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By Madhuri A, India

This is the continuation of my earlier blog, “A dream that transformed me with many messages”, under the title “Guidance through dreams”. I felt like there was no need to write this blog, but while TV news channels were hurling the war scenes at viewers, I felt the urge to write this. I also asked for signs from Mohanji before writing this blog. A couple of days after putting in my sincere intention, I got the signs from Mohanji in the form of recent videos where he talked about the same and highlighted global harmony and peace.

3 years ago, when I read the Power of Purity book’s first chapter, “Signs of time”, I felt its hard-hitting facts and also felt the Master’s power behind the clarity of those words. In the beginning, it felt far-fetched for me to practice non-violence in my thoughts, words and actions, but when I look at myself now, I see great changes in my conscience and constitution. Not to mention, this chapter has become my most favorite chapter in the entire book. 

While I was studying for my competitive exams, I had to read a lot of general knowledge (both about national and world affairs). Hence, I had to watch TV news debates. The power of the media is such that it spreads half-truths with conviction through endless debates without reaching any solution, ridiculing other countries’ GDP and taking all kinds of sadistic pleasure in watching people suffer, leaving the minds of the viewers contaminated. 

I did not even realize how I ended up developing an appetite for negativity, such as competition and comparison between countries, etc. This was not so early on. I also developed fear and hate towards other countries and took pride in my country’s arsenal as well. I also felt my thoughts and feelings were in alignment with the truth. I was totally unaware of it, and without me even asking or meeting Mohanji in person, he made me go through a powerful astral experience that shook me and transformed me at the same time, leaving my heart and soul pure. The blog is here. https://mohanjichronicles.com/2021/01/03/guidance-through-dreams/

Since that astral experience, 3 wars happened, and this time, I did not even feel like looking at the visuals. Rather, I only reminded myself of Mohanji’s miracle on me and only prayed for healing, global peace and harmony. Since that experience, I have conscientiously chosen what to feed my mind. Choosing to feed only those things that expand my heart.

Mohanji says, “Constant feeding of violence to our eyes and to our mind makes both of these faculties insensitive. We have become indifferent to other people’s sorrows. We are not used to accepting positive things without questions and doubting. We are used to accepting and storing negative emotions effortlessly. We even crave for it. We even develop a sadistic outlook towards it. An unsettled mind unsettles society. Collective unsettlement creates calamities. So, the birth of the war happens in the mind. Sadistic thoughts must be replaced with higher awareness of our existence”. 

With my personal transformation & experience, I can feel that people in power and the media people can fool innocent minds, but they cannot fool Masters. Masters know every person inside out and their intentions as well. Recently, I also got to know a lot about Shambala and its beings, how this place is unaffected by all 4 yugas, and how they silently carry out the work for the welfare of humanity and the beings of the whole earth. When people choose light and peace, the supreme light stands behind such people, protecting and guiding them. 

Mohanji says even for information to reach us, we need eligibility. And by his grace, I was exposed to higher truths through various books, which again and again reinforced my faith in supreme light and its powers. Such information from Mohanji increased my awareness level and reinforced my faith in peace & truth. I also understood how not to fall prey to such negativity.

I also came across Mohanji’s quote, which says, “Remember, if you talk about your problem once to someone who you think can help you, you are genuinely seeking help. If you are telling many, you are seeking attention, not help or solution. Be aware”. This helped me a lot in discerning right from wrong and gave me enough understanding of how the media is seeking attention from people and not finding genuine solutions for problems. 

They endorse low-frequency emotions like fear and insecurity in people’s minds rather than peace, positivity, and healing. If a person comes forth to promote peace, positivity and healing, they are even labelled as anti-national or traitors, leaving no room for peace to flourish.

On the other hand, when I read many testimonials by Mai-Tri practitioners and the recipients of this technique, I realized how traumas like wars or any such negative experiences leave impressions like extreme fear and anger on the souls of victims, which drag them life after life manifesting disease, lack of abundance, lack of peace and positivity unless powerful Masters like Mohanji step in to purge all wounds from such people’s causal layer. It is gut-wrenching to listen to such stories.

For me, learnings are: Practicing peace and positivity not only beautifies our life but makes our astral body and soul purer, making the whole being lighter and lighter, for Mohanji says lightness is our nature. I have also seen people who love to promote and contribute to positivity, but they lack courage and faith because they do not have strong recourse like Mohanji in their lives. Since I have him, on behalf of such peace-loving people, I can speak my truth and spread hope. 

Mohanji also says, “If we are passive and not responding, we are participating in it. We can talk because many cannot”. Let’s only add value to the world beyond all man-made barriers since this is the dream and mission of every Master that incarnates on planet Earth. Let all of us become peace-loving global citizens and contribute to moving the wheels of the Master’s mission. 

I would like to end this blog by sharing Mohanji’s quote, which is close to my heart, “My morality is helping the helpless and, if possible, wiping out helplessness. My morality is a happy world. My morality is ahimsa. I do not believe in any other morality. My religion is humanity. This is my highest morality.” 

By Lakshmi Kotagiri, USA

I am so blessed that Jyoti Lal introduced me to the ‘Power of Purity’ meditation. For 15 years, I have been trying to forgive a few people with whom I have been very angry. Theoretically, I knew I had to do this to heal inside out and for my well-being, but I didn’t know how. I read a few books on this topic and tried techniques that were taught. They didn’t help me. I think the correct time had to come. The time came when I met Jyoti, and she introduced me to the ‘Power of Purity’ meditation. 

I started this meditation on the same night. I was sleeping during this meditation, and Jyoti assured me it happens to some people and is fine. After 1-2 weeks, I started listening to it consciously and was stuck again at a point where Mohanji mentioned I needed to get blessings from my parents/relatives/friends, etc. But I could not even accept some of them were worthy of blessing me. 

Again, I went back to Jyoti, and she clarified that I have to get blessings and forgiveness and also receive forgiveness from my parents/relatives/friends. She mentioned I should not see them as human beings of just this life. I accepted that and was able to move on. That’s when the magic started to happen. During the next several weeks, not just the people I wanted to forgive but several other people whom I hadn’t thought of in the past 20-30-40 years started surfacing, and I kept on asking their blessings/forgiveness, and I, in turn, forgave them and gave blessings. 

This process took several weeks and kept on lifting weight from my heart. It’s been 2 months since I completed this process, and I am not angry with anyone right now. In fact, when people around me bother me about something, I feel it’s not worth it to be bothered about. This is such a blessed thing that happened to me. Thank you so much to Jyoti and Mohanji for this wonderful tool.


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