Empowered 5.0 – Remember who you are

By Tatyana Povarintseva

My back arches backwards, like a stretched bow. My chest opens up, and it is so intense that the thought crosses my mind that my back is about to break. But I do not give my mind control and just keep it as an observer; it follows the processes in the body without controlling or correcting them. My chest is maximally stretched out, head back and face up. I can see the stars, the cosmos, it is penetrating me, and I’m dissolving in it. I am blindfolded, sitting in the meditating hall indoors but immersed in the darkness of the starry sky and the cosmos because my eyes are not the only instrument that allows me to perceive reality. 

I feel whirlwinds swirling in front of my chest, about 1-1.5 meters in diameter. I observe the energy spins and assume this is the movement of a heart chakra. But the mind interferes with a thought: “The energy spins are going counterclockwise, so it can’t be a chakra. The chakras on the front surface of the body always move clockwise. So it’s just an illusion”. But the vortices go on. I can see and feel them, they are real, and suddenly I realize that it is only about the perspective from which you look at the chakra. If you look from my side, the movement of energy is counterclockwise, but if you were facing me, you would observe it moving clockwise. Everything fell into place. I dive into the experience deeper with trust. My mind has nothing more to say. 

There are swirls behind my back, too, just like they go through my chest and further. Suddenly my back straightens, my eyes spontaneously roll upward, and my lips strangely stretch out and tighten, but I let it be. I do not control anything. The mind is watching. There is an intense sensation in the space between my eyebrows. The area of my third eye opens like a door, and I fall through it into Space. As if Cosmos begins to flow through my head, through the third eye chakra and the Bindu chakra on the back of my head.

I receive Mohanji’s guidance telepathically: “Surrender to the process completely, apply yourself 100%, leave the mind behind”. I suddenly realized the usefulness of the consciously moving practices that we had been doing before. When your mind moves with your body, it is absolutely present in the moment and does not interfere or wander. Now all I have to do is to make my mind follow the same way as all the processes so it doesn’t analyze or slow them down. Just focus. I follow the process, dissolving into it. 

“Straighten up,” comes the next command from Mohanji. The top of my head pulls up, and my back is like a taut string. I see my spine becoming a shimmering glass tube. It is like an axis going through my body and further. Silence. Stillness. And in this absolute serenity, a graceful movement happens — as if someone starts shoveling sparkling stardust into the glass tube. I am mesmerized. This tube has not a particular size anymore; it is small and huge at the same time. From one perspective, it is my spine, but my awareness shifts and I realize that this cluster of stardust going through the glass tube is like the Milky Way itself…

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My awareness and sense of self have shifted, one part of my awareness is in the body, and another one is in the cosmos. I am both there and here at the same time. My consciousness is not limited to the body and the personality anymore. I am more than that. I am the Cosmic Consciousness, boundlessness. And looking down at my body from that cosmic awareness, I see it as a small dot. It is so tiny somewhere far away, and I notice my body is split into two parts from the root of the spine, like a seed that has sprouted and the husk has parted to the sides.

It looks as if the Muladhara chakra was an eye of a needle through which a huge flow of energy passed through. The vast cosmic consciousness gradually narrows down and focuses on this point and then spreads out further to infinity. Its shape reminded me of an hourglass, where the narrow neck is our incarnation. The life of a human being on Earth is a tiny dot into which the unlimited higher consciousness narrows down and passes through, and spreads further. I started laughing. I can’t help it: my personality and my body are just a speck of dust, and I fully associate myself with them. This tiny microscopic joint, through which the huge consciousness, my True Self, flows. I can’t stop laughing: everything about this personality, this human incarnation, seems so silly and funny to me; I believed and took the problems and worries of a speck of dust seriously. Meanwhile, I was the Cosmic Consciousness all the time. 

I hear Mohanji’s command: “Collect yourself”. I gather myself from different corners of the Universe into this tiny dot. The consciousness flies back to the Earthly incarnation. I hear Mohanji’s voice: “That’s enough for today; go eat something.” 

Returning to the body takes time, it is not fast, but it happens gradually. Аt first, you are unable to move even a muscle. Then little by little, you land, and only after some time do you feel returned inside the human body suit and can again control and move it. Once I returned to the body, I expressed my deepest gratitude to Mohanji for this experience. I rubbed my palms and gave their warmth to my eyes and my whole body. I got up, not feeling hungry, but remembering Mohanji’s guidance, I took an apple and left the meditation hall. 

I take a bite of it. The flavor explodes through my taste buds in a million little bursts. Its juiciness, its flavor, its aroma, I feel totally immersed in these senses. I’ve eaten hundreds of apples before, but I don’t think I’ve ever truly tasted one. And then I came to realize how symbolic it is. The Apple, the Forbidden Fruit. Hello, again, the temptation of the Earthly life, my incarnation number 1000… So this is what we fall from our paradise for. The desire of Cosmic Consciousness to experience matter, Earth, tastes, smells, and touches. This colorful kaleidoscope of feelings and senses is available through the human body in exchange for remembering our True Self.

It seems we’ve been stuck in this amusement park for too long. It’s long past time for us to go back home. To go back home. 

Om Namah Shivaya.


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 15th December 2022


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