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by Sheetal Salgaonkar, India

I met Mohanji for the first time in December 2022 in Shirdi.  All I did in that meeting was cry profusely without knowing the reason. Now I know that my soul recognized the Guru in the human form I had been longing for. I got a brief chance to speak to Mohanji, and he advised me to do the Empowered series to stabilize myself.

I did the Empowered series 1-4 and was ready for Empowered 5.0 in Serbia in August 2023. In July 2023, my father-in-law became sick and was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He was bedridden and required frequent medical help. I was not sure that my going for Empowered was the right thing as I felt guilty of abandoning my duty as a daughter-in-law.

At the same time, I was having left shoulder pain on and off [this has been there for many years], and no amount of physiotherapy was helping me. I had joined a group Mai-Tri session around that time and put in the intention to cure my shoulder pain as it was a chronic ache, and I was tired of it. To my surprise, a few days after that session, my left shoulder pain increased so much that I could not lift my shoulder.

I did not expect it, but being a practical doctor, I sought medical consultation. The orthopedic doctor examined me and said that it was a tendon tear and would require major surgery and a subsequent shoulder cast for 6 to 8 weeks. I was on the verge of tears as Empowered 5.0 now felt like a distant dream. I contacted Suveetha who was kind enough to give me Mai-Tri. She told me this was karmic/ancestral, and I had to bear it, but Mohanji was with me. I reconciled to it and left it to Mohanji.

While going for an MRI of my shoulder, I put on Mohanji’s T-shirt. To be honest, I hadn’t given it much thought and had worn it more as a convenience.  Normally, the clinic gives you fresh clothes to change before going for a scan, but in my case, the nurse asked me to keep on the T-shirt. Such a cute Leela!

Sheetal with Mohanji & Devi

So, I went for the scan with Mohanji. During the procedure, while I was continuously praying, I felt that Mohanji and Gajanan Maharaj were working/operating on my left shoulder.

[Shri Gajanan Maharaj of Shegaon is a powerful saint and Avadhoota of the Dattatreya Tradition who took Sanjeevani Samadhi in 1910 but even now continues to do miracles by his divine presence.  My family is devoted to Maharaj, and he is my first Guru. It is Maharaj who led me to Mohanji.]

My husband, a medical engineer, brushed it off, saying I just felt the machine vibration. But I was not convinced. The MRI result did show an abnormality, and I had a nagging thought to get a second opinion from another specialist.

The concerned specialist is a very busy man and normally booked for two months in advance, but somehow gave me an appointment for the coming Monday [I did the MRI on Saturday]. I spent two nights in excruciating pain and mentally resigned myself to having a major surgery.

What happened on seeing the specialist was a shock – he told me there was no tear in the shoulder, only some calcification that needed to be removed by a needle. No need for any surgery. To add on, the doctor who would do the needle aspiration happened to be my husband’s good friend. The procedure was completed quickly, and my shoulder was as good as new, with no pain and a full range of movement.

Empowered 5.0 in Serbia

I have been practicing medicine for the last 25 years, but I have never seen something like this! The best and the most powerful treatment is the Guru’s divine grace! Mohanji miraculously transformed a major surgery into a minor 15-minute procedure, enabling me to attend Empowered 5.0. When I expressed my gratitude to Mohanji in person, he simply smiled.

One big learning for me was that we have to go through our karmic workout. But the Guru is always with you, especially in your toughest time. All you need to do is remember him and surrender to him.

Also, my father-in-law was taken care of by Mohanji. My family encouraged me to attend Empowered, assuring me I had done all that I had to do. Ruchika Gandhi was very kind and gave him Mai-Tri as needed. He passed away peacefully on the day I landed in Mumbai from the Empowered retreat. Mohanji ensured I could perform my duties as a daughter-in-law during his last rites.

I am very grateful to our beloved Mohanji, Maharaj, and our entire tradition for accepting me and showering me with their grace.

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