Sometimes All we Need is Faith

Written by Yashik Singh

Yashik Singh

Sometimes all we need is faith. Mohanji has said many times that even in the darkest times that faith is the light that saves us. When we learn that it is not about fame, fortune, acknowledgement, self praise etc, miracles happen. I would like to share what happened with my mum during her recent illness.
Before my mum went for her operation, we both prayed to Mohanji. Shaktipath and a healing was done for her. During a operation she underwent, the surgeon decided to also remove a kidney stone lodged in a tube. It was a 4mm stone that he broke into two. After her operation I looked at the two stones which was kept with her medical chart. There were definitely two light brown colored stones, one slightly smaller than the other. I put the container in my pocket for some reason and decided to take it home.
When we went home I showed my cousin the stones and there were actually THREE in the container. It did not strike me until I was driving that there was an extra stone. I spoke to my cousin and we both remember three stones. I happily called my mum to tell her that there is an extra stone in the container.
She asked what that meant….and I said that Mohanji was healing her. He is removing other stones so that she will not have to go through more pain at a later stage. I asked her to go and have a look at the container. The container was kept in my room and no one could have touched it.
She took out the stones and sent picture to me. Suddenly there were FIVE stones in the container. All the stones were of similar size so it is not the two stones breaking. Also these extra three stones are darker than the ones I saw.

10407557_10152377991362161_958099184852723324_nMohanji always is with these that surrender. His healing is real. This is a solid proof of it. My mum’s medial chart says there was one stone that was broken into two. Suddenly there are FIVE stones in the container, all of similar size.
Thank you Mohanji for your blessing. Thank you for your compassion. Thank you for your love. Mohanji is present in every atom of the universe. He sees all actions. He sees what’s in your heart. Surrender to the Gurutatwa and changes just happen in your life. Surrender to the Gurutatwa and miracles become everyday occurrences.

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes All we Need is Faith”

  1. As they say, “Faith can move Mountains” these were just stones lol… U proved it Yash Bhaiyaa with your unshakeable faith in Gurudev… Best wishes for your health and Aunty ji’s… May she get well soon 🙂

    Love <3

  2. Dear Yashik,

    Thank you for sharing this amazing experience with us. I really love all your stories and read them with special attention because your connection with our beloved master is very strong.
    We are all happy because you are a member of our great M family :)!

    All the best


    1. Beloved Parambakta Swamiji your blessed Mum bore you and her grace is magnified by your exemplary love for the eternal Supreme Consciousness that is Jaya Sri Mohanji

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