In the galaxies and cosmos with Mohanji – Part One

by Sandra Sankar, South Africa

As I enter the meditation hall, my body gets hot and starts to heat up like I have entered the glorious, blazing sun itself!

The floors, the air, and the atmosphere radiate a vibrant, powerful energy signature that makes me feel like I entered the PRESENCE of a giant LIVE electromagnet!

I am humming …

There is a feeling of tremendous waves of energy running up my legs, my body, up my head! The ‘zinging’ of electricity is shooting through my body.

It feels like I have come online. Like I AM plugged into the universe at the atomic level! Words are not adequate to describe this feeling. It feels like I am INSIDE Mohanji’s unlimited, unbound consciousness!

My fingers feel like it’s shooting out sparks of lightning. The glorious sensations of BEING MOHANJI capture my mind; I’m lost.

Caught up and enthralled by the sensation of being plugged into the cosmos, creation, I AM … ONE … I AM everywhere.

My mask covers my eyes; my ears are covered. My breathing settles into a rhythm. I AM …
By now, I have this unshakable conviction that I am INSIDE Mohanji.

There was a deep calm and silence around me in the entire room, a deep, deep stillness that is not otherwise experienced in this crazy world. A thought comes.

In the SILENCE, we will hear the sound of God. We will FEEL the presence of divinity. We will eventually realise WE are that PRESENCE too. ONE with everything. ONE with MOHANJI. I am lost in Mohanji’s three-hundred-and-sixty-degrees presence.

In hindsight, I marvel at our Mohanji global family, who arrived excited from all parts of the world for this unusual silent retreat in glorious Zlatibor, Serbia. They descended in their hundreds, loud and boisterous. Laughing, greeting, hugging and yes, very loud. Yet here, all two hundred and twenty people sit in magnificent magnetised stillness! It was pure magic. Such is the glory of our beloved Mohanji’s grace.

I had time to quieten down because of arriving a few days earlier for the Mai-Tri global meet-up. This is why it was possible to recognise this amazing shift.

Mohanji asked Deviji to do the group Mai-Tri method to help us clear and stabilise. As she chanted, I felt hypercharged yet again. Clear images like photographs flashed through my ‘mindscape’. Again, I could feel radiating waves of energy.

Then out of the blue, I suddenly saw ONE big reptilian eye! It was dark brown with a lighter-coloured oblong slit. It appeared to be watching us telepathically! I had a LIVE snapshot of that intimate connection to our time-space junction. It’s fascinating to reflect on the purpose of that connection and the interest behind the intent. I was blown away at the time.

This was a LIVE Extra-terrestrial being focusing on what was happening to ‘normal human beings’ in a meditation hall that was an open portal to the cosmos and galaxies!

As I wrote this, my mind thundered on. Why was it so close? Also, where exactly was this intelligent being that watched the developments of our beloved Mohanji’s Empowered 5 Silent Retreat so intently? What were its purpose and intention? Lastly. Was this a benevolent one? I prayed Deviji or Mohanji could give me more answers.

Then more terrestrial images continued to flit through my mind’s eye. It was like watching a movie reel on steroids. I often see this in Mai-Tri Method when Mohanji speeds up the release of blockages and karmically corrects baggage by the tons. It leaves with unprecedented speed.

Again. Such is the complete and utter beauty of Mohanji’s grace in our lives! Wow! I realise that was mine leaving. We all experienced our release, whether or not we were aware of it at the time.

What is also interesting is that on the second day, Mohanji asked Devi to continue with the group Mai-Tri Method. I soon felt pain and fear lifting off everybody. There was a collective moaning sound at the same time. I continued watching in detachment. Then a thought flashed through my mind. This is the pain and fear that humanity has been experiencing in this age of Kaliyuga.

The world is filled with violence, hatred, judgement, injustice, pain and torment. People control others through a mechanism of FEAR.

By warning and threats of doom and gloom, dark energies coerce and force submission to do their bidding. Some humans are merely in the control mechanisms of dark energies that seek to subvert humankind from reaching their true potential or, better still, from realising their true potential as powerful ‘Creator Beings’!

WE ARE ALL MOHANJI. He is our glorious mirror image. A breathtaking glimpse of the absolute truth. A ‘living’ reminder of who we are. Mohanji often uses this analogy. At this moment, I am putting the pieces together.

A bloody war was going on close to where we were geographically located. We may live in dark times, but Mohanji is the light of a thousand suns shining into that darkness. We are lighting up like Christmas lights during Christmas time. We are waking up; consciousness is increasing exponentially in the world.

Ancient Indian scriptures refer to this age as Kaliyuga. Again, we live at the end of a dark Age or Yuga. What I do know for sure is that I took birth at this time to help Mohanji. If you are reading this, then yes, YOU too.

Whatever is coming, let it. I am fearless, unbound and free because I am Mohanji. Mohanji is me. There is no separation.


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3 thoughts on “In the galaxies and cosmos with Mohanji – Part One”

  1. Wow, a powerful experience dear Sandra Sankar – I love the ending, the conviction behind your inner truth.
    Empowered 5 was truly cosmic, so powerful. Mohanji opened the gates and we received as per what we were elligible, but a lot of transformation happened even behind the waking mind’s perimeter…
    Thank you for sharing. I will never forget those Group Mai-Tris in the midst of deep silence.
    Love, Devi

    1. Indeed Deviji, Even tho I am attending online the energy felt is still amazing, alot of personal transmutation happened during the EMP 5.0 and during Day 5 of EMP Mohanji gave me a glimpse of WHO I REALLY AM before I came here on Earth. so amazing experience.

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