have, and where you are right now. This enables you to take steps with what you have. 

This is what Mohanji is encouraging, especially with the spaces we’ve got for the Centers of benevolence. We may not know how we’re going to get to the completion, but at least if we’ve got the next one or two months understood, we can start making foundations and set in place now what needs to happen. I’ve always admired how Mohanji approaches tasks, understands every possibility, and creates that vision for it irrespective of whether the task is big or small.

The following example illustrates the same. 

At the time, Mohanji was working as the Country Head in the shipping industry. He was responsible for all the ships coming in and out of the port – big oil tankers, cruise liners, cargo ships, and vessels. The shipping industry is really dynamic because apart from the activity itself, which is complex to organize with all that loading, unloading, and the timings associated with that; you also have the changeable nature of the sea, of the ocean, the tides, weather; all these types of things have to play the part. 

Once Mohanji had a call in the middle of the night, a mayday call. It was from the Ocean Voyager, a survey vessel (which had found the Titanic). It had met the same fate as the Titanic. Some machinery on top of the deck broke from its bindings and hit the ship. This cracked the ship perfectly in two, and she started sinking fast with the crew on board. Mohanji came to the port, took charge of his team, and led the rescue operation with the American Navy. Mohanji rescued everybody on board, all the crew. He had never handled an operation like that before. The ship sank within six hours, extremely quickly.

I gleaned from that example that when the situation happened for him, he approached the crisis with vision and foresight, thinking about the eventualities that would arise from that situation. In particular, the state of the people as they arrived, their needs, as many would have been in shock, many would have no belongings. Although he had no experience, he made sure that his team had created a kit before they arrived so that they all had the basics such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kits, some spare clothes, something warm, and some food as well. 

The kits were ready and distributed when the survivors arrived from the rescue vessel. They were taken to comfortable surroundings as many were in deep shock, and relevant people were there to help them. Mohanji had informed all the embassies (like Italian, American, and the British embassy) beforehand, as the 32 surviving crew members were from different nationalities, so all those embassies were involved as well. The embassies sent their representatives to receive the survivors, and everything went on smoothly. It was an incredible success. They had to work through many hours, and Mohanji rewarded his team very well for their outstanding effort. 

For me, it’s a great example of building a vision from the reality of what’s there in front. Mohanji encourages me always to have a vision for activities and everybody else so that people can assess all the eventualities and take each activity to the highest possibility it can have.

Personally, I’ve found that it develops a much stronger intention for the activity when I do this. Iccha shakti or willpower also develops, giving the momentum to take steps. It is a good reminder that we can really give justice to everything when we first create a vision for what we want to achieve.

I wish all the teams well in the next steps for 2021 so that more people can benefit from this great platform for their visions to come into reality. 

I hope you have a great day ahead.

Day 100 Lesson – “Be You” 

Good morning everybody. I hope that you’re doing well. 

Early this morning, Mohanji left India on his journey to Istanbul for the upcoming retreat – ‘Transforming challenges into opportunities. This will be the first major public event since the COVID-19 pandemic began and spread worldwide. The pandemic has made travel challenging. I know some people who wanted to attend the retreat, but it wasn’t possible because there were no flights; many routes were closed. There are many new challenges which we’re faced with. Mohanji commented as he travelled to the airport, he said it was like a war situation; everyone and everything was gloomy. In preparation for the retreat, the office team has created presentation materials that will provide an overview of Mohanji, what he stands for and his impactful life-changing teachings.

This has been a great reminder for me of all the collection of things that Mohanji delivered. We have many practices – meditations, kriyas, various techniques like conscious dancing, conscious walking, and many processes. I admire and find the simplicity of his core teaching of this Avadhoota path truly profound. Simply put, you can boil it down into two words: Be You. That’s what he says, ‘Be you’. I think that’s great. 

If anyone ever asks what Mohanji teaches, it isn’t the practices, meditation and the kriyas, but it’s that -“Be You”, fully, because there is no one else like you. The methods are all supplementary, giving alignment and giving some benefit. The practices, processes, and techniques support that journey to understand and be ourselves. 

For example, Power of Purity is helping people to forgive and forget, release from unnecessary emotions that people have attached. But at its core, it’s that path of being you, understanding yourself, accepting yourself, being yourself because that brings authenticity to our life and our uniqueness. 

Mohanji shared a statement, which I think makes an excellent quote. He said, “My only investment in this whole world is myself. That’s the only authentic investment possible. Everything else has just appeared while we are living here, and it does not belong to us.” 

This lesson of ‘Be You’ is emerging as a fundamental and ever-evolving lesson as I contemplate and look to accept life as it comes; I become more aware of who I am. The boot camp was great and gave a framework for looking at all those aspects: body, mind, intellect, ego, soul, spirit, and personality. These things are all aspects of myself, but I never considered them before in how I am now. 

For example, certain emotional patterns which happened or typical reactions in certain situations – although they’re coming and going, now with more awareness, I realize, that’s not me. They’re temporary; they come and go. It has been liberating to know and experience that I am not the emotions that arise or the limiting thought patterns that I once held. I’m learning more to move with life, and I am developing a greater acceptance of my weaknesses without dwelling on them or judging them. 

I’m finding as well the more time that I’ve been spending with Mohanji, especially close to him, the intensity of emotions, mindsets and patterns are coming to the surface. I become hyper-aware of specific reactions to situations and patterns of being, then very quickly see their corresponding impact on my self-esteem or situations around me. For me, this contemplation and awareness are growing and evolving, and I think it’s a life lesson. 

Although I’ve titled this ‘Lessons living with Mohanji’, I don’t think this one will ever be learned. For me, this is an ongoing lesson, and I’m sure the journey of a lifetime. The boot camp opened my eyes and provided a structure to understand and experience this. Now it is a daily living practice of being aware of myself, contemplating and exploring the various dimensions of myself. It’s a process and a journey. But I’m enjoying the simplicity at which we can put down Mohanji’s teaching,’ Be You’. 

I hope you have a great day ahead, and I will speak to you soon.


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Empowered by Grace

by Sreeja Ranjit, Ethiopia

How deep is your faith, that strong is grace in your life.
Faith opens the doors for grace to flow.
Unshakeable faith ensures uninterrupted grace – Mohanji

When grace flows continuously into our lives, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to my beloved Mohanji and the Tradition for the continuous protection and blessings.

“When you experience grace in life, write your memoirs. When you are in despair and cannot feel the grace factor, you can read that. Your own experiences are your greatest assets. Your own life is your most reliable guide.” – Mohanji

Till now, I could not write as one thing after another, one test after another, kept happening, but the grace factor continued through every incident.

The first incident of the grace of protection happened four months back. One day we were expecting guests, and I was frying vada at home. The oil was hot, and as the vadas were frying, I went to do another chore. My husband came into the kitchen suddenly, and seeing the vadas frying, he thought he should help with the flipping of the vadas in the oil.

As he was helping with the frying, suddenly there was a loud noise of oil drizzling, and the hot oil spilt all over his face, eyes, both hands and body. I rushed in, hearing the commotion and froze on the spot. He had closed his eyes as the hot oil had splashed into his eyes. I regained my composure and began praying and chanting Mohanji’s name. I asked him to put water in his eyes and, remembering wheat flour is very good for burns, I put it on his face, hands and body. I prayed to Mohanji for a miracle while chanting, asking beloved Mohanji for protection. My husband was numb with fear as oil had spilt all over his face. He had leaned over near the oil when he tried flipping the vadas, and his face was burning. Stories of plastic surgery of a friend who had opened a hot cooker, and hot steam had gushed out onto her face came back to our minds. Her skin had started peeling off due to the hot steam hitting her directly on the face.

We dreaded what would happen to the skin on his face the most as he had important meetings scheduled at his office. I remember talking and praying to Mohanji silently to please help with the skin on his face. Even if he had burns on his arms and body, my husband could go to the office and resume his daily work. He kept the wheat flour on his body and face and decided to remove it after a while. I kept praying for a miracle silently.

We could not believe our eyes when he washed his face, hands and body an hour after the incident. His hands, arms and body had huge marks, totally red in colour. But not even a slight discolouration on his face. The skin was intact, and his eyes too had no issues though hot oil had spilt on his eyes as well.

Everyone who saw his hand and arm asked him how this happened as it was that bad. How can we explain this – it was pure grace. I have no words to thank my Guruji Mohanji for the protection and could only wash his holy feet with tears of gratitude. His presence was felt at the core of my being. This whole episode was nothing but a big miracle of grace.

Soon after this incident, right after Navaratri in October, my husband’s boss tested Covid positive. Two days later, his wife too tested positive. We had been together all throughout Navaratri and had travelled together in one car for Durga Mata Puja and Garbha. It was a scary situation as his boss was a heart patient. Both of them had a bad cough, throat pain, weakness and were totally bedridden. We sent across Baba’s Udi and also opted for the three sessions of Covid Mai-Tri for his boss as it was serious for him due to a heart issue.

On the third day, my husband tested positive as well. Even a small fever is too hard for him to handle as he gets shivers and cannot sleep a wink at night; he turns and moans with pain in bed. Medication was started at once, and Baba’s Udi was given. The global chanting group chanted for both my husband and his boss. A big thank you to the M Family and especially to Savitri di, Savithri Vasudevan, Milica and Rekha Akka for all the support given to us during that time. The Udi from Shirdi temple had reached home 15 days back. Another miracle right on time. I prepared myself for sleepless nights as previously I had seen my husband suffer even with ordinary fever and cough.

The best part was I had no fear. The session, Empowered with Mohanji 1.0 had just gotten over, and deep acceptance of all life situations was slowly but steadily filling my whole being.

As a child, I had been fascinated by a story in the Bible that my friend shared where a lady who had been suffering from chronic sickness for many years was cured by just touching the cloak of Jesus Christ. This story had a profound impact on me throughout my life, of faith in our Guru/Master. Since my son and I had met Mohanji physically in Bangalore and had spent a day in his overwhelming presence during Shivaratri time, I had deep faith that Covid could not touch us as we were shielded and protected by him. Being connected to Mohanji’s consciousness consistently guarantees protection, but this meeting was like an additional boon for me.

The energy which we carried home after the visit was indescribable. My sister-in-law’s baby, who was six months old at that time, had trouble sleeping all the time. We have to rock her for an hour or so for her to sleep. The moment I took her in my arms after we reached home from Bangalore, she started humming and went to sleep in hardly a few seconds of being in my arms. The whole day this was the story, and she slept soundly for long hours that day. All were surprised at what was happening. But I knew very well it was Mohanji’s energy at work.

Mohanji’s grace ensured that my son and I never contracted Covid. No words can explain the grace that flowed for my husband as well. He did not have any symptoms at all. He did the test again within the first two days when there were no symptoms. It was positive. But no cold, no fever, cough or any kind of weakness. Perfectly healthy outside. When Covid Mai-Tri was done, it showed infection in the throat but no symptoms outside. Within ten days, he was back in the office completely healthy and in awe with the experience of grace in our lives. This was a total miracle for us, and we felt Mohanji’s presence throughout.

Tests of life continued, but so did the grace factor. Two weeks from his recovery, we heard an internal political war spread across the country, and an emergency was declared. The opposite party troops who wanted to form the government themselves were on their way to the capital where we were staying. They were 100 km away and could reach the capital anytime. Details of destruction and shooting on their way were all over the news. Embassies started warning all expats to leave the country at the earliest.

My husband’s company immediately acted fast and asked the expats to leave for Tanzania till things settled. It is a two-hour flight and near to the country where we stayed. Now a background on Tanzania. It was a country I had longed to stay in as my husband had been posted there many years ago, but we could not join him there at that time. The stories of his experience about the place had made it very desirable to live in that country again. Like Kerala, my native place in India, it was safe and also very beautiful among the African countries. It is also known for its sapphire coloured beaches and could not be missed. It had been a deep desire for many years now, almost over eight years and which I knew needed fulfillment as the desire had not left me at all.

Heartfelt gratitude to beloved Mohanji as only grace could make this trip happen. I remembered what he always says about desires and decided to experience each moment to the fullest consciously so that the desire is fulfilled once and forever. Empowered 2.0 with Mohanji happened right when I was in Tanzania. I practised witnesshood and feeling myself feel the entire experience as advised by Mohanji. We spent more than a month in Tanzania, and the experience was awesome. We got an apartment close to temple street and the beach. It was really lovely to visit temples after a long gap. The beaches were a fantastic sight to see, witness and experience.

We just lived in the present and did not worry much about what was happening in our country. No negative thoughts affected us, like if we could ever go back or if there would be job losses etc. But everyone back home was worried all the time. The stability and peace we felt in the midst of chaos cannot be explained in words.

After a month of stay there, we happily returned to Ethiopia as things had become better. As Mohanji says, destiny cannot be avoided. We had to face the war situation here and flee the country as well due to some past karma or impressions. But the Guru’s grace ensured we were safe and ensured that an unfulfilled desire could come true during this time. When I look back now, the desire to visit or stay in Tanzania is no longer there anymore. It has been fulfilled and completed with the grace of my Guru.

I offer my koti, koti pranams at beloved Mohanji’s lotus feet for his love and compassion to all of us. I bow down in deep gratitude to Mohanji for showering us with his grace and protection all the time.


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The Omnipresence of Mohanji

Whatever the activity – Guru Raksha Homa, meditations or a simple wish, these four testimonials show the unseen hands of Mohanji embracing his devotees with love and compassion.

Experience in Shirdi

Alok Nath, India

It’s my first time in Shirdi. The day after the Kriya initiation, I went to Shirdi Baba temple early morning and felt the lightness when reaching near the samadhi. Then, I attended the group Mai-Tri as part of the retreat, prayed to Mohanji and ancestors, and tried to be present there. Preeti Duggal Ji started the process, saying it was Mohanji who was doing it. After some time, I started to feel vibrations in the right side of my face, cheek, neck and shoulder, where there were already energy blockages from an accident. It went deeper as time progressed; it became so intense, like all toxins were being pulled from my jaw bone and neck. My face was moving towards the right side like someone was walking around and pulling it, and I was resisting it. It became heavier as she said, “Kali Ma is here, Mohanji is here, Sai Baba is here.” My head was already bent down when she said we could bow down to Baba. It was that intense healing; I couldn’t even put my head up; it was totally bent with energy vibrations on the right side. It was very hard for me to open my eyes when the process ended. 

In the afternoon meditation session that day, I slept intensely. Q n A sessions with Mohanji gave me more clarity. The next day, it was Power of Purity meditation after the Satsang. It was the best one I have ever done; I could easily follow it deeply. Earlier times, I couldn’t raise my hands in a blessing position, but this time, it was smooth; the energy was totally different. 

Then came conscious dancing. I even thought about whether I should attend the event. When the process started, they said Mohanji was there, but I thought it was just an event for fun in the end. I tried not to resist and moved with the flow. Different emotions were rising, and tears started to appear, which she said could happen initially, but I thought it wouldn’t. Dimensions were shifting with grace. It was really hard for me from the heart chakra; I couldn’t talk much when it reached the throat chakra. It clearly showed me the blockage in expressing. When bhajans were on, tears were rolling on their own. Whenever I focussed on the outside, especially through my eyes, I was losing the flow of the process. Then I could hear Preeti Duggal Ji telling all to close our eyes to feel more. Everybody was enjoying in their own ways with Masters’ Grace. Thanks to Devi Ji for designing this session. 

The next day, there was a tree plantation, and I left Shirdi with Masters grace to nearby Ankai fort where there is an Agastya temple. Many things are still happening. Even if I don’t understand, I can see how background work is being done from above for all to receive grace. THANKS TO ALL.

Meditation Miracle

Jelena Raičević, Serbia

Jelena shares a testimony of the “Power of Purity” meditation held in Belgrade, Serbia. Many people experienced that Mohanji comes astrally to be with the participants when his meditation is practiced. 

First, I felt that Mohanji was standing behind me and that he placed his hand lightly on my shoulder. Then, as my palms rested on my knees while meditating, I felt his palm on my hand. When he let go, I saw that he started walking around the room, tapping/caressing people on the tops of their heads. He came near my friend Sanja, who was also meditating in the room and had never met Mohanji before. He held her hands and gently tapped her head. Then he hugged her. Then he returned to me and held both my hands. His hands were below, and he kept mine above, on his. Somebody told me that this way of holding hands is typical for Mohanji in everyday life, that he often holds his hands in the way described. Later, when we completed the meditation, my friend Sanja asked me, “Hey, did you hold my hand during the meditation?” We were one and a half meters away, so there was no way that I would have been able to reach her. I said I didn’t. She said, “I felt it physically, and also the warmth of the palm on mine.” I responded that it wasn’t me and that I saw Mohanji had come and held her hand. She said, “I felt it was him, but I didn’t want to seem like I’m imagining, so I thought, perhaps it was you.” 

Guru Raksha Homa

Mahesh Balerao, Canada

Guru Raksha Homa was performed for three families on Thursday, 29th April 2021. These three families requested to get the Homa performed on their behalf. The families were from India, USA and Canada. 

During the Homa session, Mohanji’s energy and presence were observed and captured on the camera. Every time I start a Homa, I always connect with our Guru, Mohanji. At the start of the Homa, chandan smell was experienced and to confirm Mohanji’s presence, a big letter “M” was visible in the Homa fire.

Mohanji, as the fire element, can burn any unwanted, unresolved, past lineage situations/karma and protect the whole family and their lineage. Guru Raksha Homa is very specific for lineage karma situations and unburdens the weight of unresolved situations. Fire is the only one of the five elements that remains pure and burns the negative or unresolved situations. 

When the Guru Raksha Homa is performed at the right time and space, Guru Mohanji steps in to resolve family lineage problems. Based on acceptance and only if karmically allowed, the Homa protects the current situation and helps the past seven generations and seven generations in the future. Lineage has karma which is passed on to every generation, and the complicated relationships make it even heavier. Mohanji removes and burns unwanted situations that are causing or creating problems to take the whole lineage towards liberation. Our path and Tradition leads us towards liberation (freedom).

Yesterday, when I was performing the Homa, I observed and realised the same – the burning of unwanted karma. While performing the Homa, I could see and feel the exact situation of a devotee’s house burning and destruction happening. Homa pictures with black, dark smoke represented the same, and at the same time, I heard Mohanji speaking and talking to birds and animals, making them happy and making sure that they were not affected by the fire; he was with the animals and birds in the property site to help them feel comfortable and calmer. Later, the devotee confirmed that the burnt house had the presence of many birds, and a peacock actually came and sat on the rooftop. They have never seen a peacock before in the neighbourhood!

Mohanji’s energy was working in 360 degrees and sucking up the whole negativity sitting there, and then Ganesha appeared from Mohanji’s energy, indicating a positive turn. Ganesha was seen planting the Nagvel – the green leaf we use for puja or any auspicious ceremony. It was a situation where Mohanji blessed the devotee beautifully.

Mohanji then started working on another family. This family has deep-rooted connection with Mohanji over generations. The family is going through relationships problems.

Although their connection to each other was very strong, they were not content in life and had difficulty facing the experiences and facts of life, having doubts and second thoughts when decisions had to be made. Often, the intellect created situations for the family to separate, and their relationships were broken. 

Mohanji, as a Guru and our energy source, did cleaning and hovered over the past-life situations to restore friendship and companionship. It was a lack of understanding and not helping each other to understand the soul aspects of relationships. Within Mohanji’s energy, Siddhas confirmed a powerful connection with the family. They performed fire rituals within Mohanji’s energy and discussed the relationship between companion souls, and restoration of relationships happened through Mohanji. 

Love and peace were prevalent, and Mohanji’s presence was fully felt in the situation, showering blessings on the children and their future activities.

Surprise Divine Birthday Wish

Bhumika Arvind, Canada

I am writing today to share Mohanji’s limitless kindness and compassion. It was my son’s seventh birthday. A day before, I had contacted Preeti Duggal to find out what to do with Baba’s shawl that I had recently received. She guided me that it’s okay to wrap my son in the shawl for protection and love. On the day of his birthday, the day was going along. I checked my email and was just blown away. There was a birthday card from Mohanji. I couldn’t believe it and stood there staring at it. I rushed to share with everyone at home, especially my son. He was busy playing with his new toys. But when I showed him the card from Mohanji, he paused and looked at it; I still remember that look on his face; he was surprised and curious but at the same time very happy. 

I wrote to Preeti di sharing what had transpired and how unexpected but such a beautiful, divine gift and blessing it was. I take her for being such a beautiful tool in Mohanji’s hands. She mentioned it is grace, but she didn’t share anything with Mohanji. 

I shared the recent update with my husband. I knew this was Mohanji’s leela, but my husband went on with his detective work. So he tried calling people at the Mohanji Datta Tapovanam Ashram to figure out who may be involved and to express gratitude for this blessing. He ended up with a more puzzled look than when he started his detective work. 

Mohanji, it is you and you all the way. There is no way I can pay back your compassion and kindness. And there is no end to your divine play. Mohanji, you keep orchestrating so many leelas simultaneously and fulfilling many devotees’ desires. Your divine play has at times brought solace to me; other times have been a hit on my ego; brought me contentment and peace during distress. And I am deeply grateful for everything that you do; it is only your grace that I am made aware of your leelas, but I feel it in my heart that you do much more behind the scenes that I don’t know and maybe will never know. It will only happen with your grace. I hope that I stay in your consciousness always and forever, Mohanji, no matter what!


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