Master’s infinite love and kindness!

By Supreet Bedi, Canada

I feel that Baba Sai has to work really hard and long for my spiritual growth. I feel I was in inertia mode, not understanding what Baba was trying to teach me. In short, there was no urgency to reach my purpose, but Baba knew how trapped I was in my patterns and knew I needed a good kick, and he brought me to Mohanji. 

I saw an intense change in my frequency. I have always heard people saying that you burn a lot with a living Master. The very first program (sadhana) that I did with the Mohanji family was a 41-day Power of Purity meditation. I felt something inside me shift. Actually, I tasted ecstasy for the first time in my life. I was happy, purpose-oriented, singing all the time, getting up early, doing spiritual practices, and eager to be useful to the world. This was sheer Guru’s grace. However, it didn’t last very long as I could not maintain it.

I started getting tired and felt fatigued all the time. I was struggling to keep up with my practices. Well, when you are blessed with something so precious, there are bound to be tests to see if you are steady or you run away from your Master in adverse situations. Now, I had reached a point where I felt it was hard to even sit down for half an hour after waking up. 

I had taken medical leave from work and was home for about four months, but the irony was that even after four months of rest, there was no improvement, and the doctor could not figure out what was happening. In between, some cells started showing up in my blood, which was not good and could indicate worrisome blood disorders.

All through whatever was going on, I didn’t complain; this was his grace that I was mentally stable. Mohanji has taught me to be grateful and in complete surrender mode always, no matter what. This was my time to apply that teaching, and I was able to do so with his blessings. Mohanji said, “I will take care. I am with you.” Knowing this, I never worried about the outcome of this unknown illness. I was in total acceptance mode, prepared that he was holding my hand, whatever would happen.

Mohanji has been very, very kind to me. I work in the medical field, and I love my job. Keeping my physical limitations in mind, I started with part-time, working alternative days. Some of my blood work did show some autoimmune activity, but it was not that prominent to blame the autoimmune condition for my extreme fatigue. An autoimmune condition is when your own body cells start recognizing your organs as a foreign body and start killing or destroying them. 

I remember it was October 2021, and I had participated in a food donation activity during the month of shradh, organized by Ammucare. After the rituals finished, the very next day, I saw Mohanji in my dream. In my dream, I saw that I was in my maternal family’s house, and Mohanji came there. I saw my maternal uncle and his family, my maternal aunts and their families and also there was a very weak old man lying in bed in one of the rooms. It felt like he was someone in the family, but I had never seen him in my life. 

I wanted to massage Mohanji’s feet, so I asked him to come to the room to lie in bed so he could rest, and I would get the opportunity to serve him. I found that the old man was lying in the same bed on one side. I went into the kitchen to bring oil for a massage, and when I came back, Mohanji was lying on the floor close to the bed. 

I felt so bad and worried and said, “Baba, why are you lying on the floor? Please lie on the bed.” I helped him get up and lie on the bed. It seemed as if Mohanji had no energy at all; he seemed very, very tired and fatigued. Here my dream ended. When I woke up, I thought this was strange as no one in my maternal family knew Mohanji. How come I saw them all in my dream with Mohanji? What could be the significance? 

That’s when I realized that Mohanji took some ancestral karma from my maternal side on himself. As autoimmune runs in my maternal family, it all made sense, and probably the old man in bed must be my very first ancestor from where it all started. This dream came in October 2021, and presently it is June 2022. 

I am almost back to where I used to be. Don’t know where all those pains and fatigue went. Even when the pains are there, they don’t limit me. This is all the sheer grace and kindness of my Guru towards me. I have no words to thank Mohanji for his Infinite unconditional love. I prostrate at the lotus feet of Mohanji and thank him for taking care of all of us in the ways we need; always grateful to you, Mohanji.

Empowered Series

The Empowered program was announced for September 2021. I was unsure if I should attend this program as it was a nine-day program, and I was working full time then. Although videos were available to watch later if you missed the program, being in a different country and time zone, time always seems short. Therefore I was in a dilemma. I prayed to Mohanji that if you want me to join the program, please give me a sign. 

Just one day before the program started, my friend called me and said, “I feel you should come for this program.” I considered it a sign from Mohanji. So I joined the program. In the program, I did get a chance to talk to Mohanji. I asked him that because of my physical condition, I could not do my practices, which troubled me. What could I do to improve? 

Mohanji replied, “Don’t punish your body; take care of your body. Park your mind with the Supreme Consciousness/Guru, and the rest will come to you on its own.” He gave the example of Hanumanji and Ram. I am so grateful to my Baba Mohanji. He has been so kind to hold my hand and show me the way even in my test. I did stick to that advice and followed it with all my heart. I feel I am being transformed every moment. People around me see the change within me. I feel so much calmer and more stable within. 

After Empowered 1.0 came Empowered 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0. For the rest of the programs afterwards, I knew for sure that I had to attend no matter what. These four programs have been more than amazing – A manual on how to live our life, how to do our dharma and still be detached; how to recognize and come out of our fears and patterns, and how to channel the mind to bring out the positives all around. 

I never understood life so well before. Rather than burning yourself on why this happened and staying in the past, move on to the present. A beautiful present filled with your Master, his blessings and numerous opportunities waiting for you! 

I knew about many of the teachings and ethics of life before but never understood how to truly apply them in my life. Never had that awareness or urgency to shed the unnecessary burdens I was carrying. Thank you, Mohanji, for bringing me to this Empowered workshop and for giving me the opportunity to bloom! Always grateful, koti koti pranams at your lotus feet!


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