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Welcome Home. All of us are seeking something. There are no exceptions to this. If you analyse further, all are seeking HAPPINESS. Usually, we do not know where to find this elusive happiness. Some people find it in this life time and some people think or imagine that they have found it. Many get disillusioned and become pressured for sensory pleasures and exhaust themselves. Thus, the world looks and feels like a big circus. Most of us live a make-believe existence and fail to actually LIVE.

Who is Happy? One who has recognised, understood and experienced his true nature, beyond all the masks and facades. The lesser our needs are, the lesser our expectations are, we are happier. There are many paths to reach this Happiness. Depending on the nature of man and his taste, he can choose the path. Or, subconsciously, one chooses his path. Soul, like petrol in the car, aids the journey, without interfering in anything. Nobody even considers the existence of the soul and never even attempts to check on it, understand it and experience it.

Love is always associated with happiness. Happiness is love. Love is Happiness. Emotions are like waves. They come and go and never remains permanent. Even when the waves lash the earth, the mother ocean remains calm within. When all emotions are gone, we feel the calm within. Emotions wreak havoc and irreparable damage at times. When man learns to go beyond emotions and exist in the calm depths of silence within, he experiences only love. Love is permanent there. Happiness is permanent there. Happiness gets converted into supreme bliss of belonging-ness.

We can start walking only from where we are standing. We cannot be at a different place at this time. Thus, there is a large system which works in perfect symmetry. It is important to accept this truth. It is equally important to own one’s own experiences. If we do not own our experiences. we fail in life. If we chase experiences based on someone else’s words or book knowledge, we will not progress. All beings are unique. All have specific and distinct character. We have to accept that, respect that and move on with that clarity. We cannot be someone else. All have inherent perfections and weaknesses. Each has his talent. Accept that and understand that. We will be peaceful. Acceptance of ourselves along with our pluses and minuses, will make you liberated instantaneously. Non acceptance and resistance will keep you dull and sad. Resistance always unleashes emotions, just like expectations. This creates karmic bondage.  So, be bold. Be brave. Own your experiences and do not be afraid to say it out loud, from top of the hill. Even if the whole world ridicules you, do not be perturbed. Your experience is your own. There is no need for other people’s acceptance. So, be proud of your experience and be bold enough to say it. If you are shy to say it aloud, at least, please keep your spiritual diary. It will help you realise where you started your journey and where you have reached.

This blog is created to share your experiences of sadhana and seva. Please share your thoughts, ideas and experiences here.

Wish You Happiness, Peace, Bliss and Fulfilment in your life. May you enjoy the presence of Lord the Master always with you. May you experience and express Unconditional Love.  May you Remain Blessed always

(The above are excerpts from Mohanji’s Talks)

Love and only LOVE

BTW Family

Love/give unconditionally, like a flower

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