Beyond Space and Time, Beyond Definitions, Exists the Guru… Humble Prostrations… (Sharing a Miracle)

Penned by Mohanji’s Devotee under anonymity as who I am is Irrelevant.

I write this as a gesture of sincerest gratitude to Shri Guruji Mohanji.  I write this with the aim to firstly express my gratitude, but also to inspire and reassure everyone about the omnipresence of Shri Guruji.  He lies in the hearts of everyone that connect to him and even those that do not connect to him. He is the personification of love, and if one looks deep behind all his actions, the only motivation is selfless love.   He exudes pearls of wisdom for our highest good.

2013-01 - Mohanji - Wayanad - Retreat (79)
The ever present, the ever loving.

As I cast my mind back to that fateful day in September 2012, I received a call from my dearest soul friend Sulosh Pillay inviting me to listen to a presenter/attend a meditation.  The presenter was none other than Shri Guruji.   At a soul level, I immediately knew that I had to accept the invite and do what it took to be present at the mediation.  Never for a moment, did I realize that that simple acceptance would lead to eternal liberation by the Grace of Shri Guruji.  A journey to cherish.  In sharing my experience, my only purpose is to ignite the spark of hope, firm faith and belief, qualities that lies within each and every one of us.  My desire is to awaken the dormant awareness within you for it is said that the only true power in this world is God’s Divine Love, Wisdom and Strength.

In a nutshell, 7 months after my first meeting with Shri Guruji, I was diagnosed with cancer.  I simply turned to Shri Guruji for Blessings and sought his protection and assistance.  Needless to say when he promises and says, ‘I am always with you’ he means every bit of it and so began my journey with Shri Guruji – my journey from cancer to recovery, not an easy journey by any means.

Only once during chemo did I allow myself to feel extreme ‘self-pity’ over my temporary state of dis-ease.  No prizes for guessing that Shri Guruji would not allow this.  At my initial meeting with Shri Guruji, he promised to always come to me / I am to recognize his presence by the ‘Lotus’ sign.   The positive has a more powerful charge than the negative.  Despite this powerful knowledge, I allowed myself to experience self-pity.   Well in my state of excessive self-pity which was observed by the chemo nurse, she insisted that I had to eat a biscuit.  My polite refusal fell on her deaf ears and eventually I had no choice but to accept a biscuit from her biscuit bowl.  Initially I very grudgingly chose a biscuit I had never seen prior to that day – a rectangular biscuit and I had no intention of eating it.  The chemo nurse sensing this was not going to allow me to get away and ‘hawked my every movement’ to ensure that I eat the biscuit.   With no reprieve in sight – I opened the packaging of the biscuit and as I removed its packaging, I saw the word ‘LOTUS’ written on the biscuit!!!  Instantly, my mindset changed from excessive self-pity to glorious Bliss for I knew that Shri Guruji though not physically present, was with me.  I sat starry eyed glazing at Shri Guruji photo with a smile that extended from one ear to another.

2014-02-27+28 Mohanji - India - Gurgaon - Maha Shivaratri (34)
The indescribable blessing of a True Master.

The nature of my treatment plan is such that I require a specialized/biological drug.  This drug is not available/given/dispensed at a state hospital as it is too expensive.  Armed with the knowledge that I am a ‘medical aid’ patient, I thought that this drug would automatically be authorized.  My oncologist adhered to the protocol to be followed in such authorization/application.  Not once, not twice, but THREE times this application/authorization was declined.  I immediately sought Shri Guruji’s Blessings.  For now it was up to me to try and appeal this decision, for this allegedly life saving drug.   What pressure for someone that is not at all aligned to the medical fraternity.  Humble me had to be patient and appeal this decision/s.  Knowing all too well that this is beyond me I turned to Shri Guruji and sought his Blessings for the highest good of all concerned.  Resting the decision at his feet tremendously helped me to accept the impending final outcome.  The appeal was drafted and submitted.  I was verbally informed by three different people that the decision to deny me the drug was upheld.  I was devastated.  I requested for the decision to be given to me in writing as per Shri Guruji’s advice.

The dreaded letter arrived; first paragraph, well-constructed, confirming the decline.  The paragraphs that followed thereafter were riddled with medical anomalies.    Not quite understanding medical terminologies, I asked my general practitioner and oncologist to explain the content of the letter to me.  Through his Divine Grace the letter was pitted with errors much to my advantage.  What was allegedly the final outcome was not, for the matter got referred yet again for review.  The outcome thereafter read, “It is agreed to allow me access to the available specialized drug benefit as an exception”.  This setting aside of the original decision surprised my oncologist and he was delighted for me.  My oncologist concurs that Divine Intervention definitely played a pivotal role in positively influencing this outcome, in my favour. Thank You Shri Guruji for this. It is so difficult to believe that the people who write these letters for a living, could make such mistakes. I now understood why Shri Guruji insisted I get the outcome of the appeal in writing.  His mercy shines even through the darkest time.

20 Hand
The hand of mercy, the hand that carries us.

A prorated specialized drug limit was authorized allowing me to have 5 treatments/vials.  At the onset, 17 treatments/vials were what my oncologist prescribed.   I knew that I needed 17 vials, so this matter would have to be revisited, though I so lacked the energy to take up the challenge yet again.  After 3 months for want of a better word, ‘Rest’, application had to be made yet again by ME This time though, through a higher body as I had exhausted all internal avenues at the medical aid level.

Knowing that further continuation of treatment is only possible through this process – application was drafted and submitted. An extremely stressful task for me to handle as the patient.  My Sincerest gratitude and Thanks goes to Yashik Singh for proof reading this submission and to both Sulosh and Yashik for being my moral support through this ‘saga’ and all others that helped which was spearheaded by Shri Guruji.  So as you can rightfully guess, another appeal was submitted to a ‘higher body’.   My application/submission was investigated.

During the Guru Purnima live broadcast, Shri Guruji, very lovingly mentioned that what is beyond our control needs to be left at his feet.  This is precisely what I did.  Medical fraternity’s decisions broke my spirit (these are the very same people that take the Hippocratic oath) and Shri Guruji unconditionally and most lovingly mends me together.  Rules/Regulations/ Policies prevailed and what felt like frustrating blocks were actually Shri Guruji’s way of protecting me.  This protection allows me now to eventually receive the full quota of vials that was originally prescribed.  In the coming months I will receive the remaining balance of 17 vials in total as prescribed by my oncologist.   This is nothing short of a miracle. It is a miracle and I believe in miracles.  Miracles are a way of showing us that we are on the right path.  I cannot stress enough how “impossible” this was, for anyone in the situation I was in.

5 Dubai -  Shiva like photo
Our beloved Shri Guruji.

Shri Guruji, my Sincerest Gratitude to you, for this is only possible through your Divine intervention and grace – MM (Mohanji’s miracles).   True responsibility is the ability to respond to the needs of all around you, flowers, trees, animals, humans and the planet.  It is only an evolved being who responds graciously to every living being/creature in the Universe. I find all this in you, our Beloved Shri Guruji. Thank you so very much.  Indeed I am and so too are you who read this, Blessed beyond measure to be part of Shri Guruji’s life.  On behalf of my family and I, what indescribable joy of being Blessed with your presence and the miracles you create in our lives Shri Guruji – our heartfelt sincerest gratitude and Thanks.

Life’s lesson that I learnt whilst journeying with Shri Guruji:-

Shri Guruji never sends you into a situation alone.  He goes before you, Stands beside you, Walks behind you.  Whatever situation you have right now, be confident that Shri Guruji is with you.  I am convinced about the authenticity of his pearls of wisdom, his words, for when life seems dark, Mohanji Shri Guruji Lights the way as he always shows us complete grace and unconditional love.  Oh once again, what indescribable joy of being Blessed with your presence in my life and that of my family.   I have realized that your security is not your job, or your bank account, nor your investments, nor your children, spouse or parents.  Our security is our ability to connect with the cosmic power that creates all things   :  AUM PARABRAHMANE NAMAH.

I would like to share the words of two bhajans that got me through many difficult times during this journey:  At this point I have to mention that I sing these two songs to Shri Guruji almost daily in my non Lataji voice.

Purab Se Jab Suraj Nikle Sindoori Ghan Chhaye
When the sun rises from the east the sky is reddish
Pavan Ke Pag Mein Nupur Baaje Mayur Mann Mera Gaaye
When the trinkets on the legs of the wind chime my heart sings
Mann Mera Gaaye
My heart sings
Om Nama Shivaay…
Om nama shivayay…

Pushp Ki Mala Thaal Sajaaun
I decorate the plate with flowers
Gangajal Bhar Kalash Main Laaun
Fill the pot with ganga water
Nau Jyoti Ke Deep Jalaaun
Light up the lamp with 9 wicks
Charnon Mein Neet Sheesh Jhukaaun
Bow the head at the feet forever
Bhaav Vibhor Hoke Bhakti Mein Rom Rom Rang Jaaye
Immersed completely in the devotion every cell is colored
Ho Mann Mera Gaaye
Ho my heart sings
Om Nama Shivaay…
Om nama shivay…
Abhyankar Shankar Avinashi
Scareless joy giver and one who cannot be destroyed
Main Tere Darshan Ki Abhilaashi
My wish is to behold you
Janmon Ki Pooja Ki Pyaasi
Have been thirsty throughout ages of devotion and prayer
Mujh Pe Karna Kripa Jara Si – 2
Have alittle grace on me
Tere Siva Mere Praanon Ko Aur Koi Na Bhaaye
Theres no one who is dear to my life
Ho O O O Mann Mera Gaaye
Ho…. My heart sings
Om Nama Shivaay…
On nama shivay…


Manasa Bhajare Guru Charanam
Dustara Bhava Sagara Taranam
Guru Maharaj Guru Jai Jai
Sai Natha Sadguru Jai Jai (Sathya)
Om Namah Shivaya Om Namah Shivaya
Om Namah Shivaya Shivaya Namah Om
Arunachala Shiva Arunachala Shiva
Arunachala Shiva Aruna Shiva Om
Omkaram Baba Omkaram Baba
Omkaram Baba Om Namo Baba

2 thoughts on “Beyond Space and Time, Beyond Definitions, Exists the Guru… Humble Prostrations… (Sharing a Miracle)”

  1. So very inspiring. Currently also being held up by Guruji during major illness and radical detoxification of chemicals such as morphine, pethadine and a host of other monsters, much to the horror of the medical fraternity, natural healers and others. My comment remains – Mohanji promised to ‘hold my hand’ throughout, and indeed, I’m now on my 11th day of ‘cold turkey’ and although excruciating, the Beloved is with me, and my endeavor is TO STAND CLEAN AND EMPTY, BEFORE MY MASTER, whether in the flesh or not is absolutely irrelevant. Divinity is already proving that the impossible is possible. On my own little self, I could NEVER have survived the journey up to now. JAI SHRI MOHANJI, JAI JAI!!

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