Mohanji’s Light Guidance

by Annette Alixandra Vanderzon
Annette Alixandra Vanderzon


When doing one of my own past life regression, I normally go into a light meditative state. In my imagination I then create a scene where I walk down from some sort of a house down a hill to a stream or river.  At the river, I create a boat upon which I then step to begin my journey down the river.

Then I quietly float down the river watching the sky and listen to the birds as I float down the river.  You may do this as well.  In my meditaiton, the boat I create is normally grand, after all it is my imagination, I can make it as I wish.

When it feels appropriate, I get off the boat.  I look down at my feet to determine what I’m wearing and perhaps which gender I am, and then begin walking to the town, village, hut, castle, whatever to see what unfolds.  This is what “normally” happens in my journeys.

When I guide others through past lives, I use the same organization and leave the details to the person being guided into a past life.


Mohanji had warned others not to do past life regressions but had given me an exception and when I had this amazing experience, I knew He had been guided by Divine – as of course He always is :)

Before this regression, I had emailed Biljana Mohan, his wife, to ask who Mohanji was in the past life during the time of Christ.  While Mohanji was here, I’d had a vision of Christ which honestly I found odd. Although I’ve had visions of great beings, I had never had a vision of Christ and here I am going to daily Satsang with an Indian guru and having a vision of a Christian Avatar – this was kind of odd.  But, when I told Mohanji about it, I was very surprised to hear him say, “four people had the same vision at the same time.”

This made me realize it was a valid vision and that Mohanji had been alive at the time of Christ and that probably all the beings having this vision at this time were alive during this time period. That we would all run into each other and reunite is not odd it is of course appropriate, the energies would exist for us to resolve those karmic ties which had occurred then and they would need to be cleared and cleaned.

So, I wanted to know, which personality in the lifetime of Jesus Christ had been Mohan ji and if I was alive, who was I?  Biljana Mohan suggested I do a past life regression to discover whether I could find out and she graciously and generously emailed me one of her own past life regressions which I found very interesting and it inspired me to do my own regression.

As I sat down to write this blog, I wanted to have the exact recollection as I sent it to her then but I cannot find it in my email nor my files so, I will have to recreate it from memory.

So, as I walked down the hill to the river and instead of my normal yacht, I was very surprised to see a simple old canoe. And, on it was an old boat man with a stick with his back to me. I thought, ‘okay whatever, the style of the boat is not important but having someone else present during my own meditation is very, very strange.  Who is this character in my meditation?’ And, the boat man then turned around and oh my God, it was Mohanji.


So, I prepared for the ride.  That was a waste of a single breath and thought.  Forget it, we were off. No time to “prepare.”

He took me instantly off the planet, it may be wiser to say we left the third and fourth dimensions, and we were immediately in another dimension. Somehow, although new to my memory in this lifetime, the place seemed familiar. There were beings there but they were rather like golden balls which floated around. I had the sense that Buddha was behind me and there was a very bright “gate” type of opening in front of me through which a luminous egg-shaped ball appeared, and out of the ball stepped Christ into a form so that I could recognize Him.

I thought, “what is happening?” Then I said to my brain, “stop thinking, get in the present now!” Mohanji and Christ guided me to a table and laid my body on it to work on my chakras. They were working on my muladhara and especially my swathistana. And Mohanji took me and we instantly were in a new place.  (I have never, ever moved this fast in any journey in any form, He was faster than lightening, faster than light, faster than thought, it was unbelievable.  This must be the “speed of love.”)

The new place was a lush green hill and there was a cottage on it. Inside the cottage women were working with herbs, and seeds, and Biba was there.  She looked quite content, serene and comfortable sorting seeds and herbs as though she very much belonged and knew what she was doing.

Then he took me out back to show me the hill. There was a significance to this which I did not understand.

Then immediately we moved to a giant harbor full of ships. We were standing on a high precipice looking down at the harbor, the ships were perhaps about the 16th (?) century or perhaps even during the time of Christ, I really had no idea – and I also have no idea what the significance of the ships were.  I imagine that when the time is right, this will unveil. Then we returned to the garden.

The garden was from the time of Christ and this cottage was full of His disciples and devotees. I saw Biba working with herbs.  She had told me she felt, “new” to it but to me, she looked completely comfortable and serene.


Then again we left and we were in a “basement,” full of gold. At first I thought we were in Egypt and one of the pyramids (that did appear in a later past life meditation as well as having appeared in the Homa where we were clearing our karmic debts) but instead there were snakes and gold everywhere.

The snakes did initially frighten me but I thought, ‘I’m with Mohanji, they won’t harm me.’ So, I relaxed. Then I saw Sri Nithyananda (Swamiji) which really surprised me. He, Swamiji, swept his arm wide offering me the room and all its contents. I realized we must be under one of Meenakshi’s temples. (I actually had a dream of Sri Nithyananda when they went on the 2012 cruise of who he was – he was Meenakshi – and who I was to him in that life) so, I was not surprised to find Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda in Meenakshi’s temple, it was afterall, his, of that I’m very certain.  (I posted this dream on FaceBook and Swamiji confirmed the validity of the dream which is not what this post is about and it’s in the past, just like this, not as important as the recognition of the karmic ties.)

Mohanji’s consciousness indicated I could stay or go. I knew if I left with him, I would have to leave all the gold and go empty, bare, with nothing. I chose to go. It wasn’t even much of a choice, I instantly moved to Mohanji’s side choosing love over all else.

We left from a back door opening to the outside . . .

Mohanji- blessing

Instantly, we returned to where we’d left my physical body and instantly I re-entered it. I then laid prostrate on the floor in all directions to honor all the many, many golden orbs with all the great beings that were present before me. I initially thought to prostate myself to each one but realized it was impossible because there were far too many beings better to just lay myself down in a circle several times in all directions.

And, then I was back on earth. One thing – he is SO fast – He may appear still but he is truly Shiva.  We moved at what I now call, “the Speed of Love.”

Although I still had no idea who He was in that life (although I have since guessed and Biba confirmed) nor who I was (also guessed which is unconfirmed) I realized none of it was important. What was important was the surrender to Mohanji and the choice of Shiva and love.

Infinite Love,

Humbly, Annette

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