Experience Sharing after the Weekend Programme “Return to yourself”

Experience Sharing during Open satsang
after the Weekend Programme with Mohanji “Return to yourself’’
3-4th October, 2015, on Iriski Venac, Fruska Gora, Serbia


M: Those who have attended until now- how do you feel?
Audience: Great!
M: Two days are not enough. What we have spontaneously and unknowingly collected for life times, cannot be changed in two days. But at least we made progress and I can see the changes on your faces. Anybody who wants to talk further about it? This is your chance. Because tomorrow, I have to board a plane.
DSC_6033Participant 1: I am grateful for this special beauty that we shared here; for the honest exchange and opportunity for growth.
Participant 2: I am grateful to you for reminding us to look each other in the eyes. I usually do it with children, and now I felt it with adults.
M: We have stopped looking at each other’s eyes these days. Earlier we used to communicate directly. Now it’s all on the computer or WhatsApp. So we lost eye contact but when we talk directly into the eyes of people, it’s a huge difference. We also see the reflection of ourselves. All the people we meet, have something to do with us; doesn’t matter whether good or bad. There are no coincidences. Everybody is related some way or the other.DSC_6031
I also insisted on respecting the other person. Some of these people have been connected to you in your past lives or in your ancestral lineage. So you are actually paying off the debts, honouring the other person and then correcting or cleaning the path. Thus whatever comes to you is good for you. Sometimes the effect may be painful, but eventually you will know that completion has occurred. What did you see in the people?
Audience: Ourselves… Emotions… Past lives… Animals (Laughter)… God… Relief…
M: Each person was expressing different things, you see? This variety is the beauty of the world. There is a reasonable theory- imagine you have taken a thousand lives in various bodies as animals, birds etc. We carry an essence of every lifetime in each incarnation. So there is always a history behind you seeing various beings in one person. This is why I said we need to respect and never judge people. Because you have no clue what they or you have been!
Participant 3: If we meet an annoying person or we do not like the energy of that person, what should we do? Because you said it’s karma…
M: The best way to handle life in this world is to be strong. If you are strong and powerful, you will then be unaffected even if you encounter certain energies. This is why we were talking about prayers and chants. The atmosphere is very, very turbulent now. The best thing to do is chanting. What did we experience during Conscious Walking?
When your own energy circulates inside, you are extremely powerful. It proves you already have more energy than needed to protect yourself. But you spend a lot of energy in daily life. It is like you earn 1000 euros and spend 1500 euros. So what happens? Constant debts. Do you ever see a child without energy?
Audience: No… (Laughter)
M: The parents do not know what to do with them! They are so energetic. This means we have it but we spend a lot more. We are tired of always chasing something or the other in life. The problem is we sometimes even lose track when we chase more and more. This takes a lot of power and energy. What did I say in the morning? All the things like mind and ego, which you have brought at the time of birth, are good for you, provided they are in their natural form. When anything is oversized- whether mind, body, intellect or ego- it’s a problem.
Participant 4: We know the size of body and mind. What is the natural size of ego?
M: If I ask you, “Who are you?’’ Then you will say, “I’m so and so.’’ That is your basic ego identification. You are identifying yourself as this incarnation. That is the natural size of ego. Whatever else that we collect- “I am so and so, people should respect me.’’ is enhanced ego. Then we suffer because of expectations.

Participant 5: Thank you for showing me to feel the sky beyond simply seeing it.
DSC_5673And for having taught to look into the soul of these beautiful people. Today I saw some past lives – even animals. I saw and felt that we are one.

M: How often do we connect to the sky? People say the sky can be connected to the throat, etc. But when sky is connected to your heart, your dimension changes.
Participant 6: I felt so exhausted and I couldn’t stand. When I finished looking into each other’s eyes, my heart wanted to explode. I couldn’t feel my arms, my legs, nothing. I felt empty.
M: Empty yourself. That’s exactly the point. This is the beautiful state to be in. When you need so many things, you are stressed. But when you are empty, everything comes to you.

Participant 7: I actually saw nothing, I just felt different feelings in different parts of body. When I felt heaviness here in the chest, other people cried.
M: All energy and people are connected to us. We are just preoccupied with ourselves, so we fail to see this connection. We are unaware that we are actually big transmitters. This is what you felt, heaviness in your heart actually affects somebody else too. That is why all the masters repeat like parrots- do good, feel good, help everybody, hurt nobody. Because this creates the vibration. When your vibratory level changes and you are peaceful, there is a difference in the world.
Participant 8: Initially, I mostly felt that people wanted to sense some support, to tell them they are loved, everything is going to be fine. That was my impression. And I was too tired and had a lot of pain in my forehead.
M: Didn’t I tell you not to hug?
Participant 8: I didn’t hug.
M: I know you didn’t. We collect so fast. We are like a sponge.
Participant 9: I felt an amazing release by connecting with the eyes, praising and honouring the other person. Looking in the eyes was an immense experience. I had a feeling of release- like receiving or giving forgiveness. I felt light and bright in connection with all those people I met today.
Participant 10: During eye-gazing, I felt my breathing, some high energies, but afterwards, I felt terrible chest pain and had to sit down.
M: And after shaktipat?
Participant 10: It has gone!
M: I do my job.
Participant 11: I felt very happy. I was looking at people like this (showing a big smile) I just couldn’t take off the smile from my face. My strongest or the loudest thought was “Good to see you again,’’ for each next person.
M: There is a link which brought all of us together. Some people figured it, some didn’t. There is always a connection and always a conclusion.
Participant 12: I just want to say that my impression is the same like hers.
Participant 13: I would like to share my experience with others who were not present. How to do that?
M: Simple. Live it. Live that experience.
If you express what you are, the world will be brighter. All I wanted to prove in the last two days is that you are everything. There is nothing to borrow from anybody. Everything you need, you have. That is why we also call this programme “Return to yourself.’’ This is the whole point.

Flowers of gratitude

Participant 14: I am grateful for everything in the last two days.
M (seeing through him): You have a full book to write.
Participant 14: Yes, maybe two or three haha…
Audience: Ego, ego, haha (laughter)
Participant 14: Now I’m thinking what to say… People should change the way we communicate among each other. When we started communicating with our hands and eyes turned to each other, I felt we were all one. Everything was so honest.
M: Good.
Participant 15: I’ll be short because I have to translate.
(Audience laughs)

“I was like in a washing machine”:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoqCnDsynJQ?rel=0&controls=0&showinfo=0&w=560&h=315]

Participant 15: I’m sure Mohanji knows this, but I’ll say this for the rest of you. I am really thankful. I am going through a rough period. I had a certain outlook and thought things had to be that way. Then I came here this weekend and I was being thrown here and there, up and down like in a washing machine. Slammed on this wall and that wall. My heart was all over the space… I was happy and I was sad. He just kind of shakes you up and then I thought maybe that isn’t the only way, maybe there is another way I should look at things. So thank you very much!
M: I had only two days.
(Audience laughs)
And you learnt the Chinese as well.
(Explosion of laughter in the audience)
It always helps.
Participant 15: When you initially said, “Now say something to that person,’’ I talked jibberish, but when you said, “Now really convey something to that person’’ I was surprised how it sounded as if I was really speaking Chinese! So real! “Wow I am speaking Chinese!’’
I know I wasn’t but I had just a feeling I was, haha.
M: I am thankful for this group, it’s a wonderful group. It’s a pleasure. Because as I increased the temperature, you just went with it.
(Explosion of laughter in audience)
Yes, sometimes people cannot take that intensity. The group was beautiful. Wonderful team. So I could take you somewhere. It all depends on the response of the people. It is not that anybody can roll over. You were ready. That is willingness, that makes the difference. Didn’t you feel like a family, all tied together? How could that happen in just two days? This is the involvement.
Participant 16 (hardly suppressing tears): You just took my words. I am eternally happy and grateful that I met my family. Thank you family.

DSC_6131aParticipant 17: I didn’t attend the full programme, I came just for the open satsang. You said in the Power of Purity Book that you get what you deserve, not what you desire. I am experiencing a lot of negativities because it is my heavy karma from the past. A sort of chronic loneliness and I cannot get rid of it because it is deep in my unconscious. How to change this?
M: I am not explaining where you came from past life or why you are experiencing this because that’s not important. Right now as you sit here, keep connecting to me and before we close this, come to me. Just try to connect to my energy, right now while sitting there and before we conclude, I’ll meet you. I will do what I can. Like Jesus said in the Bible, “Let your faith heal you.’’ You’ve come here, so I should heal you.
Participant 18: In our tradition it is normal to shake hands or hug. How to politely refuse shaking hands with other people?
M: You can put hands in namaskar. As I said, strengthen yourself so that even if you shake hands with a thousand people, nothing will happen to you. If you are connected to my consciousness, or consciousness of Baba, or Jesus… Stay connected. Stop being you. If you stop being you, then all the problems associated with you will also stop existing. That means you should be connected with your mind to the consciousness. Imagine mind is like a car. Park it in my garage.
Participant 4: How can I know for sure that I parked my mind in your garage?
(Explosion of laughter)
How do I know? How to practise it?
M: Just remember. Start with just remembering, my image or whatever. When you remember something, you connect; you tend to go into that energy field. The thought is the first level of creation. Like when there was pain in the chest, it got reflected in other people. When you remember, think or talk about a particular person or entity, you are connected to them. Positive or negative, it’s the same. Energy is alive, right? When thought happens, energy is released.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic
Proof-read by Aviral Srivastava

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