Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 13

Day 13 lesson – Blessings from Sathya Sai Baba

By Christopher Greenwood

Yesterday when I went to speak with Mohanji about the Invest in Awareness program I had conducted that day, he told me that Devi Amma talked to him to say that something very, very important had happened. Devi Amma is the saint/Siddha who gave Mohanji the title of Vishvamitra (Friend of the Universe). 

Devi Amma was conducting a full-fledged honour to Sathya Sai Baba for his birthday on Monday, 23rd November, and he appeared personally to receive the offering. There were only her niece, nephew and two German people with her.

He (Baba) spoke to her and told her that he was really proud of the work that Mohanji was doing in the world and how he is doing it. He (Mohanji) has his full support. She could then see Mohanji in a subtle form bowing to Baba. Baba blessed Mohanji and showered him with flowers. 

It was very important for Mohanji and all of us in the Foundation/platforms. We are often unaware of the support, the grace, and the backing that Mohanji, the platforms and all its people have from the Tradition.

Good morning, everybody. I hope you had a great day yesterday. 

For me, yesterday was really busy. And as sometimes can happen, it was also busy for Mohanji. So we didn’t really speak too much. Some days are like that because I don’t want to disturb him and there’s plenty of things to be doing. 

But in the evening, I had some updates to share. I had conducted a program for Invest in Awareness, which I mentioned yesterday. It went really well, and I wanted to share how it went – who attended, any feedback, this type of thing. When I spoke to him, he told me that a very important thing had happened yesterday and he relayed this story. He said that Devi Amma had been trying desperately to reach him. His phone was being unavailable, so she eventually connected to Rajesh. For those that don’t know Devi Amma, she’s an established saint. Mohanji says she’s a living Siddha who’s deeply connected to Sage Agastya and other Masters. And it’s she who actually shared that Mohanji is a great Master who has been sent here to spread unconditional love, both on Earth and beyond – Vishvamitra, or friend of the Universe. 

So Mohanji told me the story – that Devi Amma had called, and he said that he would take the call from his room. She told him something very, very important happened yesterday. And this was on Sathya Sai Baba’s 95th birthday on 23rd November. She was performing a full-fledged honour to him, and he actually appeared. She was with her niece and nephew, and also two German people were there. But other than that, there was nobody else with them. 

Sai Baba came, and Baba actually accepted the offerings from her. He said: “By the way, I’m really proud of Mohanji. I really like his work and the way he does it, and I’m fully supporting him.” And she said she could then see Mohanji in subtle form, bowing down to him. Then Baba touched Mohanji’s head and blessed him, and put a lot of flowers over him. He basically endorsed the activity – our activity, the Mohanji Foundation’s activity. 

This was really big for Mohanji and the whole platform because it’s endorsed then by Satya Sai Baba. And he said these kinds of things are what keep us moving because it’s not easy to walk against such negativities and obstacles. People might not understand that’s the support that all this has behind it. Those who matter, like Sage Agastya, have told Devi Amma numerous times that he’s really proud of the way that Mohanji works. And it’s because Mohanji doesn’t take nonsense, he’s full-action. 

Devi Amma also said that Sai Baba had told her to say this. And she was very, very proud. 

Now, obviously, I’m somewhat naive, and so I asked, “What do you mean he physically appeared – like in front of her, like as you’re sitting in front of me now?” And he told me, “No, no, it’s in an energy form, the same way that other people around the world feel Mohanji’s presence from time to time. And it’s the subtlest visible as the gross can perceive”. So Devi Amma probably could see a lot, but the Germans might not have been able to see, but they would have felt the presence. And apparently, he spoke a lot about Mohanji. And that’s why Devi Amma really wanted to connect, to tell Mohanji about this. 

And so for Mohanji as well, he was saying that he really appreciates it coming from Devi Amma because when all of the people were talking bad things about him, she was the one that supported him. And she said that’s because it was her duty.

He shared as well something of the time before (I think 2014) when Mohanji suffered a really big attack, and many people were out to tarnish his image. And he asked Devi Amma, “Why is all this happening? Is there something I’m doing wrong?” And it was really, quite a difficult situation. And although he’d never spoken to Agastya before, he really wanted to this time because he was disturbed. And he told her that a group of people had turned against him, cut off his money, spoke tremendously bad things, and his partner took away the company. Mohanji just wanted to know if there was something wrong he was doing and if there was, then what lesson he should learn. 

So at that time (2014), she had a discussion with Sage Agastya, and the next day, she and Mohanji met. She relayed what Agastya had said, saying: “I’m really proud of Mohanji; he is my son. Why this is happening is because I have to remove certain things from him. People are not letting him grow. They’re not letting him do his job or progress. And he has a big job to do on Earth. And some of these people are very small-minded, and they’re not allowing him to take steps forward”. So he (Agastya) had to take them off his path. 

And when she asked what lessons he should learn, Agastya said, “No lessons for him. He came accomplished in this life, and he has nothing to learn in this life. He only has to reveal, and he will reveal at his time”. And then he said, “They have to learn, the people with him (including us), because he is sent by us to bring people back to the Satya Yuga, to raise their awareness sufficiently to enter into that Satya Yuga frequency. So they have to learn, not him. And if they can’t handle him, it’s not his problem. It’s their problem”. 

So there was the answer. And I can see a big resemblance to Mohanji there in style. And if Mohanji is the son of Agastya, then – like father, like son – no beating around the bush, straight to the point. 

That’s the story from yesterday. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoy the day ahead. Speak to you soon.


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