Sometimes All we Need is Faith

Written by Yashik Singh

Yashik Singh

Sometimes all we need is faith. Mohanji has said many times that even in the darkest times that faith is the light that saves us. When we learn that it is not about fame, fortune, acknowledgement, self praise etc, miracles happen. I would like to share what happened with my mum during her recent illness.
Before my mum went for her operation, we both prayed to Mohanji. Shaktipath and a healing was done for her. During a operation she underwent, the surgeon decided to also remove a kidney stone lodged in a tube. It was a 4mm stone that he broke into two. After her operation I looked at the two stones which was kept with her medical chart. There were definitely two light brown colored stones, one slightly smaller than the other. I put the container in my pocket for some reason and decided to take it home.
When we went home I showed my cousin the stones and there were actually THREE in the container. It did not strike me until I was driving that there was an extra stone. I spoke to my cousin and we both remember three stones. I happily called my mum to tell her that there is an extra stone in the container.
She asked what that meant….and I said that Mohanji was healing her. He is removing other stones so that she will not have to go through more pain at a later stage. I asked her to go and have a look at the container. The container was kept in my room and no one could have touched it.
She took out the stones and sent picture to me. Suddenly there were FIVE stones in the container. All the stones were of similar size so it is not the two stones breaking. Also these extra three stones are darker than the ones I saw.

10407557_10152377991362161_958099184852723324_nMohanji always is with these that surrender. His healing is real. This is a solid proof of it. My mum’s medial chart says there was one stone that was broken into two. Suddenly there are FIVE stones in the container, all of similar size.
Thank you Mohanji for your blessing. Thank you for your compassion. Thank you for your love. Mohanji is present in every atom of the universe. He sees all actions. He sees what’s in your heart. Surrender to the Gurutatwa and changes just happen in your life. Surrender to the Gurutatwa and miracles become everyday occurrences.

Mohanji 6

Glimpses of the Himalayan Retreat with Mohanji

Written by Hein Adamson


Glimpses of the Himalayan Retreat with Mohanji and of Something More:

On November 28th 2014, thirty five seeming strangers from across the globe were drawn by grace and destiny to Rishikesh, to attend a ten day retreat in the presence of Mohanji. The program was called “The Himalayan Retreat with Mohanji” since it was the foothills of the Himalayas which were to play host to this culturally disparate group.
The program was to consist of a series simple exercises aimed at cleansing and purifying. We were to wake up early, drink lots of water, take yoga classes each morning, eat light healthy meals, visit places of sanctity and power, meditate and have satsang with Mohanji.

That is exactly what happened. Or, at least in terms of what is obviously perceivable, that is exactly what happened. But, in terms of the invisible and the subtle, the story is far greater and farther reaching, far more powerful.
I have known Mohanji for three years, in that time I have seen him initiate people into Shaktipat, deliver teachings of exceeding clarity and depth, write articles which deliver the most evasive and difficult to grasp truths in a format that anyone can understand. Each moment with him proves the unpredictable and spontaneous nature of his methodology. Methods have evolved and more and more people have been benefited by his presence and purpose.
Then, unexpectedly, at this retreat, came the Kriya initiation. The Big Bomb! All of those present were initiated and we began our practice from the first day. How can one possibly emphasise the power and sanctity of initiation into Kriya?
This journey, as we have each in our own way experienced, is tedious and difficult to say the least. As Milton says: “Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads to Heaven”. This is how we may begin to appreciate this most rare and precious of gifts, a safe boat to cross the wide ocean.

Going deep within, reaching silence
Going deep within, reaching silence

In one short session I experienced and connectivity and silence I had not felt for many years. How we read stories of seekers performing penance across centuries and lifetimes to earn a mere glimpse, to have a small taste of the divinity within. We have been given a sure shot short cut to the destination, a destination which seems so very unreachable and unattainable much of the time.
We sanctified our initiation with vows, powerful vows which brought home the gravity and importance of what we were being given. It is my sincere hope that those who were given this gift, this privilege, make the very most of it and that they never underestimate or forget what is now in their hands.

Big, colourful orbs appeared
Big, colourful orbs appeared

Behind everything there is something else, something first and before; before there is an animal there is an embryo or an egg, before there is a tree there a seed and, as Mohanji teaches, behind every action there is a word and a thought. That which is behind everything, that which is the backdrop to all, which facilitates the whole show, that is what we felt at work in us during this retreat. That consciousness, that essence of essences, which has found such an intensely vivid and explicit expression in Mohanji, that is what it was really all about: The Mohanji consciousness, which is to me the consciousness supreme, the expression of which is so very simple it beggars belief: Love. Unconditional Love, Overwhelming Love
Slowly, steadily, inescapably the Mohanji consciousness did its work. So very subtle is this thing, so internal, suddenly we realize a greater silence, a greater peace, a greater depth.
We knew not how nor whence the changes came, the body knew not, the mind knew not. This in itself is a clue as to the way Mohanji operates. He functions from the subtle and the essential. Working with the seed transforms the entire tree.
The changes are not easy to see at first, it takes time to feel what is happening. Although the transformation happens in leaps and bounds, the process of understanding the transformation, of turning our vision inwards and looking within, is gradual. On the day before the retreat began some of us arrived tired from long journeys and many hours of travel, others were vitalised and excited about what was to come, others still did not know what to expect. That is the best if you ask me, since you aren’t bothered over much when expectations are not met. Then dawned the first full day of retreat and right from then on the pace was somewhat hectic, with back to back programs for the first few days, leaving no room for inertia to set in. The churning had begun. Starting early with cleansing exercises, frugal and healthy breakfast and yoga, the morning routine was established. Then followed satsang with Mohanji…

Mohanji (2)
What can one say about satsang with Mohanji? Although they all had a central theme, the topics were many and varied. From the simplest of daily, down to earth advice, to vast and unimagined journeys through the cosmos. Day after day these sessions with Mohanji became more and more electrifying and spectacular, lifting us higher and higher until we almost left the ground altogether and took flight.
After lunch we became pilgrims, journeying to holy places.

A rare and auspicious meeting with Swami Govindananda of Sivananda Ashram
A rare and auspicious meeting with Swami Govindananda of Sivananda Ashram

The samadhis, or final resting places of saints and places where the powerful masters of yore had meditated and spent time, temples and, of course. The River Ganga, the holiest and most revered of all the rivers on earth. I would mention here that in three such places, as we were leaving the ashrams or temples or river bank we were met at the exit gates by three different canine visitors, I have no doubt that they were saints or higher beings come to bless us. Others also probably came, but these are the three that I had spotted.

Vanamali Mata looking at her spiritual son with immense love
Vanamali Mata looking at her spiritual son with immense love

At each of these places, we were welcomed and honoured as Mohanji’s disciples by the resident saints and swamis, despite the fact that they mostly preferred silence and isolation. They would squash our entire group most lovingly into their tiny rooms, serve us all tea, and pose for endless photographs. They all expressed genuine care and concern for Mohanji and admonished us gently to take good care of him. There I was reminded again of the invisible work he does and that, as powerful as he is, he is also that sensitive and vulnerable.

Enjoying arati to Mother Gnaga in the Rishikesh twilight
Enjoying arati to Mother Gnaga in the Rishikesh twilight

This same thing was happening to us, we were becoming more and more sensitive and at the same time more powerful and stable, more aware and liberated and love was blossoming within our group. It confirmed in way what I had begun to suspect, that love is the real acid test, that the more powerful you become and the more free you become, the more your expression becomes love and it grows and grows until you become all powerful and totally liberated and that is when your love becomes truly unconditional. Yet another clue to understanding Mohanji, and his operating level.

On the last full day of retreat we conducted a hawan (fire ceremony) on the banks of the River Ganga. There, as the Sun began to crest the horizon we lit the fire and began to chant mantras of invocation and worship, connecting to various higher aspects of consciousness and asking them help us in this ritual of purification and evolution. Many of us experienced blissful silence during this process, many had divine visions and as we chanted the flames grew in size and intensity, the outward sign of the prodigious energy at work. Mohanji became a massive power conduit, not moving from his seat, braving the intense heat all the way through. When the ceremony was over, about three hours after beginning, we all felt lighter, more content and at peace. A beautiful silence had descended upon us and I could feel how we had been blessed. I can only imagine the work done on so many subtle levels by Mohanji throughout this process. On the surface all he did was to chant and put offerings into the fire, but again, there was much happening which I could not perceive, which I could only feel, another instance of the consciousness at work.
Thus went our journey. All that we see and experience is a mere ripple on the surface of an ocean. We can definitely explore the depths of this ocean if we look deeper, if we look to subtle as opposed to the obvious. That is where we will find the real Mohanji and real us as well for that matter.

Himalayan retreat with Mohanji - going for a walk into a cave


The Mohanji Effect, Himalayan Retreat 2014

Written by Mohan H Surujbally

201156_10151222644998890_1129245905_o(1)Mohan H Surujbally is a multi –dimensional personality, a Biology Graduate , well known author who shouldered five books (titled “30 Life-changing laws, Let go and Let’s go, The Universe has not decided and The Ultimate Guide to being a Superstar”) which have covered different aspects of life from philosophy to metaphysics, law of the universe, human behavior, subconsious mind to spirituality.
Adding to his dimensions, he is an inspirational speaker, shift consultant and hypnosis practitioner, has a passion for stand-up comedy and has been a weekend radio personality.When he speaks hearts open, minds transcend limitation and people begin to open up to the realm of infinite possibilities.
Mohan H. Surujbally who is also known as Hitesh Surujbally who came to Mohanji with the numbers of questions. After listening Mohanji’s talk on faces of life the restlessness of his mind vanished. He says he will use his body to serve and his heart to love.

Think about the time you fell in love with the most amazing person.
Think about the time you held your child in your hands for the first time.
Think about the time you heard you were healed.
Think about the time one of your dreams turned to reality.
Think about the time you were told the job was yours.
Think about the time when you saw the person you love after a very long time.

Think about one or any of the above and now multiply that feeling by a thousand times. Got it? This is only an iota of the ocean you feel when with Mohanji. I call this – The Mohanji Effect.


A God that can be named is not God. God cannot be given just a single name or confined to time and space. God is all names yet no name, God is everywhere yet nowhere and God is everything yet no thing. Trying to explain who and what Mohanji is, using words is like trying to eat soup with a fork. It’s
close to impossible to explain the magic and bliss that Mohanji is. I shall attempt to do so anyway…

Mohanji is pure consciousness. He is connected directly to Source. He is Source. He is you. He is me. He is every thought of Love, Gratitude, Joy, Peace, Bliss and Happiness that you experience.
Mohanji is Unconditional Love. Mohanji is the master of his mind, and exists in an egoless state. Attaining God consciousness is an exact science which can be explained using 2 mathematical equations.

Man – Desire = God
Man – Ego = God

Mohanji is free from all desires. There isn’t a single thing you can think of that he wants from you. Mohanji is Love, as when the Ego is completely non existent, variables such as judgement, greed, lust, anger, jealousy, hatred, suffering, and the like also disappear. Remove the above, and only Love remains. Love in its purest and highest form. Mohanji is the Sun. Giving light and love to all, regardless of what we do or don’t do. The sun only has to appear to give warmth and give life. It’s presence is enough to bring joy. This is Mohanji. It is not his message that inspires. It is his mere presence. Sitting in close proximity to him is enough to fill every cell in your body with joy to the point that tears build up in your eyes, your heart begins to race and your face begins to glow. A blanket of peace covers you, you feel safe. Finally, I felt home. Home is where the heart is. Mohanji is home.

MohanjiI spent the last 2 weeks with Mohanji together with 30+ beautiful and incredible people from across the world. English was difficult for many, but the language of the heart needs no translation when Love and Acceptance and Support were the only languages that we spoke anyway. I cannot say I made new friends. This would be a terrible lie. I met my family again. This is the truth. I like to call them M family, but they are also known as Bless The World family. I felt each prayer, each tear, each story, each pain, each transformation. We were all connected. We were one. I have never felt such love between human beings in my entire life. Each with an open mind and open heart. It did feel like we were hand picked from across the world. Chosen to be together in that moment in that place. We gave our everything to each other, sharing everything and giving everything and nothing was expected in return. When love is given, it is returned to the sender instantaneously. Unconditional love, that is. I love my family. My own personal transformation would not be possible without each and every one of them being present on the retreat.

Each conversation with each of my family was life changing. Each message spoke to my heart and I believe, that these messages were channeled by the people through Mohanji. Mohanji existed in everyone. He does exist in everyone. The challenge is to see that in every person outside of the retreat.

The last 2 weeks were spent in detox. Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.

The food was pure and wholesome for the most part and while there were plenty opportunity to eat junk either from the snacks we had brought or food bought from outside, we rarely or almost never did. There weren’t any strict rules, but we chose to eat only that which was good for the body and healed the body. We craved nothing. I even remember someone saying that they only smoked 3 cigarettes versus the normal one packet a day and I also heard people who actually want to continue being vegetarian and no longer wish to eat meat. There isn’t any moral or ethical reason behind these choices. It’s simple is a shift in consciousness. Spiritual evolution leads to effortless and easy changes when you simply surrender. The most difficult challenges of the past become simple. This is the grace of the divine.


We spent each morning treating ourselves to almost 3 hours of yoga and meditation. The meditations, asanas and pranayamas cleansed our body right down to the cellular level throwing out all the toxins and impurities that have accumulated through years of abuse though incorrect food intake and suppressed emotions. This I know may not have been possible without our Yoga Master. Sanjay sir is a master of Yoga and an even brilliant teacher. His love and passion for yoga is obvious and infectious. There is no problem in the body he cannot address through yoga. He knows the names of 100000 postures and more including all the benefits. There is none like him in this Universe. Even if you have never done a single yogic posture in your life, you will begin to love Yoga with Sanjay sir. He is kind, and extremely patient, allowing you to work at your own pace while he gently pushes you to try harder. He will make you do the seemingly impossible. All of this done through love. It is hard to tell if we love Mohanji more or Sanjay sir! Both are loved equally and both are great. They are both masters at what they have come to earth to do. Sanjay sir, WE LOVE YOU! Thank you for introducing me to the science of yoga and witness a human being do what they love and love what they do. Thank you for accepting me as your good friend. Bless you!

Mohanji spent 2 satsangs a day with us. During satsang questions would be answered and priceless wisdom shared. He takes deep and profound principles and philosophies and converts them in a beautiful simple language. It is hard to not describe this retreat as Laughter therapy as well. Mohanji is extremely humorous and undoubtedly the funniest person I have ever met. I think I have calculated laughing every 42 seconds with Mohanji around. Mohanji is breaking all barriers and mindsets when it comes to defining what it means to be spiritual. I agree 100% on his definition of a spiritual person or master. Not that there is a standard definition per se, but a spiritual person is free. I have been trying to teach this to people for years now. The only difference between Mohanji and I is that I teach it and he lives it. He truly lives and breathes love and every teaching. I have since committed to aligning myself to Mohanji. I cannot become Mohanji. I can only be him. Mohanji represents the pure essence of who we really are, thus giving us an crystal clear view of who were really are. Mohanji is the opportunity to see our real selves without the distortions. Love. That is who you are.

Mohanji 1Emotional and Mental cleaning could be felt as his words vibrated through our bodies (physical and others) and I would say rebooted us. He was working to get us to vibrate on the same frequency as he was.

Spiritually, he worked hard day and night, cleansing our spirits and auric fields, shifting or removing karma and facilitating us work through past life or present life issues.
He has removed my cough entirely, which was a karmic issue and some stored emotions. Due to the persistent 4 year cough, this is now a habit which remains only on the level of the mind. He has said to me that through faith and surrender my mind will give this habit up.

I have never seen anyone work so hard with each person giving his everything to ensure that we remember who were really are as we work towards our only true purpose of life: Liberation.
This wasn’t a workshop with theory and practicals. This was unlike anything I have every experienced. Subtle changes were taking place inside. The effects of which may not be seen yet. The seed has definitely being planted. The question is will our faith and love allow it to grow? The ability to surrender will determine the progress of your spiritual evolution. There is nothing for you to do or take care of if you simply surrender. When you do so, God or Guru takes care of everything. This is not to say you become lazy and escape from your duties of life. It simply means you live life with more joy and bliss in each moment. Fulfillment will be your ultimate experience always in all ways.


I will share a detailed description on the various powerfully charged spiritual places we visited. Each one was a mini pilgrimage on its own, with beautiful and blessed experiences, which were unique and special to each individual. These experiences may not have been possible without the grace of Mohanji.
I would like to briefly add here though that taking a dip in the Holy Ganga river was cleansing in every way. I took the opportunity to dip for many of my friends and family and enemies alike. All were blessed. I also had the opportunity to touch the table where Swami Sivananda used to write. Endless tears flowed.

This retreat would not at all be possible without Team Mohanji. 3 selfless and amazing people who ensured we were taken care of at all times. They made sure we were comfortable and happy. The retreat ran smoothly. Not because there were no challenges. But because they were handled so well. There is no remuneration for them except to serve Mohanji and to serve us in our journey to Liberation. To Mamuji, to Hein, to Sandeep – our most sincere gratitude and love to you. Remain blessed always!

To paraphrase Buddha, I am taking nothing away from this retreat. I am however leaving behind all that binds me, my attachments, my doubts, my fears, my insecurities, my anger, my suffering, my worries, my judgments, my negativity and my past.
I am free. I am love. I am Mohanji.

Mohanji at the Ganga

I desire nothing more than to serve humanity. If I am alive then people should be happy. It is my duty to ensure this.
I only wish to Love and Serve.

This journey itself has been an absolute miracle with each day of the retreat filled with a thousand miracles. All you had to do was be present and conscious to recognise them. I am truly blessed. We are truly blessed. I am eternally grateful for this. It has opened up my heart to serve in a way I could not before. It filled in all the missing pieces and taken me beyond and above any course I have ever done. The teacher was love in Thought, Word and Action. I have come to accept and see myself in a whole new way with clarity of my souls journey.

If I had to summarize this retreat in a sentence: 2 weeks of being immersed in Unconditional Love.

When I was born, my astrological chart was calculated. The name prescribed according to the chart was Mohan. I really am not sure why I became Hitesh. My name contains base letters of my childhood that are creating blocks in my present life. It is time to be reborn. What better day to do it than my birthday, on the 10 November. Mohanji has given me the blessing to do this. In fact throughout the entire retreat he called me Surujbally. At the end, he said, “Now you know why…” I am now Mohan H Surujbally.

Thank you for reading about my journey, which is far from complete, in terms of all the transformation and feelings I experienced and am experiencing. Words do injustice to such a beautiful, incredible, inspirational, divine, spiritual experience.
I thought I knew love before. I never did.
You can never know Love. You can only be Love.

Visit and read his blogs and download the Power of Purity mediation as well as the 360 degrees Meditation. All the information and meditations are free. Soak up the spiritual nectar and be free. There is no need to convert or be indoctrinated into any group or belief system. Mohanji does not represent any organisation or religion. He simply is here to help you see your own light and your own magnificence and support you in developing FAITH, and PURITY in thought, word and action, and experience UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Bless you.

Mohan H Surujbally

Himalayan retreat with Mohanji