The Biggest BTW Ever!


ITC Maurya - Mohanji entering the hall, escorted by Pradeep S.


Dear friends, I hope that the attached images from the amazing meditation Mohanji conducted in ITC Maurya hotel in Delhi last Saturday (Aug 28th) convey the expansive joy and memorable moments all of us experienced.    

Mohanji and the Shaktipat ladies 🙂


The turnout was overwhelming on both days (Saturday in ITC, and Sunday in Gurgaon), so much so that, altogether, more than 250 people experienced the grace of BTW and Shaktipat!    

ITC Maurya - the hall full!


After the meditation and Q&A (which was incredibly long – 1,5 hours), Mohanji personally gave Shaktipat to each and every person. We intended to conduct the meditation in ITC Maurya from 11am till 2pm. In the end, the event continued until 6pm!    

And everyone received the Shaktipat from Mohanji...


Mohanji was in a completely expanded state and it was so sacred, so beautiful to observe him showering the Grace of Shaktipat on all the people, one by one. His eyes radiated so much energy and penetrated the soul of each Shaktipat recipient. And how patient the people were to stand in the queue for so many hours. When I asked one elder lady isn’t it too difficult for her to stand for so long, she told me: “My dear, this is our Tapasya which we welcome so that we are worthy of receiving the blessings of Divine.” I was really touched by her answer – only in India can one find such humbleness and purity…    

The long line of Shaktipat - waiting with Sraddha and Saburi


We have not had the event of this magnitude as yet – it was more than evident that this was completely orchestrated by Divine. Our gratitude goes to Dipak Haksar and Ranvir Bhandari who made the event possible,    

Dipak Ji greeting Mohanji with an expanded heart


to all the ITC staff who supported us with utmost sincerity,    

Tea, snacks and more - all offered with love


to our Shaktipat initiates who made it possible that all people receive Shaktipat during the meditation – Dr. Deepali who joined Mohanji and myself from Muscat,    

Dr. Deepali - radiant, composed and incredibly efficient


Pradeep Sukhrani who came from Dubai just for this purpose, and of course my dearest sister Dana who coordinated everything.     

Myself and Dana, demonstrating the preparatory breathing before BTW


Special thanks goes to our dear Richa Sharma from ITC Maurya, who did a lot of legwork and answered many calls in order to make this happen, as well as dear spiritual brother Vishwajeet, whose help in numerous ways was invaluable (and whose devotion was so strong that Mohanji insisted we visit his home day after the arrival, irregardless of the busy schedule). With everyone’s contribution, everything went just perfect.    

The purity of Vishwajeet - blessing the world


I was amazed to see all of this unfolding before my eyes – a thought came that, indeed, we have come a long way since our humble beginnings in Dubai in 2007….    

BTW legacy - the post-meditation smiles that say it all


I hereby welcome our many newly joined yahoo group members from Delhi – please do share with us your experiences of meditation and Shaktipat (you can post a comment to this blog or by mail) and feel free to ask any questions/clarifications from Mohanji.    

Mohanji answering ALL the questions, until mind is chatter-free -and only Joy remains!


There was one staff member of ITC who shared yesterday how she has underwent all sorts of experiences after the Shaktipat – the most evident ones were on the physical level. She underwent a fever, headache, vomiting… and was not sure what was happening to her. Dana clarified to her that this is the physical manifestation of the inner cleansing of Shaktipat and that no medicine is required – as Mohanji always says, “Just go through the process.”  

The Effect of Shaktipat - More Profound Than Mind Can Comprehend...


A bit of a physical discomfort at times is indeed a big blessing in disguise – the soul knows the value of Shaktipat more than the mind…    

Love to all, Biba    

The Immense Joy For No Reason - Divine Blessing of BTW...

15 thoughts on “The Biggest BTW Ever!”

  1. Happy Krishna Janmashtami!
    Beautiful post on the eve of Sri Krishna Janamashtami ♥
    Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
    God Bless The World !!!

    in Mohan ji’s love


  2. I was so blessed to attend Shaktipath in Gurgaon on Sunday…missed the one that was organized in ITC….was an amazing experience….God bless everyone who attended….I am so so blessed to have received blessings from Mohanji personally…would love to attend it in the near future time and again…..Loads of love…Mohit

  3. Swami Shivananda

    Saadhuvaada for giving this wonderful opportunity Mohan ji…

    A great coverage with some pretty nice photographs by divine Soul Biba (Biljana Radonic).

    May Lord Krishna bless our “Vashudeva Kutumbakam” with divine dance, celebration, love, peace and happiness … Jsk !

    Light, love, blessings and highest regards,

    Swami Shivananda

  4. Biba, it seems to me that you are the force behind the overflowing energy of Mohanji…your blog post speaks volumes about you both who compliment each other so perfectly, and have set out on a mission to Bless the World. I am one of the lucky ones who lined up to benefit from such pure and powerful Blessings…the effect is working at a most subtle level in my life. Thankyou, Mohanji. Thankyou Biba. My love to both of you. Meenam

  5. Today happens to be the turning point of my life,after experiencing “Bless The World” meditation,followed by “Shaktipath”,in the presence of my Guruji,respected Mohanji and sister Biljana.
    The session started with few yoga exercises explained by sister Biljana and demonstrated by sister Dana for easy follow up,meant to cleanse the soul and make it pure for the meditation.
    The meditation was very calm and peaceful with a feeling of utter happiness enveloping inside the mind and body in the presence of great Masters.
    In the middle of the meditation,I could feel a divine hand Blessing me which was miraculous.
    The meditation session ended with Sai Babaji’s aarti,which made my soul dance with joy.
    It was then followed by a “Question and Answer” session and many spiritual questions or doubts were put to rest by respected Mohanji.
    Later,when the “Shaktipath” was imparted by my respected Guruji,I could feel a divine flow of high positive energy spreading its wings from my head to toe.
    After the Shakipat ended,my Guruji enquired if anyone was still left,which reflects His selfless service to humankind.
    He lent an open ear to personal issues which were discussed on a one to one basis and helped resolve the same to utmost satisfaction.
    I am highly grateful to my Guruji and divine sister Biljana for having given us a spiritual opportunity to melt with the eternal Bliss and look forward to being a part of many more BTW’s by Babaji’s Blessings.
    Hari Bol.

  6. Wow…see its all happening as predicted. Babaji had told Mohanji, you have to do nothing, the people will come…and look at how the grace is manifesting itself…I feel blessed too. Jai guru dev

  7. Sai Ram Mohanji & Biba,

    The Good Deeds of our past life must have been instumental (MUJANMA SUKRITHAM) behind being blessed to meet as a SADGURU like Mohanji.

    Sai Ram

  8. Om Sai Ram!!!Am here to express my thanks and gratitude for the divine experience that one wen’t through while meditating during the Shaktipath in Gurgaon! I just felt limitless and there was this super-huge-never-experienced-before energy & bliss!!! Wish to express my utmost thanks and heartfelt gratitude to dearest mohanji,biba,dana & all others who made this divine moment possible.
    Love and blessings. Om Sai Ram

  9. To Bilja and Mohan

    New life blissfully surging
    With authentic story emerging
    There’s nothing more to wait
    Baby is now your fate

    Let be in love and strength
    serenity, dimensions full length
    From white-horse-prince romance
    Health, wisdom abundance

    Let your days be safe and sound
    with utmost love all around


  10. Dear Mohanji,

    My husband’s friend Dr. Vishwajeet rung him up and said that we must come to his house to meet Mohanji.

    I and my husband Dinesh went to ITC the next day. I went with a sense of quiet expectancy.

    A quietness and a friendliness was in the air which put me at ease. After a while, the meditation began. Throughout the meditation, I kept seeing the picture of my Guru Ramana Maharishi where his head is covered and he is smiling broadly. For the skeptic in me, it was a reassurance that I was in the right place.

    During meditation, when we were asked to bless our parents, it touched a deep chord and a raw nerve in me. My mother’s suicide when I was thirteen and my father’s emotional withdrawal left a huge void in my life. I also carried deep pain, mingled with guilt at not being able to take care of my father before his death a few years ago. For the first time during this meditation, I saw my father and mother together. They were happy and looked at my smilingly.

    While waiting to receive Shaktipat, I sensed something – a power, a movement – and I looked up to see what was happening. It happened so swiftly, something unseen, unnameable, yet powerful and then it dispersed amongst all.

    I thought that when I receive Shaktipat, I would ask Mohanji that I want to experience unconditional love. There were three persons ahead of me in the queue when tears began to form in my eyes.

    When my turn came to receive Shaktipat, the moment Mohanji kept his hand on my head, I broke down and was sobbing uncontrollably. Mohanji hugged me. When I calmed down, he looked into my eyes and said, “I am with you”. Then he gave me his photograph. I came away completely overwhelmed. Something within me was completely swept off, blown away powerfully and in its place was ease and comfort. The weight of pain and attachment was left at Mohanji’s feet and I walked back lightly.

    When I reached home, I took out Mohanji’s photograph and on its left side were written the words, “Unconditional love is our true nature.”

    It was uncanny, unbelievable and mysterious. It was a deeply spiritual message for me to live and love unconditionally and not remain tied up in egoistic concerns and needs which troubled me but to make a strong connection with the divinity that this soul always is.

    The meeting with Mohanji is a bridge to connect to my true nature and I pray that His divine hand remains to guide me always. With immense gratitude to the Unconditional Love that has flown through Mohanji! May it become more expansive and unbounded and touch many more like me!
    Pranam Gurdeep Saxena

  11. Jai Hari Om!
    As more I read as more I feel it is a real ocean of Bliss. I would be happy to serve in one BTW event when helping hands are required. ALL IS ONE

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