Divine Journey with Mohanji – Part 3

(Trip to Tapovan with Mohanji – experiences of  Dr. Deepali)

Mohanji - expression during Ammu's Shraddh

Ammu’s death anniversary (Shraddh)

It was my first time to witness this ritual of thanksgiving to the ancestors. Astral blessings are a must in everyone’s life. But I only knew it theoretically till I attended this ritual with Mohanji. Mohanji belongs to Bharadwaja Gotra in this life. With the Priest’s  powerful chanting of mantras, the reverence and gratitude with which Mohanji invoked the presence and blessings of Ammu as well as all the ancestors in his (Bharadwaja) Gotra, and most importantly, of Ganga Putra Bhishma Pitamaha, indeed melted my heart. Bhishma Pitamaha, son of Ma Ganga, was unmarried. Since Bhishma of Mahabharatha did not have a son, who would perform this post death ritual for him? So, all those who do shradh (rituals associated with the death anniversary of their beloveds) in Ganges, start with Bhishma, with the belief that we are all his grand children. The ritual is rather elaborate and consists of prayers of gratitude to Sun, all the Gods and Deities, Fore fathers, Saints and, in Mohanji’s case, Ammu. Mohanji did it meticulously with full concentration, as the photos speak.

Mohanji watching the way to the Dattatreya Cave

Dattatraya Cave

Lord Dattatraya, who is the Adi Guru with whom a great tradition of powerful incarnations such as Shirdi Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Baba, Gajanan Maharaj, Narasimha Saraswati and Swami Samarth of Akkalkot began, meditated in Tapovan. That place is currently within the Shivananda ashram hill enclave. We went to Lord Dattatraya’s temple. It was wonderful to see Mohanji bowing down and prostrating to the highest Guru of the tradition with complete surrender and gratitude. That offering of gratitude came from his being. It had complete faith and surrender. He said: ” We must have total and complete gratitude and surrender to all the Masters who are living as well as “non-living” in the physical realm. Remember, in the absolute sense, all of us are one with every Master as well as God.” We prayed at the Dattatreya Mandir and the adjacent Devi Mandir.We could not go to the cave (there is a way to go to the cave where Lord meditated, but presently it is blocked for public).

I must have visited Datta Mandir many times till today, but now I feel those were superficial visits to the temples. Visiting with Mohanji, and with understanding of the tradition and Masters, had a lot more meaning into it. It was so pleasant to see my Guru surrendering to the highest Guru with deep meaning. I just questioned myself… who am I to boast about myself? I am such a negligible entity who cannot even comprehend the surrounding and happening at the conscious or subconscious level.

Dattatreya Temple at Shivananda Ashram

We came to the Samadhi of Saint Shivananda. He was one of the great saints that ever walked on earth. He was part of the trinity of great saints of this area in early 1900s. The others were Purushottamanand Maharaj of Vashishtha Cave and Tapovan Maharaj who was a wandering monk. Shivananda Samadhi was empty and none was there except me and Mohanji. Mohanji said that it is very rare. We could go around the samadhi and prostrate without any hindrance. Usually, this is not possible because either some of the swamis will be meditating, or they would be doing poojas, which happened soon after we came out of the samadhi sthan.

It was a great experience. I felt as if I am prostrating at Sai Samadhi in Shirdi – great vibrations were felt clearly. Indeed, Shivananda is a great saint. Sathya Sai Baba had come and stayed in this ashram twice – first time when Swami Shivananda was in his body, and the second time after his maha samadhi. After praying at Sivananda Samadhi, we took guidance from an ashramite to locate the abode of Swami Govindananda, who is in charge of Shivananda’s Library.

Swami Govindananda - unmistakable tejus...

He welcomed us with open arms, as if he was waiting for us. As soon as we sat down, he gave Mohanji a picture of Shirdi Sai. Tejus of Swami Govindananda was unmistakable. Mohanji gave him his spiritual card in which his third eye was clearly visible. Swamiji looked intently at the card for sometime, totally ignorant about the activities or people around him, and at one point exclaimed “Mohan, you are residing in Sai Baba’s third eye!!!”.

Mohanji and Swami Govindananda - the soul connection

These powerful words made me enter into contemplation, with deep awe and gratitude… It was a great feeling. Mohanji said: “Swamiji and I do not exchange many words. But each year we meet, those words that are exchanged carry a deep meaning and have a profound effect. After Ammu left the body and I first came to Tapovan, it was Swami Govindananda who said: “Do something for the children of Mother Earth, and you will have eternal peace.” It was him who inspired or triggered the thought in me to start the Ammucare Foundation…”

Later, during discussions, Swami Govindananda said that Shivananda Samadhi has same vibrations of Shirdi Sai Samadhi!!! I reflected back on my experience. It was indeed a beautiful demonstration of the fact that Masters/Divine are all pervasive. I remembered what Mohanji always says, “In absolute sense, all Masters are one and we are one with them.” I felt our conscious human mind is so conditioned to separate things, identify them individually and create differences and duality.

We chatted for sometime and left for Vanamali Ashram by foot. Even though it was an uphill climb, I never felt tired…

Amma and Mohanji - the majestic view from Vanamali Ashram

Mataji’s Ashram and Experience of Vishnu consciousness

Vanamali Mataji has a routine of Krishna pooja and arati in the morning and evening. On one morning, during Pooja, I was sitting behind Mohanji, who was seated behind Mataji. Suddenly, Mohanji asked me to close my eyes and keep my hand on his right shoulder and feel. His shoulder had the lull of a deep ocean, majestic and tranquil.I felt myself completely shifted to a new realm. There was a soothing wave-like movement, as if I am floating over a calm and serene ocean. I could feel the gentle, synchronous, up-down waves which are going beyond horizons. These waves were very tranquil and compassionate. This state is truly inexplainable. I had seen so many of expressions  of Mohanji by now, that, as usual… I got confused.

Later He said, “This is Vishnu’s realm. Lord Vishnu rests on  Ananta (infinity) the snake, in the ocean of milk and the waves gently move him like a cradle as He remains in Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). These are subtle waves of the cosmos. Vishnu is tranquil because He is the Lord of Maintenance. These waves also depict my inner rhythm. As I rest on existence, this is my rhythm. Till now, you only perceived my dynamic Shiva consciousness.This is another dimension that I carry. Shiva and Vishnu are two aspects of Parabrahma. Individually, Shiva is Parabrahma and Vishnu is Parabrahma. Collectively, they are one. Everything is Parabrahma.”

Lord Vishnu resting on Ananta

A few seconds later, Mataji and Mohanji started chanting Vishnu Sahasranam. Feeling Vishnu consciousness and then listening to Vishnu Sahasranam in Mohanji’s deep voice, which comes from his being, threw me into deep meditation, giving me entirely different experience than before. It was more tranquil and dissolving. He had shifted into Vishnu consciousness before chanting the Sahasranam, and thus did not need to refer to any books!

I asked him, ‘When do you, or, did you ever recite all these mantras and shlokas?’ Witnessing his busy schedule in Muscat, I wondered when he gets the time!!!. Mohanji said that he has not read or mastered any scriptures, Vedas or Upanishads. Knowledge flows through him when he needs it, as per the Divine will. He said: “I am an empty pot. I reflect what fills into me, time after time. I do not exist. I do not compare nor do I compete. I do not borrow or imitate. I have nothing. I am an embodiment of total emptiness, if you can understand or comprehend that. I exist because you do, as my existence is relative. Great Masters have walked this earth time after time. I bow to all of them. I surrender myself to all of them”.

Indeed, the Lord Vishnu experience was completely and totally different from Shiva consciousness. I have always seen Mohanji in dynamic mode of operations in Muscat, juggling between office works and meeting people in the evening or conducting meditation and answering questions. I have hardly seen him sitting quiet. During meditation he appears to be sitting quiet but, in reality, he is extremely dynamic within. He has given that experience to me once. He showed me the other lokas (worlds) where he operates too. It was indeed an amazing experience which opened my eyes to Mohanji’s alternative dimensions and relevance of existence. No wonder people far away, and even those who have never met Mohanji, are getting tangible experiences of his presence, time and again! I have seen many testimonials from many people to this effect. Mohanji always says: “Faith is the key. It unlocks the doors of heart. It removes all blockages. Grace flows uninterruptedly. Miracles happen.”

I have experienced similar tranquil ocean waves once before, during our meditation in Mohanji’s presence on the Maha Samadhi anniversary of Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganesh Puri.. Seeing and feeling Lord Vishnu peacefully resting on Ananta… Anantashayana – does it not throw us instantly into deep peace and tranquility too? Do we not become completely withdrawn from external? Only grace can take us to this experience, no amount of practice can take us there. As Mohanji said, “Doing-ness must automatically end and Being-ness must happen. All kinds of thoughts, words and actions are expressions of doing-ness. Even all kinds of practices amount to doing-ness. They all must drop by themselves, as only through extreme doing-ness can we achieve non-doingness. We cannot hurry through it. Things fall off at their own appointed time. Surrender with faith to your chosen practice. Expecting results is also doing-ness. Do not expect anything. Just BE. Grace will flow and take you to the highest. Nobody can give enlightenment. It has to happen to you. You can prepare the streets and your house for the King to arrive. You can do nothing more than that. King will arrive at the appointed time. Do not wait. Just Be. Everything will fall in place.”

Expression of Lord Jesus through Mohanji - Serbia, April 2010

Shaktipat at Vanamali ashram

Santoshi is a lady working at Mataji’s ashram. Mataji once just mentioned that, she is very sick and often does not come for work. She had become thin too. Mataji asked Mohanji to do something. I asked for her to come to ashram with her medical reports. She had a few abscess on her body and was extremely fatigued. Seeing reports I thought she may require long term treatment to fully recover. Mohanji gave her Shaktipat. After Shaktipat she felt a bit dizzy and lost. She cried a lot and hurried home. This was the day of Krishna-Janma, birth day of The Lord Krishna. I was a bit worried looking at her condition, but had full faith in Mohanji. Later she came for evening arati of Krishna and gave us a big surprise as she looked of being happy and bubbly. She conveyed shyly that she feels very light!

Mohanji also gave Shaktipat to Mataji. That sight was so touching, son giving Shaktipat to his spiritual mother. Mataji experienced both Shiva and Vishnu consciousness! She said, “This was the deepest experience indeed”. What a subtle appreciation. All of us were filled with deep love and joy.  

Different Expressions of Mohanji

I saw many forms and expressions of Mohanji in the last few months. His body configuration changes drastically and very often. Sometimes he walked like Shirdi Sai Baba, slightly limping like an old man, but I also witnessed his Shaivic superfast 5th dimension walk on Ram Jhula, casual walk with haversack on his back, managerial walk in his office… – all are so different and unique.

Sometimes he had eyes of Jesus and many times, expressions of Baba. Many times he looked like Jesus, especially in his photos from Serbia. Few times he appeared like Bhagavan Nityanada. His feet changed from soft pink feet of Krishna to hard rough ones like Baba. He expands and contracts in no time. He is all Masters. He is not only spontaneous, but extremely unassuming too.

Expression of Shirdi Sai through Mohanji - Muscat, Aug 2010

Unassumingness is his shield. It distracts people as they expect to see a saint and yet see an ordinary man. He does all sorts of things to distract people, which I have seen many times, especially recently with Abhishek. But, his love is unmistakable… Before our journey, when the schedule was being made, he mentioned “Who ever is travelling with me should get all the privileges that I receive. I should not be treated differently. All people are expressions of myself, irrespective of their differences such as gender and species.”

Mr. Dipak Haksar has a beautiful altar at his home, with photos of all Masters that came into his life. On 29th August, in his house, I had a profound mystical experience and saw expressions/features of many of those Masters in Mohanji, all at one time! I always feel that Mohanji is just an illussion. He probably does not exist. His expressions are not really his. He expresses various Masters as per the need of the moment and his body changes accordingly, as to who operates through his body at that time.

One day he made me feel his spine from the distance of 2-3 feet! Warm contours of spine were so clear at that distance. My medical mind was completely shattered. He easily changed between dynamic energetic Shaivic expressions, to smooth tranquil compassionate Vishnu expression.

Furthermore, many of us have experienced various beautiful celestial fragrances around him – lavender, vibhuti, sandal wood etc. Fragrance changes with each situation. Fragrance that is derived from his body, also changes according to the people who come in front of him. He caters individually. His constitution shifts according to his visitor. Celestial fragrance that we felt during Shaktipat at ITC Maurya was different than the fragrance that we experienced when he was writing Babaji blogs. (at that time, his body changed so much that he was looking like a boy!!!)

I have seen him expressing extreme compassion and extreme anger for seemingly insignificant matters. I now realize that through his expression of anger, something is cleared, changed or moved from the receiver or visitor. He scolded one lady during the recent class. When his Shaivic energy entered her through his scolding, the next day, she developed fever. Mohanji said “No problem. She will be alright in 3 days. She had a software change. Things would be different in her life.” His anger never depresses a person instead it energizes the person. Though this lady had a fever, she also was active a lot! A strange combination!

AUM Sign and Trident on Mohanji's Third Eye - speak volumes...

Sometimes he had Lord Ganesha on his forehead and at many times we saw AUM and trident .. and now a shining purple Third eye in the Vashishtha cave!

I have heard him chanting Marathi arati and Sanskrit shlokas. He has never learned Marathi (at least not in this life!) – and most definitely, I cannot forget my experience of Mohanji recording BTW meditation in Hindi, which he never spoke so fluently. As mentioned before, he has never learnt any scriptures. He hardly reads any books. He is truly spontaneous. Knowledge flows through him effortlessly and timely.

Along with these different divine expressions, I have also seen his pure dharmic expressions – as a son, father, husband, friend or Guru. I have seen him working endlessly in the office, with full responsibility. He is an employee too! I have also witnessed his reverence, gratitude and surrender towards higher Masters, his senior spiritual Gurus and colleagues. It is pleasant to see him prostrating with head and heart in one line flat on the ground. I have seen a patient Guru in him. I have noticed the unconditional love towards all those who attend and do not attend the meditation. He melts when he sees animals. I saw him operating effortlessly in the five star hotel and also in an Himalayan ashram…. complete contrast in environment, yet, he is as fluent as ever. He is the same, where ever he is. He is the same to everyone, irrespective of the status of the person who comes to meet him. He discriminates between none. His powerful existence remains unchanged in all situations of terrestrial dualities.

These are all examples of his different plane of operation and existence.

He once said, “ Mohan’s body, per se, has no meaning. You have seen expressions of many Masters and Gurus through this body – through physical expressions or communications. I am all Masters or I am no Master. Take it as you like. Essentially, I am an ordinary man, an empty pot. This body changes but the expressions are real. The body is terrestrial and gross, but expressions are real and imperishable. This is the Path of Pathlessness.”

Furthermore, his dharmic expressions have given different dimension to the understanding of karma to me. Our karma may get over. We may be able to exhaust our karmas, but dharma will continue. Fulfilling dharma is an endless process which may be more difficult too. For all of us …Let karma and dharma happen together and later let it be only dharma flowing through each soul without having any emotional afflictions.

In his words, “Karma is individualistic while dharma is universal. They co-exist. Every being is expressing both simultaneously, but differentiations blur because of the mind factor which creates do-ership. One example of we being a dharmic being is that we may be causing destruction of many beings like ants, unknowingly, when we move around. There are numerous micro beings that meet their physical death when we breathe. We have no control over this. This is dharmic existence. When we breathe out, trees breathe in the same air. Likewise what the trees breathe out, we breathe in, this is also dharmic co-existence. Karma ends when the body ends. Dharma continues, eternally”.    

Shiva Tandava - the eternal dance of Lord Shiva

He also said: “Shiva is not Tandava and Tandava is not Shiva. Tandava is just an expression of the infinity called Shiva. When beingness expresses doingness, we call it movement, dance or tandava.We can understand the entity only through its expressions. You can only see our soul through our movements, such as thought, word or action. Soul is the only real entity in our system. But, we can see only the expressions, which the soul animates. We fail to see the soul behind our expressions and call the temporary expressions as permanent. When we learn/realize the hard way that all expressions are temporary, we lose hope in ourselves and our judgments. We fall into depression. So, these expressions could be temporary but the entity remains as incomprehensible as always.”

Normal human being’s expressions have patterns and constitution but Mohanji’s expressions are original, dynamic, pattern-less, and cannot be framed or predicted. Each frame has a validity, duration and purpose. When we try to catch him in any frame, he destroys it.

I have written the truth. Take what you want/what you can…

With complete surrender at His feet,

With love and gratitude to all readers,  Deepali

Dr. Deepali - smile from within

Divine Journey With Mohanji – Part 2

(Trip to Tapovan with Mohanji –  experiences of Dr. Deepali)

Lahiri Mahashaya Samadhi at Haridwar

The same day afternoon, Abhishek took us to Lahiri Mahashaya’s Samadhi in Haridwar.  A calm and serene place. As soon as we entered, we prayed at the Devi temple on the right side of the compound. While we were praying, a flower fell from her garland, as if in acknowledgement of our prayers…

We went to the Samadhi. Mohanji closed his eyes and communed with the great Master Lahiri Mahashaya at His samadhi. After spending some time at the Samadhi, Abhishek took us upstairs to the Shivaling installed on the terrace in a small temple. Mohanji sat cross-legged in meditation in front of the Shivaling for some time and did abhishekum again. He then came to Nandi and kept his hands on Nandi with steady gaze at Shivaling.

Mohanji Connecting with Nandi

Powerful energy was oozing out through his eyes. His aura changed completely – he looked as if he was in a complete trance. His eyes had become red. Later he said: “Nandi is one of the greatest and most powerful amongst Siddhas. He chose to be with Shiva and serve Shiva as His vehicle. A great Master indeed!!!.” He must have had a strong communion with Nandi…

Steady gaze at the Shivaling - Mohanji in Communion...

An interesting tangible experience of Mohanish who stays in Pune, India

At this juncture, I must take you to another incident which was happening simultaneously with my son, Mohanish Jaju. I came to know of it the same evening, when we returned to the ashram. I saw many missed calls from Mohanish. So, I called him. This is what he narrated… on phone…

“…..this afternoon I was playing tabla. There was a strong and unusual pull towards sitting in meditation. The pull was so strong that I could not resist. I saw myself in the Jangli Maharaj temple, along with my grandmother (Jangli Maharaj temple is a powerful place in Pune, India, with a beautiful Shivaling installed in a cave). I saw Mohanji and Shivaling. He was intensely involved in the pooja. Suddenly Lord Nandi appeared. I cannot clearly mention whether Mohanji was talking to him or blessing him. I have never had a vision of Lord Nandi before. This meditation was extremely strong. I feel so light after this spontaneous meditation!….. mamma, I was trying to reach you desperately to convey this experience!!

Mohanish in bliss while playing tabla

I was surprised. Mohanish was just overflowing on the phone with great excitement. His experience happened exactly at the same time when Mohanji was communing with Nandi and Shiva at the Lahiri Mahashaya Samadhi. Mohanish was deeply touched by the experience and felt a big transformation in him. He was also surprised that, without ‘doing’ anything, he went into deep meditation. Then slowly, I told him today’s story of Vashishta cave, Lahiri Mahashaya’s Samadhi and Mohanji’s intense communion with Nandi…….Mohanish could not believe that he experienced everything that Mohanji did, sitting so far away in Pune…. His connectivity with Mohanji is so strong, that no words, phone calls or communication is needed to taste Mohanji’s consciousness from anywhere and be with Him always. What a connectivity! This was another lesson for me, about the realms of the higher, as well as the super connectivity beyond any barriers.

Mohanji offering prayers at the Shiva Temple

Later on, Mohanji commented: “Mohanish follows me where ever I go. He is very strongly connected with me. Most of the times, he operates within my consciousness. He wants to serve me, to serve the humanity. He follows me with very pure consciousness and selfless intentions. These sort of tangible experiences are possible due to this connectivity. This can happen to anyone who operates with firm faith and perfect unconditionality. He experiences and remembers what happened at higher dimensions too. This is because of Grace. Otherwise, we will experience and forget.”

Mohanji and Abhishek at Har Ki Pauri

Another strange incidence that happened at this place:

After these amazing moments filled with divinity, we decided to go to Har ki Pauri. When we were walking towards the car, we saw an old man standing under a tree. He looked like a farmer.When we were to get into the car and start our onward journey,Mohanji again looked at this old man standing under the neem tree where our car was parked. I was sure that this man was not there when we arrived at the place.

Mohanji told me to give him 100 Rupees. He was not a beggar. I got out of the car and went to the old man and gave him the money.When I gave him 100Rs, he said, ‘Mataji, hamse naraj ho kya…(Mataji are you upset with me?).’ I answered, “Not at all, we are happy with you. This money is sent to you by Mohanji.” At that moment, tears of joy flowed from the eyes of the old man. He came running to the car, opened the door where Mohanji was sitting, and touched his feet. He could not speak. He had no words and voice to thank him. Mohanji quietly said, “Aap chinta nahi karo. Gharme sab kuchh thik ho jayega…..(Do not worry. Everything will settle in your house).” With this statement that old man melted all the more. There was a twinkle in his eyes and he gave Mohanji a very familiar look as if someone really heard his prayers. Later on Mohanji said, “This man has many problems at home. He has been praying to Lord Shiva and crying. He was angry and upset with Shiva that He was not listening to his prayers. Today it got fulfilled. He will be fine from today. Baba will take care of him. The money we gave is a debt repaid. He borrowed some money and did worship. We returned that money. No need to do worship or offer anything when the inner space is pure, selfless and clean.”

Abhishek and I fell into silence. It was difficult for us to comprehend all that. We both were far away from understanding these subtle phenomena. We were in for surprise after surprise. Mohanji did not even expect or wait to accept “thanks” from him… following the perfect Siddha Tradition. He was not even owning this deed. He asked me to perform this duty and was sitting in the car, looking outside, as if nothing was happening. He always tells us: “Do your dharma and walk away. Do not expect / wait for thanks!”

I have always observed that Mohanji is not attached to any of his actions. He just performs the required deed and walks away without any attachments. There is a certain spontaneity in all his actions. Nothing is deliberate or artificial. This makes it even more difficult for a city being, who operates on set patterns, expectation and standards, to move with him, as he is so unpredictable. A great lesson – attachments and expectations breed sorrows.

Mohanji at Har Ki Pauri - Intensity...

Har ki Pauri (meaning ‘divine feet’) is a famous spiritual place. It is the place where a drop of Amrit (divine nectar) fell when Garuda was carrying it. It is a place where Kumbhamela is held at, every 4 years. The most recent Kumbhamela was in March 2010. I was eager to bathe in Ganga at Har ki Pauri. It is said that it cleanses our karmas and sins of many life times.

I am sorry to state the filth we saw at Har ki Pauri. The place was full of rotten food, flies, bad smell and what not. This is an important spiritual place. It is probably difficult to maintain it due to millions of people attending with great faith. When I expressed this concern to Mohanji, he simply said, “Does it really matter how the place is? Do external situations matter at all? Of course, we must preserve the cleanliness of our surroundings. Yet, what really matters is the cleanliness of your inner space. Har ki Pauri  has spiritual significance. Is it that all those who come here really get transformed? NO. Transformation depends upon your purity, faith and surrender. Bathing in Ganga is important as there is no river on earth like mother Ganga, but later on one should take efforts to maintain that inner cleanliness too. We have to preserve our inner purity through selfless thoughts, words and action. Do we actually do that?” Those words had the power to pierce the strongest mental blocks. He had a strong point here. I thought, ignorant people throw dead bodies of their relatives in Ganga, with the belief that the dead relative will attain salvation. Unless inner purity is achieved, salvation is impossible. The dead body will only pollute our beloved mother Ganga. Mohanji was so true.

Abhishek - Silence Befell Upon Him...

Abhishek became silent

From Har Ki Pauri, we had to go to bus station to drop Abhishek. He was to go back to Delhi. Abhishek had so many questions in the beginning. He was extremely talkative and pouring out theoretical knowledge where ever possible. He had many references to quote! He had read a lot of literature. He was eager to be with Mohanji, share his thoughts and ideas, and take Mohanji’s advice.

I have witnessed Mohanji patiently answering all his questions, sometimes softly, at times in a harsh/Shaivic way. His answers directly affected Abhishek. He slowly melted and became quiet and introverted. He started looking inward. By second day, he was not interested in asking any more questions! He took all ups and downs with Mohanji. He had great perseverance. It was wonderful to witness transformation in Abhishek. He was question-less by the time he left. I witnessed perfect shanti in his eyes…

Here are some of Abhishek’s experiences in his words:

“….While I was reading “The Autobiography of a Yogi”, I had deep desire to have mystical experiences in the Himalayas. In Vashishtha cave, I sat on the rock next to Mohanji. I entered a deep state of meditation, where, I could see Mohanji’s many past lives, which he confirmed as true to me on the way back, to the Ashram. I could clearly see his many forms. Mohanji explained to me that Lahiri Mahashaya is not different from Babaji. And that Babaji will appear to us in the form we can understand, because the deathless Yogi is beyond mind & forms.

With every passing moment I discovered the depths of my own being. With each successive experience, my spirit ascended higher. I learned not to get caught up in the visions as well as visualizations, fascinating as they were, but to keep moving beyond them.I will never forget this journey with Mohanji. I hope I will be able to travel with him again. It is not easy, but it is not impossible.…..”

Dear Abhishek, thanks for being there, otherwise I would have never seen Mohanji in this consistent mode of elevating the consciousness of a seeker. Let me tell you ….Mohanji never speaks in vain. Mohanji’s words directly hit our shushumna (at the spine) and Kundalini – deep cleansing and transformation is then inevitable.

Keeping Pace with Mohanji

Graceful Shaivik walk across Ram Jhula

Next day, September 1st, 2010, was the day of Janmashtami and also death anniversary of Mohanji’s daughter Ammu. Every year, Mohanji reaches Shivananda Ghat on Janmashtami day to perform the rituals related to Ammu’s death anniversary. According to the custom, if the child died when it was below 5 years, there is no need to perform any rituals every year. When I asked Mohanji why he does it, he said ” I consider her as elder to me, because, soul-wise, she indeed was elder to me, and in physical plane, she left before me. Thirdly, I use this opportunity to offer prayers to all the ancestors of our Bharadwaja gothra (clan) who died in the past, and who are not remembered. ”

The rituals of death anniversary were to start at 11am at Shivananda Ghat. The time was 10.40am. Mohanji suddenly said, “Let’s go to Geeta Bhavan to buy a few dhotis (long cloth which is tied around the waist and offered to Brahmin priests as part of the ceremonial gift).” Geeta Bhavan was almost 2 kilometers away across Ganga (on the other side) and we had to cross Ram Jhula – all this in 20 min, as the priest was expected at exactly 11AM.

Shaivik Walk across Ram Jhula

He just started walking at full speed. He was walking straight back with long steps. Even at that speed, he had an unusually beautiful grace to his gait. We reached Geetha Bhavan, selected the garments, got it packed and paid, and we returned to this side of Ganga with the dhotis in only 16min!! It was a complete Shaivic walk. On any other circumstance, I would call this whole feat an impossibility!!! I was after him juggling between my bags and camera and trying to click photos and catch up with his speed. 🙂

What really surprised the medical doctor in me was that he was not at all tired or panting after this super fast walk, and most surprisingly, neither was I panting! My heart rate did not change much, which normally it should. I did not even feel that we walked so fast, shopped and came back! It was all in a daze or trance kind of situation. I was as normal as I could be and so was he. What a graceful walk. Were we walking on the earth or was it a walk in the 5th dimension, on a different plane of existence?!! I am really sure that this is impossible in normal conditions.

(To be continued….)

Mohanji Gazes into Eternity - Inevitable Communion of Every Man - Into the depth of Shiva Consciousness...

Divine Journey with Mohanji- Part 1

Trip to Tapovan with Mohanji, Aug 2010  –  experiences by Dr. Deepali

I’ve had the pleasure of “knowing” Mohanji for the last 11months only, but what I have gained and experienced during that time is precious and beyond my wildest dreams. Looking back, I wonder – “Have I actually known him/understood him at all?” The following experiences will clarify what I mean. Allow me take you through what I experienced of him in the last few months and the recent 4 days in Haridwar and Rishikesh.  This is rather long, so dear readers, I request your patience.

Sri Ganesha/Vighneshwara (‘remover of obstacles’) on Mohanji’s Third Eye – the very 1st photo taken on my new camera…

The day after the meditation in Gurgaon, on the early morning of 30 Aug 2010, Abhishek from New Delhi and myself both set for the journey with Mohanji towards the land of great Mahatmas – Haridwar and Rishikesh/Tapovan in Uttarakhand, India. I never thought of why and what will be happening during this journey. I just knew that I am accompanying Mohanji.

At this juncture, I think it would be relevant to point out some intricacies related to this journey. I understood that Abhishek wanted to travel with Mohanji to the Ganges. But, apart from giving the date and time of travel, Mohanji had not given any further guidance. Abhishek booked his own ticket and traveled with us, even though he was in a different compartment. I started realizing the determination of this young man. The more Mohanji tested his determination, it only grew. I started realizing how Masters test the determination of the seekers who approach them. Abhishek passed all the tests and he traveled with Mohanji through Haridwar, Rishikesh and Vashishtha cave. I could see him changing, literally in front of my eyes. Initially, he was asking many questions and had many wishes and demands which he expected Mohanji to fulfil for him. Later on, all wishes and demands dropped off, and he went into deep silence mode. He got what he wanted from Mohanji.

This was indeed a wonderful revelation for me – what sheer faith and surrender, along with determination, can do to us. Abhishek realized who Mohanji was and was not affected by his seeming indifference. Once Mohanji was satisfied with his tenacity, he showered grace in abundance. I believe Abhishek can tell us more about how he felt.

The car engine just couldn’t be started. Mohanji watches…

Welcome by Car Problem!

We stayed in Vanamali Mataji’s Ashram in Tapovan, which is few kilometers ahead of Rishikesh. Swami Mohanji of Vanamali Ashram had organized a car for us to reach Tapovan from Haridwar train station. We sat in the car – first thing we noticed was Shirdi Sai Baba’s photo, blessing us with a smile. When our car just left the train station compound, driver was surprized to see that the car engine has some problem….. Hari Aum!

He struggled, but car could not be started. We decided to take another car, which the driver gracefully organized. Mohanji smiled and said, “Baba has taken care of some hurdles in the journey.The car had a problem, not us.” I smiled as I remembered Biba’s experience sharing of their car’s flat tire while they were coming back from Shirdi after Mohanji’s birthday in 2009. Baba beautifully transferred the problem to the car and kept them safe.

We reached Tapovan safely within 1.5 hour. Mata Devi Vanamali gave us a warm welcome. We had a comfortable and affectionate stay at her place for the next 3 days.

Mohanji on Lakshman Jhula

Lakshman Jhula and the first sight of Ganga

That evening we went to the famous Lakhman Jhula. I was eager to have my first darshan of river Ganga. We crossed Lakshman Jhula bridge and, right at a corner, there was a Hanuman temple. Mohanji who did not go to any other temple on the way, walked straight to this Hanuman temple and instead of entering, stood outside and had darshan from outside. I was surprised why Mohanji did not enter the temple. Soon, the old priest of the temple invited Mohanji inside the temple as if Hanumanji himself is calling, chanted few mantras and applied long and beautiful saffron tika on Mohanji’s forehead. He then asked Abhishek and me to take the darshan of Hanumanji. The priest did not repeat the same with us!

I kept watching this. Who actually was that poojari? I felt that it was Hanumanji Himself –  he had a particular, most unusual tejus. Otherwise, why did Mohanji skip all the other temples on the way and come to only this temple, and that too, as if he came all the way only for this?

I was just following Mohanji. Abhishek had so many questions that he kept Mohanji busy answering. We went down towards Ma Ganga (Mother Ganga). This was the first time I saw the flowing Ganga. I could not move my eyes from her majestic flow. Ganga is incomparably beautiful!!! And that too, to visit Ganga along with Mohanji!!! I was overwhelmed.

She looked so graceful, flowing fast, did not have time to wait for anyone, taking everything that came to her…. She is indeed beautiful. Mohanji smoothly walked into the water and prayed. I waited outside. I did not want to enter the water without his permission.

Then he said: “Just dip your feet in the water.” I politely and gratefully entered the water. It was very cold but felt extremely relaxing. Keeping feet in the water, I was watching Ganga. Something profound was happening within me. It felt as if so many things are leaving my body and flowing away in Ganga.  I am getting cleansed. I am becoming light. I remained in that bliss and expanded state for the next few hours.

I sincerely feel that this first experience of Ganga would not have been powerful enough if I was not with Mohanji. He has increased our understanding and sensitivity through his sheer grace, Shaktipats, Satsangs and his powerful blog writings, enabling us to perceive the subtle. I entered Ganga with this understanding and that too in his presence. I felt so blessed…

So many people around were playing in Ganga, but I felt they were just enjoying the cool river water and, sadly, not comprehending the magical divinity of Ganga.

Vashishtha Cave and the Ganga dip

Next day morning three of us set for Vashishtha cave. Rishi Vashishtha, one of the Saptarishis, was a great Rishi and Guru of Ikshwaku Vansha of Lord Ram.

Road from Tapovan to Vashishtha cave was a ghat with tall mountains on one side and the flowing Ganga deep down on the other side. Driving became extremely difficult due to recent landslides. It took us around 1 hour to reach there.  We took darshan of Purushottamanand Maharaj and Mohanji lead us down to Ganga. He said it would be auspicious to bathe in Ganga before entering the cave.

Mohanji in the lap of Mother Ganga

Ganga Dip: There was no one in the temple or near the bank of Ganga. It was like a private beach.We had a dip in Ganga with full head under the water. The water was ice cold. To stand in the fast flowing Ganga was very difficult – you could lose balance quite often. Immersing head under the chilled water, eyes get closed automatically and you lose the sense of direction too. When a normal person’s face is immersed in ice cold water, the common physiological response is stoppage of breathing. However, nothing affected Mohanji. More so, nothing happened to Abhishek and me. We were comfortable. We did not even shiver! Interesting… isn’t it? Miracles continued…

We sat quietly on the rock after the dip. I closed my eyes and was listening only to the sound of flowing Ganga. Within split of a second, my body got warmed up, energy was flowing rigorously and fumes started coming out of the whole body! I was deep into meditation. The whole body became warm. There was no sign that I was feeling cold! My body did not exist. Deepali did not exist. It is difficult to verbalize that deep silence and non-existence within me. Within few moments I opened my eyes. Everything looked fresh and new… Ma Ganga appeared more powerful, mountains appeared taller… and I noticed a multifold increase in Mohanji’s thejas. He was shining bright. Abhishek became bubblier. On the way to the cave, Mohanji softly said, “Deepali, just now, you meditated for a few lives. It was not only for a few moments as you think”. I kept wondering how he came to know what I went through! Nothing is hidden from him. He knows all…

Vashishtha cave: We started walking towards Vashishtha cave. Mohanji went ahead of us. Entrance appeared very small. We could only see a small flame inside. We walked in. It was dark for my eyes. I could not see anything. I got confused and lost sense of direction but kept walking, sensing the walls. Suddenly I saw Mohanji sitting on a platform inside the cave, near the Shivaling. He asked for fruits and coconut that we had brought with us. He offered fruits, bilva leaves and coconut at the Shivaling. He then picked up a copper jug and poured water on Shivaling and the hood of the protecting cobra chanting a beautiful Sanskrit mantra. This whole process is called Abhishekum. It was beautiful and divine.

In that dark, cool and silent cave, that mantra chanting in his deep base voice had an extremely powerful effect. I am sure those mantras did not simply emerge from his throat! He asked for more water and asked me and Abhishek to perform the Abhishekum. He went into meditation again. Before that, I took his permission to have few photographs taken inside the cave.

I could not see anything through the view finder of the camera. Everything appeared just dark. I blindly clicked a few photos. However, looking at the photos on LCD of camera, I was thoroughly surprised!.

I could see a beautiful purple energy surrounding the cave especially around the Shivaling and Mohanji. This reminded me of the purple energy surrounding the pancharati during one of our BTW meditations in Muscat.

It also reminded me of the purple energy that Dubai people saw during one BTW meditation when all sensed the presence of Mahavatar Babaji… This all had a deeper meaning and connection. Does it indicate the tradition of Mohanji?  Does it indicate strong presence of Babaji and the Great Masters? I knew deep in my heart that we surely had the blessings of Vashishtha Rishi and all the other Great Masters who lived and meditated inside this cave since thousands of years. Their energy was present and quite obvious. It was unmistakable.

By this time I had become bold. I clicked a few photos with flash on. My scientific skeptical mind…. wanted to know more about this energy… It wanted to see whether it was a camera effect!!!! I usually do not prefer to use flash because its strong light disturbs the meditators and the meditation (and definitely not in this dark cave). The photo clearly shows where Mohanji was sitting in the cave.

Nobody is usually allowed to sit on that platform near Shivaling, except the saint who lives there. The strong flash light obscured the energy seen in earlier photos.  It simply suggested to me “learn to see in the darkness within and behind the closed eyes, as external day light and strong light could be deceiving!”

After a while, Mohanji then came down from the platform and sat on the floor. I again had his photo with and without flash. To my great surprise, the photo without flash showed only his Third Eye shining in purple. Rest all is dark! Only His third eye existed!!!

The Power of Ajna… – only Mohanji’s Third Eye Exists

The photo with flash is a usual photo. I really cannot explain this. For me, it only indicated the rising stature of Mohanji. It indicated his divine nature. That was not magic or camera trick. It is the truth, the real divine power showering on him, which then he showers on us…. In his words: “Deepali, I am just a transformer. I do not exist. Things are happening through me! I surrender to higher Masters and the God Almighty. I do my best to deliver with utmost purity.”

This was my very profound experience. After coming out of the cave, I kept thinking how could Mohanji walk straight into the pitch dark cave, as confidently as He did? How did he know what is kept where in the cave? He was functioning as if he existed or dwelled there before… Maybe in another life? Or he visits the cave during his frequent astral travels? Everything seemed so familiar to him….

Meeting with Chaitanyananda Swamiji: Mohanji was looking forward to meet Swamiji, the direct disciple of Purushottamanand Maharaj. Swamiji was in meditation when we arrived, and so we waited. When he came, Mohanji prostrated at his feet, with his head and heart at same level, flat on the ground. Prostrating this way means one’s head is not above the heart! One completely surrenders and also surrenders all intellectuality. I was touched by the reverence that Mohanji expressed to this aged saint. I loved his humility.

Swamiji called us and insisted on having us for lunch. We refused but instead enjoyed the tea and biscuits with him. Abhishek had been to this place before. I was told that Swamiji does not allow anyone to stay there and simply ignores all the tourists! That is to maintain the purity of the place.

Swami Chaitanyananda – the humble guardian of Vashishtha Cave

He also does not allow anyone to take his photographs. But this time he did. The treatment that Mohanji received was so different and clearly conveyed Mohanji’s higher/deeper connectivity with these saints. It seemed like a home coming, the way in which Mohanji behaved and the Swamiji treated him. Abhishek especially was really surprised with the honor that Mohanji received at the ashram.  I just kept smiling from within, feeling so indescribably blessed…

(to be continued….)

BTW magic in Gurgaon

Sunday, Aug 29th, 2010, Meditation in Gurgaon  – written by Biba

Mohanji: “So much love…So much belongingness…this trip to Delhi and Himalayas. Not even a moment was wasted. Busy schedules. Well scheduled programs. Sincere thanks to all the people who put it together, all those who worked day and night to make it happen. And all those beautiful people who attended it. We are one. We are one family. Do feel this love and belongingness always. Please remember – when we learn to find happiness and detachment in our deepest sorrows, our whole life will be filled with happiness. Remain Happy. Remain Blessed. Love and Blessings. M”

Mohanji in Gurgaon - the subtle presence of Jesus...

Dear friends, so many days have passed after meditations in ITC Maurya and Gurgaon, and we are still receiving your testimonials and messages of gratitude – I am feeling so much love that I don’t know how to express it… :-).

I came to know from a few of you that ITC Maurya meditation was experienced as ‘multidimensional’ and that many could smell  “a subtle, transcedental Divine fragrance” throughout the meditation (I will include some of the testimonials in this post).

Meditation in  Gurgaon happened a day after our event in ITC Maurya – to my great surprize, we experienced, I must say, an even more loving meditation & Satsang, which had its own magic – all I can say is that it was just SO INCREDIBLY LOVING…

I knew this meditation would be different due to what happened 30 min. earlier, while we were getting ready for the event – Mohanji asked myself and Dr. Deepali to come to the bathroom mirror, look at his face and see ‘Who is  there’ – to our surprize, the expression/energy was clearly that of Jesus…

The Unique Vibration of Jesus's Melting Love...

As always when an experience like this happens at times most unexpected, the mind just becomes blank. A few minutes before, we were casually chatting with Mohanji over lunch, and then, all of a sudden, there is the presence of Jesus in him. As you can probably imagine, it is quite tasking for the mind to follow these tremendous shifts in Mohanji’s inner space and put aside its logic – I do hope I am getting there slowly, through repeated experience, by allowing the heart to take over :-)….

On the day of meditation in Gurgaon, Mohanji insisted he should wear a white kurta. I would like to share with you an interesting story about how his choice of clothing happens :-).

Our friends in Dubai (where BTW started in 2007) know that Mohanji has no ‘standard uniform’ 🙂 – sometimes he would come to conduct meditation dressed in jeans and T-shirt.  However, a day before the meditation in ITC Maurya hotel, Mohanji received a telepathic instruction from Baba that he should wear saffron. We soon came to know why…

Dana booked many individual appointments with Mohanji and distributed them nicely throughout all the days of our visit. From diplomats and dignitaries, to hotel room service staff and sadhaks/spiritual seekers from various backgrounds, Mohanji attended to all who came with equal love and dedication. After each meditation, private appointment requests were increasing manifold…

Evening before our meditation in Maurya, one lady of very high social status came with her husband to meet Mohanji. She has been disappointed with several ‘fake Gurus’ so far and feels connected with Shirdi Sai Baba only. She talks to him innocently all the time, argues at times –  like one talks to the best friend. Since after talking to Dana she did have an intuition that Mohanji is ‘real’ and decided to come and meet him, she told Baba: “Baba, I need your confirmation as well. If this man is real, let him wear saffron when I meet him. That is how I will know that you endorse him.”

Shirdi Sai on Mohanji's Third Eye

That same day we noticed that, on one of the pictures of Mohanji’s eyes, there is a face of Shirdi Baba clearly visible on his forehead/third eye, as if slightly leaning to the right (Richa enlarged it and gave it to Dana as a suggestion of a table stand photo). We never noticed this before – again, Baba’s leela. 🙂 The moment this lady stepped into Dana’s and Ranvir’s suite, she noticed the above-mentioned photo and simply got glued to it. Then she looked at Mohanji (who indeed was wearing saffron 🙂 ), and was completely zapped. After she became more comfortable with all of us, she shared this story and that was the start of our bubbly outpour of various experiences with Shirdi Sai (and Mohanji). In the end she received Shaktipat, for the first time in her life, was stunned by the ‘heat of the palm’ and left deeply touched and speechless.

Saffron and White - Shirdi Sai and the play of colors...

I found this to be really amusing – a typical example of Baba’s leela. If we were to analyze why Baba asked Mohanji to wear saffron, we surely would have never guessed something like this 🙂 – another proof why we should never analyze Masters’ instructions and simply obey with faith and gratitude :-).

I’d like to share with you one more most unexpected blessing that happened,  just 2 hours before our meditation in Central Park, Gurgaon. Abhishek told Mohanji that, just a few minutes away from Central Park, there is a beautiful temple of Shirdi Sai Baba called Sai Ka Angaan (Sushant Lok, Gurgaon). That’s all I heard about this place. To my great surprize, when we reached Sai Ka Angaan, we realized that it’s a proper REPLICA of Shirdi – with Dwarkamai, Baba’s dhuni – everything except the crowds! We were overwhelmed.

Shirdi Sai - seated like a Raja

Moreover, there was one golden looking life-size statue of Baba sitting gracefully on the floor like a Raja – I swear, all of us felt this is a LIVING BABA smeared with gold, and will move any time (unfortunately, photos are not allowed..). The statue is just SO REAL – I had goosebumps while looking at it… time stood still. One of our friends had a sudden flash from her past life in Shirdi – Mohanji then further clarified what she saw, and, to her great joy, added a few more details. Those were unforgettable moments.

After offering coconuts and coal for Baba’s dhuni, we left this sacred place feeling so blessed and assured that Baba is fully taking care of the upcoming meditation… We hurried to have a shower and lunch, in order to reach the meditation venue on time. And that was when Mohanji called us to the bathroom to look at his face in the mirror – I never expected to see the expression of Jesus… Baba loves us to experience the unexpected :-).

The meditation in Gurgaon, and Satsang afterwards, thus had a completely different flavor. The turnout was again surprizingly big – but as per the Divine plan, there was exactly enough space for all.

Gurgaon audience - exactly enough space for all...

There were many people who already attended BTW in ITC Maurya the previous day, and said they ‘felt the pull’ to come again. As always, this meditation was unique – amazing energy filled up the room from the very beginning of meditation… We felt the presence of the Masters….

Mohanji's blessing all during the meditation

After the meditation was over and Q&A session started, I noticed how beautiful all the people looked – the expressions on their faces were so loving and serene… (Video recording of the Q&A will be shared with you soon).

Post-BTW serene, loving expressions...

The Shaktipat session was incredibly beautiful, filled with grace – its effect was profound and lasting. To express his love and devotion, our new friend (in this life, that is..:-) ), Vinay K. Jha, brought his flute and played so beautifully, while others were queuing for individual Shaktipat.

Later on he said: “When I look back, I have no idea what I played that day. I never played that tune before and don’t know if I could play that again – just closed my eyes and left my emotions take hold of the flute. So, whatever was being played was coming through me, as if somebody else was playing me…” In other words, Divine took over. Out of humbleness, he stopped playing after some time, but Mohanji asked him to come back and play again… 🙂 The flute and the Shaktipat intertwined into a beautiful web of purest Love experience…

Vinay engrossed in playing the flute of devotion

This is Vinay’s meditation experience sharing: “I’m still wrapped in warmth of peace and joy….want to express the feeling but no word has yet been known to express the experience that comes from beyond-mind state.
In Gurgaon, I had difficulty in coming out of meditation. I knew I was there, but I didn’t know where is the eye to open and where is the palm to look at. By the time instruction came to raise the right hand in the blessing position, I had already lost the sense of left and right. I just felt some external force was raising some part of my body with little murmur of muscles that I could hear.
At last, when instruction came to lower down the right hand, I found it was never raised, and left hand was raised instead.
These were just the experiences that I could express via words and are just the tip of iceberg. The submersed parts are still enjoying the depth of love and blessings that Mohanji, Bibaji,Dr Deepali ji and Dr Vishwajeet ji have given us.
I bow at the feet of all of these saints and sages whom I could meet in this life again after our last meetings in previous lives in different bodies………”

Age melting in the joy of Shaktipat

Vishwajeet: “Thank you so much angel sister Biljana. Namaste from me and my wife Shalini. We have been given so much by our spiritual master Mohan ji that we do not have sufficient words to express our gratitude. Both meditations were highly intense – with high emotions, an amazing experience of love and light and bliss and healing, and so many blessings together. I am still having intense effect at crown chakra, full of bliss and bliss and bliss, even after 24 hours of Shaktipata, and want it to continue like this ♥. No words can explain my experience – as if I have done a higher Kriya for hours….

Vishwajeet's smile beaming from the front row

….Mohan ji is a Jagadguru and this term came to me a few days back from the Source by intuition. I am not coining this term but it is as it is – ‘Jagadguru’, meaning Guru of the whole world, whole universe. That is what I consider him to be.

Everyone had highly intense experiences – Vinay, Anju, Sikh Sufi friend Pinta, Paritala ji, Anand ji and just everyone. And today I received Dinesh Saxena ji’s phone call and he was so happy – even today he felt the similar experience which he had at the time of Shaktipat.

I also shared my experience with him which happened in Nagpur when I was highly tensed due to my daughter’s admission, as she was in the waiting list in a Medical College entrance examination and I had no capitation fee to pay. Mohan ji appeared and assured me and and everything went as Mohan ji had said – daughter got the seat in the merit list in the first counseling itself, without any capitation fee! And I was shocked when Mohan ji came to our home and said, “I came to Nagpur to meet you”  – this secret was known only to me and my wife who met you all for the first time in her this life. We were deeply touched. Mohan ji is working at various planes and we all are blessed with the presence of a Jagadguru in his form.”

Rising in Love - the eternal moment of Shaktipat

Ruchika G.: Thank you Mohanji for the blissful experience and initiation. It was my first time meeting with you. Not only Babaji+Lahiriji+Yoganandaji, but there were many other Ascended Masters present in the prayer meeting. There is an exremely strong Shiva energy present with you.
Please forgive for any big words. I am truly blessed to know you and be guided by your grace. Thank you so much. 🙂

Paritala Gopi Krishna (who just returned from Kailash yatra): “I felt blessed amongst you all, on 27 and 28 August, the true seekers on the path. And, many thanks to make me feel that I am one of you, though I know nothing. May God guide and bless. Love and Love alone ….. ”

Love, Humility & Blessings

Anjani: I can’t point out exactly what has happened post Shaktipat from Mohanji, but I do feel something changing within me.. Maybe in terms of my handling of day to day issues of mundane life…or just sitting down in meditation…..One thing I can certainly say is that the image of Babaji comes to the closed eyes during meditation more often. And I somehow feel that pull which he has on millions across the cosmos…..

As far as Mohanji is concerned, when ever I think or concentrate of him, his deep powerful eyes, his assuring voice saying “I AM HOLDING YOUR HANDS” echoes in my subconscious. And it feels so good – that I just can’t describe it in words. Furthermore, till date, I used to pray and subconsciously call upon Mother Divine ‘Shakti’ only whenever I prayed or meditated…..But now, by Mohanji’s grace, his and Babaji’s pull is pretty visible, as a subtle new wave churning underneath the subconscious…..

Thanks for being there. I am happy to have the joy of ur words/company..and the grace of Mohanji :-). Reading every word u write fills my heart with some unknown joy…..thanks once again for being there. For people like me, whose lives u fill with a warm sunshine of ur personal radiance and joy, it’s truly infectious….and makes each of us glow and bask in its warmth and brightness :-)”

Shaktipat and gratitude - that what is sacred

Anju:“[…]When we were meditating in Mohanji’s presence, the powerful energy waves in that room became so strong that I felt a surge of energy crushing me against my seat, something I have never experienced before during meditation.

Getting Shaktipath from him has been one of the most blissful experiences of my life. I felt like I arrived home that day, after a long journey. It was an amazing and wonderful experience. I am calmer, feel less stressed and am getting unique insights into old situations, even breaking patterns which had imprisoned my thinking over the years. It feels as if I have gained freedom from myself, a blissful experience indeed, all thanks to Mohanji, an amazing amazing Guru indeed.”

(an excerpt from the blog post Anjali wrote about the Delhi meditation experience with Mohanji:  http://angelspk.wordpress.com/2010/09/05/a-guru-on-the-horizon/)

Mohanji - the glow of Shaktipat

Mohanji: “Thank You so much. My presence is based on yours. I exist because you do. It is a relative existence. I experienced immense love, sincerity and commitment from the New Delhi and Gurgaon sadhaks. This makes me. This moves me. I loved being there. A great feeling indeed. Love, M”

The Biggest BTW Ever!


ITC Maurya - Mohanji entering the hall, escorted by Pradeep S.


Dear friends, I hope that the attached images from the amazing meditation Mohanji conducted in ITC Maurya hotel in Delhi last Saturday (Aug 28th) convey the expansive joy and memorable moments all of us experienced.    

Mohanji and the Shaktipat ladies 🙂


The turnout was overwhelming on both days (Saturday in ITC, and Sunday in Gurgaon), so much so that, altogether, more than 250 people experienced the grace of BTW and Shaktipat!    

ITC Maurya - the hall full!


After the meditation and Q&A (which was incredibly long – 1,5 hours), Mohanji personally gave Shaktipat to each and every person. We intended to conduct the meditation in ITC Maurya from 11am till 2pm. In the end, the event continued until 6pm!    

And everyone received the Shaktipat from Mohanji...


Mohanji was in a completely expanded state and it was so sacred, so beautiful to observe him showering the Grace of Shaktipat on all the people, one by one. His eyes radiated so much energy and penetrated the soul of each Shaktipat recipient. And how patient the people were to stand in the queue for so many hours. When I asked one elder lady isn’t it too difficult for her to stand for so long, she told me: “My dear, this is our Tapasya which we welcome so that we are worthy of receiving the blessings of Divine.” I was really touched by her answer – only in India can one find such humbleness and purity…    

The long line of Shaktipat - waiting with Sraddha and Saburi


We have not had the event of this magnitude as yet – it was more than evident that this was completely orchestrated by Divine. Our gratitude goes to Dipak Haksar and Ranvir Bhandari who made the event possible,    

Dipak Ji greeting Mohanji with an expanded heart


to all the ITC staff who supported us with utmost sincerity,    

Tea, snacks and more - all offered with love


to our Shaktipat initiates who made it possible that all people receive Shaktipat during the meditation – Dr. Deepali who joined Mohanji and myself from Muscat,    

Dr. Deepali - radiant, composed and incredibly efficient


Pradeep Sukhrani who came from Dubai just for this purpose, and of course my dearest sister Dana who coordinated everything.     

Myself and Dana, demonstrating the preparatory breathing before BTW


Special thanks goes to our dear Richa Sharma from ITC Maurya, who did a lot of legwork and answered many calls in order to make this happen, as well as dear spiritual brother Vishwajeet, whose help in numerous ways was invaluable (and whose devotion was so strong that Mohanji insisted we visit his home day after the arrival, irregardless of the busy schedule). With everyone’s contribution, everything went just perfect.    

The purity of Vishwajeet - blessing the world


I was amazed to see all of this unfolding before my eyes – a thought came that, indeed, we have come a long way since our humble beginnings in Dubai in 2007….    

BTW legacy - the post-meditation smiles that say it all


I hereby welcome our many newly joined yahoo group members from Delhi – please do share with us your experiences of meditation and Shaktipat (you can post a comment to this blog or by mail) and feel free to ask any questions/clarifications from Mohanji.    

Mohanji answering ALL the questions, until mind is chatter-free -and only Joy remains!


There was one staff member of ITC who shared yesterday how she has underwent all sorts of experiences after the Shaktipat – the most evident ones were on the physical level. She underwent a fever, headache, vomiting… and was not sure what was happening to her. Dana clarified to her that this is the physical manifestation of the inner cleansing of Shaktipat and that no medicine is required – as Mohanji always says, “Just go through the process.”  

The Effect of Shaktipat - More Profound Than Mind Can Comprehend...


A bit of a physical discomfort at times is indeed a big blessing in disguise – the soul knows the value of Shaktipat more than the mind…    

Love to all, Biba    

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