Ancestral Release

by Milan Bojic


It was the summer of 2013, strange and strong for many a thing. I spent it in my home town, at my parents’, working on the land we have. Several acres of blackberries had been planted on the ancestral land from my mother’s side. That summer everything had yielded abundantly and I made a deal with my family to get my share from the sold blackberries. Journalistic poverty was taking its toll. I was willing to do anything. I wanted to become an agriculturist and provide income. I spent every day with my family, something which I had not done since I left home and went to study.  It had been more than ten years since I spent three months in continuity with my parents, brother and grandfather. The tension in the air was so thick that everything could have flared up had somebody lit a match. All our previous behaviour patterns were revived, with only one difference ~ I had changed drastically. I have been meditating for several years now and have also used various self-development techniques. Now I was exposed to condemnation because of my lifestyle. I didn’t eat meat. I lived according to my spiritual beliefs and I had ideas which did not fit the family image. In some moments I felt as if they were devouring me and crucifying me. I was going through all kinds of phases produced by such human relationships. In short, I was going through chaos.


However, in the shadow of my troubled family relationships, which were going through  new kinds of culminations at each successive moment, a strange sort of liberation was being born. One that I could never have imagined.

Meeting the ancestors’ heritage

That morning my grandpa, mother, father and I went to harvest blackberries. We worked all morning, and everything went on as usual. At one moment my mobile phone rang. It was my friend Valentina, a spiritual comrade from many battlefields and desolations of the mind. Through numerous spiritual experiences, we had developed a strong connection. That night she had had a dream where Mohanji gave her an important message concerning me and my relationship with my ancestors. I don’t exactly remember the words she uttered, however, immediately after our conversation, I fell into a mild trance. I felt that something of huge power and significance was about to occur, and I knew that it was about settling ancestors’ heritage and heavy karma. My body was buzzing, and the mind became like a canvas displaying pictures of ancestors who had lived on the very same land I was standing on. They were strong and powerful, they had become rich and arrogant, and in that way they had paved the path to their downfall. They had become prepotent and contemptuous, and they belittled others. People hated them and cursed them, and because of that they were becoming even more obdurate. Even blood was shed. Hatred grew in them. Ego devoured everything in sight. The powerful family lineage, into which the famous Serbian scientist  Jovan Cvijić was born, was dying out at the speed of light.

Jovan Cvijic
Jovan Cvijic, a famous scientist and geographer

I was born to witness the end of the Avramovic family, the entirety of my mother’s lineage. My grandfather who was able and rich, had now become a poor man, saving each bread crumb. Only female children were being born and with their weddings the Avramovic surname was disappearing. Hectares of the fertile arable land they had owned, were now sold and the remaining areas were shared among the inheritors.


Everything became crystal clear. The success and power of several generations had led to the degeneration and fall of the whole lineage. I clearly saw all my beliefs, all the attitudes I held, as a consequence of family heritage. My relationship with respect to money, work, wealth and poverty. My ego, my world outlook. Everything was the fruit of a carefully chosen ancestors’ lineage, the only one that could gift me with such experience and push me onto the path of liberation.

And the time had come, I was now mature enough to face the family demon.

That is exactly how I saw it for the first time. An enormous, crimson colored cloud, circulating around me. It was suffocating me, putting pressure on my chest. I saw the faces of my grandparents and great-grandparents. I felt the whirlpools of all the negative emotions which had been shed amongst all of them. I could feel the burden of the chains of wasted lives and the bitterness of the curses of those they had hurt with their arrogance. In those moments all I could do was pray to my master. Only his light could break those centuries of darkness.

My father, mother and grandfather were still in the blueberry bushes, and I couldn’t see them. Everything was orchestrated, and the picture and presence of the master were unbelievably strong. I felt as if I was standing in my master, as if I had put on his form and the bright white robe. I was getting clear realisations about the natural flow of life, about ancestors, and the choices and results we all make and endure. The family “demon” was thriving and I felt I had to enter into a fight with him. The master was putting realisations into me, making me aware that I had to go to the ruins of the centuries-old family house. It was there that everything had started. The Avramovic lineage is indigenous. They lived in the western part of Serbia for hundreds of years. Several books even talk about it.

I was a bit scared to go there. I was falling deeper and deeper into trance and fear of a horrible confrontation with the spirits of the past was taking my breath away. Master was putting realisation after realisation into my mind.

A moment of greed

blackberriesSuddenly, I realised that I didn’t have to fight. I started accepting the demon and directed my awareness to him. Master clearly gave me an instruction to pick twelve blackberries, six in each hand, and to carry them to the ruins of the old house and offer them as a sacrifice.

I stretched my arms to pick the blackberries, but then thought to choose some uglier ones, so that I would not waste beautiful representatives. Then I was pierced with the realisation of my greed. I understood the trick of my mind and my ancestors’ weakness. I decided to choose the best representatives for my ancestors. I picked twelve of the loveliest blackberries and with my hands full I set off to my old family house a kilometer away. While I was walking I fell into complete trance.

Final victory of the consciousness

The demon became too strong, and master’s light became strong, too. The demon was telling me I couldn’t leave him, that I was trying in vain. I trembled, uttering strange sounds, a kind of growling. I was walking with my eyes half closed, almost teetering. Master was shining brightly. Suddenly, mantras started overflowing in my mind. I don’t remember what I was saying, I only know that it had to do with ancestors’ blood, surrender, heritage, choices. Everything was crystal clear at that moment. Each mantra hit the demonic cloud of the ancestors’ heritage like a cannonball. Mantras were appearing in my mind and guided my consciousness in communion. At a certain point in time I became totally conscious. All causes and all effects of my birth in this very family became clear to me. The lessons I learned became clear to me. Suddenly, I could see the demonic cloud with full awareness. I knew everything about it. We were standing facing each other and watching each other. I had strength, for the first time.

While I was approaching the ruins of the house, the cloud was speaking for the last time trying to subdue me. It said that I could not leave it. I calmly replied that now I had freedom of choice and that very choice was my divine right. It became quiet. I climbed up a gentle slope and reached the place where my ancestors used to live. Now even the ruins of the old house were aligned with the ground and overgrown with grass. There was only the stump of a former tree that decorated the yard.

I tightened my hands full of blackberries into fists and a dark crimson juice, like blood, flowed over my hands. My mind was again overflowing with mantras in which I gave all my blood inherited from my ancestors back to them, purified and awakened. Symbolically I wiped my “bloody” hands on the stump and I went straight to the old family spring. I washed my hands ritually with freezing cold water while new mantras were taking turns. With the ancestors’ water I was washing away ancestors’ blood.


I felt incredible lightness and purity. The cloud of family damnation disappeared from my consciousness, and enormous strength filled the body that had trembled until a few moments ago. I could hear my ancestors applaud and sing. I felt as if I had accomplished something substantial for them as well. I became conscious of the choice of all souls, especially souls that were bound by heavy  ancestoral and family heritage. Each family is carefully chosen by us with an exactly determined purpose. Each family is a treasury of lessons that we need to learn before we continue on with our journey to further realisations.

I went back to the blackberry bushes, completely unconscious of how long I had been away. To my surprise, nobody had even noticed my absence. Everything was in perfect order. I was silent and melted into one of the most precious spiritual experiences. I understood the master’s words saying that at the right moment everything happens by itself. I had not wanted nor had I done anything to bring about the resolution of this issue. I was simply ready for this experience. The light of my beloved master took me through everything like a parent taking his child for a walk – slowly and tenderly holding the child by the hand.

Mohanji Smile 1
The light of my beloved master took me through everything like a parent taking his child for a walk

Since then I surrender my life completely to him. His hand is the light and I will always hold it.

Eternally grateful

Milan Bojic


16 thoughts on “Ancestral Release

  1. Dear Milan thank you for sharing. So there is light at the end of the tunnel after all. You have helped me in not giving up in our worst situations.


  2. Dear Milan,

    All above experience is soulfully written and you are truly blessed.
    I myself have experienced in this lifetime that we all have varied question relating to our past life and present life karma and what we all get to experience on earth is usually collective in nature. Various threads of karma comes together to become the fabric called a human life. 

    The seeker is always graced by the eternity, seeking clarity and being aware of what actually “lineage Karma ” is all about.

    Our living Master Our Eternal Father Mohanji has explained this in the most simplest way for all of us to understand.

    1. The primary karma that provoked the existence in a body is called Prarabdha. The unfulfilled desires from past lives created this existence. The road map of this existence from the first heart-beat till the last heart-beat is called Prarabdha karma.
    2. The Inherited Karma. We chose a particular family or lineage for our incarnation. This choice is consciously or unconsciously made out of affinity towards a set of souls, a place or a culture. This also has a definite role in our journey called life. The collective karma of the lineage affects every beings of the family, one way or the other, just like a war affects the whole nation irrespective of whether we participate or approve of a war or not. We carry the burden of the family karma. This is why it is important for each person to do good for others, use money with maturity, share wealth with under-privileged, earn wealth only through good, proper and dharmic means, practice non-violence in thoughts, words and actions, respect the other members of the family irrespective of their age or income, honor and respect the family deities, saints or gurus, offer food to the hungry consistently, protect and preserve places of worship which spreads positive energy in the society, give more than you take from the society and earth, never be greedy, settle disputes and maintain harmony with everyone, never quarrel over land or wealth as they belong to the earth and not to any guest on earth, protect fellow beings such as animals and birds, protect forests, trees and rivers, never exploit earth and use from it only what is essential for your need and not your greed, never harm any being through thoughts, words or actions. Never kill any being except in self-defense etc. Thus, if the culture of sensitive living is passed on through generations, longevity of family lineage will be much more and well being is assured. If it is the other way around, if there is ancestral atrocities passed down through the lineage, each generation suffers its consequences. Some call it curse. It is in a way a curse or negativity connected to the atrocities and crimes committed by family members. In India, this can also be lack of reverence for family deities by all the family members, including snake gods. Most of the Indian families used to have family deities. Many families also had deities in the form of snakes. When it is dishonored or discarded down the lineage, the effect is passed down as curse of snake (Sarpa Dosh). Family deities are brought into the family by ancestors and through consistent worship its intensity is strengthened further and further. When they are not handed down properly, if the energy that made the family is discontinued, the immune system of the family is affected. This affects the whole family through generations. So, inherited karma from the family has a major role to play in our life. As an off-shoot of the karma from lineage, a social karma also touches every being of the society – such as wars of the past and associated displacements the ancestors suffered could be handed down to the future generations even though they never faced any wars. Their karmic baggage contains everything.
    3. Acquired Karma or karma that is acquired in this life. This is the karma that we collect through our everyday thoughts, words and actions. Thought, word, action plus emotion = karma. When we involve indiscriminately into these aspects of our existence, residue is produced. Such residue brings forth karma.
    So, in totality, every man is experiencing or expressing the karma that provoked his existence which means his personal unfulfilled desires, the family and lineage karma which includes his karma related to family deities, as well as the karma that gets produced each day. It is not easy to differentiate which is which while you are at it. One’s reality could be based on anything, or a mixture of all. Karma is not an action-reaction theory. It is indeed a collective destiny.
    This is all I had to share with you all.
    Blessings always.


  3. Dearest Milan, what a beautiful and bold sharing. I enjoyed every word of it. When I reached “And the time had come, I was now mature enough to face the family demon.” the goosebumps started and continued throughout the reading. This kind of experience indeed comes only with maturity – and grace. (brings to mind the “Star Wars” moment of “meeting the shadow’ ). No turning back now.
    It is such a privilege to share this path with you. Love eternal, Biba


  4. Dearest, thank you all for your beautiful comments. After I told Mohan about this experience last year, he encouraged me to write it down and share it. I told him I would do it in a moment of inspiration and that moment came last month, after short visit to my family house. So, this experience needed almost one year of cooking to be ready for sharing 🙂


  5. Dear Milan,
    You wrote the experience so well, it obviously takes years to develop and refine this skill. The effect even multiplied as you wrote it in the moment of inspiration. Writing is your strength. Thank you for sharing and bringing awareness to people.
    Love, Bilja


  6. My dearest Milan, sometimes its hard to find the words to explain our experiences with the Master. Your writing has inspired me to also make an attempt to put words to some of my subtler experiences with our beloved Mohanji. I’m proud of you my boy, and loved reading your honest and heartfelt blog. Bless you dear Milan! ❤


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