Empowered 2.0 – Part 4

By Sandra Sankar, South Africa

Day 1 – Empowered 2.0 – Being You online workshop with Mohanji has just taken off! We are all on our way to becoming the ultimate version of ourselves. Mohanji describes this as being very powerful and akin to the state of Being You, which is his core teaching. He asked us to rethink how we view ourselves and others in society. We tend to look at people purely based on their position, possession or relations. This is a severely handicapped perspective. We are much more than that, he said ever so gently.

Breaking patterns is paramount to accelerating our journey to liberation. Being aware of how easily we get stuck in comfort zones from lifetime to lifetime had a sobering effect on alert ears that listened in full awareness. There were a lot of priceless gems that Mohanji taught us today. 

Remember. Even as Mohanji talks to us in the physical world, he is simultaneously working on us energetically. So be open and receptive and stay fully connected to every moment. Today is also a solar eclipse so enjoy harnessing the powerful energies during your sattvic practices.

Day 2 with Mohanji has kicked into high gear. Today our rapt attention was drawn to how time influences our spiritual journey. Hundreds of delegates understood what the major hindrances were in this age of Kali Yuga. The big lesson was not to accept anyone else’s notion or opinions without close scrutiny and careful analysis.

Mohanji spoke about a plethora of other precious pearls of wisdom. To name a few, some related to the illusion of relationships and how it limited connection to that specific role, notions connected to concepts, over-dependency, and stability of the mind and methods that will purify us. 

As always, much of his time was also taken up answering burning questions that came up and talking to new people. It was wonderful to see their awe and excitement at making a connection to Mohanji’s beautiful presence beyond the physical dimension. You have to be there to experience Mohanji in his full glory.

Day 3 with Mohanji revealed so many precious life-changing insights about the Power of Purity and how guilt and regret connected to the past weighs us down. Mohanji looked us deep in the eyes and said becoming a ‘time rider’ will keep us stable and fast-track us to sublime heights of bliss state. This is how we become unshakable amidst the chaos that life throws us.

Patterns transcend lifetimes and should never be underestimated. They create our realities, life and environments. Although everything else will change, patterns will remain a subset of our reality from lifetime to lifetime. Most people get stuck without ‘grace’ oiling the roller coaster wheels we call life but not us!

Mohanji discussed the binding factors that we need to be aware of and what elevates stress and abnormal behavior. Another huge learning was understanding how insensitivity to people and situations disrupt our lives.

Get to know the pulse of the people around you, and this will help us deliver stable outcomes. Mohanji gracefully covered blind belief systems and fears of an imaginary God because it comes up a lot from people wanting to migrate to a higher level of understanding.

Having the noblest intentions is a great purifier, said Mohanji ever so lovingly. Sincere love flowing from our hearts is unmistakable. Be yourself fully. Be love unconditionally. So, I guess this means we become Mohanji in essence! 

Day 4 workshop was the first of two sessions conducted by our beloved Mohanji Acharya Subhasree. It was a sublime day of sacred practices energised by Mohanji’s energy. Many felt the shift at different levels regardless of how long they have been doing these techniques and the Power of Purity meditation. 

Day 5 with Mohanji resumed with exhilarating lessons about how stability ultimately takes us into the depths of silence. People walk to the last bit, then become disillusioned and stop just before fulfilment. In his loving and gentle way, he also advised delegates to be aware of the fluctuations of the mind, which is ruled by patterns.

So many lessons came up about the over-analysis of the intellect, ownerships, personality-driven decisions and the innumerable struggles we go through because of being trapped in cyclic patterns. Our inflated mind asks for everything.

Another big one was the lure of temptations. Like the tragically beautiful song of mermaids who caused innumerable shipwrecks, the suppressions and denials of temptations lead to the downfall of faith on the path of liberation. Mohanji said ever so lovingly that we must enjoy it, taste it, do not deny it but express it in moderation. He warned us not to fall prey to relationships, learning, people, senses because it binds us. 

We learnt that doubt is the key that evil uses to enter the unsuspecting mind of a person and use it as a vehicle. Be very aware of this trap. A key learning here was that an enlightened person operates from the level of righteous duty as opposed to that of the ego-mind. Mohanji then went on to introduce us to a beautiful Guide to Stability. This is an ingenious and most invaluable tool that will keep us firmly on the path to liberation. So exciting! 

Day 6 – the team made an exciting announcement. There is an upcoming Empowered 3.0 workshop with Mohanji from 26 February to 6 March 2022. Great news for those of us so immersed in the beauty of Mohanji’s magnetic presence without presence, and the opportunity to see him again leaves us breathless with excitement! 

Mohanji always starts the sessions amidst enthusiastic, joyous greetings from the delegates. He hits the ground running, leading us into subtle aspects that are normally difficult to digest. Mohanji talked about feelings from the physical body and the soul, respectively. That led to understanding the differentiation between dynamic change and the unchangeable state. 

Be consistent with your sadhana; he reminded us ever so gently. As stillness increases, so does witness-hood, and the latter happens spontaneously. He laughed and chided us, saying if we chase rainbows, we will get water vapour! Desires shift the mind, and we have to flow with the mind to decrease our resistance. Mohanji said he was not here to spoon-feed us. He said he was here to give us ideas so solutions would happen spontaneously. 

He went on to warn us about escapism which leads to excuses about why we cannot achieve completion in our lives. The mind is kept unstable by time. The frequency of this time is instability; therefore, it is important to trust your guide. Mohanji discussed how egoistic feelings of positions, possessions and relations delude us. Avoid regret and guilt at all costs, came the loving warning.

We were encouraged to use our imagination at all times. It is a catalyst for beautiful things to happen in life. Be aware passivity and indifference lead to regrets and guilt. Mohanji encouraged us to use our vision to visualise where we want to go in life. Many more pearls of transformation were delivered to us ever so lovingly. 

Day 7 shone ever so brightly with the exuberance, grace and competence of our beloved Mohanji Acharya Subhasree Tottungal. What a trip it’s turned out to be! Subha expediently took us through the powerful Pause Technique, Feel Technique and the Coloured Ball meditation. Delegates shared so many incredible experiences about Mohanji’s divine guidance, which came to them as they experienced major shifting whilst practising in their own time.

The big lesson was watching in a detached way. Not doing anything, just watching; not, being pressured or pushed by the mind into action. Delegates shared how the Pause Technique is helping them reign in their turbulent emotions during challenging moments. Subhasree beautifully explained how we would find out who we truly are as we stabilise and get deeper into states of stillness. 

Mohanji had discussed the koshas, which acted as ‘deep’ pockets for deeply buried memories and, more often than not, the source of great pain – not only from this but other lifetimes. Delegates got more clarity about the churning they were experiencing. Such is this great wonderful adventure we are on with Mohanji. Truly, Mohanji has to be personally experienced for us to understand the depth and scope of the transformation we are currently experiencing.

Day 8 with Mohanji rocketed us to even greater heights. We got an alluring taste of what the upcoming power-packed Creating Masters 3.0 online workshop is going to be like. 

Following the usual welcome of Mohanji by the delegates, it soon became apparent that an extremely rare master class was in session. Mohanji dived right in, and we all followed. We learned that layers of past life impressions are made up from impressions of this and past life experiences. Emotion is the glue that makes it stick. Then Mohanji said, ‘now we are getting serious!’

He explained how this binding descends into all our realities. The huge learning was to fit into ourselves right now. When we are present, we become the presence! Anyone who has personally experienced Mohanji’s powerful, mind-blowing presence will understand the life-changing import of that statement. High-level functioning aspects like witness hood is only available in the present state of mind. We learned this is where we need to be.

Mohanji lovingly reminded us that we must become ‘Surf Riders’ in the flow of life. This was just a glimpse of the depth and scope of what we will be learning in order to become Masters. As we well know, Mohanji does not want followers, just masters. Many other elucidating concepts were delivered to us gently in bite sizes to allow us to grasp the depth and range of mastery. 

Final day 9 with Mohanji came to a dramatic close. Delegates were decidedly emotional and heart sore that this beautiful dance of transformation had come to a temporary halt. Mohanji started by recapping the superb learnings of the previous days in his disarming and easy to understand fashion. He described the Feeling Technique as being a key to achieving a seamless flow to life.

Feel feelings coming and going like bubbles, he said ever so lovingly. Feel life. Don’t just live life. Feel hungry for life. Feel nature. When nature becomes you, there is amazing connectivity.

He delivered yet another frank and sobering nugget of wisdom, saying we are like donkeys carrying a lot of weight on our shoulders, and we have no idea why we are carrying it! It was indeed sobering to picture this in our minds. We unconsciously accumulate karma without realising that we are carrying mountains of it already.

Emboldened by the learnings of the master class, we simply refuse to be donkeys carrying dead weight! We are shedding the baggage to keep up with our glorious Master, who is only interested in creating Masters. In the lifestyle of mastery, we are reducing the burden to step out unbound, unfettered and free of our mind cages.

Mohanji says that our soul is looking forward to completion. He laughed and described us as tactless gamblers who keep missing the point of taking a life and keep coming back.

Mohanji took the time to answer deep and insightful questions from delegates. From the quality of their questions, great dramatic shifts were immediately apparent. The Q&A continued with our beloved Mohanji Acharya Subhasree, who was sorely missed yesterday. 

A highlight was our beloved Andra Bayliss serenading Mohanji with a song whose beauty touched him very much. Acharya Maheshwari Mohanji, the genius behind much of the social media strategy, is the epitome of compassion and kindness. She quickly filled us in on finding Mohanji’s incredibly potent and highly transformative blogs. 

Mohanji reaches out to find those of us destined to power walk with him in this life. Undoubtedly, there is no greater blessing. Beloved global family, we meet again in February 2022 for the Empowered 3.0 master class like no other. 



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