The Secrets of Feminine – by Dr. Deepa

I have not been able to attend BTW meditation for quite some time as my husband and I were busy in the wind of activity. Few days back, I decided to join Dr. Deepali for the first ‘Power of Purity’ meditation in Hindi conducted at her house, in my neighborhood. I also cajoled my daughter to join us as I thought the meditation would help her relax before her SAT exam.

Since lately I have been going through a lot of stressful activities at work, home, and outside – mind was agitated for quite some time and going deep into meditation was thus a challenge.

However, most unexpectedly, something amazing happened at the very end of the meditation –  just before opening the eyes, in just a FRACTION OF A SECOND, I somehow received the following strong message/realization:

Women have to play many roles in life. In spite of being disadvantaged in comparison with men(physical weaknesses, hormonal havocs, multiple responsibilities, often controlled at home and work, living in a ‘man’s world’ etc), as women we can still achieve excellence in our lives. This can be achieved by learning to perform our various daily roles by embodying various characteristics of Divine Feminine represented by the Indian mythological Deities. So this is what suddenly reached my awereness in that fraction of a second;

As a Wife – Be like the Goddess Sita:

Sita serving Rama lovingly

– always giving, sacrificing, loving, graceful, accepting, dignified and tolerant.

As a Mother – Be like Goddess Parvati:

Baby Ganesha in the lap of Mother Parvati

– love your children unconditionally and be a pillar of strength to them in all walks of their lives, always.

As a Student – Be like Goddess Saraswati:

Saraswati – Goddess of Knowledge

– always seeking to learn and gain knowledge and wisdom in your respective fields of interest as knowledge is the power.

As an Earning Member: Be like Goddess Lakshmi-

Goddess Lakshmi

– who is beautiful and graceful, Mother of Wealth and Prosperity. Empower yourself by learning finance, investing and creating wealth for society, family and self. Just like Her picture shows (with gold coins flowing from her hand), enjoy and spend your wealth. Do not hoard your wealth but circulate it. Bless the needy by donating for their welfare.

And to complete the personality of a woman – Be like Goddess Durga:

Durga Mata

– radiant, fearless, patient and independent, seated on a lion representing power, will and determination one needs to overcome the demon of ego.  Her many hands and many weapons have been gifted by various Gods.

God has blessed you with many talents use them to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. You can be multitasked – develop this skill to achieve what ever you wish for professionally, or at home. She is with you.

Be like Goddess Kali Chandi (another form of Goddess Durga)

Goddess Kali

– and fight the demons/enemies within, i.e. fight all negativity.

With love to all,


4 thoughts on “The Secrets of Feminine – by Dr. Deepa”

  1. Annette Adamson

    Wonderful cognition! Looking to the Goddesses as role models can also be of help in ascertaining where we can improve on ourselves. Really enjoyed reading this! I see clearly which areas in my own being can do with some attention.

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