Incredible healing of the coronavirus

By Kim Kihm, South Africa

I was diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus on Monday, after doing the test last Tuesday (17th March 2020). The diagnosis was definitive, with a slight collapse of the left lung, but nothing significant. I was shocked and quite devastated. I never thought it would be me; I cannot describe my feelings and the definitive moment, where I knew that I was going to have to really beat this adversary, no matter what.

After doing the test on that Tuesday and before the results were released, I was put onto medication to treat my immediate flu-like symptoms and sent home to rest.

I spent the balance of the week in relative isolation but experienced an uneasy feeling about so many unresolved issues in my life, whilst the news of the virus just seemed to escalate and create further widespread panic and pandemonium.

In the quietness of my relative ‘quarantine’, I decided to look inwards and to connect to our Guru on a deeper level. I started reading Mohanji’s Power of Purity (PoP) book, which just re-emphasized the implications of one’s thoughts, words, and actions and then proceeded to do the meditation on my own.

At this stage, I realized that I really, really, did not want to be adversely affected by this virus and that I would go within, and have my Guru Mohanji guide me to where I needed to be. I surrendered completely and made the decision to pick myself up and to push forward in every way to heal myself spiritually and physically.


The following day, I received a Zoom invite to join our beloved Acharya and Mai-Tri Practitioner Milica to do the PoP meditation, which I duly did. During the meditation, I felt so close to Mohanji, I felt his hand holding mine as a parent holds a child’s, guiding me to a place of safety and sanctuary within myself. I felt the warmth and light he radiates. The meditation itself was just so healing. I was able to allow myself to forgive and let go of my brewing anger, grudges that I felt, and general negativity. I allowed myself to feel the emotions going on inside of myself, and then watch them vaporize as I listened to Mohanji’s sublime words. In this meditation, I was able to forgive myself and feel love for myself, which I have never done. I had amazing clarity and insight about things in my life, which I had previously felt so clouded about. I felt so cleansed in every way.

We then did a meditation on Tuesday which again left me with a feeling of clarity about myself and the road ahead. I felt the love and warmth, the light, the purity and just felt cleansed again.

I was incredibly lucky to have a wonderful Mai-Tri Method session with Milica after the meditation. Despite us being 25 kilometers apart, I felt her absolute presence in my room. I felt her so intensely, it was quite phenomenal. During the session, I felt my left lung releasing a white substance, like liquid tar. I saw many things in my life, which had been affecting me adversely, and I could see how I had attracted the virus to myself. I woke up the following morning, with clear breathing and a stronger constitution.

Again, I was privileged to join another Zoom Mai-Tri Method session with Milica. The energizing, rejuvenating and healing session was just on a different level. I have never experienced such light and divinity. I experienced no darkness, just pure light, pure universal healing, complete oneness with the Supreme, and pure unconditional love.

During this time in isolation, I have had the most tremendous growth, and specifically, just being able to be with myself. To care for ME, to love ME and what I am, and what I represent. I feel renewed, despite my illness.

My advice to all is to NOT watch all the negative reviews. To isolate yourself without the media negativity, to look inside oneself, connect to Mohanji, surrender to Mohanji, know that Mohanji has your hand, and make the decision to survive this and conquer your fears.

I’m not at all suggesting that the virus is not serious and I don’t want to underplay the severity. I just want to inspire you to not be sucked down the spiral of negativity and succumb to it. You can heal yourself if you want to. You do have the power, and now is the time to make all the positive changes to your life that you have neglected, as I have done too.

Raise your frequency now, don’t wait, be proactive and rise above the physical universe. There is hope if you are ill, just eat clean (no animal products), take the recommended medications and natural supplements being circulated, and BE MOHANJI!!!




Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 28th March 2020


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