A new job through grace, Mai-Tri, and volunteering.

By Angela Strezoska, Macedonia

With this blog, I want to share my experience about how Mohanji’s grace through the Mai-Tri Method and volunteering for Mohanji Foundation helped me get a job.

I already had a job in which I was not happy at all. At some point, I even felt like a prisoner there. By the end of my working experience in that place, I had already applied to many places and had some unsuccessful interviews. After one year and a few months of struggling, I decided to resign, and before leaving, close people around me said to wait and not to make hasty decisions without first having another job and not staying jobless. Okay, I said to myself. I would give it a few more days or some time and see how it would go, but I had decided I would resign soon.

After a few days, I got an interview with a company which I really liked. When I got a chance for an interview through the email, I was crying with happiness. Before attending the interview, I called my friend, who is a Mai-Tri practitioner, and told her about the situation and the interview I got. We agreed to do a Mai-Tri Method session before I went to the interview.

In the morning, I got ready to go, and she did a Mai-Tri session for me exactly before I went to the interview. Before I entered there, my heart was beating fast, and I didn’t know what to expect. Before the interview, I had an exam to complete, which I wasn’t prepared for. I didn’t know I would have a physical exam with pen and paper. At that moment, I thought nothing would happen now; my chance was gone because I didn’t answer all the questions.

When they called me for the interview after the exam, I was already disappointed because I thought I had missed my chance, but as the interview started, I saw that they gave me a chance by asking me questions, and I got one more interview on the same day. Usually, the second interview is a few days later. But I got the two interviews on the same day. As the person was interviewing me, he was reading my resume, and I had put on the resume that I did volunteer work for a charity, etc. I had also written that my volunteering work was for Mohanji Foundation.

He kept asking about the volunteer work. The interviewer remained on that part of my resume, and he kept asking more details about it and questions as to why I did it. As I was a young person, they didn’t expect something like that, why, how long, what the feeling of volunteering was, who it was for, and similar questions. While talking, he had a printed paper of the resume and underlined the part where it was written volunteer and charity.

At the end of the interview, he called the other manager and said if you agree, I would like to hire her. They hired me on the spot! I didn’t even wait for some days to pass or wait for an answer. He said one more time before I left, you have some experience but not enough years of experience for us, but still, because of the volunteer and charity work you did, you will get the job.

When the interviewer kept asking me about the part where I wrote about Mohanji Foundation volunteering, it was a clear sign to me that it was Mohanji’s grace that helped me get a better job. When I left there, I was crying from happiness, and I reminded myself to be grateful every day, to spend time in a day just to feel gratitude for everything. This difficult time reminded me to increase my faith and also to have unwavering faith. I have to add here that this job is in another country, not where I am from, and it is very difficult to get into this company and position. It was made possible because of Mohanji’s grace.

When I left the company, I returned to my accommodation and waited for the contract letter. They told me it would take some time for the documentation to come through. Even though I knew that it would take two weeks for the official email, I became anxious. I began to worry that they might change their minds about hiring me, and I became increasingly stressed.

During that time, this thought came to my mind: okay, Mai-Tri healing happened, an obvious sign at the interview happened; at this moment, I need to have faith; I should stop stressing and relax. As I took a breath of faith again, I let my worry go. I can’t worry about something that I can’t control anyway. I relaxed and focused more on faith and trust. After a few days, I got the contract. I felt bad I lost faith at some point, but I took it as a lesson to never lose faith again.

When I finally resigned from my existing job, the company wanted to slow down the resignation process. But the circumstances worked out in my favour. My roommate knew someone from the company, and she assisted in speeding up the resignation process. I was also to pay some amount to the company as I would have been unable to complete my notice period. But miraculously, that was also waived off, which usually is unheard of and never happens in this country.

Also, once I resigned, I had to return to my country – Macedonia, to renew my passport and get a new visa for the country where I would be working. Again, there was a massive hurdle as there are some new rules in Macedonia, which makes it difficult to get a date to renew the passport before the visa process. But again, the whole process happened surprisingly fast, and I got my new passport in a remarkably short time. I learned that some passports of other girls were lost, and the visa process took many months. Apart from all these, I happily attended my sister’s wedding, which was next to impossible. Could all these things happen without grace? There were too many synchronicities.

Amidst this chaos of documentation and renewal of my passport in Macedonia and attending my sister’s wedding, I even got to participate in Mohanji’s programmes in Serbia and spend time with Mohanji, which I never dreamt of at this time of the year! Mohanji’s grace just flowed, removing all obstacles.

Soon, when I reached the new country, during my training, the company offered me accommodation, which is normally shared with someone. I met the person with whom I was likely to share the accommodation. Both of us went through the resumes of others and felt that we would not be able to adjust to others. We realised that we suited each other, which was taken care of without much effort.

I am still amazed they verbally gave me the job opportunity, which is difficult to get only because I volunteered for Mohanji Foundation. Mohanji, Mai-Tri Method and volunteering for Mohanji Foundation helped me get this job. I was surprised the key part of acceptance for the company was volunteering, that itself was a clear sign it was grace and that Mohanji stood behind it.

This does not end here! I also learned from others working in a similar field that it took them two years to get an interview, not even another job in this country, when they resigned. But again, I applied, waited two, three months for an interview and got accepted into a new company. This was unheard of and had never happened before as I had only about a year’s experience while others had more than five years of experience.

As the blog was published, the very next day, I met the interviewer in person, and he told me the main reason was not just volunteering, but he felt incredible positive energy when I walked into the room. He said we want such positive people in our company. We all know who’s that energy is, Mohanji!

One of the tasks during the training was writing a letter to myself on what I would like to achieve and how I would like to be in a year. I had written about things that were important to me, such as being stable, being in a good space and so on. I also added that in a year, my goal was to help others with my salary and engage in volunteer work. The interviewer was surprised when he read that someone as young as me wanted to share my salary with others! Others in my situation had written that they wanted material goods such as a car. This was yet another revelation that the interviewer shared with me!

Yet another interesting thing happened, which the interviewer shared with me three weeks after the initial meeting. I couldn’t believe my ears! There was a HR person who had all the files of all those interviewed. He suddenly asked the manager about the girl who had gone to India to do charity work. He wanted to speed up the hiring process as he wanted people like me in his company. The manager also told me that he wanted people like me who would spread the light and help others. He was using phrases that I have heard Mohanji use! I was shell-shocked and had to pinch myself to believe this. It felt as though Mohanji was speaking through the manager. It was a language that I was familiar with but never used in the corporate world. The icing on the cake was that the manager told me, “Be yourself!”

I could see and feel how Mohanji worked through these people, from the visa and the passport renewal to the interview process! It was a miracle that the entire process happened so quickly, and getting accepted on the spot for the job, which never happens again! All these were huge miracles happening one after the other. The way the people spoke and the language used (Mohanji’s speaking style) confirmed that Mohanji was with me and helped me through the process and each situation.

My gratitude to the Mai-Tri practitioner for the timely Mai-Tri session. My deep love and gratitude to Mohanji for being there for me, not just in my time of need, but always!


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