Breathless Bliss

by Biljana Vozarevic

Breathless Bliss – my experience from Empowered 5.2 with Mohanji in Serbia

In this Empowered 5.2 with Mohanji in Serbia, from 16th to 25th May 2024, I was determined to allow as big a shift in frequency as possible. For this, it is necessary to be consistent and apply all that I have learned theoretically and practically so far.

In Mohanji’s words, “Consistency gives you intensity. There are many bulbs, but only one sun. If you are not consistent with the sun, then it’s up to you, go for your bulbs.”

Many spiritual aspirants achieve nothing. Why? Because there is no determination or discipline to get rid of patterns. They may think it is enough to know what is needed but find it difficult to apply. But it is like learning the game’s rules but not playing it.

I am sharing with you a few experiences from this program, being aware that ten days are not enough to reach the highest. It is just reassurance that I am on the track and a huge leap towards my destination – merging with the ultimate consciousness.

Being aware of our thoughts

On day four, Mohanji started talking about binding habits. Whatever you repeat becomes a habit, the habit becomes a pattern, and the pattern becomes your character. When the Q&A started, somebody suggested being in silence with Mohanji, meditating with him, as the group did in Mumbai E5 in December 2023. Mohanji said he would love to, and we did so. But he also added, “You are bombarding me with your thoughts. That is why I started with this talk.” He was answering questions he was bombarded with by participants who hadn’t even spoken them aloud.

Also, in another situation, Ivana was sitting at the back of the tent. Suddenly Mohanji asked her, “Where is your mind now? Are you present here or in Barcelona? I am watching your thoughts.”

Meditating with Mohanji

We meditated with Mohanji for ten minutes daily, starting from day three. On day four, he said, “Try to catch that silence.” He was in front of us, facing us.

Later, when I was sitting and observing silence, he appeared on my left side, above my shoulder, immediately next to me. I could see his profile saying, “Try to catch that silence,” and then he would continue meditating. That day I enjoyed the practice a lot. I wanted it to last and didn’t feel like interrupting it, though I had to attend nature’s calls. I was immersed in a kind of a zone; I would call it “sadhana frequency”, and I was passionate about staying in that frequency.

I don’t know if it was him indeed reminding me to come back to the present moment and focus. Go deeper. Or was it me projecting him for my better sadhana? In the end, it doesn’t matter. It only matters that I felt his presence and it helped me make the practice a success. That day was exceptional.

On another note, I noticed that since the last Empowered 5, my stamina has improved. Earlier I used to lie down occasionally to rest my back and stretch my legs. This time I didn’t. I didn’t feel the need for it. I just changed my sitting positions and random walks to get fruit or attend nature’s calls were enough to get refreshed.

Sadness gone

Each day, Mohanji intensified the energy so that our stored emotions, residual memories that prevent our growth, get dissolved and leave us forever. He balanced it so that everyone got as much as they could handle. These impressions had to surface to leave. That’s how I felt intensified negative emotions triggered by some recent events. They were sitting from before in me but this process made them come out and in my mind, it was projected as a response to these recent situations. In reality, they may have been rooted in other lives or stages of my life.

When we were going for a group photo, I was talking to him mentally as usual. The group smiled posing for the individual photos. Mohanji kept the spirits high with his unique light-hearted humour. At the same time, on an energy level, he was working on each of us. I felt sadness was gone. Because otherwise after photographing, my thoughts would have come back. But it didn’t happen. I felt light. So, it was the energy work reflected in me, not just a temporary mood change.

As I was going back to the tent, I felt some peace and relaxation. Mohanji appeared in front of me and asked, “Are you happy?” He knew exactly what each of us was going through and responded accordingly. He washed away my sadness and showed me he knows everything and he made me happy. I will never take it for granted.

Before that, I thought that changing the circumstances and changing the situation would make me fulfilled. There are cases where he changes the situation but here, he did not change my situation, he removed bad emotions connected to it. What remained? Acceptance. It seemed to me that everything was ok as it was. No resistance to destiny. Like a child crying to get a toy, and the mother doesn’t give it a toy, but hugs the child, caresses it and the crying is gone. In reality, the child remembers the toy and asks for it again later. But in this case, the child forgets about the toy and never wants it again.

Breathless Bliss

One day, after the Satsang, we meditated with Mohanji. He said, “Connect to my energy in your chest, and after five minutes in your spine.” I visualised his golden presence in my chest and suddenly I felt expansion and overwhelming, transcendent bliss. It took over all of my body and my breathing stopped… Then I remembered I needed to breathe, like we do in the Pause Method. That is what pulled me to practise it all afternoon.

Breathless Bliss

The next day, I asked Mohanji about it. Because at the Empowered we did the Pause method for ten minutes only. I was wondering if we could practise it for hours. Mohanji said that such bliss states don’t happen every time and added that when they happen, to not let my mind get involved. Just go with the flow. When it happens, it is completely fine to enjoy it. And for sure I can practise the Pause method as long as I want. “Tell me when it becomes 24-48 hours!” he said. Of course, commitments at home will hardly allow it, but there will be caves on the land at all Mohanji Peace Centers (Mohanji Centers of Benevolence) for this silence.

Then he told us a story about Babaji boy he wrote about in his blog

This happened in 2004. This person is in constant communion with Babaji and meditates for days without even looking at anyone, let alone talking. That is exactly the person who helped Mohanji when he was facing a problem with his meditation. Babaji said, “You should split your mind into two and go in between. You will reach your destination.” Then Babaji boy invited him to meditate together. It meant he would meditate for days, but he had to attend to some other commitments that evening, so after a while, he bowed down to Babaji boy and left.

Burning what prevents us from achieving the highest consciousness (Shiva’s fire)

An exceptional Mohanji’s energy work was burning the negative patterns that prevent us from reaching the highest. How? We wrote them down on pieces of paper, daily. We would contemplate on our patterns and write without showing them to anyone. In the evening, the team lit a fire where we would throw these pieces of paper. Everyone would write whatever and however much they wanted. I was observing myself and writing down, too. Immediately the day after the first fire, I felt the difference. Unbelievable. It works!

How does it work?

One person asked if we could continue to do so when we go back home. Mohanji said better not to leave anything and finish everything there. It will go away. Because he creates an energy zone for this. When you get home, it would be just an autosuggestion, a mental exercise that only scratches the surface. You can find such exercises in self-help books. In Empowered we go really deep into the core.

Weather – credit given to Maryan; Thea’s dream

Like many times when retreats with Mohanji are scheduled, the weather conditions as per the weather forecast were not ideal for outdoor activities. The weather forecast said it would be strong wind Koshava, followed by lots of rain, almost every day. However, our weather was not as per the forecast. Mohanji mentioned that Masters, Avadhootas can control the weather because they operate on an energy level and their one thought is a command to the universe, but he didn’t tell us that he interfered in the weather. He just joked, “Maryan, you said they predicted rain for today, where is it? You must have used your power.” And he would always give credit to Maryan. Maryan is a committed volunteer responsible for the Mohanji Peace Centre, Obrenovac.

Once when it was raining a bit, he joked again, “Oh, Maryan, it is raining, you were holding it so far, now you can’t hold it anymore?”

On top of that, Thea Klincov, Mohanji’s photographer, shared with us how she had a dream that started like a nightmare. She was supposed to take a group photo and exactly at the place where we were supposed to stand, there was a big pond formed from rain. The ground was flooded everywhere. And then Mohanji appeared, stood strong and tall and it all dried and became approachable.


In conclusion, my time at Empowered 5.2 with Mohanji in Serbia was a deeply transformative experience. I felt profound inner shifts and moments of breathless bliss that I will cherish forever. The consistent practice and Mohanji’s guidance helped me connect deeply with my true self, shedding old patterns and embracing a higher state of consciousness. The powerful energy work, meditations, and teachings have left an indelible mark on my spiritual journey. I am eternally grateful to Mohanji for his love, unwavering support, wisdom, and the sacred knowledge he imparts with such grace and silent presence as well as with words. This experience has enriched my life in ways I never thought possible, filling me with lasting peace and contentment.

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