Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 245 and 246

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 245 – Silence is always an option

Today I wanted to share, or re-share, a lesson that I come back to regularly. It’s something very powerful: the power of silence. Previously, in many situations, I’d be eager to speak, to share my perspective, or if there was something I disagreed with, then I would happily share my view, not to compete as such, but to give a different perspective to a situation, which I think is natural, especially in a group situation, where contribution benefits the group or the team.

I’ve learned now, taking the cue from Mohanji, that it’s not always necessary to speak, and also, if we talk more and keep talking, it can dilute our message. We might dilute what we want to convey, and it loses its power or impact. In some circumstances, silence is a very good and powerful option, especially when discussions are charged with a lot of emotion or it’s a time of conflict. Then in these cases, silence can give space for a solution to emerge, and more often than not, the resolution evolves naturally over time. Time will create a solution.

When practising that, it’s also been good to remember that there’s a very fine line between being passive and being silent. So, not speaking and just letting things happen when you should really speak versus choosing to be silent purposefully. Then there’s a refinement of when to use silence. Each situation needs to be weighed on its merit. Will my contribution to this conversation or discussion help? Will it be received and understood? Will anybody actually listen to it? Also, would it be better to maybe share something at a different point in time, not at this time? This is a reminder and re-sharing of this lesson.


Day 246 – Festival of Consciousness

Today, I share a slightly different message. It’s not so much a lesson but sharing what we’re doing at the moment with the team here in Belgrade. It’s a very exciting time because we’re preparing for the first-ever Festival of Consciousness. This is a first-of-its-kind festival. It has been created to celebrate unity and unification.

We’re putting into practice many of the lessons that I’ve spoken about in the previous days. For me, this is very exciting because it’s something that I spoke about with Mohanji. Over a year ago, he said we needed to have a festival. We need to make a mark and add value to the world by bringing everything that we’re saying to a space where everybody can experience yoga, meditation, conscious walking, conscious dancing, music, the talks – all of these things which help us connect with something higher, and reconnect with ourselves.

This will take place on the 24th of July, a full moon day and a very auspicious day of Guru Poornima, one of the most powerful, energetically intense days. It’s the ideal day to experience ourselves completely, raise our awareness, and take steps to reconnect to that truth, that we’re all part of one consciousness beyond manmade boundaries and to simply reconnect with ourselves.

We’re curating a fantastic event. It’ll be held on Ada Island in Belgrade, and it has become a wonderful coming together of all the teams across all the platforms and also the people who are closely connected to us. As I mentioned, yoga, meditation, conscious dancing, conscious walking, and plant-based foods will be there. There will be kids’ areas and demonstrations of our traditional dance and martial arts, as well as our partners, such as people from the school of Ayurveda and other practices.

This will be our first pilot of the festival. With eight days to go, there’s much to do and finalise, and volunteers are coming to help with this. As you can imagine, there are many obstacles to overcome: logistics, COVID considerations, the set-up, tickets, and visibility. So, lots of activities are taking place, and it’s definitely a living practice of some of the key teachings of Mohanji, which is to have conviction – “We’re going to do this. It’s going to happen.” – and the willpower to actually move it through, move it forward. These are the two primary ingredients right now. Obviously, it involves lots and lots of flexibility in practice as we manoeuvre around hurdles and various roadblocks. So, this is coming soon. If you’re in Belgrade, I recommend attending this festival because it’ll be a great event.



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