Experiences with Mohanji, India 2022 – Part 1

By Linda Abrol, Netherlands

When, on Tuesday, 5 July, I was walking in the woods with Mira, our stubborn Maltezer Shih Tzu, I received a phone call from the hospital. The last result of the extensive blood test has arrived. All other results were negative, but this last one was positive. “You’ll have to come back in three months for another blood test. But the doctor has already discussed this with you. And you can ask the other questions in three months when you get the test results,” said the assistant. When I started googling, to my horror, I saw that it was an autoimmune disorder with the possibility of various health issues like a heart attack, brain infarction, thrombosis and pulmonary embolism due to blood clotting. Giving blood thinners would be worse than the disease. Cure possibilities? No, no cure is possible. If both treatment and cure were not an option, then I would become a kind of time bomb, right?

I came across a story in Guru Leela about the immense benefits of Shiva Kavacham and immediately started listening once a day. Then the thought of Judith from Switzerland popped up. I do online Consciousness Kriya yoga with her and had also recently met her in person in Wales when Mohanji came to Skanda Vale in June 2022. Judith knew an Ayurvedic doctor in Switzerland who had two clinics in India. She thought that I really should come to Switzerland for a diagnosis by Dr George. She had never met anyone who could diagnose better. 

Judith called Dr George himself to ask if there was a place for me in the hospital. 2 days later, I received a call from Dr George. He told me he could not treat me with medicine and asked if I could come to India. And if I could, if I could buy a ticket the same afternoon because his secretary was also going on holiday and had only one day left to help me with all the forms and formalities. I immediately decided to go. I called Antje, his secretary, on Friday afternoon, 8 July. She helped me enormously. The first available place was already in a fortnight! I booked my ticket the same afternoon, and even my medical visa was arranged the very next day. For that, I needed a doctor’s certificate from the hospital in India, which arrived in time. 

Judith said it was a miracle that Dr George called me so quickly. That people had to wait three months for a call from him. Let alone that they could get an appointment for a diagnosis quickly. That he often gets a thousand emails a day. Who else but Mohanji could have achieved this miracle? 

I was quite calm under the diagnosis and all the preparations for the trip. But under the skin, something was tickling. I started worrying about the flight because I had an increased risk of thrombosis. And because that chance is multiplied by three in an aeroplane. I sent a message to Subhasree and explained my predicament. I had a meeting with the women’s circle I attended, a lovely, small and intimate group of women who come together on a monthly base with the simple aim of loving and sharing. To support each other to keep or raise our energy frequency. I felt safe enough to share my fear with them. Suddenly there were many tears, and then I noticed how scared I was to end up half-paralysed and helpless in a wheelchair or in bed. There were four pairs of loving arms around me, and I let myself go completely and be carried in their energy. It was not wallowing. It was a total surrender to what came up as a torrent that slowly faded away, leaving behind a very clean environment, taking the fear with it. 

When I got hold of Subhasree on the phone just before the trip, she promised to do Mai-Tri on the day of the flight. “And take an aspirin before you take off,” she said. “Mohanji says you have to be practical too and aspirin thins your blood.” Of course, I gladly followed her advice, and the trip went off without a hitch. And because the long queues at the ticket counter and at customs (due to the extreme shortage of staff at Schiphol these days) are not good for thrombosis either, she advised me to apply for Airport Assistance. But I was already too late for that. I decided to let that part go and see what would happen. If necessary, I decided I would dance in the queue. But strangely enough, the queues turned out to be minimal, and within an hour, I was at the gate, where I had heard stories of people who arrived at their gate after four hours and saw their plane take off right in front of them. 

I took my aspirin just before take-off and walked up and down the aisles on the plane. At the Delhi International Airport, I suddenly felt a strong sense of gratitude for the prosperous journey and apprised Subhasree of my experiences. When I looked up, I saw a clothes shop and what was written on it in big letters: BIBA. For those who don’t know: that is the name of Devi Mohan, Mohanji’s wife! How close Mohanji felt at that moment! His Shakti made everything possible and even a pleasant experience. 

And the fine experiences had just begun! I had already exchanged my fear of a sick, weak and nauseous process for the option: what if everything goes smoothly and is fun too? At Kochin International Airport, I was met by Sajid, the driver of Vedasudha Ayurvedic Hospital. His friendly welcome and support were just a prelude to all the warmth that flooded me on arrival at the hospital. Friendly faces were welcoming me, fresh flowers were offered to me, and I lighted a flame at the entrance of the patients’ accommodation. 

The hospital was beautifully situated between rubber plantations and rich houses on adjoining grounds with more than two hundred and fifty medicinal trees planted with care by the teacher of the owner. An adorable reception building with a small temple for the founder of Ayurveda, Dhanvantari, a beautiful patient quarters with covered galleries, a cow shed, a yoga hall, a dining hall, therapy rooms and so on. The roofs of the buildings were constructed in such a way that they protruded in all directions, forming verandas for shade. The tiles were red, and squirrels used them as playgrounds.

Each butterfly, leaf and tree was twice the size of similar butterflies, trees or leaves in the Netherlands. The real tropical rainforest feeling. I could hang in there! The female therapists were unanimously dressed in pink and the men in blue. They were also unanimously friendly, helpful and caring. I was told that the energy frequency of the place was really high, which was not difficult to feel.

Why am I writing about all this? Because I could not have realised what a blessed place I had been sent to. I consider that another blessing from Mohanji. At first, I had thought it was purely a physical treatment and was happy when I discovered that they were treating human beings as integral beings. But that I would end up in a place with such a high frequency of dedicated service, compassion, and higher science is so much more of a blessing than I could have imagined.

And yet another blessing: Dr George normally worked in his practice in Switzerland, but he could examine me personally because he was now in India. And I had already heard from Judith how specific and accurate his diagnoses were, but now I also heard it daily from all the other patients. So, even though his doctors in India were phenomenal, I wanted to hear from him about what I was facing. He confirmed the hospital’s results by pressing certain points, looking at the colour of the inside of my ankle, and examining my tongue and pulse. He also examines a lot of other things, but he does that automatically according to the patients who were already there. He could give me good hope for healing. Of course, he could not give any guarantee, but he was positive. They would try to separate the crystals in my blood from the healthy blood, let it sink into my feet and then vein it out. That sounded very strange to me, but anything was better than being a time bomb.

Herewith, part 1 of this testimonial comes to an end. This is just the beginning of a wondrous experience, staged and guided by Mohanji’s grace from the initial shock of the very beginning to the wonderful and surprising end of an adventurous and unexpected extra journey. More on that later in Parts 2, 3 and 4.


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