Injured yet unaffected

by Arpana Nazre, Bangalore, India

I have been following Mohanji since mid-2014, and from that time until now, miracles have become normal. I no longer get wide-eyed when I hear someone talking about how something worked for them, how their life has turned around, or even how someone was saved from a disaster magically though the circumstances were quite the opposite. I have written about many such cases in different blogs earlier. 

In this blog, I want to share a few similar experiences of injury I had at different times in life, but there was literally no pain. 

Incident 1: It was a hot sunny day, and I had just stepped out of the shower. My feet were still wet, and while stepping out of the bathroom, I slipped on the floor instead of keeping my foot on the mat. Since it’s vitrified tiles, these tiles are extremely smooth, and instead of standing firm on the ground, I slipped on my heel, landing directly on the edge of the bathroom door, which had a rough granite edge. My head hit the granite’s sharp edge, hit the temple region, and my toe and ankle twisted. 

My son was sleeping in the bedroom and kids are known to be deep sleepers and it takes quite an effort to wake them up. But he woke up with a start due to the heavy sound of the fall. I thought I would have broken my skull due to the intensity of the fall. Somehow, I gathered myself and got up. I knew the impact would be high and just tried to compose myself. My toe was hurting, and I massaged my toe and ankle and slowly went downstairs. 

After a brief rest, I went about my daily chores as usual. By evening, I could feel a cut in the temple area, just above the ears. It was swollen. I felt it and realised that there was a straight line cut. I didn’t even know about the cut earlier. I felt it again, but to my surprise, though there was a cut, there was absolutely no pain. I just pressed the area to see if there was pain elsewhere around that cut. Nothing again. 

I knew Mohanji had taken away all the pain. By the sound of it and the kind of impactful fall, it had to have some slight pain, considering there was a cut too. If there was no cut, I probably wouldn’t even know. But that was evidence enough for the fall and the impact it could have had. The cut took some time to heal, but I never felt any pain until the end. How can this be possible? It beats all logic out of me. But then, when Mohanji is there, do we need to analyse? He works in dimensions beyond our area of comprehension. He has often said that when you have a Guru in your life, you do have to go through your karma, but the intensity of the pain is reduced by him, simply out of compassion and grace. And this incident literally proved it. 

Incident 2: I had gone to a dentist for a procedure. The procedure involved some cuts under anaesthesia on the gums and then stitching them back. It took the dentist almost 6-7 stitches to close it. The dentist said, “Ma’am, as soon as you go back home, please ensure you have dinner before the anaesthesia wears out, or else you will find it extremely difficult to eat.” My gums were still numb. 

I drove back home, fearing that this might be an extremely severe pain I might have to deal with. With all the anxiety, I came back and quickly had my dinner. Generally, I am very weary of medicines and won’t have them until they are absolutely required. The dentist had prescribed painkillers to take post-dinner in case pain surfaced. 

I waited for the anaesthesia effect to come down. The numbness slowly came down. I just felt the area, and the sensation was back. But to my utter disbelief, there was no pain. Imagine sutures that too 6 of them in place but absolutely no pain. I decided if the pain was there, I would take painkillers; else, I would skip it. I dozed off that night, thinking it might start paining the next day. The next day, there was no pain, and I regularly ate as if nothing had happened. 

A week later, when I visited my dentist to get the sutures removed, he asked me how the pain was and if I took painkillers to manage it. I said I bought the painkillers but never opened or consumed them since I never had any pain. He was visibly shocked at how that could be. He asked me whether the pain had come down. I said I never had any pain, so there was no question of it coming down. He dint have any answer for it. 

But internally, I knew whose leela it was. Every minute of your life, Mohanji takes care once you completely surrender to him. Mohanji says, “Once you are connected and have surrendered to me, you are my responsibility.” This was just physical pain, but it’s also symbolic of how our life could have been without our Guru. We are unaware of how much he is taking care of us and reducing our pains and burdens, for he never mentions or takes credit for it. We might be complaining about how painful certain things are, but we might not know that things could have been much worse had he not been there. 

Incident 3: One of the days, I was sleeping on the floor on a light mattress, watching TV. My son happened to come to me to discuss something, and he had a mobile phone in his hand. He was meddling with it, tossing it from one hand to another while speaking to me. He was standing above me, and I was looking right up at him while discussing. During this talk, the mobile slipped from his hand, and it fell directly on my eyeball. The edgy corner of the mobile hit the eye right below the eyeball, but the side edge hit my eyeball with full impact. 

The impact was so bad I started screaming out of pain, and I was panicking because of the fear of its full implications. I thought this was it, I lost my eye, and my vision would be impaired. 

Generally, I have had other incidents where I was hurt, but never had I cried. I would take in pain and bear it to some extent. My mother would tell me, even as a child, I would never cry during vaccinations etc. The doctors, too, would be surprised. 

But this time, it was probably meant to be different. I started crying like a baby. Internally I could also feel something bottled up within me, and this crying was getting all these emotions out of me. Come to think of it, recently; I did my 21-day sadhana of detoxing emotions through Conscious Gapless breathing. Since I dint feel anything during that time, I thought I was all clean. This incident proved it wrong. But apart from that, the physical pain was unbearable, and I sobbed for quite some time. 

My son started panicking, and he started praying to Mohanji. He dint know what to do and felt helpless. He felt so bad, that though I slept, he didn’t sleep the whole night, which I found out later. Meanwhile, I was just praying that all would be fine. I was scared to open my eye, thinking that I might not be able to see. After a while, I asked him to leave and go and sleep. 

Within half an hour, the intensity of the pain slowly reduced, and I tried to open my eye. I could see with God’s grace; though it was all blur, at least I could see. What a relief I felt. Thank God. Thank Mohanji. 

I also applied Baba’s Udi too. I could feel the eye swollen, blurring my vision more. I was praying and didn’t know when I had fallen asleep. When I woke up in the morning, the area below the eye had an injury mark and was also swollen. But I could not feel much pain, not in that region nor in the eyeball area, which had taken the direct hit. It was highly negligible to the kind of fall it was. The proof of injury was still there, with the mark and the swelling, but how could there be no pain? It was unbelievable. I knew whose doing it was. 

Internally thanking Mohanji, I messaged him saying that I had a very unfortunate incident but explained to him that I didn’t feel much pain at all and thanked him for saving me from such a horrific incident. It could have been devastating otherwise. After some time, Mohanji replied, “I do my job always if you fully trust in me.” Even though I knew it was his doing, when he reconfirmed the same, I had tears in my eyes. 

Even though we know every moment we are being taken care of, sometimes the sheer magnitude of his love and compassion for us, no matter what is overwhelming. We do not know what we have done to earn his presence and protection in our lives, but we don’t want to lose his compassionate love out of sheer ignorance.

I thanked him and prayed to him, asking him to help me serve him as long as possible and not get diverted from the path. He said – “Don’t worry; I am here for you.”

I thank you, Mohanji, from the bottom of my heart, and I know my words are simply not enough to show my deep gratitude for all that you have done for me now and always.

Koti pranams at your lotus feet!


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  1. We are all blessed to have a Guru like him in our life. Pranams Bramha Rishi Sri Mohanji. With prayers at your divine feet for your health and happiness.

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