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By Linda Abrol, Netherlands

Like everyone else, I felt a huge shift in consciousness during the Empowered program. A quickening. Very powerful. Mohanji (Bhaiya) felt so close. As if it was only the two of us. And everyone felt the same, just like in the time of Krishna. Everyone has a unique and direct connection with him and enjoys the deep vibrating voice of pure and practical wisdom. I could have never imagined that this workshop would be so personal while so many people participated.

I couldn’t imagine myself asking a question (too scary), but I did! And it felt great! It might sound childish, but it felt so great that I got emotional and forgot to listen to all aspects of his (Mohanji’s) answer. He recognised me, and that felt wonderful and very familiar! It is divinely childish to rejoice in this, I should say perhaps.

My question was close to my heart and experience. It was about the communication with the divine, the universe or the Master, which we sometimes have in our meditation. Beautiful answers arise from the silence. It is as if this soft and sweet voice comes from a different plane. The words are definitely not arising from thought, for they always surprise me, console me, clarifying difficult issues in unique and simple yet loving ways, always leaving room for choice and contemplation.

I was interested to know if there were any do’s or don’ts regarding sharing them with others to inspire or just for the sake of Satsang or enjoying the presence of the divine. I don’t want my ego to run away with it. Mohanji said not to worry about do’s and don’ts. Just to be me and share. Not to be disappointed if someone wouldn’t understand or appreciate it. In the past, he used to write instead of talk when no one cared to listen, he told me.

Even if one person is inspired by what is written, it was fine, he said. That is what I had told myself when I wrote my first book—what a wonderful confirmation. The last few weeks since I first met Mohanji have been full of assurances. It feels like I am lost and found. I have been with spiritual Masters for the last thirty years, and the implementation of their teachings in my life gave me inner stability and strength. Even when times were rough, I reached a state of equal-mindedness. I felt no hatred towards anyone, and it was always light inside of me.

Some unfinished business must have been there, for life became extremely challenging when I reached middle age. I met with two accidents that cost me five years to rehabilitate in total, and I still have physical challenges (whiplash, continuous pain, chronic inflammations) connected to these accidents. The change in my hormones caused me great trouble. Sensitivity for wifi and other frequencies made my mind run off in all directions, losing focus.

My father passed away, and my mum had Alzheimer’s. We had to clear and sell their house. We lost our income and our pension, our house, our temple and our residence. We had to say goodbye to all our friends and spiritual family and start a completely new living and a new profession in a different place. (My husband is sixty-five years of age!) My dear sister got seriously ill with no prospect of recovery. Everything in our physical existence was shaking.

Due to my spiritual background, my love for God, and for truth, I survived everything reasonably elegant, but at some point, some inner peace got lost in the process, and I could not find the way back inside. Due to the whiplash, there was too much inner noise and pain to concentrate on meditation, which used to be my most important means of finding inner peace.

Last year our beloved spiritual Master Swami Prabbhudananda Sarawati Maharaj (Swami Sri Gopal Baba) took samadhi. Although we know he is not the body, I felt lost. Whatever little was left of my inner stability seemed to leave me here. I felt as if I was losing the game with no chance of ever reaching my goal, which was to help myself and other women to achieve a higher level of energy frequency. My inner voice told me, “You can’t lose it. You can only lose when you give up.” That was somewhat of a consolation, but I almost gave up anyway.

Then came Mohanji like a magnet in the form of a rocket which flew in with great speed and in its wake, took all my troubles in his typical, no-nonsense way. Meeting the same divine energy in the form of Mohanji has filled me with more enthusiasm, connection and purpose than ever before. Everything that I have learned from my great Master in the past thirty years seems to revive, and not only that, it even seems to start blossoming now.

The Empowered workshop speeded my progress up like a spark lighting up the extinguished fire. Mohanji’s words resounded in my ears during the day, and I gained awareness of every thought, word and action of mine. Easily, lovingly and effortlessly, I chose healthy and effective options.

For example, I feel his guidance when I eat (eating randomly because of blood sugar fluctuations is a problem for me), and I consciously eat and choose food items. Even when I choose a cookie, I eat it with more love and share it with the garden ducks.

I loved Mohanji’s elaboration on food-focus-issues. He told us not to worry about the craving; it might come from previous lives of starvation. He suggested sharing some food with the animals and the hungry. Sharing food with animals is something that I have loved to do since we moved to our present house two and a half years back.

God takes the form which we love most or can relate to easily and effortlessly. These are Mohanji’s words. And I love them. Apparently, that goes for the form of the chosen deity and the inner voice. The inner voice that I have been blessed to hear since I was twenty-five years old took the voice of Mohanji ever since we met in August this year. For example, when I sat for meditation during these days, and my mind jumped up and down like a monkey, I heard his voice, very friendly, talking inside of me. He said: “Please, mute yourself.” This was so humorous and unexpected that I burst into a hearty laugh and thanked him. And it worked! I had the most limitless experience in that meditation.

It feels like he is with me, inside of me and around me all the time. For me, he is the conglomeration of every Master’s form that has inspired me in this life: Jesus, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Guruswamy, Swami Sri Gopal Baba. My cells, mind, feelings, and being have been waiting to be graced by meeting this divine form of God. There is no resistance whatsoever anywhere inside of me.

Strangely I call him Bada Bhaiya (elder brother), but that takes nothing away from the deep respect I have for his divine consciousness. Where I am still a small ant in awareness, he is like an elephant. But calling him Bada Bhaiya makes it easy for me to connect fully! I am his little sister that he is taking by the hand. No barriers anymore!

Apart from that, I simply have no other title available. I have a mighty Guru (Swami Sri Prabbhuddananda Sarawati Maharaj) whose divine consciousness is now guiding me through Mohanji. I have a form of God (Sri Sathya Sai Baba) whom I worship, who is my father, mother, lover and everything. So only the title of brother is left.

Currently, my mum has Covid. Because of Alzheimer’s, she risks delirium. She already showed signs of delirium two days ago. I felt tremendously sad about losing her, even though I would be happy for her when she could leave this frail body. But it always feels too early and the wrong timing. In my pain, I called out to Mohanji. Mum’s health changed dramatically yesterday, which is one day after I prayed to Mohanji to help her. Today she is even out of bed.

My purpose was already clear: to help raise the world and her people to a higher energy frequency level, but my focus on purpose has doubled.

Thank you, dear Mohanji (Bhaiya), for this inspiring and unexpected but timely opportunity.

Linda Abrol


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