Walking the Streets of Shirdi with God

by Aditya Nagpal

The Mohanji T-Shirt

Today, I was walking on the streets of Shirdi wearing a Mohanji t-shirt. A monk stopped while crossing me and bowed down to Mohanji’s photo on my t-shirt. I asked the monk if he knew Mohanji. He said yes and added,

“He (Mohanji) is the greatest masiha (messiah) on Earth.”

As Mohanji usually does when encountering strangers, especially monks, I asked him if I could offer him food or if he needed anything. He declined to say he wasn’t hungry but asked me to buy him medicines for pain relief. I took him to a nearby pharmacy, got the medicines and opened my phone to pay using a wallet app. Seeing Mohanji’s photo on my phone screen, he asked to see it. For a long time, he looked at Mohanji’s picture with awe. Then he reverentially bowed down to Mohanji’s picture and said,

“He (Mohanji) is God.”

Mohanji’s picture on my mobile phone screen

Finally, he took the medicines and asked to leave. I bade him goodbye with the customary salutation in Shirdi, “Om Sai Ram”. He looked at me and said, “You don’t have to say ‘Om Sai Ram'”. Looking at Mohanji’s face on my t shirt, he said,

“What you have there is beyond everything. He is God.”

As he left, I stood mesmerised at what had just transpired. Since Mohanji’s accident, this message has been reiterated again and again, “You have no idea who you are with” Probably a direct and strong message from Sai Baba to drive home that point in Shirdi.

Especially what he said, “You don’t have to say ‘Om Sai Ram’. What you have there is beyond everything. He is God.” As if to say, stop focusing on dead Masters’ frames on the wall and miss the One (Mohanji) they sent for us to connect as a living Avatar. Soon Mohanji will also join them on the wall. A warning to ensure that should that happen, we have no regrets and have made the most of that huge blessing of association.

I received a confirmation of this experience when I read the following experience of a Mohanji follower. I had no communication with this person who wrote the post (either before or after). Their experience follows:

This morning at 3am. I was reading Aditya Nagpal’s post of his experience in Shirdi of meeting with a monk who bowed down t Mohanji’s picture on his t-shirt and told him,

“Mohanji is God. You don’t need to look for other Gurus anymore. Mohanji is the greatest masiha (messiah) on Earth.”

I’ve been sharing this post with friends on my messenger. I then messaged S. C., a new Mohanji follower from the Philippines, whom I got connected on FB very recently. I excitedly asked him if he had read Aditya’s post about Mohanji. He told me he woke up just a minute ago and had a dream of Mohanji. The dream was shockingly connected to Aditya Nagpal’s post!

I was in a car with Mohanji and another person that looks like a sannyasi (a renunciate) as he was wearing saffron robes typically worn by renunciates. It seemed like we were going to a supermarket and I was asked by Mohanji to accompany him to buy some groceries. When we arrived at the supermarket parking lot, I grabbed my wallet and took a hundred peso bill from it and gave it to Mohanji as an offering. He smiled and accepted the bill. Then, I took his right hand and did a pagmamano gesture (a Filipino gesture of grace intended to give honor to the elder and ask for their blessing), At first, he seemed hesitant of the gesture. I probably guess because I was already in His presence which is a blessing in itself! He then smiled. As we exited the car, I heard a voice (probably from the accompanying sannyasi) that said: “You are blessed and fortunate to be in the presence of a Brahmamurti (a living image/Idol of God). He is a walking God! You are graced with His darshan (holy sighting).”As we closed the car doors, the dream ended. Exactly when I opened my eyes, I received a chat from Joanna that very minute asking me about Aditya Nagpal’s post on Facebook. Such an incredible synchronicity! I humbly thank Mohanji for granting me his darshan, even if it be a dream… Thank you

In closing, this was a confirmation for me of what Mohanji has always reiterated, “One should spend a lot of time to find the Master that is right for them and is connected to the Source. But once they find the Master, they should stop their searching and focus on deepening their connection with the One they found. Further search, comparisons or lingering doubts will render their efforts futile.” I have always followed that dictum. Alll my altars have only one Master – Mohanji.

Mohanji has summed it up beautifully in the phrase,

“One Master, One Path, One Sytem, One Goal (Liberation).

‘Om Sai Ram’ to all from Shirdi! But wait I have just been told, “What I have here is beyond everything. He is God.” I better stick to ‘Jai Mohanji’!

Note: Mohanji will be in Shirdi this December 2022. Experience His grace in-person or live online. More details on the Mohanji website

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An Eye Opening Mai-Tri Session

By Preeti Duggal

The world is reeling under the COVID pandemic. Millions are affected and many are dying. There is a huge scarcity of medicines, hospital beds, oxygen, and so on. There is chaos everywhere. The second wave has been like an explosion in India. 3 hundred thousand people are getting infected daily. The Maitri practitioners are also inundated with healing requests. Yesterday, I received a healing from a person from Delhi. A very well known figure in his profession who also works for our foundation. He had tested COVID positive and was worried about his wife and three children. He requested healing for his family. I immediately agreed.

To understand the degree of infection, we usually scan the aura of the person during the mai-tri session and look for patches that penetrate it. But what unfolded was truly an eye opener and amazing. In this session, I could see a white layer like a protection shield around the family that was saving them from the COVID effects. It looked strange because I had never seen it before. I prayed to Mohanji for clarity. I saw various animals (cows, dogs, cats, pigs, goats, and so on, encircling them and and giving them protection. These animals were absorbing all the effects of covid virus to keep the family safe. On further enquiry, it was disclosed that this family has an animal shelter on the outskirts of Delhi where they take care of abandoned, old and sick animals as their own family. Some are rescued from butchers. Some are disabled and diseased. All are well taken care of as family members. In fact, the wife knows each of them by name and the animals respond in kind to her loving attention.

It was revealed that these innocent and beautiful beings came forward to protect the family in return to what the family had done for them. This was overwhelming and I had tears rolling down my eyes. It was an eye opener. The infection level for this gentleman was very high but he has no symptoms except for low grade fever for thirty minutes three days ago. None of the other family members had any symptoms. Someone may ask why would they get infected in the first place if they were protected? Mohanji showed me that this person had fear of the pandemic which weakened his protection shield allowing the virus to enter the body easily. Now I realise why Mohanji stresses on connection to Mother Earth and its beings, and doing annadaan (food donation) for the hungry and needy.

Our misplaced ego of superiority has completely detached us from Mother Nature and our fellow beings. We torture and butcher animals for the paltry pleasure of a few mins. These innocent ones cannot even complain about the heinous torture that they have been suffering at the hands of humans for years. Animals, forests, oceans, mountains – none have been spared by humans. It’s time to wake up and look into the mirror. Nature has turned the tables on us. The fear and pain we gave and still continue to give, to the beings is coming back to us as COVID. The isolation, pain, suffering felt by these he[pless beings for years is now being felt by us for the first time. We are forcibly confined to our homes just as we confined poor helpless beings in zoos for our entertainment. The virus is almost like nature’s vengeance that has shaken the entire human world. Have you wondered why none of the other beings are affected?

Mohanji has said that we have to start walking backwards. Connect with nature and start to respect other fellow beings. Think of becoming vegan or at least vegetarian so that we eat with awareness and ensure that our food is not the cause for another being’s pain or suffering. Imagine babies being snatched away from their mothers and kept hungry so we can consume that milk and milk products. I feel that if we lose this chance, we will be left with nothing for ourselves and the coming generations.

I thank Mohanji from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful experience.

On this apt occasion of Earth day. let’s pledge to do at least one good thing for Mother Nature and its beings everyday.


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The Master Beckons to Kailash

By Rajesh Kamath, India

Kailash! To paraphrase Star Trek, it is the final frontier, a place where few people have ever gone before. Eight billion people on the planet and yet only a chosen few are privileged to undertake this amazing pilgrimage. And this privilege comes only through grace – the grace of one’s ancestors, the grace of one’s Master, the grace of Lord Shiva, and the grace of the Guru Mandala (the Masters of the Tradition). Nothing but grace gets one an invite from Lord Shiva.

It is this grace that opens the doors to various experiences on the pilgrimage. It is this grace that keeps one alive in the harshest of environments on this pilgrimage. It is this grace that allows one to successfully complete the pilgrimage. I have seen some pilgrims who feel that they were entitled to receive this grace – wishful thinking that they are special in some way to deserve it. To mistake grace with entitlement can only be termed as sheer ignorance and, without a shadow of doubt, ego and ingratitude of the highest order.


According to Mohanji, a pilgirimage to Kailash is complete when one takes a dip in the holy Manasarovar lake and has a darshan (holy sight) of holy Mount Kailash. Optionally, one can perform a circumambulation around holy Mount Kailash – either via the Outer Kora (circumbulation) route or the Inner Kora route. By the grace of Mohanji, I have been very fortunate to be on the Kailash pilgrimage twice – once in 2014 on the Outer Kora route and once in 2016 on the Inner Kora route.

Like most Hindus, I had heard of the holy pilgrimage to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. Thanks to an amazing mythology attached to it wherein Lord Shiva stays atop this beautiful white snowy mountain in the middle of nowhere with His family and His army. It could as well be a fairy tale because not many even dream to undertake this pilgrimage unlike the Char Dham (“four abodes”) pilgrimage – a pilgrimage to the four holy sites in India widely revered by Hindus and considered highly sacred to visit at least once in one’s lifetime.

The Kailash pilgrimage is not even visible on anyone’s radar, much less doing it. Even those that wistfully think about doing it feel that it is a pipe dream. And yet here I ended up doing a Kailash pilgrimage with a powerful Master a couple of months after vaguely thinking about doing it. If that is not grace, what is?


Listening to the experiences of a (now ex) colleague who had done the Kailash pilgrimage twice with the Chinmaya mission, got me thinking about doing Kailash. I checked with his contact but they said that they did not have any pilgrimage planned in the near future and would get back to me if and when they do. Out of the blue, I received an SMS from the Mumbai Mohanji center that Mohanji would be in town.

And guess the topic at the satsang (divine discourse) when I entered the room – Mohanji had just asked one of the attendees, Dhritiman (aka DB), to talk about his Kailash experience from 2013. At the end, DB mentioned that the pilgrimage would happen in four weeks at the end of that same month (July 2014). Talk about synchronicity! For me, it was like a huge flashing neon sign that I should join the Kailash pilgrimage.

In spite of the last minute runup, the whole registration process was unusually smooth thanks to Sumit from the organizing team and the invisible grace of Mohanji. It was sheer grace that allowed me to participate in the pilgrimage.

Someone canceled at the last minute opening a slot for me to join the group. The Chinese usually required the group permit to be applied a month or two before the pilgrimage (which would have ruled me out). However, that year, the Chinese delayed the group permit application process to just before the start of the pilgrimage.

Finally, my mind started playing games. Do you really want to go to a pilgrimage where you don’t know anyone? Wouldn’t it be better to use the two weeks to finally do the much-awaited motorcycle trip to Leh and Ladakh (a holy grail for bikers to ride on the highest motorable road in the world)? Finally, better sense prevailed and I decided against the motorcycle trip to join the Kailash pilgrimage.

Image 3-pic 2 -mohanji-and-kailash

2014 was a special year for the Kailash pilgrimage– the year of Dev Kumbh which comes once every 12 years. Dev Kumbh is special in that each Kora counts as twelve. Each Outer Kora (a 56km circumambulation around Mount Kailash) done that year got one the benefit of doing twelve Outer Koras and equivalently the twelve whammy of transformation.

This enabled me to qualify for the Inner Kora. So, I “accidentally” ended up doing the Kailash pilgrimage during the best possible year. Amazing “accident” or infinite blessing? You decide.

On the flight to Kathmandu, I bumped into a girl from the Mumbai meditation group who was also doing the pilgrimage. She mentioned that there were around 85 people from around 20 different countries. I balked at the size and diversity of the group. I was expecting the group to be small – around 20-30 people. A vague thought surfaced to hijack the plane, turn the flight back and head back home.

When I reached the hotel, I saw a multitude of people outside the hotel enjoying the traditional Nepalese welcome. Most of them apparently knew each other. Hugs and greetings were being liberally exchanged. The one person I knew in this huge group had disappeared into this overfriendly sea of humanity. I tried my best to dematerialize myself.


I usually feel very conscious in a group setting. Breaking the ice is an ordeal for me because I am not sure what to say. The awkward pauses after the initial greeting are the stuff nightmares are made of. Once I get to know people, I am the loudest one in the room. When people who know me meet people who don’t know me, they get surprised because either group can’t seem to correlate my quiet self and my loud self.

Since there was not much I could do now, I decided to go with the flow. Since I lacked the spiritual abilities to disappear at will or the Harry Potter invisibility cloak, I did the next best thing. I moved over to where the bags were being offloaded and started helping there. Interestingly, this happened to be one of my fun tasks throughout the pilgrimage.

I had volunteered to help out with the pilgrimage and was assigned to daily task of getting the bags ready for loading each morning and unloading and distributing the bags in the evening. Interestingly, this pilgrimage is all about releasing baggage. Much like life, people would initially let go of their baggage, feel empty without it and take it back very soon.

It turned out to be a richly diverse group with all the obvious differences of color, race, religion, culture, nationalities, etc. Yet, it was an amazing group and, by the end of pilgrimage, they all seemed like family.

The pilgrimage felt like a special homecoming where long lost loved ones met after a long hiatus. Subsequently, I have come to expect this at most retreats with Mohanji. Our wider spiritual family reuniting with us and getting every closer, re-igniting the flame formed from the sparks of numerous past life interactions.

Mohanji in smoke

Back then in 2014, I smoked heavily. The first thing I did was to find the kindred company of fellow smokers in our pilgrimage group. And I found two active (a Romanian and a UAE born Indian) and two passive German smokers who were only there for the company. We whiled the night away discussing spiritual conspiracy theories over coffee and cigarettes. One of the Germans (henceforth referred to as Z-man) was very interesting.

Z-man could tap in and figure out the past life connections of any two people. He was also sensitive to energies; and had an “eye” that could see and “ears” that could hear. There was a Serbian doctor in our group who, for some reason, I kept referring to as Boris (wasn’t his name). I would apologize and the kind doctor finally told me, “Never mind. You can call me Boris since you like that name better.”

I told Z-man about this Boris episode. He went quiet, closed his eyes and on opening them said, “Russian war. 1800s. You were soldiers. You were younger. He was older. He died before you. His name in that life was Boris.” Such interesting “factoids” would be served at a moment’s notice by the Z-man!

Back then, I was a spiritual greenhorn with energies, visions and such amazing happenings in the parallel spiritual reality. Still am! The Z-man was my guide helping my “blind” self understand the import and magnitude of the spiritual occurrences that were unfolding during the pilgrimage.

11 Mohanji - Jesus energy

He was instrumental in unravelling, to me, the significance of the pilgrimage. Post Kailash, he also helped me decipher some of my spiritual experiences. As you can see, the Divine always provides for the spiritually disabled. My sincere and heartfelt love and gratitude to the Z-man.

The day before we were scheduled to leave Kathmandu, my fellow smokers decided to go cold turkey. Inspired by them, I made one feeble attempt to quit smoking the following afternoon during our visit to the Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu. I left my packet of Indian cigarettes and the lighter on the wall near the temple and threw a conciliatory hopeful prayer in the direction of the Lord Pashupatinath (Lord Shiva) to take care of the addiction.

My resolve was steadily weakened and eventually undone by the evening as I headed out to the bar in search of cigarettes. Thus, began my parallel experimental odyssey into the murky world of Nepali and Chinese cigarettes through the pilgrimage. The ones where the brands are recognized by color and the potency by how the smoke burns on the way in.

A landslide happened in the countryside the day we were supposed to leave Kathmandu. This took place exactly between Kathmandu and the Chinese border. The landslide broke a dam and almost 500 people died that night. The tour operators informed all Kailash groups that roads leading to the Friendship bridge had been devastated effectively cancelling the pilgrimage.


No pilgrimage and the money paid would be forfeited since it was caused by “acts of God” circumstances. Mohanji told Sumit that cancelling the trip was not a solution in his Tradition and tasked him to find alternatives. Sumit acted quickly and took a decision, which was backed by Mohanji, to engage helicopters at an extra cost to pilgrims and fly over the impacted area to get to the other side.

It took a whole day of back-to-back sorties to get the entire group safely to the other side. After our last sortie, these helicopters were recalled back to assist with the emergency and were not available for general purpose usage. We literally made it through the skin of our teeth. Remember, almost all pilgrims from other groups were still stranded in Kathmandu. Isn’t this a sheer miracle?

In spite of smoking heavily all the way through the pilgrimage in high altitude environments, I hardly faced any breathlessness save some teething acclimatization issues on the first day at Nyalam. I breezed through the first day of the circumambulation of Mount Kailash and blazed all the way up to Dolmala pass on the second day. Dolmala pass was the highest point of our pilgrimage and the trek up to the pass was supposedly the hardest part of the pilgrimage.

I was so proud that I had reached Dolmala pass comfortably despite my smoking habit. I decided to celebrate with a cup of noodle soup and entered one of the tented restaurants. I noticed Mohanji and some of the group were already sitting there and joined them. After a while, they left and I proceeded to enjoy my noodle soup.

As the noodle soup spread it’s warmth through my body, I decided to spend some more time resting. Time went by and I realized that I was just sitting there. I was glued to the wooden bench. I had no interest to get up and proceed with the trek ahead. I just sat there watching everything around me. It felt like eternity. I struggled to do something but I was paralyzed.

fear, running

Suddenly, I heard a voice from within saying, “Run!” Here, I couldn’t even get up and something within was asking me to run. I shook my head. And then, the voice pronounced even more powerfully, “Run! Run! Run! Just run” Something took hold of me and, as if pushed out, I jolted off the bench and started running out of the tent and across the trails leading downhill from Dolmala pass.

In those high altitudes, people walk slower to conserve energy and here I was running through the trails in heavy army boots like a crazed mad man. Must have been quite a sight! I kept running for a very long time until I was sure that the inertia and lethargy had left me. I stopped running and continued to walk the trails to Diraphuk, our camp for the night.

That’s when the ordeal started. One turn around the mountain led to another; and then another; and then a new mountain would appear; and the scene would repeat all over again with no end in sight. I was stuck in an infinite loop like in the movie Groundhog Day. To add to my woes, I met the girl from the Mumbai meditation group who was in a terrible shape and was sitting by herself on the side of the trails.

She had all but given up and was preparing herself to get petrified into the surrounding barren mountain landscape. Here, I was struggling to finish the day’s trek and God sends me another struggler for company. And a “tortoise” at that. Reminded me of the Marathi idiom, “Dushkalat terava mahina” (the thirteenth month in the year of famine). Abandoning her was tempting but not an option.


Given that she was doing worse than me, I had to focus on her and how to get her to complete the day’s trek. I prepared for the worst. I had figured that it may be past sunset and possibly way into the night before we get to the camp at Diraphuk. A fuller moon in the sky would ensure that we had enough light along the way.

I buckled in a bit tighter to be ready for the long haul and do whatever it takes to get both of us there. I had to employ every tool in the book to encourage her to take a few steps every now and then. And the elements played their part by peeing on our efforts by raining at frequent intervals and making things just a little bit harder.

In hindsight, her entry turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me. From the top of Dolmala pass, I had zombie walked the whole way till I met her. Because of her, I forgot all my troubles and was provided a strong intent to complete the day’s trek. As we got closer to the camp, she regained her mojo and we walked into the camp by twilight.

And, the same zombie walk was repeated for most of the last day (day 3) of the Outer Kora as well. Mohanji once remarked to me, “You only think you walked Kailash. You were unconscious. Someone carried you.” I have no choice but to grudgingly agree. I know that if it had been left to me, I would never have completed the trek by myself.

2014-07 - Mohanji - Kailash - Yatra (1840)

All through the Kailash pilgrimage, I felt a deep anguish of being separated from the Divine. It kept expressing itself very strongly several times at periodic intervals throughout the pilgrimage. Like there is an awesome party happening in the neighborhood. You can hear the sounds and see the lights. And you want so badly to be there. But no one invited you and you don’t know where it is happening so you can’t gatecrash it.

And you feel that they don’t want you there. I felt a deep agony for the fall from grace that required me to be born on earth. When alone, I would sing devotional songs, be deeply moved to tears and call out to be taken back from whence I came though I had no clue where that was.

After the first day’s trek, we reached Diraphuk which is the closest one gets to Mount Kailash on the Outer Kora. Mohanji wanted the priest to do a puja at Charan Sparsh (literally “touch the feet”) – considered the feet of Mount Kailash located a 3-4 hour trek from Diraphuk. That year, the Chinese army were denying access to Charan Sparsh.

A few members of our group went to request for permission. I didn’t know it was Charan Sparsh and erroneously thought that we were going to the base of Mount Kailash. I stood alone in front of Mount Kailash and strongly implored that I wanted to be let through to come closer (more like I deserved to).

For some strange reason, I felt I was entitled to go there and touch Mount Kailash. I cried with a deep anguish both within and without. However, we were denied access. So, we had to abandon the prospect of going there. It was not to be. I had deep feelings of betrayal and abandonment at that time.

Like the Godfather “Fredo, you broke my heart” kind of let down. I still can’t explain why I felt that way on that day. But the Master listens to all true cries of love and showers His grace to grant those wishes. This wish found fruition in my Kailash pilgrimage part deux in 2016. To read about my Kailash Inner Kora experience, please check the Kailash with Mohanji – The Inner Kora book on Amazon.


I remember the night vigils when we were staying on the shores of Lake Manasarovar. We were told that divine beings come to take dips in Lake Manasarovar and appear to us as beautiful lights. Mohanji had warned us to watch and pray to them from a distance. He specifically asked us not to interact with them since their high energies could fry our nerves leaving us dead or worse in a vegetative state.

Late in the night and in the wee hours of the morning, we would sit in groups just outside the gates of the compound and patiently wait for them to show up. And show up they did! Bright lights in multi-colored hues. They would radiate a bright luminous glow, increase or decrease in size, change colors, move in all directions – come closer or go farther, go up and down, left and right – flash on and off, come close to the surface and disappear for a while (presumably taking dips in the lake).

You couldn’t mistake them for anything else. In particular, I distinctly remember this group of three with one shining brighter than the rest. They kept flashing in sequence and moving around as if dancing to unheard celestial music playing in the background. A truly blissful experience.

I did have a “surreal” out-of-the-ordinary experience. On one of the vigils, I ended up staying out longer than the rest of the group. The place was so serene that it felt just good to spend some more time out there all alone. Suddenly, I noticed light shining from my right. The place gets hazy and misty in the night and hence the light was diffuse which made the scene all the more surreal.


Imagine my surprise, when I saw a few hazy white beings of light walking around a couple of hundred meters in front of me. They were slightly tall and were walking in a straight line. It looked like a scene from the movie, The Village, when the beings visit the village. I watched them with baited breath unsure whether to stay put or quietly head back.

They were too close and I was already in their presence so I decided to stay put while praying to Mohanji and the Masters to protect me. They walked quietly past me towards the end of the road. Suddenly, there was a commotion as I heard them talking to each other followed by the sound of vehicles revving up to life. They started their vehicles parked in the distance, got into them and left.

My “divine beings of light” turned out to be a group of local villagers. The light was possibly from their headlamps and they were covered from head to toe with blankets (that appeared white in the ambient light) to protect from the biting cold. Stupid people! If only they had parked their vehicles out of sight and hearing,

I would have been convinced of my surreal supernatural experience of bumping into divine beings of light. They ruined my perfect story for future generations on how I was lucky to encounter a group of divine beings and survived to tell the tale.

Throughout the pilgrimage, I got a first glimpse of the Master that was Mohanji. I was in awe of Him and maintained safe distance yet kept meandering close to Him. I was shadowing Him most of the way not really sure what was expected of me or what I expected of Him. I got to observe, first hand, some of the miraculous experiences like His face showing up on Mount Kailash complete with sunglasses and head dress. He told us, “Shiva is teasing me.”


Or when we were massaging his feet on Dolmala Pass, his thighs and calves became as hard as stone and he teasingly enquired if they were like Hanuman’s. In one of the odes to Hanuman, he is referred to as Vajra deha Rudravatar – the avatar (divine incarnation) of Rudra (a form of Lord Shiva) whose body is as hard as the vajra (the thunderbolt weapon of Lord Indra – the king of Gods). Yes, they surely felt like Hanuman’s.

A brief background. Since the start of my spiritual journey, I have felt a deep connection with Mahavatar Babaji and felt his guiding hand. Incidentally, I discovered Mohanji while looking for Mahavatar Babaji spots in Maharashtra to visit during my two week motorcycle trip through Maharashtra in December 2012. I chanced upon Mohanji’s three-part blog post, “Babaji beyond Definitions”. A must read for those who haven’t.

Later, I explored his writings and teachings and also his meditations. I distinctly remember that when I left home for my first meeting with Mohanji, I had the intuition that I would meet my Master. Throughout the satsang, my eyes were glued to his feet. And yet that didn’t feel strange to me either. After the satsang, my mind played its usual tricks and I was not so sure anymore.

After the meeting, I remember telling my friend that Mohanji is good but I don’t think he is my Master. In hindsight, as Morpheus said in the movie, The Matrix, “Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.” I followed his practices quite regularly but never accepted him as my Master. Through the pilgrimage, I was led to consider the possibility that Mohanji could be the One. The question, “Who is my Master – Mahavatar Babaji or Mohanji?” bothered me.

Sujata 7 - Kailash mountain - experience with Mohanji

On our return to Kathmandu, I happened to be sitting in front of Mohanji over lunch and, as usual, an informal satsang started as he answered questions asked by the people seated around the table. In response to one of the questions, he answered my unspoken question while looking straight at me. He said, “The Master in front of you is the Master for you.”

“You may want to learn from a ‘higher’ Master but that has no relevance. A student of the first standard may want to learn from a college teacher. But he needs to progress through the intervening standards and reach the collegiate level before the college teacher can teach him anything.”

“A Master can, of course, hand a disciple over to a ‘higher’ Master if he so feels but that is based on his complete understanding of the disciple’s needs. It is not appropriate for a disciple to harbor that expectation since they don’t understand the bigger picture. The Master that is brought to you is your Master.” That put paid to the recurring question in my mind.

Since I was a relative newbie to being around a real Master, I got acquainted for the first time with the different flavors of devotion to the Master. I observed public displays of fawning devotion from many pilgrims and naively took them to be real expressions of love. I felt sad that I lacked the deep devotion within myself compared to what I saw out there. A few months later, most of them disconnected from Mohanji for trifling reasons.

Image 13-pic-15-m-biba-and-big-m-on-kailash-north-face
Mohanji, Devi and big M on Kailash north face

They chose to weigh the words of others over the truth of their own experiences. I now realize that one’s outward expressions are never a reliable measure of the depth of one’s connection. However, some like Sumit who preferred to work silently in the shadows, left a deep impression and inspired me to dig deeper and achieve a greater degree of surrender.

The same goes for experiences shared by people at the end of the pilgrimage. Some pilgrims had amazing visions of Shiva and His family or other deities. Some pilgrims had reached a point of perfect peace, bliss, joy and other good-to-be-in states. Some were experiencing perfect stillness and silence. Some released a lot while others were feeling emptiness. Some had become enlightened (ok. nobody said that but you get the drift). I, for one, felt even more confused than I was before the pilgrimage.

Another pilgrimage experience. The Manasarovar lake was very cold when we entered to take our dips. During my first dip, I found the fellow pilgrim next to me chanting the Lord’s name loudly in a continuous stuttering repetition. His body was also shaking wildly. He was not very responsive and I felt that he was in a very deep trance. Probably in communion with the Lord. I decided to discontinue my dips to watch over him and help him back.

He was in this state for a while as I stood with him and held him steady. After some time, he hinted that he wanted to head back. I held him firmly and guided him back. As we came closer to the shore, he started collecting stones excitedly and also handed me some. I figured that spiritually imbued objects become more apparent in a higher state of consciousness.

Sujata 8 - Kailash with Mohanji

Anyways, I helped him back, got him into some warm clothes and headed back to complete my dips. The next day, he sought me out and thanked me for helping him. He said that his body froze in the icy waters and he was unable to move. The chanting and the shaking were his involuntary reactions to the chilling experience. So much for my awe at being fortunate to observe one in an exalted state.

I now realize that experiences are just indicators given to seekers to suggest that they are headed in the right direction. The reason they are given and the manner in which they are given have significance only to the seeker who is experiencing. Hence, it does not make sense to compare our progress based on other people’s experiences. In some cases, the experiences are just elaborate illusions constructed by the mind to entertain itself. One’s transformation is the only true metric of one’s progress.

Life after Kailash was never the same. I attended the Rishikesh retreat with Mohanji later that year in December. Over the months, I had the grace to travel with Mohanji several times. I disappeared from office so regularly that people in my office started joking that I worked between vacations. Slowly but surely the spiral loop of my connection with Mohanji kept getting closer and closer.

Exactly a year after Kailash, I decided to quit work, a day before my birthday, to be with Mohanji for good. I wanted to be free (of the corporate rat race) on my birthday. The interesting part was that it was a very natural process. Not easy but natural. Mohanji suggested that I continue for one more year so I have time to decide before quitting. But I had had enough by then and chose to cut the cord immediately.

SUjata 4 Kailash mountain - experience with Mohanji

The Kailash pilgrimage effected a major transformation in my life and set me firmly on the path. Hence, I have nothing but the highest respect for the Kailash pilgrimage. For me, the choice to do the Kailash pilgrimage is the clarion call that a spiritual seeker answers to indicate to the universe that he is done with playing games and is ready for the highest that evolution has to offer – total and complete liberation.


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Meeting Mohanji – Life before and after

By Ananth Sankaran


As a man aged 30+ years with reasonable financial stability, a caring family and a good social life, I too wondered, like many others, about the “purpose” of this birth. I had always been a serious person neither inclined towards any materialistic things nor attracted towards spirituality.


3 years ago, my wife Rakshitha was drawn into spirituality (on the hindsight she has always been a spiritual person) and would be re-directed to Mohanji’s blog whenever she had questions for Shirdi Sai Baba or if something was bothering her. She has read Osho, Jiddu Krishnamurthy (JK), Sadhguru (Jaggi Vasudev) and that very thing makes me stay two steps away from her for the simple reason that I can neither understand them nor I was willing to try. Hence, I would tell her “keep your philosophy with yourself and please don’t bring it to me”. During this time (Aug-Sep 2015), she had read a book titled “Journey of Souls ~ Michael Newton” and was guided to do “past life regression” to know about the past life which would eventually answer few imminent questions:

  1. Why did I take this birth
  2. Why am I in a relationship with an individual (or) in a family
  3. What are the lessons to be learned in this lifetime

Clinical hypnotherapy had always been an interesting subject for me and I, for once, accepted her request and read the book. Impressed by the sheer depth of the work and the case-studies, which I truly believe were for real with no amount of fantasy, I readily accepted to go for the session. The therapist was a very nice person of Italian origin and could connect to higher (ascended) masters. The first session started casually with me going to the time when I was happy as a child and entering the room of Akashic records.


At that moment, without me informing anything in particular to him, he said “someone is eager to meet you” and wanted me to open a door inside the room during the session. It was none other than my dad (He passed away in 2002 when I was doing my 3rd year Engineering. Like all other father-son relationship, I never truly valued him or his opinion when he was alive. Now, not a day goes without his thought.) I had always had this guilt feeling that I had done NOTHING for him. As soon as I saw my dad during the session, I hugged him tight (visualizing), cried (for real) until tears ran out while the Doctor (sensing the energy) kept saying that my dad was really happy with me and I should be proud of myself.

One hour later, the session ended and I returned home happy and couldn’t wait for the next session. In the next session, while the doctor was attempting to get me back to my “past life”, I couldn’t do it. We tried and finally the doctor asked me what would like to do, “access your past life” or “speak to someone”. At that instant, I said I wanted to speak to someone. When probed on who I wanted to speak to, I saw visuals of Shri. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. I should quote that I knew him (Shri. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa) to be a Saint and nothing beyond.


Also sitting in that room was Mahavatar Babaji in his lotus posture and never spoke a word until the end of the session. All the talking was done by Ramakrishna and some of the answers came out was with such clarity that I was certain that I wasn’t hallucinating.

During the session, Ramakrishna said that I should go and MEET Mohanji. When the doctor asked “Is He your guru, why should you meet him?” the answer that came out was “he has some important things to learn from him and it will only benefit him in the due course”. When asked “why can’t he access his past life”, the answer was “why should he know about his past when I am telling him what he has to do? People access their past to learn to correct themselves. With our guidance, he need not know his past rather look forward to the future”. By now, my wife had completed reading all of Mohanji’s WordPress blogs, his Q&A blog, cried enough and had an urge to meet him.

With my father’s ceremony (tithi) coming near, I had planned for an India visit in Nov 2015 and had written an email to info@mohanji.org seeking time to meet him. This was more for my wife than for myself as I knew she was praying hard to meet him and felt it was her eligibility that’s stopping. As destiny would have it, Mohanji was in Bangalore gearing to go to Puttaparthi on the New Year eve (31 Dec 2015).


In no time, we confirmed our willingness to meet him at the allocated time. Through the one-hour auto ride, we hardly spoke a word. We entered the home and were warmly welcomed by the Mohanji Family. We were happily chatting and laughing when out of nowhere entered Mohanji.

Upon seeing him, tears were flowing like a stream of river that had no ending. While I can justify her tears, there could be no logical explanation as I had come just as a companion with my wife who had an urge to meet him. His first words “we have been waiting for this meeting over lifetimes…” still resonates in my ears.

Mohanji spoke about his skin condition (during his Dubai days), importance of settling the dues of ancestors, promises made to people who were alive and many other things, many of which didn’t get into my ears while my mind was busy analysing and forming an opinion about him. Though I have met a few Masters at my young age thanks to my dad, this is for the first time I was drawn to a person and I still couldn’t believe anything that was happening around.

I asked him questions and he answered them. Honestly speaking, I didn’t understand many of those reply. But something in me kept telling that I have found my GURU. We both were given Shaktipat and came home happily. We were pinching each other for a reality check and were blushing all the way through.


Returning home, we continued our daily chores. But I could see something was changing in me. I started meditating which I never ever did before, went to Shirdi Sai temple regularly, observed myself and started removing some of the deep rooted habits and most importantly, kept thinking of Mohanji and his teaching all the time. It was as if the person died on 31st December (on the day of meeting) and a new person was born.

Looking back, I can certainly say few things:

  • No matter what you think you are, GRACE will protect you from all calamities
  • With GURU’s touch, all unwanted habits, things and people will vanish
  • With GURU’s blessings, things will happen on its own with little or no effort from you.

For a practical person like me, it would have been very easy for me to discard past life regression or the book or whatever I had spoken to the Doctor as hallucination or the work of mind, but I had FAITH. I trusted this because I firmly believed it was for my good.

Over these years, I have learnt and still learning many things. It goes without saying that I now value the life Father has shown me and most importantly the pressing question of “what’s the purpose of this birth” has been answered. The answer is nothing but “Living this life NOW is the very purpose of our existence” and I am sure with his blessings and guidance, I will continue this journey.

2 Mohanji - If you are on earth, you have to pay the rent and the rent is service

Thank you Father for accepting me as who I am and always showering your abundant blessings and love. Life is beautiful. Thank you for this journey. I humbly pray that I remain a dust at your feet always. That to me is “a life well spent”.

Of Masters and Fragrances

Written by Madhusudan Rajagopalan


As seekers on the spiritual journey, all Masters tell us clearly that the journey is all about looking inward. Yet, we often search for external validation that we are on the right path. On one side, there is faith and the unerring belief that a Guru’s grace is already working on you at multiple levels. But then how does one deal with the analytical mind that raises questions? It is perhaps to quell these doubts that the Masters grant experiences (or miracles, depending on how “unbelievable” a certain event seems) to the mind; clear signs to indicate their presence and their grace.

Mohanji leading the group for the 2nd shahi snan dip in Kumbh Mela, Nashik 2015

Over time, I’ve learnt that experiences are of various types – visions, astral visitations, materializations, unbelievable synchronicities and so on. Since I came under Mohanji’s fold, I’ve had the good fortune of having a few experiences, some of which I’ve shared earlier. Recently, I had one such experience on the night of Mahashivraatri (Feb 24, 2017) and that got me thinking of a pattern of similar experiences earlier.

It was during a satsang that I first learnt that each Master has a unique fragrance. But this is felt only if the Master wants it to be felt or if they are in their subtle form. My first experience of this nature was during the Kumbh Mela in Nashik 2015. After we had finished our dips on the first shahi snan (royal dip), I heard some people say that they suddenly felt a strong smell of vibhuthi (sacred ash) coming from near Mohanji (For one such reference, you can read the following blog post). However, as I went late for my dip after attempting photographer duties, I couldn’t experience this. Sniffing around in the air wouldn’t have been of much use either, so I put it off saying it wasn’t meant for me. But the question nagged me on and off – why wasn’t I given that opportunity?

Mohanji after emerging from the first Shahi snan dip in Kumbh mela, Nashik 2015

When we finished the Kumbh Mela trip, we stopped at Ganeshpuri, on our way back to Mumbai, to visit Bhagwan Nityananda’s samadhi shrine. While the rest of the group went ahead to Bhagwan Nityananda’s samadhi and Kailash Bhavan, Mohanji stayed back at the Nath mandir (temple) with Vasudevan Swami. Kailash Bhavan is the house where Bhagwan Nityananda (aka Bade Baba) lived. So usually a visit to Kailash Bhavan involves stops at the various places where Bade Baba used to sit and sleep – his armchair, his place of rest near the staircase, his bathtub and so on. The devotee gets an opportunity to touch and feel the objects that were hallowed by the touch of Bade Baba. The trust maintains this place wonderfully and with the surfeit of photographs, one can literally feel Baba’s presence in the place.

Mohanji and Vasudevan Swami. The altar holds padukas blessed by Bhagwan Nityananda Himself

Opposite the bathtub area, there is a small room where Baba used to sleep. This is usually closed but one can see inside through the slats on the door. As usual, we stopped outside this room and put our head against the door to pray. As soon as I touched the door, I felt my head spinning and a kind of magnetic feeling as if my head was stuck to the door. At the same time, I could feel a strong scent of vibhuthi (sacred ash) and chandan (sandalwood) emanating from inside. I took my head out and tried again and the same thing happened. A few others around us felt the exact same way and we guessed that Mohanji was visiting Bade Baba. Each of us sought confirmation from the other that they felt it too – you see we need so much validation to believe something unexplainable like this, as there was clearly no physical object in that room that was giving out this fragrance, and the door was not metal, neither was my forehead.

We headed back to the Nath mandir (temple) and asked Mohanji if He was indeed visiting. With a twinkle in his eye, He confirmed His presence there and said He didn’t need to physically visit to pay His respects to Baba. He also added that there were a few Masters there, which would explain the strong energy felt by all of us at that door. So now I knew first hand that Masters can sometimes be felt through their fragrance, and that Mohanji’s trademark fragrance was chandan and/or vibhuthi!

Mohanji in the Nath Mandir, Vajreshwari. Seen talking to our group and with Vasudevan Swami in the background

In December 2016, a group of us folks was with Mohanji in Chennai to mark the Jayanthi (birthday) of Baba Ganeshananda Giri – a great saint and disciple of Sai Baba. Babaji had attained mahasamadhi (a saint’s conscious exit from the body) earlier in the year after initiating a grand Sai Baba temple project in Sriperumbudur. He and Mohanji shared a special bond though their first meeting happened only in December 2015 – a mere 4-5 months before Babaji attained mahasamadhi. Babaji’s birthday fell on December 19th. To mark the occasion, a special book – The Boy who walked with Sai Baba – was being released. This book commemorated Babaji’s life with testimonials from various devotees across India.

Natesh singing Om Shree Sai Sharanam Mama
Natesh offering the chant “Om Shri Sai Sharanam Mama” to Babaji’s samadhi

Mohanji was visiting Chennai to release this book and to spend time guiding the trust up by Babaji. On December 18th, once the books arrived in Chennai, we visited Babaji’s samadhi in Sriperumbudur (located at the same site as the temple) to offer our respects and offer the first book to Babaji at his samadhi. We reached the site and first visited Babaji’s kutir (cottage) where he stayed. Then we walked over to his samadhi (final resting spot) and Mohanji offered the book and prayed there. Earlier, Mohanji had asked Natesh Ramsell (a gifted singer from the US who specialises in kirtans) to compose a chant using Babaji’s favourite mantra “Om Sri Sai Sharanam Mama”. Mohanji asked Natesh to offer the chant at Baba’s samadhi.

Books placed at Baba's feet on samadhi
Books and invitation card offered at Baba’s feet on Baba Ganeshananda Giri’s Samadhi

Natesh began singing this chant at the samadhi as all of us stood and absorbed the moment. A group of cows walked over to our location, watched the show and proceeded to walk away in a single line once Natesh finished his song. After this, we performed aarati there and began to leave. On our way out, I decided to do one more pradakshina (circumambulation) of the samadhi. As I was walking near the samadhi, I felt an overpowering fragrance of roses. When the Samadhi for Babaji was being laid out following his mahasamadhi, the procedures required a copper wire to be brought from inside the Samadhi to the top – this was to preserve a direct energetic connection with the saint inhabiting the Samadhi now. This fragrance was felt at the precise spot where the copper wire was protruding out from the Samadhi. Whats more, I could recognise this specific fragrance.

During Babaji’s samadhi ceremony, as part of the ritual preparations before lowering his physical body into the samadhi, I had been blessed to be part of a group that mixed rose essence with special herbs and vibhuti – this was then used to sanctify and fill up the space around Babaji in the “container”. The “container” was then encased in concrete and there is no way that the fragrance could emanate from within the samadhi. Yet, eight months later, the exact same fragrance was being felt by our group at Babaji’s samadhi! Soon, each member of the group came there and felt the intense fragrance at the same spot. As a mark of respect to Babaji, I had done a pradakshina (circumambulation) on our way into the place, and I was sure that the fragrance didn’t exist then. Further, this lasted only for a few minutes and then began to fade away. This could only mean that Babaji was acknowledging the gift of his book and the chant and was blessing us in approval. So here was another confirmation that fragrances appear as signals and markers, if only one is open to recognizing the possibility.

The copper wire marks the spot where fragrance emanated from.JPG
Mohanji offering the book at the samadhi; the copper wire marks the spot where the fragrance was felt

This year, Mahashivratri fell on Feb 24, 2017. This was a day after Mohanji’s birthday and also when the Advanced retreat in Serbia was due to start. I had contemplated going to this retreat but had to drop the idea due to schedule conflicts. Mahashivratri is considered to be an extremely auspicious day for spiritual progress and staying awake through the night with the spine upright is extremely valuable. I was determined to follow this for as long as I could. After a full day’s work, I finally sat down to meditate at around 11pm, starting with listening to Mohanji’s recitation of the Shiva Kavacham.

Earlier that day, I had this urge to begin reading the Sai Satcharitra, so I proceeded to do that soon after the Shiva Kavacham, and then moved onto chanting. Somewhere through this phase, I began to feel the familiar fragrance of sandalwood all around our pooja room. I looked around to see if any incense sticks had been lit but didn’t spot anything; besides it was well past 1am. I continued chanting now aware of the strong fragrance that stayed all through that period. I was up till about 2am, and possibly drifted in to sleep a few times in the middle. I remember looking at the picture of Mohanji in our altar and asking “Are you really here?” and thinking “Is He really smiling? Or am I just dreaming?”

A view of our altar; the sandalwood fragrance engulfed the entire pooja room

I was convinced that Mohanji had visited our pooja room on Mahashivratri – I couldn’t go to the retreat, so He decided to visit us. How cool (and amazing) is that? I was also more willing to trust the experience of fragrance since I had been through this before just a couple of months ago in Chennai. Yet, just to be extra extra sure, I wrote to Mohanji a week or so later about this and He said “I am sandalwood, though I am sometimes celestial floral fragrance. I use options :-)” He also said that several people had experienced this but many dismissed it as imagination to their own loss.

I am sharing this experience more to tell my own self that these experiences were all real. As Mohanji always advises us, the primary audience for one’s experience sharing is our own self – a reminder to the mind that we didn’t imagine it all. Besides, when we share this with a wider group, it may help several others connect their own experiences and strengthen their faith.

As Mohanji once explained in his typical eloquence, grace is like sunshine – always available to all with no differentiation for any being. Whereas doubts are like clouds – they obscure this sunshine; the presence of clouds doesn’t make the sunshine go away neither can it call the sunshine into question, it only makes it harder for us to feel it. Our job as seekers is to just go past the doubts and focus on the sunshine. Our experiences are just a means for us to realize this critical difference and understand that the Guru’s grace is always shining on us, whether we recognise it or not!

I humbly offer this write up at Brahmarishi Mohanji’s lotus feet and pray that my faith and resolve is strengthened by each passing day.


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Fiery Days at Andrevlje – Serbian retreat 2016

Experiences of Participants at Andrevlje, 13-18th May 2016

Recorded and transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic


Mohanji on Andrevlje (68)a 1920x1300

“Whatever is real is never lost


Various participants asked Mohanji questions and related their experiences during the retreat at Andrevlje in May 2016. These have been recorded and transcribed faithfully by Biljana. They provide a glimpse of the tremendous depth and intensity of the experiences that participants underwent as well as the clarity, wisdom and patience with which Mohanji answered each question. We trust you will read and be inspired.

Note: Some participants’ names have been kept anonymous as per their wishes.

1 candle
Keep the flame of inner yearning for liberation burning



I’m simply stunned by this meditation we have just had. I don’t know if I can properly explain it, but when my mind is turned outward by default, I would just connect to you, visualize you and go inwards. What I tried to do it this time I just tried to Be (just let it be as a witness of mind) instead of always trying to chase after something and I had a much better result during the meditation. What I have and sometimes what I get is that I am aware of my body; I get sensations which are sometimes unpleasant, in contact with people or with my thoughts. I talked to some people and they suggested that I give love to them, nurture them and today, during the meditation, when you said to hug, I tried to caress parts of my body. This time it wasn’t like a washing machine, it was more like a turbo lift.

(laughter in the audience)

Because my head kind of exploded…

I think “I” was finished 🙂

2 When you stir the dirt at the bottom, water is upset and gets muddy, let it all go away leaving the water pure
When you stir the dirt at the bottom, water is upset and gets muddy, take it all oout, let it all go away leaving the water pure


P: My experience is that I am so much aware when I see anything, a personal thing, etc. I have a thought such as, “Oh, she is cute… I like her shirt. He is getting on my nerves. He is fake”… And I am thinking, “Well, I would like to experience when people don’t have those thoughts, when you just meet someone and experience, well, I sometimes have it. However, now I am aware how much I am constantly judgmental. First I think something not very nice and then I find something nice, but that doesn’t count. I know that doesn’t count…”


I would like to work on myself so that like that I have different experience that I don’t have constant comments in my brain and would like to know if there are people on this earth who have different experiences. For example, oh, what a nice white shirt, ha ha.

M: Appreciation is different. Appreciation is good, “She is nice, she is fine” However, when we are judgmental, that’s a different thing.

P: So it isn’t a judgement when we say, “Oh, he looks good in green”

M: No. It is appreciation, It is good.

P: And if he is wearing a shirt that he likes but I don’t like it, it is not good?

M: You are not wearing it, right? As a matter of fact, you have nothing to do with it. If you want to comment in a non-judgmental way, with love, it should pass without a problem. Being intrusive will cause friction and eventual alienation.


P: For example, that is judgement, right?

M: Yes, that is judgement. See, everybody has their choices. All the people wear what they like to wear, they have preferences. So, it isn’t actually our job to say anything about that. Someone may have a similar opinion about our dress style as well.

P: I know that. That is the reason why I am asking myself why I am having comments like that.

M: That’s a program. The mind is programmed to judge.

P: It is not a nice experience. So you are telling me when we think nicely, it isn’t judgement. Do you ever have those thoughts, “I don’t ever like what this person is saying?“

M: It is prejudice. These are all different things.

P: I would like not to be prejudiced.

M: We have quite a lot of prejudices in our system and a lot of judgmental attitudes. These two are detrimental to our progress. When you judge somebody, the world will judge you too. It’s a vicious cycle which we have created. So it is good to appreciate, “Oh you have done well,” and in a positive way, you can nudge someone to do better.

P: How to stop being judgmental? What is the practice that we should do?

M: Just be aware of what you are talking. When you are aware of yourself being judgemental, immediately the words will stop. Most of all, talk only when essential. Embrace the beauty of inner silence as much as you could.

P: Now I am aware that I am on a good path. Thank you.

3 Precious energising technique of Conscious walking
Precious energising technique of Conscious walking


Olivera Miskic

Photo session (169)
Sisters Milica and Olivera shining with bliss and melting in devotion

When I am breathing deeply, especially during Consciousness Kriya, I have noticed that I am quite aware of the right side of my aura or whatever it is. It took me some time to realize that the left part is somehow dark or that I am not quite aware of this. Then, during breathing, I … started to lighten this part. That is my experience, and every time I meditate with deep breathing, especially in Consciousness Kriya, I have this experience. That is why I wanted to share it. I also wanted to ask what to do or not to do…?

M: Each person has their experience; there is nothing to do or not to do. Just follow that and flow with it and it will go by itself. As long as you are doing it right, it goes on. Don’t expect the same result to happen twice and also do not expect anything to happen always. Do not analyse it, left side, right side is mind’s game. Mind wants to have answers. Just flow with it.


4 Mohanji in light mood while he patiently listens, still cleansing the participants
Mohanji is patiently listening in light mood, while still cleansing the participants



P: This is my first retreat and I didn’t have any expectation. Actually I have been crying for the last two days and I cannot stop it… but that’s ok.

M: That’s the way it should be. You need to shed all your stored up baggages.

P: I want to say that it is an amazing experience for me and that I am very happy that I met all these people and that I met you. That’s it.

M: I am also happy that you are here. As long as your mind is here, I am happy. 🙂


5 Meditation and chanting
Meditation and chanting


P: It is my first retreat as well and it was really intense for me so far, especially the first day, I even felt sick, but I understood it is a good thing. I was really enjoying the meditations, yet only the part when we were in peace and gratitude, soaking within, my body had some weird agitation, and it just tended to move for no reason. I don’t understand why that happened.

M: That’s because when mind has to be still, it will do everything possible to shake you up. There is a story where a guru told his disciples, “You can think about everything except a black monkey”


So you will only think about the black monkey. There’s no other thought.

P: I only want to say to you I love you.


M: I love you more.


6 Silent lungs meditation made participants be with their hearts fully, lovingly embracing themselves, bringing them to the tears
Silent lungs meditation made participants be with their hearts fully, lovingly embracing themselves, bringing them to the tears


Dubravka Stojkovic

Photo session (38)

P: During the initial days Mohanji always asked whether anybody has aches or pains, noises, etc. I must say that I did not have any such manifestations, though I have come for the second time to the retreat, not the first time. So I asked someone,“Should I have any aches or not? “They said, “We don’t know either. “ So I would like to know whether we who did not have any physical suffering, vomiting, pains, headaches… is it still all right?

M: It is working, you are seasoned. When the effects are of subtler nature, as I worked on a subtler level, it takes time to manifest. For some people it manifests fast, for some slow. It depends on your orientation. It does not mean that you did not experience anything.

7 Open satsang, fully packed with people and Mohanji gave shaktipat to each one afterwards
Open satsang, fully packed with people and Mohanji gave shaktipat to each one afterwards




P: I wanted to say to her, just wait…


I am not here for the first time, and…

M: Nor it will be the last time


P: … For two days I thought it was nice and beautiful, I had just a little headache and that is it, two days more and hurray. I though Mohanji did his job at my previous retreat. However,


today, I am in a washing machine.


P2: Welcome


P: I did not expect that, but I know that this is a part of the process. Today I feel tired and I just feel like sleeping. Before lunch I thought for me this day is over, and I will see you all tomorrow.


8 Bliss of inner silence
Bliss of inner silence



P: I would like to continue after this ’however,’ that she mentioned. I had hundreds of this ’howevers and buts’. Regarding the fact that I have been in spiritual practices for 15 years, I have been cleansing myself, I changed a few gurus. I thought I have cleansed myself pretty much and there is no more. However now I felt deep experience. Today I was “three in one – with crying, laughing, dancing and madness“I felt now that I had been stuck, I had stopped exercising, walking, and all kinds of good activities I used to do. Attendance of some programs does not mean one works on themseles if I do not apply it in life. I’ve started in the nick of time now and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart as this has brought me back to life.

9 Chanting per each energy center guided by Mohanji
Chanting per each energy center guided by Mohanji



P: This is my fourth retreat. During a retreat I feel great, but after the retreat finishes…eh, then the show starts…

(laughter and applause)

So with this cleansing I do not know, but it seems that I am dirtier than the dirtiest XXX


I have been cleansing for years, but since He touched me last year, everything collapsed. Until I came here, He had removed each and every support in life which I thought I had and could rely on.


However, I feel that peace and serenity, and I do not understand – as if I have settled my life. How is it possible? Settled life, and literally everything fell into the water. That is interesting to me.


M: You lost track and I put you back in the track.

P: During this year I felt all kinds of things. I cannot find an expression, but do not take me wrong, I did not know what to do and I was completely disoriented. Everything fell apart and then the mind says I don’t know.  I have lived with that mind for years and experienced all kinds of things, and suddenly I need to throw it away, so it started rebelling in various ways: first that I have fear of Mohanji, then I communicated with Him and the fear disappeared. Then I had doubts, as if somebody was telling me, “Don’t you see what he is doing to you!


He is taking everything from you, destroying you….“ Then even that went away. In my occupation, I closed a drugstore. Instead of closing it for 40 days, I cannot close it for six months. Everything fell apart, only my family stayed. He managed to remove all my friends from me


… and after all that I have come here again.


10 Laughing lightly and loudly like small children
Laughing boldly and loudly like small carefree children


M: After all that isn’t there a way of earning for a living that remained? I took away only the fake stuff. They were supposed to go anyway.

P: Well, now everything is clear to me, but it wasn’t clear while I was going through it. I was going through hurricane, and immediately afterwards through an earthquake, tsunami, everything!


M: It has to be because you have been handling these fake stuff for long. Even though you know it is fake you tend to like it and you hold on to it, but it will not take you anywhere. Whatever is real is never lost.

P: Yes, yes, it is clear to me now.

M: Even though there is an expiry of rent and you must move out, how do you still survive with this drugstore? It is still with you. No landlord allows a tenant to stay after the expiry of a contract.

P: Here and there some patient comes.

M: They have thrown you out of it and you survived.

P: Yes.

M: I have given you everything you deserve. I just took away only the fake stuff. You don’t need the fakes. We tend to live with them and we stagnate. Good.


Monika Balenovic

13 Connecting to the soul of another person, respecting and asking for forgiveness
Connecting to the soul of another person, respecting and asking for forgiveness as we may have interacted in past lives

This is my first retreat and I feel that I cannot say thank you enough. I was deeply connected to you months and months ago and I felt that I should come. The moment I saw on Facebook that Mohanji is coming to Serbia “I said, I am going – I know I should be there.” That was a clear intuition that I should come and it’s absolutely brilliant experience and I feel like staying ten days more, ha, ha.


… but ok.

M: Then people from other locations will kill  me if I stay here more.


P: Everything was so wonderful. I didn’t have any sensations at the beginning. I didn’t have any aches or pains and was wondering, “Is everything ok?” Is it something that I didn’t let go? Is it ok if I do not have any sensations?

Yoga (17)
Early morning Yoga

I still didn’t have any bad experience, let’s say. I just feel I don’t need food. I eat because I know I should eat and it is good to be in that restaurant with other people, but I don’t need food. However, I need more sleep.

M: That’s a change at subtler level. Each body will respond as per its orientation. It’s natural.

P: Also, in meditation I constantly feel vibrations in the third eye and root chakra, and I am still struggling with my mind – I cannot keep quiet.

M: All of us are.

P: Thank you.

I would like to share one interesting detail from the last day of the retreat. Personally, I believe it is a message – a message of love. On my tissue, after I had a little nosebleed, I really had what to see:

Message of love




P: When I came here, I had very strange feelings. I could not sleep until 2am… everything was telling me it is not right place for you – you should go from this place. I cannot explain with words that kind of feeling. However, day by day, I started to be myself. Today was really amazing experience. I feel as if I put down 3 tonnes off my shoulders and I feel light like a feather. I don’t know how to thank you.

(to audience) I had a problem with addiction i.e. gambling and drugs and was obsessed with it every night, along with having a family and job. I could not focus on anything else except my obsession. From the moment I met Mohanji, he did something to my lower stomach, only he knows what, I feel as if I have never been addicted to anything in my life. I feel very pure, clean. It’s an amazing experience for me! I don’t know how he does it, but he just does it.



Adriana Jovovic

Photo session (82)

P: I am not here for the first time. I was happy because I did dot have any pain until this morning. I had such a contraction in my stomach region. Today during the shaktipat, it stopped. Thank you so much. However, before I came here, I could vouch for myself that I loved myself always saying, “You love yourself.” Today, after meditation and practices we did, chanting, etc. for the first time I felt pure love for myself. It stayed for about a few second, never mind, but for the first time I know WHERE I should go and what feeling to achieve. Thank you so much! There are no words to express this, but we are lucky that you can see our heart on top of everything.


Milos Pavlovic


I’ve been with Mohanji for two years and I attended many retreats, each of which was very special for me. This is the first one where I came with full faith and surrender and of course, without any expectations. I can say that for the first time I really felt emptiness which is very, very powerful and whoever felt it knows what I am talking about and while the music was on and while we were all dancing, I simply needed to remain in that peace so I just stood and enjoyed it. Because my mind tortures me, like everybody’s does, e.g. my past which is not so important, but there were a lot of stress and ugly scenes, etc. It is not important now, it has all catapulted me where I am today, and that’s why I am here. However I just wanted to enjoy it. It is a fantastic feeling and I am more than grateful to our Master and we are all really blessed as he came into our lives.

Yesterday I told him privately and now I want to share with you all, I simply cannot describe how happy I am to serve him, he trusts me and gives me a chance, together with some people of course, to organize retreats and various programs in the future. As I am happy, I am sad as well, because I cannot show him how humble I am in front of him, and how much I love him. Because he gave me an opportunity to be with him, talk to him, share ideas with him and simply… that is that speechless side that I cannot express… I am so humble before our Father and I love him so much, I’ll do everything for him, and that is it.

18 Announcing the opening of Mohanji Foundation Serbia
Announcing the opening of Mohanji Foundation Serbia

And it is so sweet to me when Mohanji speaks Serbian, it reminds me of myself when I speak English.



Dejan Jovanovic

CW (27)

P: To me, it is maybe most interesting to see, as we are deeply connected, how it will work in your physical presence, we have never physically interacted, and I thought there may be a big gap. So now it is interesting to me to see how it will be working.

Thank you for everything, I cannot express enough love I feel and how much you deserve.

19 heart is the track markation called 'the path of health' on fruska gora, through love to overall wellbeing and liberation

Jai Mohanji!

In The Eyes Of The Storm: Mohanji’s Visit To Balkan (2016) – Part 2

Written by Mohanji (Serbia) Team

Mohanji’s recent visit to the Balkans was a truly memorable one for many people. This time those who have known Mohanji for some years clearly felt a difference, a kind of intensity, in his overall presence.

Devi Mohan said, “I’ve had the privilege of knowing Mohanji and being in his close proximity as a spiritual devotee and a wife since January 2007, I must say that I’ve not witnessed this kind of intensity in Mohanji ever before. Intense activity was usually coupled with short periods of some rest.

1 Mohanji and Devi
Devi and Mohanji – connection beyond the boundaries of life and death


But this time, there was ceaseless activity throughout – an intense schedule of back-to-back programs during the day with no rest whatsoever and intense activity in the higher planes during his sleep. (I used to observe him sleep. He had his distinct style. His breath pattern used to tell me where he worked – a mix of sleep and ‘work’ on subtler planes, the latter being distinguishable by a different pattern of breathing, softer and hardly audible. His breath was often not even audible and chest would become so quiet as if he was not on earth. This time, his whole sleep was like this and would last just a few hours. As soon as he was on bed, he would leave and the body and breath were totally silent until he woke up). In other words, it didn’t take much time to notice that Mohanji had ‘shifted gears or shifted planes of existence from earth and beyond’.”

The Blissful 5 Days with Mohanji at the Bosnian Pyramids

Following the retreat at Andrevlje (Serbia), we continued on to Bosnia to visit the Bosnian Pyramids, the world’s oldest step pyramids and a spiritual powerhouse. Interestingly enough, the weather in Bosnia before we arrived was 15 days of non-stop rain. It was sunshine while we were there. Rain started again after we left. Sunshine happened only for us! Mohanji took care of everything… The first day after arriving at Bosnia, we were sitting together with the tour guide Ajdin who spoke about the heavy downpour of the previous 15 days and the forecast of similar weather for another week which threatened a total washout of our programs.

2 Bosnian pyramids - Ajdin
Our lovely guide Ajdin explaining the energy of the underground tunnel Ravne


Mohanji casually stated “Weather will not be a problem. Don’t worry.” All of us present looked at him in disbelief. What is he saying? How can he overrule the official weather forecast? But, exactly that happened. Bright sunshine greeted us the following morning and the rain never bothered us until we left. While we were leaving the rain came back. It was nothing short of a miracle and all of us witnessed the power of this casual statement of his.

The bliss of the experiences that we had in the energies of the pyramids and Mohanji is indescribable.

3 Bosnian pyramids
The stunning Bosnian pyramids


We were also blessed by the presence of Jan Esmann from Denmark, a Master of his own right, who wanted to join us ‘incognito’ and participate in Mohanji’s program. It was pure Grace to witness the love and mutual respect that Jan and Mohanji shared. For the first time ever we experienced a Shaktipat from Jan and Shaktipat from Mohanji one after the other. It was like a powerful blessing of Devi and Shiva one right after the other – an unforgettable experience.

4 Shaktipat
The bliss of double Shaktipat – from Jan Esmann and Mohanji, with Natesh melting us with his kirtans

There were many new people who had never even heard of Mohanji before and he thus had to work even more hard to first make them receptive and then help them release deeply stored pent up emotions and traumas. It all worked out so beautifully in the end of the program and the transformation in people was more than evident.

One could write a book about our experiences in the underground tunnel Ravne, pyramid of Moon and pyramid of Sun, which were especially intense. Sudeshna gave a beautiful description of many of our experiences in Bosnia in her blog: The Bosnian Retreat

Huge transformations happened to many people on top of the pyramid of Moon when Mohanji took us through an impromptu pranayam plus chant and it all hit straight at the heart, throat and stomach chakras which immediately started releasing the stored blockages. It was an amazing day on top of the feminine, motherly pyramid of the Moon. Mohanji’s intensity and the participants’ willingness worked miracles.

5 group photo on Pyramid of the Moon
Smiles after the intense processes on top of the pyramid of Moon


Dr. Osmanagic also came to spend time with Mohanji. He talked at length with all of us as the founder and the visionary of this project. Mohanji also explained his understanding about some of the new findings and artifacts and explained their relevance.

6 Mohanji and dr Semir osmanagic
Inner radiance – Mohanji and Dr. Osmanagich


We went up the pyramids of Sun and Moon and experienced various energies which worked as powerful healing to most of us. We spent a lot of time each day inside the healing chambers of tunnel Ravne as well. The vegan food (which definitely is not common in Bosnia) was another experience.

Five blissful days in Macedonia



After Bosnia, Mohanji and Devi continued their journey to Macedonia. A Kriya initiation followed by a two-day program in Stip and two Satsangs on the last two days, interspersed with many private consultations and a visit to a beautiful monastery Lesnovo, marked the trip to Macedonia.

The blissful group at the end of the two-day program in Stip, Macedonia

8 satsang, cleansing in Stip, Macedonia
Cleansing during the 2-day program in Stip, Macedonia


Ana organised a radio interview with Mohanji with Zoran being the translator. After the program Zoran told Mohanji: “Mohanji, you are a teenager. Your energy is unbelievable.”

9 Mohanji - radio interview in Skopje
Mohanji in the jovial mood during radio interview in Skoplje


Mohanji gave new names to Zoran and Ana as per their request. They are Mohana Hanumatananda and Mohana Shanti Priya respectively.

Two interesting moments from Macedonia deserve to be highlighted.

One was the unique flavor of Shaktipat that Mohanji gave at the very end of the program in Stip. It was much more soft and loving than usual and he looked very different.

10 Mohanji changed before our eyes
Mohanji changed before our eyes


It did not take us much to figure out that it was the energy presence of Jesus Christ that we experienced through Mohanji’s Shaktipat. The experience is too sacred to be expressed in words.

11 Mohanji - Jesus energy
Jesus’s energy presence through Mohanji during Shaktipat in Stip, Macedonia

The Satsang in Skopje after the program in Stip was another memorable experience. Mohanji was extra jovial that day with some of the participants asking complex questions rooted in the deep knowledge of the scriptures. As Mohanji always says, he likes to be challenged. At one point he started talking about various subjects such as higher civilizations, history of human kind in view of the soul connection with the higher civilizations, the technologies with which pyramids like the ones in Bosnia were made, the nature of the waves and how they gain propulsion once in touch with ether etc.

12 Mohanji downloading from Akash
Mohanji downloading from the Akash and sharing most complex knowledge with utmost ease

Djole from Belgrade who joined us in Macedonia commented that he studied Tesla waves and was surprised to hear Mohanji talk about this profoundly complex topic with such unbelievable clarity.

Devi said, “While translating, I was amazed by Mohanji’s knowledge of all these intricate details. I have never heard him speak about this before. I felt so blessed to witness the obvious ‘downloading’ of the higher knowledge which was shared with all of us in such a relaxed manner. Mohanji came up with answers that awed the entire audience. I remembered a moment from my postgraduate studies in USA when I read a sentence from Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi” in which he said that showing off one’s book knowledge is the height of human stupidity. True achievement is in becoming able to tune in and download universal knowledge from the Akashic records, which are like a huge universal library accessible to all. That’s when my studies kind of lost their charm and the ability to tune in and connect with the universal knowledge became one of my secret goals. I hope to achieve that in this life, but being in a position to witness Mohanji doing exactly that at present is a great inspiration and a very big blessing in itself.”

13 Devi blessed to translate
Devi – blessed to translate the words freshly arrived from the higher realms

Nobody really understands his ways – how much he works, where and how he works unless they look within themselves, beyond the obvious and feel the changes that have happened to them before and after meeting Mohanji. Working tirelessly, he always gives to everyone much more than they expect, unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. He always melts at the devotion of people. He is always keen to give anything and everything they pray to him for. He has often been misunderstood and victimized by many but he continues to serve with his evergreen smile and care in his eyes. 


14 Mohanji tuning in before starting with intense cleansing of people
Mohanji tuning in before starting with the intense cleansing of people


Jai Mohanji!

You can read the first part of this series “In The Eye Of The Storm: Balkans (2016) – Part 1 here


In The Eye Of The Storm: Mohanji’s Visit To The Balkans (2016) – Part 1

Written by Devi Mohan and the Mohanji (Serbia) team

The intensity and power that Mohanji displayed during his recent visit to the Balkans this year was something we had not seen before. It was as if a storm hit us, a powerful wave that stirred so deep within all those who were open for transformation – it changed our lives forever in the most positive way.

1 Mohanji – the smile of inner stillness, the speed of a storm
Mohanji – the smile of inner stillness, the speed of a storm

Many people came and waited for Mohanji to arrive. The love, commitment and compassion to themselves, Mohanji and the golden path of liberation were very clear. Every moment of Mohanji’s time in the Balkans was utilized one way or the other. We hardly saw him take rest but he never appeared tired. Mohanji attended to all of us with deep warmth and unconditional love without any expectations. He gave himself to us completely.
Mohanji began his Balkans tour as he landed in Belgrade on May 9th, 2016 close to midnight after a very intense travel schedule in South Africa and UK with hardly any sleep. On May 10th 2016, he conducted two superb Satsangs in Pozarevac and Belgrade, which pretty much set the tone for this trip. Two days later he conducted another Satsang in the city of Vrsac, which was received amazingly well even though the city had never seen any Spiritual Master conducting such a program. In the midst of the super tight schedule, the organizers (Andrija and Marija) managed to arrange a TV interview as well:

2 Vrsac - interview in the studio TV Banat

Loving moments after the Satsang with Mohanji in Vrsac at 'Tacka  Susretanja'
Loving moments after the satsang in Vrsac at “Tacka susretanja”

Devi Mohan added: “It all flowed so beautifully. The feeling was ‘just walk and the ground before your feet will form.’ I am deeply humbled by this experience and am still ‘digesting’ all that I witnessed and experienced during Mohanji’s programs in Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia…”

In the following paragraphs Mohanji Serbia team is happy to share with you certain highlights from this visit of Mohanji, i.e. moments that stood out in their beauty and divine intensity.

A Skeptic Finds Her True Calling

One lady (who wishes to remain anonymous) sent us the following testimonial after the mega Satsang in Belgrade: “I had heard and read the name Mohanji many times with curiosity. However, my mind was not yet ready for any master in my life and it kept saying, “What can any teacher do for me?” It was a heavy day in the office and Mohanji’s program was at 7pm. We were told that he may come late because he was coming after a long program from the town of Pozarevac, which is two hours away. So, I was reluctant to go. Mind kept saying ‘go home.’ But, I wanted to see this man. I wanted to know what he had got to offer.
Somehow, my feet took me to the hall. By the time I arrived, the hall was almost full. I was ushered in and soon I heard that there was no more space and people were being sent away. It intrigued me. Why were so many people coming to see Mohanji? He is a married man with a child and how is he different from us? I asked this question to an elder lady sitting next to me. She said, “His very presence is powerful and transformative. He heals. He is honest and unconventional. He is real.” Again my mind told me I am chasing rainbows and wasting my time. I was becoming impatient. Then, suddenly, he arrived!

3 His entry had the power of 1000 people entering the room together a
His entry had the power of 1000 people entering the room together.


He walked in quickly and I felt he was gliding as if he had no feet. I was meeting him for the first time, yet I felt as if I had known him forever. His arrival made such an impact in the hall as if 1000 people had entered the room together. I had never felt something equal or even comparable to such force or energy ever in my life! He is indeed very powerful. A strange and curious fragrance filled the room. A kind of sandalwood smell! Was this his body fragrance or the perfume that he was wearing? He stood there on stage, looked at all of us, did Namaste and sat down. He started talking. His wife was with him – a beautiful Serbian woman called Devi who translated effortlessly whatever he spoke. He was energetic and humorous. My body started changing in his presence. First, I felt I had no legs. My whole body felt like melting. The lady next to me said, “His presence will melt us from inside. Do you feel it?”

4 His presence will melt us from inside - do you feel it
“His presence will melt us from inside. Do you feel it?”

I could not speak and just nodded. I was feeling as if Mohanji was talking inside me. He was not outside.
Mohanji answered many questions that evening. He displayed only energy and presence with no fatigue or jet lag. I felt as if I could spend my whole life with such a powerhouse. He hardly felt to me as a human being. He made the whole room burst with laughter. Even I laughed. But, I never felt myself. I was gone.



A deep urge rose in me to hug him. “I must hug him and hold him in my arms at least for a moment.” It seemed impossible. Just then, one woman in the front row who was crying out of joy asked Mohanji, “May I hug you?” Mohanji replied with a smile “No problem. After the talk…” WOW, I thought. “This must be magic if not a miracle.” How all our deepest desires get fulfilled in the presence of Mohanji! He cannot be human. I understood the reason for my soul bringing me here against my mind’s objections.
The talk ended and I saw a queue getting formed in front of Mohanji in no time. He got up and came down the stage. He started hugging people. I thought it was already very late. When will he complete hugging all of us? And I felt that those who were hugging him did not want to leave him and were clinging on to him. The queue was slowly moving. Mohanji was also moving towards the door.

6 Mohanji gifting people precious moments of personal interaction
Mohanji gifting people precious moments of personal interaction after the Satsang

Finally, he came to me. The moment I saw him up close and personal, tears flowed from my eyes. He hugged me as gently as a flower. So soft and motherly! A strange thing happened to me. My whole body melted except where his arms touched me. It felt as if there were no other parts of the body, everything else had vanished. Only that small part of the body remained where his hands held me, just to remind me that I was alive on earth! A million dollars cannot buy that experience. I felt overwhelming joy and freedom sprouting from inside i.e. A fountain of happiness. This man is extraordinary. I am willing to give my life to him. I told him, “I am willing to die for you and your mission on earth, oh GOD.” He said, “Why die? Live. Live for the world. Live to spread love. The universe is me. Serve the universe unconditionally.” He left me and I still felt him the whole night and the following day. I realized that I had found my “Home.” The effect was that I gave up on animal products and embraced unconditional love. Now I only see, feel and live Mohanji. I am Mohanji. Only He exists. He hugged everyone who waited for him that evening, and then sat down to sign the books, photos and bless the pendants. He had no fatigue. He is something else… What more can I say?”

7 Mohanji taking time to sign each Power of Purity book with love
Mohanji taking time to sign each Power of Purity book with love


Surreal Moments From Andrevlje, Fruska Gora, Serbia


The merry group at the Retreat in Andrevlje, Fruška Gora, Serbia in May 2016
Fruška Gora is a beautiful mountain in north Srem, Serbia with a small part of its western side overlapping the territory of Croatia.

The merry group at the Retreat in Andrevlje, Fruška Gora, Serbia in May 2016

The Retreat in Andrevlje, a famous hiking area, on the slopes of Fruška Gora, had a special flavor this year. The beginning looked like a slow and calm opening as Mohanji kind of slow-pedaled perhaps due to many new participants. He displayed silence and calm. By the second day, he started to intensify. Many people could be seen struggling, but shedding their emotional weight rapidly. We could not find a pattern and there was absolute unpredictability. However, the highlight was spontaneity. Everything flowed smoothly and even the hardest and most difficult rocks of blockages melted. The processes that Mohanji used had the effect of opening the chakras and releasing a big load of stored emotions which made people experience causeless joy and relief, as well as grief leaving their system. By the third day, it was sheer fire and felt like a huge internal software change had been done.

9 People kept coming and coming
People kept coming and coming… Even though squeezed in to the maximum, nobody seemed to mind

The Satsang on Sunday, the third day of the Retreat, was open to all and attracted so many people from across Serbia that they were barely able to fit into the hall. People sat wherever possible and also outside the hall in the corridor. Mohanji spoke with a lot of clarity and love which transformed people before our very eyes.
In the midst of the Retreat, a TV crew from Serbia’s main TV channel (Prva TV) interviewed Mohanji and Devi and conveyed a beautiful atmosphere of Andrevlje during Conscious Walking, Yoga and meditation. The video can be viewed here:

TV Prva – Duhovni učitelj

10 becoming child again in the energy of a master
Becoming child again in the energy field of the Master

The processes within people who attended the Retreat were intensifying. On the 4th day something amazing happened…

The Three Eyes of Shiva – Cleansing Through the Agni (Fire)

Since ancient times in India, Shiva’s eyes and third eye have been described as “Surya Soma Agni Lochana” – Surya is Sun, Soma is Moon, Agni is the fire from Shiva’s third eye. We have been blessed to experience this effect from Mohanji during the Retreat in Andrevlje…

11 Shiva burning the demon
Shiva burning the demon through his third eye (image sourced from the net)

While Mohanji was busy with his standard ‘one-on-one’ sessions (brief private consultations with the Master during the Retreat), he asked Devi to conduct a spontaneous experience sharing session in another room. All the program participants gathered and the atmosphere of spiritual intimacy and love was palpable. Many opened up for the first time and spoke about their innermost experiences held deep within as a heavy weight for many years. We saw clear signs of melting and cleansing from age-old hidden impressions, emotions, trauma and fears. Mohanji had done his job of triggering a release of the baggage of hidden blockages. Tears of cleansing, release and gratitude kept coming. One lady confessed before her son that she intended to commit suicide at one point in her life but didn’t do it. That was something she never told anyone before and felt this was the time to share it. Similarly, other people agreed to come forward, stand before the group and share… This took more time than planned. After completing the quota of ‘one-on-one’ for the day, Mohanji walked in with quick steps and the usual intensity and determination on his face. He requested that we continue even though the sharing was in Serbian. He sat in his chair and observed everybody in silence while we immersed ourselves in the experience sharing. He was happy to sit among us and do his ‘invisible’ work.

12 Mohanji on Andrevlje - eyes that convey all there is to be said
Mohanji in Andrevlje – eyes that convey all there is to be said

We therefore continued and at one point heard him saying in a very stern and loud manner: “Move, move!” We didn’t quite understand who was supposed to move and where, but could only notice that he was looking in the direction of Natasa Haska. She used to sit in the back row and stay away from Mohanji. This time, she chose to sit in the second row. Mohanji saw something hidden in her (which was something that happened to her during challenging times of her life when she had to deal with the loss of her daughter, cancer, and many other severe tests of life) and as Mohanji revealed to us later, these negativities were challenging and provoking him while she was looking at him with anger in her eyes. This was Natasa’s second Retreat with Mohanji and this was the moment when she was finally ready to release them. At one point he looked at her with such intensity that fire came through his third eye straight into the negativities, forcing them to leave Natasa’s energy field and go into the White Light.

13 photo taken after Mohanjis Shiva experience in 2008
Mohanji did not move from his chair. He just kept staring at her. He asked the people in the front row to move aside and also Dusan who sat behind her to move off the line of his eyes. The people in the front moved. Dusan said he could not.

14 Paining of Mohanji and Shiva by Palak Mehta
Painting of Mohanji and Shiva by Palak Mehta


This is how Natasa described her experience:
“After my daughter’s death in 2009 and cancer in 2013 I knew it was time to change everything in my life.

15 Natasa in the top right corner
Natasa (in the top right corner) during cleansing processes in Andrevlje – always stern and serious…

I started attending Yoga classes and observing everything in life from a different perspective. As I continued practicing Yoga I noticed that different, more positive people came into my life. Through them I came to know about Mohanji’s Retreat. I attended the first Retreat in May 2015 with an expectation that I will be practicing Yoga, possibly change my sleeping pattern and with it my lifestyle, change my diet and hopefully stop smoking.

16 Morning yoga on Andrevlje
Morning Yoga during Retreat in Andrevlje – breathe through the pain with a smile…

After first two days of the Retreat I felt unseen anger and frustration coming out from within. I thought that I entered some sort of a sect or a group of lunatics. When I saw Devi Mohan with her flower in the hair, I felt like ripping it from her hair – the anger within me just exploded. I did not express anything verbally but my eyes would have expressed it. Still, I somehow pulled on and stayed till the end of the Retreat. I felt some sort of relief and went for the weekend trip to Bosnian pyramids as well.
Don’t ask me how and why I applied for the Retreat this year. I came with a hope of gaining some clarity about what was going on within me, but overall I was in a bad mental condition. With each day of the Retreat my condition was getting worse. A part of me wanted to run away from there but my intuition was saying that I should stay. After the one-on-one with Mohanji I sank completely. Among other things, he told me that I kept playing a victim, that I closed myself into a shell and that I was being repulsive towards people. That hit me hard. However, he ended with: “You take one step and I will take 10 steps for you.” That stayed with me. On the 4th day of the Retreat something indescribable happened, something that destroyed all my doubts in Mohanji, his powers and this entire story.

17 We did it - Natasa smiling
“We did it!” smile of Natasa – with Mohanji and her friend Ivana after all is over

During experience sharing that day I shared the pain of my life with other people and thought that I would be able to speak about it in a cool, emotion-free way that is typical of me. However, when I started talking the tears started gushing from my eyes, I was suffocating in my snot and for the first time in four days I started feeling hot. I kept sweating. When I finished talking I could not understand why this was happening and what I even said. After my speech Mohanji appeared in the room, sat on his little stage and as we continued with experience sharing he started looking in my direction. He fixated his eyes on me and I fixated mine on him. Something like fire was coming from his eyes towards me. It was then that I suddenly started to cough and felt as if I was about to vomit. I felt that something was coming out through my mouth. Some energy invisible to me moved out from my body, the time stopped completely and I could see nothing and no one, only my eyes and His eyes. When all of that ended, all I felt was a pleasant emptiness and relief. The pain that I always had in my chest was gone. At that moment I did not know what He had done (I came to know about the removal of the entities within me later on), but in that moment I knew that he had destroyed all my doubts and indeed made those 10 steps for me… The next day I woke up totally relaxed and happy, something that I haven’t felt in many years. I was weight-free and no longer had any doubts in Mohanji’s powers. What can I say…? All that remains is deep gratitude.“

While Mohanji was staring at Natasa, we continued sharing experiences since Mohanji had asked us to continue. But those people who were seated near Mohanji and near Natasa could feel sudden rise in temperature as if there is fire in the room. Since Mohanji operates silently and subtly, we never knew what exactly he was doing. He did such heavy cleansing to all the participants, rapidly and quietly. He was working hard when with us and also when alone. Many people felt his presence in the room, either delivering energy to ward off their headaches due to cleansing or other sensations of the body when stored negativities leave the body. Every individual was attended to.
All Retreat participants were so happy for Natasa. Devi took the flower from her hair and put it on Natasa, as a symbolical crown of her transformation. Natasa indeed looked so different and her inner beauty was shining forth.

18 A different smiling - Natasa with flower in hair
A different smiling Natasa, with the white flower gifted by Devi

During this intense experience, the person who sat behind Natasa and was supposed to move (but didn’t) was Dusan S., who happened to be sitting right behind Natasa and the “flame” of Shiva’s third eye hit him head on. He could witness it completely and he did not know that Mohanji was focusing on Natasa and not him. He could not bear the heat. While Natasa was rather quiet and hardly released any sound except the cough, it was Dusan who started releasing the strangest of sounds very loudly. He could not withstand the energy and was about to collapse. Mohanji signaled that we continue with experience sharing but at one point we couldn’t ignore Dusan – he was breathing heavily, crying profusely, he fell down from his chair and to the ground, then stuttering somehow came to the stage where Mohanji sat, bowing down in a sort of delirium, holding his feet and crying profusely. It was as dramatic as it could be. Once he gathered himself we asked him to explain what happened. All that he could tell us at that moment was that he suddenly saw nothing but Mohanji’s eyes and his third eye with utmost intensity, while everything else simply disappeared.

19 Surya soma agni
Surya Soma Agni Lochana Shiva’s third eye is fire!

He thought his heart would explode and that he would just disappear in this intense energy. He could not feel his feet and when he got up from the chair he fell on the floor. He also felt immensely cleansed from tons of backlog. Here’s how Dusan described the experience:
Mohanji’s Eyes Changed My Life

On a lighter side, we also sang, danced and celebrated a birthday as well during this hectic one week. It had everything we could possibly ask for.

Bhajans, kirtans, dancing and fun – all blended perfectly with the cleansing processes

All the people who came transformed for good. They went home lighter and grateful.

21 Devi blessed to translate words coming from higher realms
Devi – blessed to translate the words freshly arrived from the higher realms

Mohanji always tells us how the Higher purpose drives him and that the same has been the case with all the Masters in the past. We saw that clearly this time – this kind of tempo could not have been maintained by anyone who functions within typical human boundaries. It is so beautiful to have Mohanji around us as a living proof that this kind of purity, intensity, selflessness and dedication is indeed possible and achievable to all of us.

22 Mohanji - driven by purpose
Mohanji – driven by the purpose

The storm passed us and left expanded hearts and inner transformation. Mohanji Serbia team is forever indebted to Mohanji for all the blessings that he bestowed upon us. We eagerly await his return to Serbia, for which the new Mohanji Foundation Serbia team is already preparing.

Mohanji Serbia team during last meeting with Mohanji at Datta Tapovan prior to his departure

….To be continued

Jai Mohanji!

The Bosnian Retreat

Written by Sudeshna Saha (India), May 20-25, 2016



How did Mohanji happen to me?

Please bear with the foreground.

The year 2015 was a very restless year to start with, as I had to shift from one city in India to  another for the fifth time in 10 years since marriage, which meant packing and unpacking, finding a rented house, locate a good school, sell some old stuff, buy new, bid farewell, find the right packers and movers etc. etc. Although I was now a seasoned player in the art of shifting, but hated the rigor/gruel of settling and unsettling in a city. Finding a seat in a good school in a metropolis like Chennai has always been a nightmare for parents as it means paying huge donations or finding a jack to get you a seat. And I needed TWO seats for my two angels! By God’s grace everything went well and my elder daughter managed to get a seat through a written entrance test in a very reputed school without donations and my second daughter too got through in the sibling quota. But all this at the cost of 6 months of restless nights and anxiety of various hues.

Life seemed perfect to me till I shifted to Chennai, in May 2015. That was the beginning of things to come. I do not know how and why, I was getting sucked by a whirlpool of negative thoughts with aversion to everything around me and most of it was coming out as anger and frustration towards the school, the system of education and performance of my child. Everybody explained to me that she is only in Grade 3 and that it was not so important to score high at this stage of life. But slowly and steadily I was heading towards something more drastic. I could not eat, sleep or even put my thoughts in place. I had not had a wink of sleep for about 2 months, I had even given up food, doing my daily chores, interacting with people, taking phone calls, to the extent that I was a kind of pushed into uttering these words to my husband, ‘I wish to die’. I was thrashed against the wall for having said that and was termed an ‘escapist’.  Frantically, my husband, who is otherwise a very caring person, was now angry, nervous, shaken and dilapidated, decided to fly me to my friend in Mumbai, a healer, who tried all her means to bring me back from the state I was in.

I was aware that, what I was saying and doing was not me but an external entity which had docked inside me and was uttering and making me do things to tarnish the good image people had of me. My soul would cry helplessly but this foreign entity would tell me that I am of no use to my family and that I must cross-over. I was in a living stinking body with some unknown force guiding my movements, thoughts and actions, which made me look like an idiot, who cannot even wash her own body, let alone cook, feed the kids, teach, drive or shop, which I would do so easily and naturally. My body started to stink so much that I would be pushed away by my kids and my husband would ask me to sleep in a different room. I could not feel my children, my husband and no emotions would bother me. My friend would take me to temples where I would be completely restless and would want to run away. Music, Bhajans and any sound was an irritant to me. While my real soul would want to cry but was stifled and no tears would spill out, till one day when I actually tried to kill this physical body and be relieved of all this. But I fortunately failed in doing that too. It was now the turn of medical practitioners to try their hands on me. All they could do was to put me to sleep. I was now given sleeping pills and antidepressants and within two months I was addicted to it. This was a phase wherein I started to cry for every little thing. Without medicines I would be reckless with a shooting pain in my head and I would frantically pop in the pills and go to sleep.

My next door neighbour, Rekha Murali, was a witness to all of this and I would often tell her, “Please help me, I feel somebody is sucking out my happiness”.

Having seen my state of affairs, she had written to Mohanji about me and he had instructed her to give me the “two eyes”. She had pleaded me to keep it in my Puja room and look into them for at least 5 mins a day. I would try, but could not manage more than 30 sec or maximally 60.

Rekha would always mention about POP (Power of Purity ) meditation, a guided 45-minute meditation in Mohanji’s voice, but for some reason or the other, we could not do it. We somehow made it a point to start the new year, Jan 1, 2016 with good vibes by doing the POP. We were successful!!! Though I could not concentrate or hear the instructions properly, it gave me a direction. I followed it up with another 3 sessions alone at home, with headphones and by Jan 10, 2016, a span of 10 days, bridged the gap from addiction to medicine free state. I was relieved of all pain and each POP guided me to show my gratitude to different sets of people, which I generously did. Miracles do happen and Mohanji’s POP did it all!!!

Furthermore, I have been a hypothyroid patient for the past 23 years, but clinically my doctors were unable to relate my situation to it as I currently have much higher levels of TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormones) than what I had at the time when I was insane. Everybody, including me could never imagine such a sudden coming back, to the extent that I, who has never been a confident driver, decides to participate in a Car Rally, supposedly the longest one called “Times Women’s Drive”, an all Women rally, organized by Times of India.

I was definitely giving credit to POP but not the man himself. I had not connected to the physical form of this person, neither did I have any intention to know or see him, given my aversion to the clan of so called “babas”, due to my childhood experiences of them, which my parents had connected to.

As an ode to what POP meditation had done to me, I enrolled for “A day in Mohanji’s consciousness” in Chennai on March 8, 2016, just the next day after I had come back from the car rally. I never spoke to him, although the volunteers asked me if I wanted to talk to him in person. I never took the opportunity which was easily thrown to me. I was just okay being in his presence and absorb, as I really had no words and I knew I could only cry and actually howled throughout the day long session. They asked me to share my experiences which I couldn’t. After receiving my first ever Shaktipat that day, I am TRANSFORMED. I have never, ever felt so confident about myself and each passing day I see people with only LOVE and I am receiving only LOVE!

Satsang during Chennai’s one day program

After this one experience, I am drawn to an unknown land and I who have never travelled out of the country alone, is pulled into this beautiful land of Bosnia and Herzegovina, just to be in the presence of this enigma called –MOHANJI.

Words are too binding to describe the experience, and the feelings too overwhelming to be put across as I am limited by my vocabulary.

Mohanji is ‘humility’ personified – a spiritual leader with a difference. He is first a friend who knows to remove the shackles that inhibit the person from being their true selves. He becomes one among us when it’s fun and play, he is the strict director when it comes to work, a meticulous organizer in terms of implementing the schedules and an intense spiritual guide who just simplifies the whole serious gamut of it, with talks which are so easily digestible and understandable. The best part is, he will make you feel all of it with self-realization through his divine presence while you sleep, eat, talk and do your daily chores. He grows into our conscious and sub-conscious state and tingles every cell of our body into a renewed, rejuvenated being.

About the Bosnian Retreat

When I told friends and relatives that I was going to Bosnia to see the Pyramids, the first reaction was invariably, “Of all places Bosnia!? We did not know there were pyramids in Bosnia at all!!!” I also had not known until Mohanji mentioned it in the Chennai satsang.

A period of four and a half days, was time bound with well-scheduled programmes. Absolutely, “no time wasted”. Food and stay was at its best. The day we reached, it was raining and the weather was gloomy and chill. I did not know what to expect from such retreats, and was somewhat reserved and withdrawn knowing that I was the only Indian from India other than Mohanji. But each member of Team Serbia made things so easy and comfortable, and the first welcome hug from Mohanji made me feel so much at home.

I am not going to say anything about the Pyramids in this testimony, as it is an experience to savour in person. Our guide Ajdin (pronounced as “Audeen”), explained to us about the 38000-year-old architectural phenomenon with great passion, threading in the spiritual aspect so beautifully and explicitly. Mohanji made us experience this phenomenon carrying us to higher realms.

On first day in Bosnia… This heart on heaven shows how much divine is happy with our love.


Miracles on the Pyramid of Sun

Our guide was surprised to see bright sunshine the first day we started with our trek. He said, “It has been raining since the last 15 days and we could hardly believe when Mohanji said that the weather will not be a problem”. We remained blessed with bright sunshine all the days. It drizzled on the last day when we climbed the Pyramid of Sun, but all along we never got wet!!! We could see downpour, with thunder and lightning on hills on either side of the pyramid, while sunshine prevailed on us. Miraculous! We would have frozen had we got wet.

Here is a picture showing Mohanji trying to ward off the clouds.

Mohanji warding off clouds on the Pyramid of Sun

Clouds and rain on hills a
Clouds and rain on the hills


I am lucky to have captured a picture of Biljana Vozerevic (at her request), the Trishul which appeared on her forehead while meditating on top of Pyramid of Sun. This was actually a red tilak ( holy vermilion which Indians put on forhead – on third eye) which was put on her by Jayashree, an Indian girl from London at the hotel in the morning. This picture was clicked around 3pm in the afternoon, after we had come down from the pyramid and Jayashree happened to notice this on the bus. As a reconfirmation, Biljana asked me to notice if it actually looked like a Trishul. And to me it did. Biljana kept the whole thing to herself, as she was laughed at by the people at home, who simply put it down to frowning. But I decided to ask Mohanji and he confirmed it was!!! It means presence or connection with Shiva.

This is what she shared with me in her own words, “This was after I meditated on top of the pyramid of the Sun. I melted and disappeared in love and tears. I did not hear anything around. When I came out of meditation, everybody had left. I ran and ran down to the bus and after a few kilometres, I  met a few people on the way, so luckily, I managed to rejoin the group.”


At the Pyramid of Moon

On the way to the Pyramid of Moon on May 23, 2016, we halted at a base which was so green and beautiful. A girl from London, Agnieszka, sat beside me while I was basking in the natural beauty around and see the mesmerizing beauty ‘Devi’ posing for snaps. She asked me if I wanted to have a photo clicked with Mohanji, to which I agreed quite reluctantly.  She asked for my phone and said, “Come, all are clicking, I shall click for you”. I followed in her direction, without much interest. I am happy and grateful to her for this precious click. Observe these pictures closely.


The Halo moves from the Centre to left, up and to the top of Mohanji’s head.

I had shared this with my Chennai group of Mohanji’s disciples and here are some of their reactions, without their names:

“Is it a Shiva Linga ….  appeared on Mohanji’s throat? This is really a blessing.”

“What is this bluish aura near Mohanji’s chest?”

“Amazing Sudeshna! You are blessed! Is it Shiva’s eye?”

“I see a peacock feather.”

“Such an amazing capture. I see the Shiva Linga and also a subtle rainbow necklace and a semicircular halo on the linga…thank u so very much for sharing your experiences and these amazing photos.”

To me it is Mohanji’s blessing and I can see a halo with some face in the centre which I cannot identify. Also a stream of rainbow running across.

After we reached the top of the Pyramid of Moon, Devi taught us a new breathing technique and Mohanji guided us at each level and at the end of it, there was a huge outburst of emotions in all participants. What a cleansing phenomenon! I could feel the breeze stand still while we breathed and a gush of one directional wind sweeping out all negative emotions and thoughts which were immediately followed by Mohanji’s intermittent instructions “Relaaaaax”.

White clouds-energy portal on the top of the Pyramid of Moon


At the Tumulus

It’s supposedly a spiral energy vortex. When we were climbing we could hear this loud gnawing sound of excavation which was quite annoying and definitely a disturbance for meditation. Surprisingly the sound stopped abruptly when we commenced meditation and they resumed soon after we completed the meditation process. Our guide pointed out the miracle and I blurted, “Did anyone ask them to stop?” Mohanji just smiled and I knew what he meant.

The Power of Shaktipat

The Bosnian retreat was different, as for the first time, we were blessed with two simultaneous Shaktipats by Jan Esmann from Denmark and Mohanji.

Shaktipat from Jan Esmann and Mohanji (1).JPG

Jan interestingly had met Mohanji for the first time, who was, regardless of his intention to be a silent participant, thrown into the limelight by Mohanji. I was given this piece of information by Jan himself as we happened to travel to the airport together.

I also believe that the atmosphere during the Shaktipat turned electrifying with the musical renditions of Natesh Ramsell. What followed was even amazing with strong vibrations of love and faith being passed through intense hugging sessions with all participants.

Blessed are the people who get Shaktipat. Brings in a complete transformation.

Blessed are we to have Mohanji in our lives, who can distantly read our thoughts, feelings and does what needs to be done. All I know is, have faith and the rest is taken care of.


Vote of thanks

I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to Team Serbia for their prompt replies and meticulous arrangements. Though Mohanji felt more needs to be done to improvise, but at the receiver’s end, I saw no flaws. Thanks to Devi and Biljana for their wonderful Yoga lessons; Natesh, for his soulful music at every Yoga Nidra session and at the hour long Shaktipat session.

Thanks to all the participants who were all so cooperative and in tune with each other to make this the most harmonious trip. Each face oozed divinity and true to Mohanji’s preaching that God resides in each one of us, we just need to recognize HIM.

Special thanks to Hana, Mila and Dragan who healed me in different ways. Nikolina who responded to my calls and emails. Agnieszka, for gifting me this wonderful click! Ajdin, our guide for his knowledgeable and spiritual explanations.

We were lucky to have Dr. Semir Osmanagich, the man who discovered and named the Pyramids, explain to us about the history and the power of the pyramids. He seemed to me extremely spiritually evolved by his talks.

With Semir Osmanagic  (2)
Mohanji with dr Semir Osmanagic

Thanks to Hotel “Park” for the comfortable stay.





Sudeshna Saha

Chennai, India

The First Power of Purity Meditation in Ladysmith, S. Africa


Experience during the first Power of Purity Meditation

in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Written by Sholane & Salona Pillay


Mohanji altar

Baba Mohanji made our wishes come true yet again

A few months ago while I was meditating I envisioned my family doing the Power of Purity meditation in the family temple at my grandparents’ home. I felt Mohanji was guiding me through this. I just didn’t know how it would come together as my family didn’t know Mohanji then. I wanted Ladysmith, my hometown to know Mohanji, too. Soon my parents came to the Durban retreat and were very happy meeting the Mohanji family and Mohanji Himself. My sister Salona went to spend some time at home after the retreat and Mohanji blessed her to start the meditations. Yesterday, Salona, my grandparents & parents started the Power of Purity meditation at the temple in Ladysmith.

Salona’s experience

It was such a beautiful experience which we all thoroughly enjoyed. We began by reciting the Shree Ganesha mantra as we always pray to Ganesha first, followed by Mohanji’s Gayathri mantra. Thereafter we humbly invited Him to come and guide us during the meditation. We connected with His eye card for 3 minutes, followed by the Aum & Mmmm meditation and five-speed breathing. I am grateful to Mitesh Bhai for his guidance on this. Thereafter we did the Power of Purity meditation.

During the meditation, I saw Mohanji dressed in white, coming from the lamp. He walked  and helped all of us to sit correctly and comfortably. He then took a seat near a meditating Shiva murthi. Again during the meditation He walked between everyone spreading light and came to sit in the front, between His photo and the big Shiva Lingam. Mohanji then put His hands out and blessed us. White light appeared pouring from them. I also saw the Devas and Devis in the frames and murthis come to life, blessing everyone. At one point I saw Shree Hanuman’s (Kul Deva) massive and strong feet as He walked into the temple. I also saw Mohanji as Shiva.

After the meditation, I opened a page in the Power of Purity book and my mum read the question and answer which was very apt for the day and created waves of change in us. We then played “Govinda Damodar Madhaveti” with our eyes closed. We concluded by doing Mohanji’s Aarti.

My grandfather Nana who is 75 years old and has health issues managed to sit without pain the entire duration, he had so much energy and enjoyed the experience. Nana’s hands were shaking as he felt Mohanji’s light and heat energy healing him. My grandmother Nani saw a light in the shape of Mohanji and Mum saw white light during the meditation. My dad also enjoyed the meditation and breathing although he has the flu.

I am very grateful for this experience and Mohanji’s love, blessings and guidance. Today we have done the meditation within the family but next week we are looking forward to open the meditation to others and officially start the Power of Purity Meditations and Conscious walking in Ladysmith. I had a feeling that Mohanji wanted me to do this, hence He sent me to Ladysmith for a while. I also felt a little scared as to how would I, being a bit of an introvert, do this. But after seeing Mohanji present at the meditation guiding all of us, I have no fears. I am really looking forward to next week.

Reading this from Salona made me feel emotional to know that Mohanji, my Babaji walked through the temple which I grew up in and blessed everyone and will continue to bless more people. He is always with us all.

Jai Mohanji