Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 235 and 236

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 235 – One simple method for self-acceptance

Self-acceptance is one of the fundamentals of Mohanji’s teaching: accepting, respecting, and loving ourselves. I’ve found this sometimes easier to say than to practise because of expectations I had set for myself and comparisons with others.

Yesterday in the satsang at Montenegro, Mohanji shared one method we can practise for greater self-acceptance. I’ve shared it before, but it’s always good to share it again – doing what we need to do now without procrastination or delay.

When we complete activities promptly, it raises our self-esteem; it lifts us up. With that, we begin to increase respect for ourselves, which ultimately then leads to increased self-acceptance. Whereas when we procrastinate (I’m sure everyone could share the feeling of what that feels like), it has the opposite effect, as it affects our self-esteem, which subsequently affects confidence.

In my experience, I become critical and judgemental about myself (which isn’t a good feeling) when something is delayed or when a commitment made can’t be met. Sometimes it’s not possible; sometimes, situations or circumstances create that. But generally, doing what needs to be done now can bring that self-esteem, leading to self-acceptance. A positive byproduct of promptness is that the activity moves, and experiences happen in life.

When we’re part of a powerful platform, such as the Mohanji global platform, where various activities are taking place, it means that many lives across the world (five continents, about 90 countries) will benefit. So, not only just personally do we have that sense of achievement, but we also have a greater achievement that more people are reached. Value is brought to the lives of many more.

So, a message shared earlier is re-shared in a slightly different context – doing what we need to do now to bring greater self-esteem and self-acceptance.


Day 236 – How does Mohanji bring transformation to people?

Today is the final day of the retreat in Montenegro, and it’s been a great time here. The setting is beautiful, and people have started to experience some transformation, which has raised a question for some: How is Mohanji doing this? How does he handle all these people and cater to them all individually? It’s an excellent question!

Undoubtedly, most people will be experiencing some level of transformation from this retreat. Sometimes it’s not always obvious, but from my experiences, it was always easy to measure this by looking at how I was before and after. Always there’d be some positive change!

Some people are intrigued by Mohanji. They are curious to find out how he’s doing this and what techniques he uses. How can it be handled for so many people whose number keeps growing?

The simple answer from my perspective is that Mohanji isn’t doing anything in the ordinary sense. When someone comes to Mohanji, they are delivered what they’re eligible for, deserve, or have come for. It’s simply happening through Mohanji rather than him doing something. As per the need the person receives, there’s a difference.

When people connect to Mohanji, they’re all satisfied on various levels, and it’s not that he’s individually doing something; all are receiving what they came for. You could liken that to the sun. All types of people connect, and he delivers as per their needs. His presence is like the sun. The sun shines, and each leaf, plant, or tree gets what it wants or needs. The sun isn’t doing anything individually to a plant, a tree, a leaf, or anything else. It’s simply there. It’s giving its presence.

I’ve been with Mohanji for over a year now, and although I cannot see how or what he’s doing, I see the results and observe how he’s with each person. Each person is treated as an individual. For example, I’ve heard different people asking the same question and each receiving a different answer. They get the response they need, not necessarily the common logical answer I would expect.

Also, he interacts as per that person’s needs. For example, many people have connected to him from either Shirdi Sai Baba or Satya Sai Baba, and it’s as if he takes that form for them to connect. He becomes what they need. There’ve been messages and blogs shared before that he’s empty. That’s probably the correct way of looking at it. He’s a pure (what can I say, for lack of a better word) connection point to the source, and as per who comes in front of him, they’re delivered with what they need.

As a source, I’ve asked him what would happen if we’ve 1000s of people connecting (maybe tens of 1000s, hundreds of 1000s, or millions). He said all that would happen is it (the source) would just open as needed. It would be no different. However, many people could be satisfied in their way, which is a fantastic thing to think about because the change that it brings in people’s lives, the more the people, there’ll be a big change in the whole world.

I’ll give another more tangible example. If you take the Mai-Tri method whilst we’re here at the retreat, Mai-Tri practices will be taking place all over the world. We’re now across five continents – 90 countries. There are 200 or 300 Mai-Tri practitioners, each connecting to Mohanji’s energy for that healing practice. Mai-tri sessions will likely be happening now. At the same time, this retreat is happening. When Mohanji is in satsang, or yesterday he was on a boat for our retreat excursion, Mai-Tri practitioners will be connecting with him, and people will benefit.

Again, it’s not that he’s doing anything individually. It’s happening for that Mai-Tri practitioner and the person they’re with. They connect to a source through him, and then simply, he happens. Then, whatever needs to come, happens. All that’s needed then is a connection.

It’s not quite explainable by a logical, rational mind like mine, but keeping it simple, the way he works is that it simply happens when people connect.



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