Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 221 and 222

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 221 – Frames are our limitations

In the previous recording, I shared that living with Mohanji, being with him, and even being connected to him is a sure way to break patterns and comfort zones. Today, I wanted to share a little more insight about the frames that we make – mental frames and ego frames.

As I’ve spent time with him, some of the tasks I’ve been involved with have helped me overcome some personal fears and insecurities, and then the pace of the activities has really shaken out tamas and inertia completely. So, there’s no place for laziness, excuses, procrastination, or absent-mindedness. When it rises, it gets a quick kick in the butt.

But the other thing that comes with this is that, rather than learning, it’s actually unlearning – an unlearning of all the frames that I’ve created for myself, about myself, my life, my opinions, and also about how the world should be, and how people should be.

The more time I’ve spent with Mohanji, it’s been more of the opportunity to see that as a reflection, the more subtle things that I’d created, such as opinions about people, events, situations, constructs, ideas, and even identifications about myself. So, I like certain things, and I don’t like this. I’m fine when a situation is in this configuration, but when it’s not, then I’m not so happy. I also had some small preconceptions about Mohanji, about living with a master, what that would be like, and some ideas of what this would potentially be, and quite quickly, these were also smashed and continue to be.

Sometimes, I feel he purposely actually takes that effort to break the frame, and he can’t be caught that easily. You can’t say, “Okay, this is Mohanji. He’s like this.” This is because, in speaking with him, he’s saying that frames are actually our limitation. Our frames create our walking space. The frames are what the mind has created. So, as long as everything is fine and it fits inside that space or box, we’re happy, and if it doesn’t, then we’re unhappy.

Sometimes, it’s even possible to really like a person, as long as they’re fitting in with what our idea of them is like, and as soon as they do something else, which we’re not accepting of, then rather than adjust the frame and throw it away, we throw away the person. Some people even throw away a guru when they don’t fit that frame. So, rather than learning, it’s actually been an unlearning to be able to recognise what frames exist, what’s binding, and also that it’s a limitation.


Day 222 – Spirituality is reconnection

Being with Mohanji has provided me with new awareness and insight into many aspects of life, both understanding myself and also the world outside. One of those has been a greater understanding of the differences between religion and spirituality.

Previously, this was something that when I had my own concept of them, I would join them together. I used to think of them as the same, confuse them almost. Now I’ve begun to recognise a difference and a distinction that I think is incredibly insightful, and that is – religion as a roadmap and spirituality as a reconnection. Connecting to self; reconnection with yourself. As Mohanji says, also, the most we can do in a lifetime is to really understand ourselves, connect with ourselves, and respect ourselves.

Rather than talk more about that distinction, religion as a roadmap, and spirituality as reconnection, I thought of sharing a link, alongside this message, to a podcast of Mohanji, which was a message that he had received from somebody that he had converted into a podcast, which is about the distinction between religion and spirituality.

Link to the podcast: https://mohanji.org/blogs/satsangs/2020/06/27/spirituality-v-religion/



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