A Special Guest on my Housewarming Day

Written by Devadas AC
“May the functions be auspicious.  Keep my photo facing east. I shall be there and you will know my presence. I shall stay there too.” This was the reply from Guruji from Serbia when I invited Guruji and Bibaji for my housewarming function planned 28th May, 2015.

Before Ganapathi Homam and Devi Pooja started,  I had kept Guruji’s photo in my Pooja room facing east. The homam and pooja got over very early in the morning. Priest (Mr. Ajaykumar – my cousin brother) told me that the pooja went well and he could feel some special energy field during the pooja.
The same day, in the night, after the dinner, my wife, her family and I were sitting and chatting. We saw a Black coloured Butterfly appeared (Yes! I mean it.  It just appeared in the room because all the windows were closed) in the room and sat on the wall. My wife, her sisters, their children  touched the butterfly. IT didn’t  move even a bit.
Since Guruji told me that HE was going to stay with me, I had arranged a bed for Guruji near my Pooja room. My co-brother Mr. Vasudevan and I were sleeping near Guruji’s bed.
When we got up around 5.30 am to go to a Hanuman Temple, we saw the same Butterfly came out from the bed and sat again on the wall.
All of us saw the Butterfly in the morning and it disappeared around 7 o’ clock.
I had sent a message to Guruji in the evening asking whether the stay was good and comfortable.  Guruji’s reply was “Yes, it was nice. You know, I always do my job” !!
Devadas AC

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