Empowered by Mohanji – 1

By Subhasree Thottungal, UK

11 Days with Mohanji! Yes, we have just finished one of the most amazing workshops with Mohanji – “Empowered, The journey from fear to freedom.”

Nearly 900 people attended this program with Mohanji. Many have been connected to Mohanji for some time and others for the first time. But by the end of 11 days, everyone was mesmerised by the power of this program.

Today, I am going to share my own experience, my journey of this program, from a different angle than the participants. But before I do so, I convey my deepest gratitude to Mohanji for giving me the opportunity to experience all that I am going to share now and allowing me to witness that I did.

So here I begin.

On 20th August night, Chris (Christopher Greenwood, Mohanji’s Executive Assistant) gave me a call and said, Mohanji would like to do a 21-day event himself and that he would like the event to start from 23rd! Wow, that was some news! We all know, Mohanji would not say anything just like that. We were going to announce another global Acharya program for the end of the month, so this sudden decision from Mohanji was surely for a higher purpose. But I didn’t have much more clarity on how and what.

The next morning we had a call with Mohanji, and then he gave clear instructions, 11 days, one and half hours every day of deep processes, and he will himself conduct it, every day! Wow! I was zapped. I had to pinch myself and even asked Mohanji, “You will do the process, Mohanji? Every day?” “Yes,” came the answer. Unbelievable! 11 days, every day! Mohanji had also given this instruction to Madhu (Madhusudan, CEO of Mohanji Foundation). After the clear instructions, we then went away to do our homework of what preparation, planning execution etc. The program couldn’t start in two days, but he agreed for it to start in about ten days, so the 2nd September date was finalised.

Ten days is nothing! We knew hundreds of people would come, not just from Mohanji global family, even from outside too. Who will not like to take advantage of such a golden opportunity? But it was also our duty to make sure that we conveyed the details of the program properly and on time and to far and wide. Mohanji’s speed, his precision, his perfection! We were all on a roll!

We had to make sure to reach far and wide, and we also had to ensure the program could cater to a large audience, probably the largest so far! While Mohanji would deliver the program himself, we needed to ensure that we had the right technical support in every sense, technology, translations, communication etc., the list wasn’t a small one. And we had only ten days in hand!

Well, just a month back, the Festival of Consciousness in Belgrade was also organised in just three weeks! So the team by now knows the speed at which things will need to happen, and all we need to do is flow!

Soon the day arrived. 2nd September, the commencement of the EMPOWERED 11-Day event with Mohanji! We were prepared with the simultaneous translations (in 6 languages), webinar set to handle more than 900 participants, audio-video equipment etc. We had been rehearsing for a few days earlier. That morning, Madhu, Chris and I discussed about the opening of the program, who would start with the intro. Both of them suggested I do so. Not something that I was expecting, but well, if that’s what is needed, I would do so, I said to myself. The program opened, it was overwhelming as many people were meeting Mohanji for the first time.

Mohanji didn’t waste a moment; his delivery to almost 700 people on the live webinar session that time uniquely addressed everyone and made sure that every person was receiving it as per their frequency. It was not a “one size fits all” way; but customised uniquely. That session, of course, I was hovering between the six language rooms in the webinar to see if all translators were comfortable doing their work.

By the time the session finished, I had a feeling of bubbles rising from molten lava, molten lava, within each participant. That’s when I realised, Mohanji was not just imparting knowledge through his talks, but there was a much different impact at the energy level for everyone; that’s what I was witnessing. I was feeling the bubbling, emerging hot molten lava.

The next day, as soon as Mohanji came, looking at him, there was a sharp light from his 3rd eye. Suddenly, I got flashes in my left eye. Usually, I get flashes in my eyes when I am about to get a migraine, which grows unbearable if I don’t take a painkiller!

I was already sitting in front of Mohanji with the video on, so I couldn’t get up for a headache pill. I tried to ignore it and kept focusing on Mohanji and listening to him. But the brightness was growing, and I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. I closed my eyes and just concentrated on Mohanji’s 3rd eye. Almost after 30 min, I felt normal and opened my eyes, and yes, I was normal, no headache. I then realised that flash in my left eye was not because of my usual migraine; I was witnessing the brightest glow in Mohanji’s presence.

The previous day’s inner awareness of the bubbles of molten lava and now this bright light confirmed to me that this online workshop with Mohanji was much beyond just a webinar teaching or discussion. Beyond words and explanations, Mohanji was working at the energy level, beyond the physical dimensions.

That day, Mohanji must have received thoughts and questions from many people, so before leaving the session after two hours, he said to the entire group to stay on and discuss, and he called out my name said, “Subhasree, please continue the discussion and question answers for some more time.”

This was a command coming from my Guru; I had no time to react to the surprise! The moment his words hit my ears, they hit my consciousness, I guess. What happened for the next 2 hours was magical. People were asking questions, and I was speaking… well not me, clearly Mohanji. I had no sensation of my body, my speech, my knowledge at that time. Words were flowing. When the session was over, there was an outpouring of appreciation messages from so many. From our internal group to participants, how they all felt that Mohanji was speaking through me!

The next day, during Mohanji’s live session, while I was concentrating on what Mohanji was teaching us, I noticed swelling in Mohanji’s face, especially in his left jaw area. Mohanji was constantly speaking, flowing spontaneously, with no sign of pain or uneasiness or anything like that. I felt that Mohanji was absorbing, taking on all those oozing bubbles from everyone… that’s his style of giving all of us protection while letting the deep cleansing process happen. I witnessed how Mohanji shields everyone, including me, and takes some of the effects on his physical body.

This day also Mohanji asked us to continue Q&A and discussion following his session, and we all would flow in his consciousness. I was feeling Mohanji’s presence in me. That time, I had no feeling of myself. The only awareness I had was that Mohanji was in me, driving the car, I was just holding the steering, and he was controlling everything, absolutely everything.

Every day, we started the session one hour earlier to test with the translators, then one and a half hours with Mohanji, followed by the discussion sessions for 2 hours afterwards. Usually, after the sessions, later in the evening, we had to complete some other tasks regarding communications, Q&A submitted by email or texts etc. And I also had my office work to do. So there was no counting of waking hours or food or other terrestrial things. My fingers, elbow, shoulder all would pain all night and be stiff when I woke up in the morning too. But as soon as I got ready and sat at the altar ready for the program, the 5 hours would pass like 5 minutes. I had the energy to work again till late in the night.

There were many hindrances, too, technical glitches, but none of these had any impact on the program. Problems were coming; they were dissolving. I felt as if we were doing an obstacle course running race. Obstacles appear; we jump over them and continue running.

As we were growing day by day, the effect of the deep process was getting more and more intense. Mohanji’s presence was evident. By making me anchor the sessions in his presence and the discussion session after he left, Mohanji had given me a different awareness, the awareness that Mohanji was working directly through me. I was reminded of what Mohanji had told me recently when I was with him in Serbia. “I work through you directly, in real. I work through you in actual and in factual.” These words of Mohanji were still vivid in my head. I was witnessing this happening now.

I was feeling the Mpowerment. I felt immense gratitude for this; Mohanji had put an ordinary stone from the roadside as a crystal on the podium! I didn’t ask, “Why?” I didn’t ask, “Do I deserve it?” I only melted; I dissolved. I realised this ego, this identity called ‘Subhasree’, had no meaning because I was not operating from my own physical body. For me, this was an experience of merging with Mohanji, going beyond physical dimensions.

Mohanji had empowered me in such a way that my fatigue, my physical pain, my lack of knowledge, my incapability – nothing mattered. Because he was in me, he was directly performing. He gave me a tiny taster of his huge capacity.

My inner voice was crying, “I am nothing. I am nothing. I don’t exist, Mohanji. Please let me stay merged with you forever. I am a bundle of mistakes, weakness, and naivety; please let me melt in you and let these impurities burn totally.”

As our discussions were flowing every day, the attendees would give such sweet compliments that though I felt honoured and grateful, I also was embarrassed. I am not used to such compliments and that too for something that Mohanji was doing! But I also knew they were seeing Mohanji exactly as I was feeling.

With the growing praises and appreciation from people pouring for me, I had another realisation. I realised that what Mohanji had showered on me without me expecting consciously or asking for it must be a deep-lying desire from the past that he is fulfilling and thus exhausting it!

These realisations of how Mohanji was empowering me, protecting me, fulfilling my unrealised desires and probably removing my karma, allowing me to witness a tiny glimpse of his multi-dimension work on everyone else, had a deep impact on me; the impact of gratitude to this greatness, the grandeur of my Master, my Guru.

At this stage, all I wish is to just stay in that state of being merged with Mohanji forever.  

Thank you, Mohanji, for everything you do for all of us in so many truly indescribable ways. 

Love You! 

Mohanji – my friend, philosopher & guide and beyond that, a connection in consciousness!


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5 thoughts on “Empowered by Mohanji – 1”

  1. Gayatri JayShankar

    What a beautiful testimony Shubasree. You are a wonderful instrument of Mohanji..During the 11 days of Bliss there was at times when I felt waves of energy flowing ..So I can certainly understand how He worked through you..
    Humble thanks to the Master..So grateful and be Blessed more dear..Lots of 💕
    Jai Mohanji Baba 🙏🏼💓

  2. Nirupma Chowdhary

    Dear Subhashree
    You are truly an instrument of Mohanji. Completely merged in his consciousness. Each participant could feel the connect. Many who wanted to ask or clear doubts knew you are there and they will get their reply and next day they will be before Mohanji with more clarity and faith.
    We really admire your consistent seva dear blessed one. Love you.
    Love you Mohanji for being there for us all.

  3. Hello Subhashreeji, I am getting goosebumps when I am reading this..it was truly an mpowering journey with Mohanji..there are no words to describe how Mohanji has taken over , there Is only and only gratitude and pranaams to the feet of Mohanji..Mohanji is everything and everything is Mohanji, Omsairam , thanks to the team of all volunteers for agreeing to take their duties well..and to Mohanji for being with and within everyone of us.

  4. Hello Subhashreeji, I am getting goosebumps when I am reading this..it was truly an mpowering journey with Mohanji..there are no words to describe how Mohanji has taken over , there Is only and only gratitude and pranaams to the feet of
    Holy master Mohanji..Mohanji is everything and everything is Mohanji, Omsairam , thanks to the team of all volunteers for agreeing to take their duties well..and to Mohanji for being with and within everyone of us.

  5. Hello Subhashreeji, I am getting goosebumps when I am reading this..it was truly an mpowering journey with Mohanji..there are no words to describe how Mohanji has taken over , there Is only and only gratitude and pranaams to the feet of Holy master Mohanji..Mohanji is everything and everything is Mohanji, Omsairam , thanks to the team of all volunteers for agreeing to take their duties well..and to Mohanji for being with and within everyone of us.

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