Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 201 and 202

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 201 – Make plans on individual and collective capacities 

Today, I wanted to expand a little bit on some messages that I’ve shared before, which are about Mohanji’s approach to work, his fierce willpower, and the way that he lives a “get it done” attitude. He has a clear plan, and he’s moving ahead with that, regardless. This means it can be very challenging and demanding to work closely with him. Because the words “it’s not possible” or “it can’t be done” are not something you can easily say to Mohanji because for him there’s always a possibility. Impossible doesn’t exist. Or, if there’s a lock, then that also must be a key and it’s a job then to find it. This is the approach that we’ve been taking and it’s incredibly rewarding and inspiring to work this way because I’ve seen over the year that my capacities have really increased from what I thought was possible before.

One of the extensions of this type of lesson is to plan based on individual and team capacity, because if we don’t do that, and we plan on somebody else’s support, banking on the belief that they will help, there’s no guarantee. If we’ve started a project saying: “Okay, this is going to happen because this person said that they all support and this person has also decided they’ll contribute,” there’s not really much guarantee that it will happen, and if it doesn’t, it can become a problem. But if we plan based on what we can individually and collectively do as the Mohanji family, then there’s a greater chance of success.

Then in bringing people, and having them also walk with us, he always reminds us that we can only inspire people with our life, what we do, or our actions; words don’t mean so much. If people decide to walk with us and support us, then we’re lucky. But if they don’t, it’s still important to achieve what we want to, even if that means sometimes taking steps backward to go forward again. But leaving or stopping a project is not a good idea because that really would hit self-esteem very badly. In that sense, success is the only real purpose.

Day 202 – Connecting with nature

This morning, we’re doing some film shooting with Mohanji and a cameraman, taking advantage of the early morning hours in the good light. As we were here, just waiting for people to set up, Mohanji asked me to just look at a tree and explained something from that, which I thought would be really great to share with you all today.

As we were waiting, he just said, “Look at the tree and look what you see.” That’s what he said, and after some time, he said, “Okay, now go beyond the form. What do you see? What do you feel?” So, looking at the outward tree, then connecting with it more, and then that sense of stability comes, and peace too. He said, “Like that, with everything in nature, it speaks to you.” Then he also asked, “Where do you feel it? Where does it connect with you?” For me, it was in the chest in the heart area. He said, “That’s the feeling. That’s what we can get from nature.”

He shared this before and has also recently been speaking more and more about why it’s important to connect with nature, especially for children. Because all of nature is talking to us all the time, if we can be with it, listen to it, and we can receive from it, from the tree for example, that communication of stability, strength, and peace. He also spoke of how in the modern day, we live in a world that is very much divided up into squares, boxes, rectangles, and cubes. Rarely are we natural, out in the wildness of nature, and reconnecting with that can bring a lot of stability for people. 

So, this was something small I wanted to share with you today, but it is also very, very big, as it is about the power of connecting with nature, and especially how we can bring that more into our lives.


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 19th March 2023


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