Kalpataru Series – A day of grace and gratitude

By Chitra A S, Kerala, India

Mohanji has always taken care of our wishes, small or big. We realise at some point how beautifully he fulfills our wishes. I am thankful to the Kalpataru – Mohanji, The wish-fulfilling treeseries through which I would like to share how some of my wishes have been fulfilled by Mohanji and his instruments.

I had been noticing on FB the photos of Gapless Breathing done in various places. I always wondered how can I experience this powerful technique given by Mohanji. Since this is a very special technique, it only happens either on Retreats or in Acharya Programs by Mohanji Acharyas, that too only by a few who are trained. We did not have any Acharyas in Kerala who could do it. I felt I will receive this when I am eligible. So, I surrendered my wish to Mohanji.

A few days later, I messaged Subhasree and I thought of inquiring more about this training. By the end of the conversation, we had an Acharya program planned in Kochi in about 8 days, where she would conduct Gapless Breathing! She was only briefly landing at Kochi airport en route to her in-law’s place and such a program was not in her agenda earlier! I had no words to say besides thanks to Mohanji for fulfilling my wish so soon through his Acharya.

There was barely one week to arrange the program! We had no idea how many people would attend at such short notice. Nevertheless, we decided to keep it simple, organising it in my house and I conveyed the information with all the people locally that I knew. Subhasree was happy with the arrangements and we finalised the program. I was on top of the world. I could see how beautifully Mohanji was arranging this, as that day it was also the special Bhagavat Gita day and Guruvayur Ekadasi. I felt this was Mohanji’s immense blessing for me to arrange such an event at our home. Mohanji was not only fulfilling my wish, but he also blessed me with such an opportunity. I say it was Mohanji’s blessings because we were in a dilemma of whether to arrange a hall or to do at home, as we only had very few days and not enough publicity. I finally, did a ‘lucky dip’ in front of Mohanji’s photo to see where this program should be conducted – in the hall or at my house,  and the answer was ‘at your house.’

As the days were passing, initially, I was a bit worried about getting enough participants. Then I realised why should I worry about it? It is Mohanji’s program and Mohanji should decide on who can join the program. I surrendered wholeheartedly to Mohanji. I am just a participant here and was very excited as my wish of experiencing Gapless Breathing was getting fulfilled.

Subhasree and I
Subhasree and I


Mohanji heard me. My anxiety of who will be the attendees of this programme was taken care of him in such an amazing way. It was a leela of Krishna himself, which I realised a bit later. I wish to share with all of you some incidents that happened during this arrangement and the program.

One of my friends from our M family gave me her friend’s contact number to invite her and I made a call to that person. The lady on the other side felt sad because she had booked to travel to Bangalore and so would not be able to attend the program. I messaged my M friend about it and she asked me to call her again to request her to share the information about this program with her group of friends. So, again I called that lady. I could hear the lady sobbing and she started talking to me, “Madam, I was thinking about ending my life when you called me first!” I was shocked as she shared her story. I talked to her for fifteen minutes (Although using ‘I’, the words that were spoken to her for soothing her pain was entirely chosen by Mohanji) and she changed her unnecessary thoughts of suicide. I promised her a Power of Purity Meditation session soon. For me, it was a big shock initially which turned out to be a surprise at the end and I realised that Mohanji had operated through me.

After 4 days, I felt like calling a retired teacher who had come for a Power of Purity Meditation previously to my house, but she also had to attend a wedding that day. She, however, asked me for a Mai-Tri session for her neighbour some days later. But again, in the evening, for some reason I felt like calling her again to call her and invite her to attend the program in the afternoon if possible, with that neighbour. While I had slight hesitation thinking if it will look like I am persuading people to attend, later that evening I called her. I told her to avail of this great opportunity and asked her whether she really had to attend the wedding (did I just say that?). She cried saying that the wedding was not at all important and she needed to attend the program of Mohanji and shared a brief history of hers in a hurry. This came as a shock to me! I then realised it was indeed Mohanji who wanted me to contact her! But, my ego wasn’t allowing me to do so for hours. So, the Tradition decides who should attend, for sure.

pic 2

(This inspiring quote was sent to me by our Anitha Nandakumar when I conducted a POP Meditation at my house previously).

While the preparation for the event was going on, I had messaged Subhasree that I only had a Malayalam version of the book, ‘The Power of Purity‘. She spontaneously suggested that she would bring some books with her.

Finally, the day came, Subhasree arrived in Kochi and we received her from the airport and brought her to our house. After a short break and refreshments, we were ready to start the program. I was already feeling so happy that in spite of the short notice, we were about 10 of us. Before starting the program, Subhasree handed me the following things. I was delighted and speechless. I couldn’t get the words to thank her. I hadn’t expected her to bring all these things for me. A program of Mohanji in my house itself was more than anything I could have expected! This in itself was a surprise for the whole family and the participants who would be present that day!



I was speechless to see yet another leela of Mohanji and how he fulfilled my wish!

Yes, I had wished to get Guru Leela books and I also needed Mohanji’s cards, which I had struggled to get hold of. It was so sweet of Subhasree to bring all these things from the UK for me, which I understood that Mohanji fulfilling even this wish of mine. These were not simply books and cards, but pieces of evidence that Mohanji listens to us and fulfills our wishes.

As I started reciting the Bhagavat Gita and the Vishnu Sahasranama, slowly the rest of the participants joined me and we completed the chanting with devotion and focus.

Next was the power-packed Gapless Breathing session. Blood started circulating rapidly in the body during the session, which can be seen in the photos (all the faces were red). We could exactly experience the feeling of being a baby in a mother’s womb, feeling protected by our mother, thus giving us an assurance that all of us were within our favourite God or Guru and were protected by him/her.

gapless breathing

After the lunch break, we had the Group Mai-Tri session. This technique is also very special and for the first time, we were blessed to experience this. Only a few Mai Tri practitioners can conduct these group sessions. Once again, we were soaked in the powerful energy of beeja mantras, calling Dattatreya, Kali Maa, and Mohanji, and invoking the entire Guru Mandali. I really enjoyed this and didn’t want it to be over. But, the time flew by so fast and it was time to wind up.

When we offered Aarati to Mohanji, my eyes were filled with tears of gratitude, devotion and total surrender. I couldn’t thank him enough for fulfilling my wishes with so much compassion and even giving me more than I expected.

pic 5


After a tea break, everyone shared their experiences on both the sessions and Subhasree shared many Guru Leelas of Mohanji. Inspired by her, we all started to discuss our own experiences and we all felt joyful and rejuvenated after the powerful sessions. All the attendees were new to Gapless Breathing and the group Mai-Tri. Everyone felt high positive energy throughout the sessions. Some were new and hadn’t seen Mohanji yet. Gapless Breathing was breath purifying and group Mai-Tri was deeply cleansing.

These were the lovely words spoken by the participants.

“I was feeling tired and now I am feeling energetic and happy.”

“At the end of the session, my heart was filled with love, I felt joy and the pain in my leg seems to have decreased.”

“I’m feeling peaceful, silence and happy.”

“I saw Mohanji holding my hands firmly and went down some steps, and then saw myself with my family having some discussion. I’m also having a deep sleep.”

“I’m feeling happy and contented.”

“I have asthma, but now I am feeling comfortable after the breathing session. The group Mai-Tri felt powerful and I want to have individual Mai-Tri soon.”

“Earlier I had breathing trouble and I thought I had some heart issues. After Gapless Breathing, I’m feeling comfortable. Sometimes I used to feel negative energy and I felt like it was going away during group Mai-Tri. I’m feeling free and positive now.”

“I’m feeling happy, peaceful and grateful for having experienced such a beautiful session. It was an awesome experience. I used to sleep at 2 am because of the high humidity with only a few hours of sleep, but after this program, I’m sleeping well from about 9.30/10.30 pm.”

Thank you to Subhasree for being Mohanji’s instrument in conducting this beautiful program at my home.

My humble pranaams to you Mohanji, please let your grace be available to everyone through all of us. May everyone reading this post receive abundant grace from Mohanji and the Guru Mandali.



Compiled, Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 6th February 2020


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