Transformations and Acceptance

By Suryaprabha

On the September 10th, I became an auntie. But I wouldn’t have become one without Mohanji’s grace and blessing.

My brother and his wife had been trying to have a child for a while. They even tried IVF once, and it failed. During the Empowered training course, my brother shared that he and my sister-in-law were upset because of this situation. Exactly on October 25th, 2022, I was called by Mohanji regarding translating his books. After the meeting, I told him about my brother and his wife and their desire for a child.

He blessed an apple, gave it to me, and told me: “Tell them to cut it in half, and each eat a half. If it’s 5% in their karma to have a child, I’ll make it 100%, but if it’s not in their karma to have a child, I can’t do anything about it. “I asked him if they should go for IVF again, and he said: “Give them the apple to eat.”

When I came back to Tehran, I shared the news and gave them the apple. The following week, my sister-in-law went for another trial of IVF. Everything was successful, and they called her from the hospital to go there the next day to insert the conception. The night before that, at 9 pm, I gave her Mai-Tri. The next day, when she went to the hospital for the procedure to be done, the doctor told her: “I’m so sorry, everything was going well till last night. Suddenly, at 9 pm last night, the growth of the fetus was stopped.”

Well, the synchronicity of the incident and the Mai-Tri was interesting. I knew Mohanji was at work. I thought, whatever happens, it must be a blessing. There could have been many reasons behind it. Who knows what? Maybe the baby wouldn’t be healthy, and Mohanji prevented it. Maybe my sister-in-law needed to experience a miscarriage and cross through the corresponding emotions. Mohanji cleared it that way and many other speculations beyond our understanding.

After that, my sister-in-law was very desperate, and she told me that she wanted to shift her focus for a while. In the meantime, she was introduced to a holistic doctor who claimed that she would help her correct her lifestyle. She was advised to change her eating habits, do yoga, and spend some time dancing every day and a few other things. After a month and a half, she came to me for a Mai-Tri session, and she told me that her period had been late for a few days. I told her she might be pregnant, but she said no, and she was too desperate to check that.

To cut a long story short, she called me a few days later and told me the great news of her pregnancy. Two weeks ago, the baby boy was born, completely healthy and so cute. All the hospital personnel were in awe that my sister-in-law had a natural pregnancy at her age. The baby has brought Mohanji’s light and blessings into our family. I’m so grateful to Mohanji, and I would like to express my gratitude for his infinite grace. Baby Siven is Mohanji’s son, and he’s a blessing to our entire lineage.

By Savi Ashtamoorthy, USA.

I wasn’t looking for a Guru; in fact, I didn’t believe in the Guru Principle at all. I was that ignorant and naive. To understand fully, I have to start from the beginning. I was born and grew up in a conventional Kerala Brahmin family that followed all the rituals and customs, like waking up early in the morning, taking a cold shower in the pond, and praying for hours. I got bored with all the things and values and was against everything we did then.

Later, I married a spiritual person and had trouble adjusting to his opinions. His family is very close to Mohanji’s, and he knows them well. When my husband started following Mohanji, I was totally against that decision. He went to Kailash with Mohanji and came back as a totally different person. That made me angrier. I was that ignorant! I didn’t listen to anything he tried to tell me then. Our marriage was rocky, and I blamed Mohanji for that.

When Mohanji came to the USA in 2022, we had an opportunity to attend a marriage with him. In my mind, I dared him. If he was this great, he would sit next to me on the dining table. We went, and he sat very next to me, can you believe that! This year, I had a chance to meet Mohanji a couple of times, and I had a chance to sit with him for every meal. He fulfilled my wishes beyond my expectations. That meeting transformed me completely. He was full of love, and that energy was beyond my words. He talked very casually, and I was slowly melting with his presence.

Then I started listening to him, and I could see transformations happening inside of me. I have started listening to his speeches and finished the entire Empowered program. I have so many ups and downs, but something is happening inside me. I crave silence more than noise (I usually love all kinds of sounds, and I am very talkative).

On 5/21/2023, we came to Cancun, Mexico. The very first day, I jumped from a 6-foot wall and fell awkwardly on my left knee. For the first three minutes, I had terrible pain. I surrendered my pain to Mohanji. He was with me, telling me that the body will have pain; just let it go as you are not the pain. I couldn’t move my body for the first 3-4 minutes. Lifeguards came running and offered help. But after a couple of minutes, I could walk a few feet. Even in that commotion, my mind was really calm, and we spent a good hour in the water. As I got up from the water, the body pain had not subsided.

We called the paramedics, and they first took me to a hospital in the resort. To immobilize the leg, they took me in an ambulance. They checked the vitals, and they showed regular readings; there were no signs of elevated readings even though I hadn’t even been taking the meds for high blood pressure during the past 2-3 days. I have been on blood pressure meds for over a decade and a half. We spent a good 6 hours in the hospital, and they bandaged the leg and gave me a shot for anti-inflammation and crutches.

Even though there were random thoughts of this happening on the first day of a beach vacation, the conviction in my Guru helped me pass over the pain and accept the situation quickly. I couldn’t have done that without the help of Guru Shakti. I had a wonderful time on crutches and wheelchairs with people giving royal treatment. The pain caused by the accident no longer affected me, as we enjoyed the rest of the trip as it unfolded with some adjustments.

Acceptance of the situation came so naturally with the help of Mohanji’s words ringing inside that I am not the body and that the pain is that of the body. That helped me to let go of the pain and make the best out of the situation by remaining calm. We did all the rest of the tours except for water sports-related activities. As was His plan, we had not reserved any special activities for the vacation, which turned out to be for the best. The first lesson on Acceptance of Self over the body thus got assimilated into the system. 

Now, my Guru is everything to me. I surrender to him completely.


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