Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 229 and 230

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 229 – Walking alone

When I look at Mohanji’s life, he has experienced many tragedies, betrayals, setbacks, and obstacles, but despite all that, he continued to walk; he took steps. Maybe he was slowed down sometimes, but he never stopped, and till today, we’re taking steps toward the grand vision we have across all platforms.

What this demonstrates for me, and also what he has shared before in talks, is that we’ve got to be prepared to walk alone. At least, that’s what I take as a learning. Now, having companionship is great. Having a spiritual family like the Mohanji family is fantastic support, and he has used a metaphor before where if you take one stick, it’s very easy to break it. However, if you tie 100 sticks together, it’s very difficult to break.

So, there’s definitely a benefit of being together for a purpose, but at the same time, each of us has our own journey. We’re all unique; we’ll have our path, and that’s something which we’ve to walk alone, and if we can’t walk alone, Mohanji reminds us that we can’t walk at all. For taking those steps, there’s a fundamental requirement: faith and the first primary aspect of faith is faith in oneself. He reminds us that we need that to progress. These are also good reminders for me as I speak this morning.

Then what destroys faith? That’s mainly doubting ourselves, our capabilities, or whether we’re good enough. So, faith in oneself is essential, and I feel it’s always good to remember this. Then, faith in the path and faith in the destination where we’re heading. If that’s liberation, then that’s liberation.

Mohanji has shared before that, on that path as well; we need to walk alone until unity consciousness is realized until we experience unity with everything around and beyond. Until then, we have steps to take, and we have to keep walking.

Day 230 – Perfection is relative

Today, I wanted to share a learning that has been facilitated by my time spent in proximity to Mohanji, and this is about perfection. I feel that many people want to do their best in whatever they do. They give their full effort and always dedicate themselves to their work. Working with Mohanji means, especially for me, I want to do my very best and, in some ways, even achieve perfection. I want to always improve and always be able to do more. But what’s a lesson for me is that the word ‘perfection’ is relative actually because once you’ve achieved what you expected, there’s always something more, and you’re always chasing something extra.

Previously, it might have been about chasing positions in companies, but now it’s looking to improve, so perfection is also elusive. In fact, I don’t think it ever really happens, as there’s always something more to be achieved or a better way of doing something.

So, whilst looking to do the best certainly helps improve things for me, I’m learning that chasing that can bring the opposite. Because if it’s not achieved, or that expectation isn’t met, then that can result in judgements – self-judgement, the judgement of others, doubts, and also criticisms. That can bring a heaviness too. It also means that there can be no real satisfaction because even if something is done well, the attitude is that it could have been better. It’s not really accepting what has been done there at that moment.

This is an ongoing lesson for me, and Mohanji has helped this in a way and facilitated this learning because he acts as a mirror. He doesn’t push for perfection. He doesn’t judge or criticise if I attempt something or want to achieve something, and it doesn’t happen. When what I expected isn’t met, he allows it to be. So, it’s been like a mirror for me. It’s an ongoing lesson – to come back to acceptance of each situation as it is, hour to hour, and not overly punish myself if some of these expectations of what I or others have done aren’t met.


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