Transformations through group meditations – part 3

These two testimonials by Chitra Aylam and Nirupma Chowdary are experiences of Mohanji’s Presence without presence during online meditations and chanting. Time or space is never a constraint when connecting deeply with awareness and faith.


by Chitra Aylam, India

God sends Masters to guide us if we have a strong wish for a Guru and, the Masters use various methods to guide us. Before meeting Mohanji in 2018 January, I had another Guru, Matha Sulochana Devi, who lived in Krishna Consciousness and took Samadhi in 2007. Here is an experience I had in 2018, within few days after meeting Mohanji in person.


Usually, I never notice the colour of the costume, ornaments and so forth of another person. Few days after meeting Mohanji, my brother informed me about many meditation techniques of Mohanji which can be downloaded. So, I searched and found the Bliss of Silence meditation (BOS) audio and listened to that once. The next day, both of us decided to do it, but my search for that earlier one resulted in switching to a BOS video in Singapore. Before starting, I switched off the room light and the computer screen after the audio started playing. After the five-speed breathing exercise, at a particular time, I dozed off for some seconds, and then I couldn’t hear any voice coming through; there was no background music. So, I thought the PC got stuck and switched on the screen. 

Mohanji, in a pink shirt, was sitting in a chair with his eyes closed. When I watched, Mohanji opened his eyes, waved his hand and spoke in Malayalam (voice wasn’t audible, but I could clearly understand), “Not over yet, close your eyes and continue.”

Shocked at this, I switched off the PC screen, closed my eyes, but my mind started asking, “Was he talking to me or someone in the hall?” Maybe some Malayalam speaking followers were sitting in the hall, etc. Immediately, I instructed my mind to continue with the meditation, as said by Mohanji.

I couldn’t believe this. For one month, daily, I went on checking this video and couldn’t find what I saw. Later, I connected to Dr. Sunil Nair, who organized this event, and he confirmed that Mohanji spoke entirely in English there because there were many North Indians present in the hall. So, I understood that the instruction given during the meditation was entirely meant for me. So dear friends, Mohanji can connect to us through the recorded video too and bless us. 

Such is the blessing given by our dear Guru Mohanji. My humble prostration at your lotus feet, dear Mohanji, for giving me such a beautiful experience. Jai Mohanji.

by Nirupma Chowdhary, India

Chanting is a very powerful technique. And when done in a group, it becomes very powerful. We started the Saturday Mahamrityunjay chanting for half an hour a year ago, offline and later through a zoom session. Slowly we started using, ‘Mohanji conscious chanting‘ technique. Someone might feel what the difference is? You are chanting the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra only. 

My personal experience is that with Mohanji conscious chanting technique, you invoke the mantra’s power and invoke the power and energy of Mohanji and connect to his consciousness. Thus chanting becomes many folds powerful. 

When we begin chanting, we connect to Mohanji and our spine and feel the presence of our Guru in our heart chakra, the seat of our Guru. Using this technique, nine of us started chanting this Saturday. 

My family is going through a covid situation – a grim situation. Just before the chant, I surrendered everything to Mohanji, including my fear and any apprehensions I had in my mind. With total surrender to Mohanji and fully present in the session, I led the chanting of Mahamrityunjay mantra. 

My belief is that when we chant from deep within, we align ourselves, our chakras and feel a rhythmic movement of energy from the root chakra to the crown chakra. One starts melting in the rhythm, and you become centred within yourself. 

All through the chanting, Mohanji’s presence was felt, as if he was sitting with us chanting. The Mahamritunjaya mantra is a potent mantra that removes negativity, fear of death, curing and strengthening us. It helps in elevating oneself towards liberation. 

Suddenly, while chanting, I felt a black cloud-like thing rising up in my chest, collecting in the centre, and it suddenly went out of my crown. I felt suddenly lighter, as if all the burden was taken away. And then Mohanji was clearly visible, blessing each one of us with white light. 

A white light came from his palm, covering me in love and warmth that was soothing, very reassuring, and having immense pleasure and peace. The session went on for half an hour. In the end, there was a deep feeling to share Mohanji’s energy with all those suffering in these difficult times of Covid in India. We then chanted, ”Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu’, for each being of Mother Earth. 

Mohanji was looking upon us smiling and with a twinkle in his eyes. We bowed down to the Master at the end of the session. Each one felt the powerful energy. Two of them had tears in their eyes. Each one wanted to be in that energy without saying anything. 

For me, it was a blessing. I know Mohanji is always with each of his devotees. Only one has to be hollow and empty to receive his energy and merge in his consciousness. He is our guide, our survivor and a pillar of strength. Our faith in him would sail us through this calamity smoothly. That’s why he came and confirmed his presence and blessings. 


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