Grace flows

By Ruchika Gandhi, India

Unpredictable times

I don’t know how to start and what to share. The last few months from February 2021 have been crazy with so many turbulences; what shook us as a family was the sudden deterioration in our mother’s health condition. She was diagnosed with the rarest of diseases we had never heard of. Autoimmune ILD (interstitial lungs disease), polymyositis (autoimmune muscles condition) combined with type two diabetes she has been suffering with for many years, landed with a cardiac episode the day she was admitted to the hospital on 26th Feb’ 2021 midnight. 

Throughout these 9.5 months, the entire family has gone through different stages of emotions. I wanted to share what I felt during this toughest phase of our lives but never got that space and time to write it. As I am writing today about my experiences, she is once again in the hospital on ventilator support; this is her eighth visit. 

My dad’s passing in 2017 was also sudden. We were not prepared for it at all. I was not that strong and stable at that moment to handle it. Mother’s difficult time started after my dad’s passing. She lost interest in life and has been holding so much within since then. It was extremely painful for her to lose a loved one, as we can see on a physical level. But despite being such a difficult phase for us, these nine months have also been full of Grace and Gratitude

What you can’t handle, just give it to your Guru and don’t look back… have faith. 

I have experienced many times, how Mohanji whom I lovingly call Father, and Shirdi Baba have worked unimaginably to give her all the strength to work out her karmas in this lifetime itself. 

She was very critical when admitted for the first time on 26th Feb 2021 and went on ventilator support for two months. I spoke to Mohanji that day, and he said that she doesn’t have any interest in life further. We don’t want to drag the soul, but we will see. 

His words didn’t scare me but made my eyes wet. I felt some kind of acceptance within. Let thy will be done which is meant for her highest good. Until now, I am praying only for that, as being ignorant of the divine play, I cannot ask selfishly anything better than this for my mother, who has lovingly served us for all these years.

Mohanji and Baba made me experience how they have taken upon themselves so much of the sufferings she was meant to go through in this life. She got the bed numbers 18 the first time, then 9, then 11. These numbers are signs of his presence for me.

Baba’s little idol was given once to Mumma when she was in the ICU; we told her to hold Baba in her hands and pray to him with all her heart. After some days, I noticed that Baba’s idol was broken from the neck. That was the day I realized that Baba shared my mother’s pain in his usual way.

You are being held every moment; just surrender and have faith. Mohanji works through many beings to strengthen you and allows you to receive and perceive situations with positivity. 

Throughout the initial period of her hospitalization, I felt stability within. I don’t know what was driving me and helped me witness what she went through at the hospital, and then later at the care centre where Mumma and I spent 5.5 months together. This stability was nothing but Mohanji’s energy that kept me going and didn’t allow my emotions to influence me so much as would have happened otherwise when we operate from an emotional level.

Kirti Khandelwal played an important role in just being available every moment for my and Mumma’s healing sessions. Important reminders were sent through her, Duggal di and other practitioners to face reality with full acceptance and awareness and allow Mumma’s journey to be smoother by not being attached emotionally. To allow the soul to travel ahead smoothly.

During my recitation of Hanuman Chalisa at the hospital, I felt many times Mohanji’s presence in the form of stability, acceptance, surrender and a sense of faith in the doctors. Situations were tough, but Mohanji gave the strength to face it all. 

Mohanji put us in the hands of doctors who were genuinely concerned about my mother’s wellbeing, handled the case with all the precautions to ensure that she didn’t have to go through any unnecessary procedures, given the multiple health issues. 

The Divine Guidance will come… through various channels. 

It was only his sheer grace that Dr Harpeet Wasir silently worked behind the scenes and was in constant touch with Dr Pankaj Puri, the main treating doctor at Fortis Escorts, who has handled Mumma’s case, right from the beginning. Words will not be enough to describe how Dr Wasir extended all possible guidance, made the whole family understand the most tricky situations so sensibly, calmly and helped us to reinstate our faith that doctors are doing what is right for our mother.

His prompt support, guidance and love was another way for me to experience how Mohanji was speaking to me through him. I am also amazed at the role Dr Pankaj Puri played and supported us in many ways during multiple hospitalizations and beyond as well. I offer my deepest gratitude to him for always being there to take Mumma’s case under him and oversee everything on his own. 

Mai-Tri sessions and grace 

Countless Mai-Tri sessions by so many Mai-Tri practitioners – Preeti Duggal di, Kirti Khandelwal, Nirupama Chowdhary, Nimika, Viji di, Prajakta, Nikunj Naredi, Rekha Murali, Shubha and many others made me experience that it’s not just this life, but deep cleansing of many lifetimes of karmas of my mother have been taken care of. 

In one of the sessions, I was guided by Nirupama di to give some fabric to a transgender person in my mother’s name. That whole incident was blissful. I am grateful to Mohanji and Divine Mother for allowing me to have her darshan in human form. I bought a beautiful light green color cloth, got it hand-touched by my mother, and then went out for seva at the animal centre. After the seva, I was on a rickshaw for my way back home; out of nowhere, a transgender person appeared near my rikshaw wearing the same color that I bought to offer. She said something in a different language (which I could not understand at all) and did some expressions with her hands. I bowed down and offered that cloth piece to her. She blessed me, touched the top of my head and disappeared immediately. But I felt Mother Kali appeared to bless and said, “Chinta mat karo” (don’t worry). It was a beautiful experience. Mother’s eyes were so bright and intense.

In another session, Mohanji and the whole Tradition were present and blessed my mother. I was in awe when Nirupama di shared that Mohanji gave Mumma Shaktipat. She also said to play Nirvanshaktam. I played it continuously and experienced that whatever Mumma was going through at that moment had been put to rest. The intensity of that physical suffering had been reduced immensely, as Mumma became more silent after that. I felt deep peace on her face and the way she was responding to the different health conditions she was going through.

Only compassion flows through my beloved Mohanji. We don’t need to ask for anything; he just gives without asking and blesses us every moment. Even at the hospital currently, she looks more calm, peaceful. She doesn’t have much to say; she is in total acceptance. 

Dr Puri said that “I have seen many cases in my career, but I have never seen a patient so calm going through such severe health issues.” Mohanji and Baba’s presence has been there every moment. I felt it when I flowed with my emotions sometimes and felt painful within to see Mumma going through such intense times.

A reminder, a thought that not to let emotions play havoc on me, to just watch them. Play your part well with all honesty, selflessness and surrender and give her love, serve in her name as much as possible. Face reality with full awareness and acceptance. This is Mohanji’s way to bring me back to the TRUTH. 

Mother is the highest form of the Divine, who serves her children unconditionally. 

Today, I realized that Mumma had given all of us, the entire family, a big opportunity to serve her in any way possible. To release us all from the karmic bond that we share together for lifetimes. Her invisible contribution, grace, and grit to fight, especially during this time, are experiences that I take as a blessing; my humble gratitude to my mother for allowing me to serve her and for being with us.

These unforgettable moments got all the sisters to be together at this time, especially during Covid, when travel around the world is restricted. It’s his sheer grace only that Mohanji allowed us to be together and do our dharma. I offer all that has been done till now and that I will be allowed to do in the time to come at his lotus feet. 

My humble pranaams to Mohanji, Shirdi Baba, Hanuman ji, Mother Kali, Lord Krishna.. they are all one. My heart, my whole being, offers deepest gratitude and love to the Supreme Divine for everything. For sending Mohanji into my life, for sowing the seed of knowing human existence beyond human mind limitations, for igniting the bhaav of seva, devotion, love for the Supreme Divine, for being able to experience him in so many beautiful ways. And also for not being able to experience anything at times, as those moments are reminders for me that I have many, many miles to go still to understand the real TRUTH. Every moment of ignorance is a moment of igniting that LIGHT within, shedding of EGO and crossing the oceans of heavy karmic baggage. 

Thank you, Mohanji, for everything. Thank you, Mohanji family, for standing with us, for sending your prayers, healings and financial contribution through Ammucare and thanks to our friends, family and relatives for their prayers and blessings. I am grateful to every being for supporting my mother and all of us silently. Love you all. 


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6 thoughts on “Grace flows”

  1. Gayatri JayShankar

    Grateful Ruchika for sharing this service to Mother.. Pranaams to your mother
    Pranaams to our saviour Baba Mohanji, Sai Ma, and Mother Kali…
    Love to your whole family..Sonia and all your sisters..❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼

  2. Dearest Ruchika 💕🌹💕
    Your blog is a golden shining example of surrender, faith, acceptance and purity of heart🤍🤍🤍
    Mohanji’s all abiding Grace is palpable on so many levels. There is no doubt your beloved mumma is under His ever watchful Care.
    In the Realms of Truth/Consciousness His divine Blessings are Infinite for you, your lovely sisters and your dear mumma.
    And what a Blessing to be in Mohanji’s care 🙏💙🙏 He’s benevolently giving your sweet mum every opportunity to exhaust her karmas and then to leave Liberated and Fly Free – get it done in this lifetime, and the same for you as you also write so heart-touchingly in yr blog, the opportunity to Serve 🙏🤍🌹🤍
    Love you

    1. Thank you dear Ami.. You rightly said. Father is allowing mumma to leave liberated and exhaust Karmas as much as possible in this lifetime itself. Having Mohanji’s guidance and grace is a blessing to sail through this time, which is indeed toughest but father filled it with love and grace completely. It is a big strength to have a support of M family.
      Lots of ❤

  3. So beautiful dear Ruchika, true devotion and surrender. Lots of love to all the Gandhi sisters – your mother is blessed to have you 🥰
    We are always reminded that only Love is real and our moments of deep, pure Love experience is all that truly matters.
    Hugs, Devi

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