Connection – Conversations with Mohanji – Part 1

by Mimansa Arora, India

On January 19th, Mohanji received the BRICS award from the ex-president of India, for which he had come to Delhi for a few days. During his visit, some of us staying in Delhi, India, were able to meet him. Below is the account shared by Mohanji on connection, Masters helping at the time of death, and Mohanji’s people.

On one of the days, A, P, and I were able to meet Mohanji. The accounts shared below are snippets from the conversation we had with Mohanji. Mohanji shared a few stories with us, which are also summarised below along with his explanation at the end. This testimonial is not a typical experience sharing but more of a reminder to deepen our connection with Mohanji, and particularly, a reminder by him.

In between our conversation, I had asked him, do we know you from our past life?

Mohanji answered, “Otherwise how will you connect to me like this? See, it’s very simple. It’s not rocket science. How are the intensity of connection, and intimacy of connection happening? These are two signs that you can trust. You meet hundreds of people, right? How many people you meet in life? But the intensity of connection and intimacy of connection tells you that you have had a connection. This is known.

You don’t need anybody to tell you. And also better not to know. But of course, you will come to know. The flavor of connection tells you what was your connection with that person before. The flavor of connection. And usually what I have seen is that people call me that particular name or title. This is what I have seen. So, it’s not difficult. Even if you don’t do regression therapy and all that, even then you can say, okay, I am feeling a connection with this person. There must be a reason.”  


Our conversation with Mohnaji flowed from one story to another, with him sharing many instances to teach us different aspects of connection. Since these stories are deeply personal to their subjects, I’ve condensed their essence here.

Mohanji then shared a story of a lady who had met him recently at her mother’s insistence and had instantly started crying but did not know why and could not speak to Mohanji. Later, she met him again and mentioned to him that she felt she had known him for many lifetimes. The moment she saw his eyes, she could recognize a connection, which she thought to be Sai Baba’s connection at first. Later, she got Mai-Tri or MTM done and figured out that she had been connected to him for 10-11 lifetimes but was never able to connect to Mohanji properly due to some reasons. In this lifetime, when she met him, all those pent-up emotions came out like a cloudburst.

Mohanji added, “So, how do you know there is a connection? That one glance itself you will know. Otherwise people are meeting me, they are not feeling anything. Some people stay, some people leave. That means there is nothing to do. It’s very simple, right? The connection, the intimacy of connection, that’s a very clear sign.

You feel very close. Not only with me, anybody you meet, that closeness, that involvement, all are signs. That is why I always say whatever emotions you have, whatever feelings you have, never push them down. Because there is a reason. You may not know the reason. You don’t have to know the reason. But if you push that down based on this life, you are actually leaving inconclusive things you have carried forward. 

Mohanji shared another story, in which he had given someone 1/2 kg of ice cream to eat and instructed to only get up after it was finished. The person ate the ice cream and burst out crying, which cleared many things for him. Later, Mohanji told him that it was completely for his lineage. When they migrated from Pakistan to India, for seven or eight days, there was no food. And some of them died without food.

Mohanji was using him to compensate for that. This person mentioned that they felt so much weight had been removed after eating the ice cream, which is contrary to feeling heavy after eating so much. Mohanji concluded the story by saying the weight was removed from the lineage.

Mohanji further explained, “We should not ask why. Okay, this is the emotion I am feeling. That’s correct. Because that’s the emotion that should come. Whatever the feelings are, nothing is right, nothing is wrong. Who decides what is right or wrong? The mind cannot understand. The mind cannot understand what’s going on. So, there is no right or wrong. If you really want to fulfill it, fulfill it. What happens if you fulfill it? Completion, done, gone. Otherwise, it’s rolling, rolling, rolling. 80% of the things which you are handling now, it’s all because of suppression. If you were fulfilling in every life, you would not have this much baggage. You can easily sort them out.”

Mohanji and Barbara shared the story of a lady whom Mohanji met in Vietnam to help her soul leave. The lady’s soul was ready to leave, but she was very worried about her wealth and was holding onto money and would not permit the soul to leave. Mohanji had met her and taken money from her hand and given it to her daughter; then she left the body. He mentioned that his job was to release her; he could feel her eyes going up many times when he was there, meaning the soul was trying to leave, but she would not permit it, which was very painful.

Upon listening to this, A asked Mohanji the following question. “Mohanji, will you be with us when it’s time for us to go?” Mohanji replied, “If you are connected, yes. See, it’s very simple. If I am in your heart, I have to come. But many people change. They change ideas. So then I don’t have that responsibility. As one Swami said, when Mohanji leaves the body, Bhagavan Shankar himself will come. How can it happen? When I am merged with him already. So if you are completely merged with me, I have to come. You don’t even have to call. So your soul cannot be stranded, you know. I have to pick you up.

But connection, that deep, deep connection should be there. That’s not easy. Don’t think that it’s very simple. Even sometimes you feel you are connected and that you will be connected for sure. But after a while, something can happen. Some strange thought or somebody’s opinion, somebody’s idea, anything. You can tilt it. And then love can become hate in no time.

Doubt, self-doubt. Doubt means doubting me. Or self-doubt, doubting yourself. Both are very detrimental. If you are connected to me, they say tan-man-dhan connection, right? Means complete connection. Like that, it should come. Full connection all the time.

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That is why Radha never had a separation from Krishna. Because Krishna’s body was not important for Radha. It’s in the story, yes. Stories and songs are different. But Radha was fully satisfied, contented. Krishna is inside. That’s why when Radha drank hot milk, her throat was unaffected, and Krishna’s throat was affected. Because Krishna is inside.

You see, that kind of deep connection, nobody can then touch you. This means you will be well-received. Not only that but if that level of connection happens, my people will be around you all the time. Because they see me, not you. 

There are examples of when my pictures are being kept facing east and a lamp is lit, all the entities are cleared in the house. How is it possible? Because when the lamp is lit, the picture becomes alive. Then my people come. There are plenty of them. They come and they settle down. So they drive away everything else. That’s how. A similar thing happens when a person is deeply connected to me, they will see me. And they will come and start protecting. So it’s not just only the death time. Otherwise also. It’s all a complete collaboration.”

This account was particularly more touching for me because he clarified the topics of doubting oneself. When I would feel weak, I would always say to him in my prayers, that I trust you, If it’s on you, everything is possible, If it’s on me, I cannot do it. I do not doubt you, I just doubt myself. I realized that by doing this, it was also affecting my connection to him; I understood that self-doubt is equal to doubting the Guru.

These accounts are a good reminder by Mohanji for all of us to introspect on our connection with him and to connect more. Hoping that these stories will help us all connect more. In deepest gratitude to Mohanji for always being our guiding light.


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