A Guru Poornima to Remember!

July 25th, 2010 – Muscat, Oman  

The Glow of Ultimate Surrender


Dear friends,  

Thank you for the beautiful Guru Poornima messages through e-mails and sms-es. Mohanji received many messages and phone calls on that most auspicious day when we express our gratitude to the Masters/Gurus who contributed to our growth. He has been bed-ridden for almost a week due to a very bad sprain of lower back, which made him quite immobile for almost a week (this even prevented him from writing the Part 3 blog on Babaji).  

Radiating Energy At All Circumstances


This surely was a unique, truly memorable Guru Poornima.  

I feel grateful for the easy-flowing lifestyle of Muscat that allowed for a smaller, cosy gathering yesterday evening – a few of us present thus had the most intimate experience of various Masters, especially the Great Shirdi Sai……   

With the help of Jaju family, our altar looked very nice, with pictures of all the dear Masters beautifully decorated with flowers and candles – we were set to start at 6.30pm as planned. For the first time since Mohanji had this sprain (divine timing!), Mohanji managed to walk down the stairs to grace our humble Guru Poornima program, consisted of Sathya Sai & Shirdi Sai Arati, meditation, and Arati to Bade Baba (Bhagawan Nithyananda).  

Just before Mohanji joined us, I was noticing the changes on his face – there was a visible presence of Jesus… It was only then that I realized that I forgot to add my favorite icon of Jesus Christ to our Guru Poornima altar – what a beautiful, unique reminder…  

When we reached the point of singing the Shirdi Sai Arati, the heat within us was building up drastically. As the Arati went on, Mohanji was instructing us when to do what,  he was throwing flowers on us as individual blessings, and Dr. Deepali said that she was amazed to see Mohanji singing the Arati in PERFECT MARATHI.  

Divine Collaboration of Flames and Energy


That Arati, indeed, felt so beautiful and sacred. All the candle lights became tall (almost  3 times the usual height of the regular candle flame) and had the most beautiful golden glow. Every one sensed the presence of the Divine Masters…  

The time came for our Power of Purity meditation. Energy was already so high that we needed no breathwork preparation. Giving Shaktipat in that energy was a truly sacred experience…..  

After I gave Shaktipat to all the people and was returning to my seat, Mohanji signaled lovingly that I should come to him (he was still sitting on the edge of the sofa, as his lower back pain did not permit him to get up to do Shaktipat). And what a Shaktipat I received from him at that moment! It was so different, with most beautiful Fatherly love…  

The most loving, Shirdi Sai...


The heat of his palm filled me up completely. His palm was connecting between my Agnya and Sahasrara chakras, reaching both the chakras!!! – it was so expanded, i.e. much larger than the normal size of his palm, which I am familiar with. And my head fitted into that warm palm so comfortably, so perfectly – there was a sensation of being completely embraced and protected by the Father. The intensity of Love I felt was indescribable. I knew instantly that it was Shirdi Sai!!!… After the Shaktipat, I hugged him/Mohanji and rested my head on his lap in full surrender, as he patted my Anahata from the back – it was the most beautiful, melting, Divine sensation…  

Shaktipat to Dr. Deepali after Bade Baba Arati


Bade Baba’s Arati after the meditation was special as well – Shirdi Sai idol, and Bade Baba’s photo were placed on the sofa next to Mohanji, and we did Arati on all three. All of us witnessed Mohanji entering into a trance state. At that point, the energy in my head was nearing the bursting point – all kinds of energy sensations were taking place within my system. I tried taking photos, but managed only a few-the pull to go within was too strong.  

Arathi lights and the magnetic pull of his Thejus...


Right after the Arati, Mohanji uttered some important messages and got up to leave the room and take rest – I was actually surprised to see him sitting throughout all the Aratis and meditation, because for the last few days, he was not able to stand or sit longer than half a minute due to acute lower back pain. Dr. Sanjay and Dr. Deepali assisted him in walking towards the stairs, but he denied any assistance and walked on his own – at that moment all of us recognized instantly the walk of Shirdi Sai… It was so touching to see that – one of those moments when our mind finally registers what our heart has been telling us all along…  

Indeed, for quite some time, Baba was there with us, through Mohanji (overtook his body completely), spoke with us, ate prasad that Dr. Deepali made, spoke precious words of advice to each one of us….oh, so divine, unforgettable…  

We simply didn’t know how to express our gratitude and love – Dr. Sanjay and I were massaging the feet of Mohanji/Baba, Dr. Deepali massaged the hand and offered the prasad she made (Dr. Deepali describes the experience beautifully: “He called, “Deepali, where is your Prasad? Get it for me.” Moushami quickly ran and got Prasad in a bowl -it was made up of dalia (broken wheat) and jaggery (gud). Mohanji, i.e. Baba, started eating Prasad and said, “How can I not have this Prasad. It is made with full bhakti. It is so delicious.” I could not control my tears. He then said: “Now you know who I am.” He ate Prasad till he finished the last grain of it! Later, when we were chatting, I realised, Baba ate the Prasad that I made. He ate nothing else. Did not even ask for a glass of water. Satisfaction ran through each cell of my body. Each cell expressed gratitude to its fullest”).  

In that intense energy, we could not talk and were at the edge of tears all the time. While Dr. Deepali suddenly broke into tears during the scene with Prasad, Baba’s expression, visible on Mohanji’s face, was that of complete dispassion, and yet deep Love. As always, his words were crisp but reaching the heart like arrows…   

At one point Dr. Deepali commented: “And Mohanji, I was amazed, you sang that Shirdi Arati in pefect Marathi” – the response was a smile and reply: “I was singing my own Arati.”  

Om Sai, Sri Sai, Jai Jai Sai!


After the most intimate 30 min. or so with Baba (through Mohanji), we felt it was time to leave him alone to rest, and went downstairs. When I visited Mohanji after some time to ask about the dinner, Baba was already gone and Mohanji agreed to have us upstairs with him again, and to have the dinner.  

We discussed all the experiences with great joy, our hearts overflowing – we felt so indescribably blessed – can Guru Poornima get any better than that…  

And finally, I would like to share with you the transcription of Guru Poornima message given through Mohanji after the Aratis:  

“We began our journey in the complete consciousness of Shiva. We started our life as Shiva with full consciousness and full awareness. We were pure when individual soul became separate, from the Omnipresence, from the Parabramha. We were complete. And we were aware that we were complete. Even now we are complete. But we are not aware. This is the difference. So when we came out of Parabramha as an individual soul, started our journey, we were pure and we were complete. We had the full consciousness of our Father. That is where we started.  

Just like a drop coming out of the cloud, when it forms out of the cloud, it is pure. When it starts falling on the way to reach the earth, it starts accumulating so much of dirt from the atmosphere. When it touches the earth. It gets contaminated again. Contamination continues until it reaches the ocean. When it reaches the ocean, it becomes a part of the ocean. It loses its identity.  

Like that, when we started from the cloud, we were pure spirits, fully conscious of our Father and our stature. Then the contamination started. We flow through many lives till we reach the ocean. The Father, or Shiva, came back as Gurus or Acharyas to guide us; to divert us from calamities towards purity. We listened to some, we did not listen to some, because we had too many mental blocks. We had too many conditionings. As we were falling down from the cloud, all that we accumulated was stored as conditionings and we got contaminated. Conditioning and contamination!  

We started looking at individuals as different from the Father while everybody is part of the Father. There is no gender; there is no time or space. Everything is Father. Everything is Allah. There is nothing else apart from Allah. When we started moving, we started accumulating all dirt. We lost our identity. We got deluded. What we are trying to do is remove the delusion at least to some extent and go back to the Father. Become one with Allah. How can we do that?  

… .. Only by cultivating non-violence in thought, word and action;  

… .. By making non-violence a part of our life;  

… ..By becoming pure  

How do we become pure?  

… ..By deliberately, becoming pure in thought, word and action.  

We become complete by removing all the himsa and violence from mind, thought, word and action. Slowly, we lose all our contamination. By the time we merge with the Parabramha, the Father, or the ocean, we would be pure. Only when we become pure, we can reach there. Otherwise we get stuck in the pathway.  

All the water flowing in the river does not reach the ocean. Contamination of water happens on the way. Diversions and detours happen. So, like that! If our aim is to reach the ocean, purity is the only way. Fluidity is the only way. We have to keep being flexible; we have to keep flowing. We have to tide through the situations. We have to look at everything as a part of the existence. Non-resistance and flexibility of movements is life. So keep flowing.  

Gurus will come and go. Shapes have no value. Many shapes have come to talk to people. Whenever there is a demand, shape has been given, the shape has been taken. Form has been made.  

If someone says this is the right path, it could be the right path for some people; another path is right for some other people. Third path is right for another set of people. All paths are right. All paths lead to Allah, Parabramha or Father. Everything goes to him. Everything has come out of him. There is nothing to separate. This is the existence.  

All are Buddhas. All have the same quality. All have same powers. It does not matter if it is a man, woman or cow or a goat. Soul is the same. Soul is the same in a small child and an old man. Operating system is different. Machine is different, electricity is the same.  

I bless all of you and wish you happiness, joy and peace. Use this life to dissolve because it is high time. It is not worth coming again.”  

May we get established in faith and patience, “Shraddha and Saburi” and exist in full Surrender to the Masters and Existence….  

With deep gratitude and surrender,  


17 thoughts on “A Guru Poornima to Remember!”

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience! Hope his back problem is gone. Our prayers for his good health and well being!

  2. BIBA,sorry to know M’S state which must be temporary as you know.Your post is just great as M’S message……..
    Divine Love,

  3. Thank you friends for the heartfelt comments. Gopi, am not used to praises as I am mainly blessed by the scoldings of the Masters 🙂 I just do my best at the given situation, and all the credit goes to Divine.
    Am surprized how beautiful the photos are – due to the energy experience, this time I simply couldn’t take many photos, just managed a few, randomly. But Masters take care, even of such minutest details…. Am in awe. Love and gratitude, Biba

  4. This is in answer to one friend who recently dreamt that Mohanji gave her Shaktipat (and I told her it was an astral experience) –
    Q: “Dear Biba, What do you mean by astral experience? Did the Shaktipat have effect or no? What do you mean by “Shirdi Sai entered Mohanji FULLY.” Then why did Mohanji give us a message from a book and not speak directly? Why have the Masters chosen him alone. Is it something from his previous birth? And then what of lesser mortals like me. We keep doing this that and the other. Who knows how far or near our goal is. Will we ever know? Sorry for the questions. Heaps of love, Doubting Thomas.”

    A: “Astral experience means, when the conscious mind is not bothering/obstructing, a part of our consciousness (or, we can say, a part of our soul) moves out to other realms. When the ego, intellect element is not bothering, the soul reaches the places where it likes to reach. Physical limitations do not permit such an interaction during waking state. In such states, we meet and interact with Masters or other souls. This will be considered as a dream by the waking mind, because waking mind cannot understand astral travel.

    Therefore, Astral experience is as real as the physical experience, even though conscious mind never accepts it. This is because conscious mind is governed by ego and intellect or reasoning. Astral Shaktipat is as effective as physical Shaktipat. Cleansing happens in subtle levels. Furthermore, Astral Shaktipat is often more effective than physical Shaktipat because there is no ego element blocking the energy flow.

    When all identities get nullified, (this can happen when individual karmic push is limited or non-existent), when the individual is operating on a dharmic mode, higher Masters perform through that body, mind or intellect, which is not contaminated by karma. When we say “Shirdi Sai worked through Mohanji”, it means the consciousness which has the characteristic of Shirdi Sai, expressed through the physical frame called Mohanji. This can happen through anyone. This is not particularly reserved for Mohanji alone. But, extreme nullification, silence of mind, and surrender should happen. We do not permit such things to happen because we are ruled by ego and we keep doubting. We lack faith. Total faith and purity are the main pillars on which spirituality gets built.
    Spiritual practices of the previous birth do help. Spirituality never loses momentum, as it happens through life times. The continuity is never hindered. It continues. So, the purity level of this life has its roots in the past lives. Therefore, in a way, ‘Mohanji’ is made over life times. You are made over life times too. You can also reach the consciousness that he operates in and grow beyond that also. Practice purity and selflessness in thought, word and action. Operate with total faith and purity. That’s the best of sadhanas.

    Nobody can call anybody a ‘lesser mortal.’ All are in their space and time. Never compare. It will take you nowhere. All are acting out his/her set of karma. Your primary goal of this life is your karmic exhaustion of this life. That is fulfilling the tasks that you came here for. Salvation happens, when your jobs are done completely – you get a good night’s sleep. Similarly, when your tasks of this life, both karmic and dharmic, are accomplished, you will attain salvation, provided you do not accumulate more unfulfilled tasks for the next life.

    Be Blessed, M”




  6. Abhishek Mehrotra

    I wish Mohanji’s is relieved of the back pain at the earliest.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful experiences.

  7. Pranam,
    I did miss the gurupoornima pooja, really happy to read your post and the experience.
    Masters do not fall ill they know what it is and this is temprory.

    God bless Mohanji

  8. Sri Ananda Durlabha

    Just fantastic! Reading each word with full awareness already set me into the actual situation you all were in on Guru Poornima day. Though I was not present physically I can actually see what had happened that day!

    This is not the first time Masters have come like this. Shirdi Baba has entered Mohanji many times and spoken through Him and has blessed us! ILets flow with all such experiences as they come with no expectations.

  9. Goolcher Navdar

    Dear Biba,

    The whole experience and Guru Poornima message shared by you has filled my heart with bliss and blessings.
    I feel the blessings of Shirdi Saibaba more and more each day, and it is not my coincidence that I am reading this now. I have yet to read a lot of previous postings, will do so from the hospital hopefully after the surgery, but just wanted to let Mohanji know how grateful I am for his presence in my life, his blessings and for your loving sharing and caring for our blessed BTW family.

    I bow down in gratitude and love to all the Masters who bless us through Mohanji.

    Love & Light

  10. My dear Gul, Masters are with you – just surrender all of it at their feet. Please let me know the exact time of the surgery…
    Dear Pratap, yes, you got the point right – it is true that Masters do not fall ill in the usual sense of the word (because they know with great clarity why it is happening, what is the deeper cause – and thus the dispassion…). They operate in perfect surrender and allow everything to flow through them, including pains and illnesses of the body (in their case, pain does not include suffering – it is simply witnessed). Bhagawan Nithyananda had a severe case of arthritis, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Nisargadatta Maharaj had cancer… – there are so many such examples.
    In Mohanji’s case, over the last 3 years that I know him (in this life, that is), I have witnessed him acquiring various illnesses/pains from many people – I was initially shocked to see this happening (for example, one lady had acute knee pain, came to meet Mohanji, he hugged her after Shaktipat, and that evening he suddenly developed knee pain. It was there for 2 days, and then vanished. That lady was cured from her nagging arthritic knee pain permanently – but as per the laws of karma, it had to be taken over & churned out through Mohanji, and the process took exactly 2 days. But he had to go through the pain…..).
    Those days, he used to fall sick every few days – be it chest congestion, headache, fever, neck pain, stomach problems, you name it – all for no obvious reason. The funniest was when one lady, who had a sever throat problem for quite some time and could not talk properly, called Mohanji to tell him how great she feels after meeting him and how her throat problem is completely gone. By the time she called, it was already transferred to him. He answered with a squeaky voice: “I know!” This even made me laugh :- ). At one point, I couldn’t help but tell him: “Can you please not hug anyone, at least for some time?” Mohanji explained to me that he doesn’t choose when this will happen – Baba (for Mohanji, ‘Baba’ means all Masters) is in charge and uses the physical body of Mohanji for any such task when necessary.
    One time Mohanji, my sister and I went to Fujairah (approx. 2h from Dubai) by car. On our way back, we almost had an accident (I even felt it intuitively), but nothing happened. Soon enough, we noticed a decent sized injury on Mohanji’s hand, as well as the leg, with blood coming out. We were amazed – he was just sitting in the car, and there were no sharp objects around him. He ‘tuned in’ and shared with us what Baba said – he averted our car accident, and that one cut on Mohanji’s hand overtook the karmic effect of 3 of us getting injured and car getting damaged. I was amazed (and surely learned not to object to this process again).
    Last year when Mohanji went to China and was about to board the ship, he saw one man in front of him – Mohanji got an intuitive message that the man was about to slip and break his leg, with serious injuries to his spine as well. That very moment, Mohanji managed to hold him, as the man literally slipped into his arms.
    The karmic effect was averted and soon Mohanji slipped and twisted his ankle – recovery took 2 months…
    Anyhow, all this to say, yes dear Pratap, Mohanji knows what this lower back sprain is for, and knows it is temporary. It was interesting to see Mohanji lying on my Yoga mat, on the floor, for two days, and nevertheless passing on energy, answering phone calls, sending blessings, etc. as usual.

    So thank you Pratap for bringing up this topic – I am sharing this with all our friends, for the sake of understanding.

    Love to all, Biba

  11. Abhishek Mehrotra

    Dearest Mohanji,
    You are truely a blessing for the mankind.
    I remember ,the skin patches I observed on your body,which you had acquired after giving shaktipat in Delhi/Gurgaon,during our Himalyan trip…..
    I’m waiting for the day, when I completly dissolve myself & merge into YOU 🙂


    1. Dr Deepali Jaju

      Dear Abhishek,
      Gurus never cared about themselves and their bodies, but, serve their purpose of existence. They take away our negativities and suffer themselves. They never cared about our gratitude or thanks neither did they care about their body and illness.

      I have seen a number of times that Mohanji takes someones negativites and suffer himself. He keeps his bhakta in good health. He took away Moushami’s stye, he took away my cough during recent meditation at Dana’s house, took away back ache of someone in Muscat…..and many more…. as a doctor I was amazed to see these miracles of cures and transfer of diseases happening. His skin patches are also part of this game that he relentlessly plays. It has literally changed my understanding of the diseases and its cures.

      Do you remember that lady who developed fever after receiving scoldings from Mohanji? This was also a part of removal of negativities or blockages existing since lifetimes, in that woman. Mohanji did that subtly, invisibly, unassumingly.

      Masters never cared about their own life and death, but continues to serve. Ramkrishna Paramhans also had to suffer from throat cancer.. Sai Baba took serious illnesses of his devouteee in Shirdi. The story is given beautifully in Sai Satcharitra. Masters are churning quintles of our negativities everyday! We fail to understand this with our conscious mind.

      Ours is a truly rich tradition indeed!!. Master do not even wait for thanks, let alone money or food! They deliver what is needed, quite unassumingly and depart expecting nothing from us. We will definitely feel the effect of their work after their blessings. All Sadgurus are truly EMPORERS, fully in charge of their and our existence in that aspect and so is Mohanji.

      Be in bliss and gratitude,
      Love….. Deepali

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