Lord Hanuman – A Great Miracle


The powerful Hanuman, the ultimate bhakta

“Avatars always happen for a universal purpose – a magnanimous, selfless purpose. Annihilation of evil and preservation of dharma is usually the sole purpose of all avatars. When an avatar takes birth, the whole universe, and especially the higher beings existing at various locations of the universe, configure to aid the avatar to accomplish its mission. It is usual that many high souls, who are not usually earth bound, decide to take form on earth, to assist the avatar.

When the universe configured to create Lord Rama, with the amsa and power of Lord Vishnu, many souls who participated in that grand decision decided to come forth and aid the avatar. Lord Hanuman is one of them. A powerful entity with the highest of all siddhis (ashta siddhis and nava nidhis), assumed the role of a devotee of Rama and took physical form to assist Rama in his mission and to teach the world that the greatest of might becomes extremely effective if surrendered to the higher will of the Supreme Lord, which Lord Rama represented. When an extraterrestrial strength is transformed into supreme devotion, it instantly induces a liberated existence.

Usually, superior strength leads to superior ego. This is what we see in our everyday life. In Hanumanji’s case, he became invincible due to His surrender and devotion to Rama, the Para Brahma. He guides us to surrender our ego at the feet of the Lord and lead an existence of complete surrender and faith. He is eternal in His body. He decided to stay on in the terrestrial plane, unaffected by maya, to bless, guide and protect lesser beings into the path of supreme liberation. He is a great siddha, a Great Master, yet he assumed the form of a monkey so that he would be ignored and left alone. This was also part of the divine design of Rama Avatar. ”



My dear brothers and sisters across the globe,

My happiness knows no bounds as I am sharing these great blessings of Hanumanji with all of you.

All those who have heard the Power of Purity meditation in English, Hindi or Malyalam know Mohanji’s voice and its power.

The first time I heard his spontaneous Sanskrit chants in the Vashishtha cave, I was paralyzed by the sheer power of it. Abhishek Mehrotra was also with us on that occasion. I am sure he would vouch for it too. 🙂 More details about this divine journey to the Vashishtha cave and about Mohanji’s third eye shining in purple can be found at this link.

Please keep in mind that Mohanji has neither learned Sanskrit, nor has he learned any scriptures or mantras. All that he chants is spontaneous, without any preparation or pre-planning.

People from different parts of the world who feel connected with Mohanji have been continuously expressing their wish to hear some chants sung in Mohanji’s deep, heart-melting, penetrating voice. Therefore, a few of us in Muscat (where Mohanji lives) thought of making it happen.

On Friday 11 Feb 2011, on my daughter Moushami’s birthday, we organized the recording of chants at Mohanji’s residence. Balakrishnan and Pramod, who are singers, joined us for the recording since chorus members were needed for some of the chants. Robert D’Souza, who is an excellent guitar player and a graduate from the Los Angeles Music School, recorded the chants with his high-tech music recording system. Little Moushami also participated in the chorus. Sanjay, Caroline and Peter were there to help out as well. There was no great preparation, and definitely no proper studio.

We started this with minimal preparation and facilities. The only aim was to record divine chants in Mohanji’s voice.

Visibly BLISSED OUT!!! The post recording lunch!!!

Recording the chants

We started the recording with Mohanji chanting AUM and continued with Ganesh stotra It is customary in India to worship Lord Ganesha, remover of obstacles, before any important work. We especially recorded the chants that represent Ganesha as the Supreme Lord Parabrahma, which Mohanji likes a lot. Although we decided upon a particular sequence in advance, Divinity had its own plan (which probably only Mohanji knew).

Mohanji sang twenty two different chants in a single stretch with only one or two retakes. The chants included Gayatri Mantra, Guru Vandana, Maha Lakshmi ashtakam (praising Goddess Lakshmi) and many more. This recording took a mere hour and a half! It was truly amazing. He then continued with the recording of Lingashtakam (“Bramha Murari surarchit lingam“), a famous and powerful chant of Lord Shiva.

Sanskrit chants were simply flowing through him. It did not appear that he was chanting. Words were happening through him. The energy in the room had completely changed. The chants in Mohanji’s voice created a truly powerful positive energy in the room. All were in a kind of trance. A very high, ecstatic and elated state.

Energy measured by the consistent intensity of the flame!!!

Recording of the Hanuman Chalisa

We took a five minute break. Mohanji then said: “Ok, we will now record the Hanuman Chalisa.” We were all set. Initially there was some disturbance in his throat. He coughed, drank water, and started again. Mohanji started reciting the Hanuman Chalisa spontaneously, without referring to any book. He asked that the flow should not be disturbed as he wanted to record it in one stretch. He closed his eyes and chanted in a seeming trance!

The power with which he started singing the Hanuman Chalisa provoked another big energy shift in the room. The whole energy of the room was taken to a much higher level. It was a tremendous energy indeed! The flames of the lamps at the altar were unusually high. Moushami and I simultaneously observed that it actually burnt the lamp’s aluminum cover (please see the below photo). The lamp’s cover usually never gets burnt and remains in its original silver/red color even after the wax is consumed.

Lamp one burnt another one not
Effects of the higher vibrations of spiritual energy. Burnt candle cups!

All of us present felt the surge in energy and were merging with his voice and power. In one smooth go, he finished reciting and the Hanuman Chalisa was recorded. There were no variations at all; everything was synchronized – the scale, pitch, tune, words, pronunciation – everything! There was no disturbance from cars passing by on the road, or from any other noise. As he completed the chanting,

He bowed down deeply to Hanumanji, as if He was standing in front of Him. We were surprised that he knew the chants by heart! Furthermore, his Sanskrit diction also seemed perfect. We were all amazed. We could do nothing but simply remain silent. We just kept looking at him and the altar of the Masters, alternatively. With every chant his voice was becoming more deep and more divine!

As soon as Mohanji finished reciting the Hanuman Chalisa, Bala bowed down to him, touched Mohanji’s feet and said: “I saw Hanumanji in you today!”. He also showed the Hanuman Chalisa book, which was surprisingly present in his pocket. Readers, please understand that this whole recording was extempore. Mohanji never practiced or rehearsed anything.

He has no time. He is so busy working in the office during the day and then devotedly solving our problems in the evenings. Bala, Pramod and Robert also did not know the plan and schedule of that day, nor which mantras were to be recorded in Mohanji’s voice. The same is true for everyone who gathered there last Friday. Nobody was told anything and nobody knew. The whole event was spontaneous!!!!

Mohanji in deep communion…

Blessings of the great Lord Hanuman

After reciting the Hanuman Chalisa, we decided to have lunch. Everyone was hungry. All were having an informal discussion about the recording while I went to the kitchen to check on the food.

Hanuman-manasa sarovar
Mohanji has this picture of Hanumanji in his bedroom altar..

Moushami, naughty as usual, noticed red kumkum powder sprinkled on the carpet in front of the altar. There is no kumkum anywhere near the altar, otherwise. Then where did this come from? She almost screamed while calling me, “Mama, what is this kumkum?” I came running and saw. It was not red but ORANGE colored powder, which is usually used only for the worship of Hanumanji!

I humbly said: “Moushami, this is the sign of Hanumanji. Hanumanji actually came here and was with us during the recording. He gave blessings to all of us, and left this sindoor (shendoor, orange saffron powder) as a sign of His presence! He left this proof for us to know!” Everyone got up at once excitedly. Everyone except Mohanji. He continued to sit in his chair with his usual knowing, naughty smile.

We then understood to whom Mohanji was bowing down after the chant! He had bowed down with full reverence and gratitude to the great Hanumanji Himself, as if it was some kind of a ceremony, or pooja, not a recording session.! All of us applied the sindoor on our third eye. For Moushami, this was a real divine Birthday Gift! What more can we ask for?

Hanumanji is an icon of supreme devotion, surrender, faith, purity, intelligence, power, penance and compassion. His grand presence is unmistakable in the famous epic Ramayana. He helped Lord Rama to rescue Mata Sita from the demon Ravana. Hanuman Chalisa is sung in His praise. It is supposed to help one overcome all the obstacles of life as well as protect one from all the calamities. Mohanji’s power in reciting the Hanuman Chalisa unmistakably invoked Lord Hanumanji’s presence!

There were eight of us in the room (a total of ten in the house), including Mohanji. All witnessed the appearance of this saffron powder from nowhere! Pramod, Sanjay and Bala are all devotees of Lord Hanuman and have been worshiping Him for many years now. Pramod has been visiting the Hanuman temple in his hometown in Kerala for the last 25 years. Pramod was so shaken with this divine experience that he was unable to stand on his feet for some time. He just became silent, as if in a trance.

As I said, it was Moushami’s birthday on 11 February. She could not hide her joy of being the first to notice the sprinkle of blessings. Moushami used to ask me: “Mama, did Ramayana actually happen?” Now she knows it herself. She got her answer, spontaneously, without asking Mohanji…


Lord Hanuman, the Great Caretaker

Because of Mohanji, all of us were able to partake in the mighty presence of Lord Hanuman. Mohanji answered everyone’s prayers. I am totally convinced that there is not a single moment that Mohanji spends on earth, that is without any purpose. All thoughts, words and actions of Mohanji are purposeful, even though it may all seem ordinary because he is completely unpretentious and unassuming.

Just a day before this event, our friend G.I. had met with an astrologer. While discussing about Mohanji, the astrologer, who has never met Mohanji, told our friend G.I.: “He is powerful. He has the power to invite and manifest any Gods, if he wants to. But, he will hardly display it!” Now we saw that it is real. He indeed has the power!

Dear friends,

Bade Baba (Bhagavan Nityananda) and Sai Baba physically appeared in front of us. You have already read our Ganeshpuri experience. So many other miracles are happening everyday. It is often overwhelming. Many people are experiencing Mohanji’s physical presence in many places, while he is physically stationed here  in Muscat. At least now, we hope to understand Mohanji’s stature, even though it is never easy. In this spiritual journey, many more miracles will happen. We cannot stop at these miracles. We cannot hold on to any miracles.

Miracles are just random expressions of the powerful stature of a Master. They only serve as reminders to the followers. We need to move ahead. There is a lot to come, and there is a lot we must do for humanity. Also, each one has their own unique journey with a definite purpose. Please do make your own journey. Don’t look around, just walk with deep faith and devotion like Hanumanji and enjoy your walk to freedom.

The few photos featured in this blog are provided as proof of this Divine experience. Their purpose though is not to serve as witness, but to bless you all.

These chants and the Hanuman Chalisa will soon be available in a CD format. Robert is also adding the music to it. Mohanji told Robert to use music that he would be spontaneously inspired by. “No pre-planning Robert. Just do it”, said Mohanji. That is the way spirituality works. Just Be. May all of you experience the power of his chants.

At the lotus feet of Hanumanji, Baba and Mohanji,

(Mohanji affectionately calls me Mother Deepali. He joked with us on Thursday night “As children, all we have to do is keep one mother happy. Mother will keep all her children and even the whole world happy, through her selfless love and attitude of service.” I believe this is what we need to do to our dear Mother Earth! We keep our Mother Earth happy and she will keep all of us happy!)

With that note, I sign off for now. Wish You Love and Peace,


Our sincere prostrations at the feet of Lord Hanumanji

Hanumanji, a great miracle that continued…

The graceful presence of Hanumanji during the recording of the Hanuman Chalisa continued with His subsequent blessings while Robert was adding music to the audio recording of the Hanuman Chalisa. Here is a small story about an information technology failure and the  miraculous preservation of the chants recorded by Mohanji.

Robert was adding music to the audio recording of Hanuman Chalisa. He also had a few other projects and songs to which he was adding music. Robert was supposed to meet us two days ago; but he could not come. When I called him the next day, what he said shocked me.

Robert: Dr. Deepali, my laptop has crashed. I have lost all the software I was using for music mixing and edition. I have also lost many projects and files. In fact, I lost almost everything that was in my laptop, including the songs that I set music to and the songs awaiting music!  🙁

This gave me a shiver of uncertainty. We had recorded more than twenty two chants. There were additional chants, including the Mahishasura Mardini Stotram, the one hundred and eight names of Lord Dattatreya, and many more devotional prayers and bhajans (spiritual songs) in Mohanji’s voice. The crash of the laptop was indeed a disaster.


By now Mohanji has made so many transformations in me that I did not shake with this news. I coolly asked him, “What happened to the recording of all the chants in Mohanji’s voice?” I knew I was selfish in asking this. Everyone’s projects have equal importance. But this was a divine work. Asking Mohanji to chant all again was not possible. When he chants, he invokes the presence of Masters and deities. His chants are reflected in other dimensions. Losing this work meant a lot to me.

But Robert’s answers gave sparkles. He said, “Dr. Deepali, I was able to recover all of Mohanji’s files! They did not disappear and were unharmed despite this crash; though I almost lost everything else. I have to start all over again, to get and install softwares!” My heart went out to him and I really felt sorry for Robert’s loss. We met later and saved copy of all of the chants recorded in Mohanji’s voice as well as other projects on another hard disk.

Dear all, I would like to remind you of the very important aspect that TECHNOLOGY WILL FAIL, BUT GRACE WILL NEVER FAIL. Hanumanji’s blessings continued to flow. Without that, Mohanji’s chants would not have been preserved in this laptop crash.

This incident has made me more humble. I have developed even more reverence towards Mohanji. I also sincerely wish all the best to Robert to revive his work at the earliest.



BTW Team

Hanumanji – a great bhakta, a great protector, a supreme saint, omnipresent and always present


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77 thoughts on “Lord Hanuman – A Great Miracle”

  1. Hi Deepali,

    Thanks to you for sharing the wonderful experience of Lord Hanumanji’s blessings!!! Myself with my friend Mr. Suresh met our great Mohanji yesterday and he too narrated the whole story. It’s really amazing .

    Mohanjee, thanks for the wonderful evening and no hesitation to say that you are ” great” indeed!!!

  2. Many thanks to Mohan ji for teaching us 24×7 through so many ways. In modern times, people do need these miracles to believe that there are forces beyond their limited cognition.
    Bible says :
    “Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe.”-John 4:48.

    Thanks Deepali ji for sharing this piece!
    I am anxiously waiting for the Hanuman Chalisa now!

  3. Dear Dr. Deepali:
    Our deep gratitude for sharing this divine experience with all of us! We are eagerly awaiting the release of the CD! Belated Happy Birthday to your daughter! All of you are so blessed to be in HIS presence!!
    Om Parabrahmane Namaha!

  4. Sree Rama jayam(should be recited before starting any prayers for Lord Hanuman)
    I can feel the presence of Mohanji and still remember under mohanji’s instruction 2years ago,when the Hanuman chalisa recittion started, The obstacles of my daily life has started reducing and the work related activities also became more and more active and efficient.

    Of course ,this is a true experience


  5. Dear Deepali,

    What a detailed and wonderful description you’ve given. We all are waiting eagerly for the release of CD where we can hear our dear Mohanji’s voice chanting the Hanuman Chalisa.

    Thanks Guruji for being with us and protecting us all the time. Om Sai Ram.


  6. Wow! Can’t wait for the CD. That’s great news!
    Thank you, for being profound inspiration Mohanji! Thanks for sharing Deepali!

  7. thank you Ganesh uncle!!!

    When i saw the shendur saffron powder i was just PUZZLED that what can this be?????
    when mummy told me that it is shendur and that is the sign of Hanumanji a very blessed joy erupted in me!!
    thank you Mohanji,Baba,Hanumanji and all the othre Masters for this wonderful birthday i will never forget!.




  9. ।। Jai Shri Ram ।। ॐ हनुमते नम:।। ॐ श्री राम दूताय नम:।।

    Respected Dr. Deepali

    Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful experience with all of us.

    With love and regards

    In Mohan ji’s love
    Bless The World


  10. Hi, being a human i am off course curious to know more about Mohanji, and if you have experienced so many miracles at a time then this is something that i am very much interested in. I am looking for a reason behind something. May i know how can i get in touch with respected Mohanji.

  11. And also, Deepaliji, can you share those beautiful chant in Mohanji’s voice with us. I am sure all of us who visit your site will be very thankful to you and Mohanji.



  13. Promoters of spiritual actvities should always think of common man first. Today common man is facing unbearable problems on all fronts. He must be shown a way as to how to solve problems through hanuman pooja etc., Only then common man who is a major part of the population will turn his head to hinduism.






    pawan sut HANUMAN KI JAI

  15. bolo siya pate ram chandra ke jay pawansut hanuman jee ke jay!!!!!!!!!!!!

    guys i also felt lots of time till date whenever i am upset or in problem i remember hanumanjee and i get the solution which is very true for me.

    prabhu shri hanuman jee sabhe bakto ke sunte hai

    jay sri ram jay mahabali pawanputra hanuman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Jai Sri Ram

    I have 100% faith in Lord Hanuman. I have gone through several miracles and
    is a devotee of Sri Vikraman Swamiji from Nanganeloor in Chennai. He comes to
    Dubai atleast 3-4 times in a year and conduct poojas. You can experience Hanuman though him. If you wish to know more about him kindly visit http://www.vikraman.com.
    I also would like to see Mohanji if I get a chance and if Hanumanji so decide.
    Let there be Peace, Prosperity, Love and Good Health for everyone always with Unity
    among all human beings. Let Hanumanji bless us all and have a wonderfull New Year

    With Pranams

  17. Thanks Deepali
    For sharing such a wonderful experience .I came to know about mohanji through this article.

    Thanks once again.

  18. Thank you for an amazing article. I stumbled upon this article immediately after listening to Hanuman Chalisa in Hari Om Sharan ji’s voice. My heart goes out to the lucky few who witnessed the miracle. All we can do is relive the same miracle though the chants recorded.
    I would love to listen to the Hanuman Chalisa sung on that day. Is there a link available?

    Regards and
    Jai Guru Dev

  19. Dear All,
    _/\_ Humbly Gratitude and prostration at the lotus feet of “Param Parbhu Shri Ram Bhakt “Lord Hanumanji ( through Shri Jatu Maharaj & Nilkant Sir ) because of whose Grace i ‘m born twice and become part of this Spiritual family.which paved way to meet Sadguru Mohanji (Lord Shiva).Anybody who recities “Shri Hanuman Chalisa” relentless with faith and purity Lord hanumanji protects n blesses and push you towards high consciousness. Words fall short to express the gratitude n surrender i have for all the Spiritual Masters who r protecting and guiding Sensitive Robots (Courtesy Dear Dr Deepali Amma) like us to know who truly we are (Eternal Soul / Love incarnation/ ) n towards path of Liberation.

    With lots of eternal love ,gratitude and surrender
    jai Shri Ram, Jai Shri Hanumanji
    🙂 <3

  20. Jai Sri Ram
    Jai Sri hanuman ji
    mujhe ye padh kr bahut acha feel ho rha hai.
    Meri tabiyat bhi kharab thi
    abhi opp. Hua hai
    bahut takleef thi jb ye sub exp. Padhe to bahut rahut mil rhi hai
    thxxxxxxxxx for all tht…….

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  22. I read about mohan ji and is very impressed. I want to talk to mohan ji, at present i am residing in hubli karnatak. Is it possible to talk to mohan ji and get his blesdings

  23. Vyomeshchandra Shantilal Sheth

    I have brought lord Hanuman idol and perform Pooja on the Hanuman Jayanti day, i.e on 25th April. the tail is at the top indicating Veer Hanuman. I am also offering Sindoor Chole on every Tuesday from head to toe enchanting Manojjvam Maruttulya vagam mantra. Please guide me if I am making any mistake. Also 48 dya tail pooja I did not understood. whether sindoor with chameli oil to be applied from the starting point of the tail or at the end of the tail. I wish to start continuously for 48 days by enchanting Hanuman chalisa and Bajrang Baan. Kindly share more details, I will be ever indebted.

    1. Hanumanji is unconditional. For him the bhakthi bhaav, surrender is all important. Remember how he lives a life of perfect surrender to Lord Ram. Likewise, do any pooja, any chanting with bhaav, deep from the heart with perfect surrender, then miracles will happen. It is not in what you do, but how you do and with what bhaav you do, that brings forth grace. Even if there are mistakes in rituals but if the bhakti bhaav is undiluted, then Hanumanji will indeed bless you. A true disciple and a true bhakta is the only weakness of any guru or god. Love. M

  24. thank you for sharing hanumanji’s valuable miracles, really i flet very happy while reading. now i got more strength to face my problem in my life. even i read hanuman chalies every day. i hope & belive lord hanuman will be with me till my life end.

  25. i was in great trouble … i almost lose some one but after going to hanuman mandir on tuesday and chanting hanuman chalisa i am recovering it again …. yes i have great faith on hanumanji i know he will solve all my problems….

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  27. jai sri ram
    sri rama jaya rama jaya jaya ram
    manojavam marutha tulyavegam
    jitendriyam buddimatam varishtam
    vatatvagam vanarayautha mukhyam
    shri rama dhutam
    sharanam prapadhye
    jai sri ram jai jai hanumman

    namasthe mohanji
    thank you deepali sister .
    i open a new computer institute shortly i want ur blessings mohanji and deepali akka . and lord ramanjineya jai sri ramanjineya

  28. P.GANESH

    jai sai ram

    I had great faith in hanuman, Since i got job by going every thursday to hanuman temple. I want hanuman mantras for my health, wealth and future, kindly know any CD available.

  29. Jai shri ram jai hanuman jai bajrang Bali pavan putra shri hanuman ki jai anjani mata putra shri hanuman ki jai maharaja kesri nandan hanuman ki jai panchmukhi shri hanuman Ji jai guru suryadev shishya shri hanuman ki jai
    Jai maruti
    Sankatmochan shri hanuman ki jai

    1. Please Read Hanuman Chalisa many times.At least once’s a dey . You will get courage , all your dreams come true. you will get blessing from Hanuman.


    Lord Hanuman is my Guru and I remember when ever I am free and that is way my confidence level is good and stop me for any of my wrong action .
    Jay Gurudev,

  31. Sri Rama Mantra

    Sri RAma RAma RAmeti
    Rame Ramme Manorame
    Sahasra NAma Tat Tulyam
    RAma NAma VarAnane II3II

    Lord Shiva addressed Devi PArvati: “O Varanana (lovely-faced woman), I chant the holy name of Rama, Rama, Rama and thus constantly enjoy this beautiful sound. This holy name of Ramacandra is equal to one thousand holy names of Lord Vishnu (Vishnu-sahasra-nama-stotram).” ***

  32. Great to read all this about hanuman ji . one fact i wana add that Hanuman ji Once Applied Sindoor All Over His Body for Lord Rama’s Long Life. because Sindoor is Symbol for wellness and protection of husband of any indian Hindu women.

  33. I do not deny the power of Hanuman Chalisa and grace of Lord Hanuman but knowing Hanuman Chalisa by heart is pretty common even with small kids especially in Northern India.

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  35. Jai Hanuman.The best time to recite hanuman chalisa in the morning and at night. Those under the evil influences of the Saturn should chant the Hanuman Chalisa at night 8 times on Saturdays for better results.

  36. Lord Hanumana, he is the ultimate ,,, Shri Ram bhakt hanuman ji ab aapki sabhi manokamnaye poori karenge ……

    Om Shri Hanumate Namah

  37. Read more miracles with Lord Hanuman in “Miracles of Lord Hanuman”
    “Devi Maa had evoked Hanumanji in front of us when she delivered me the fruits! As soon as Mohanji received the orange, His upper lip started to swell up and was steadily growing outwards, His eyes were intense. His face turned clearly appearing as Lord Hanuman’s face!” says Mahesh Bhalerao
    “Mohanji was standing there, as steady as a mountain. The moment He took the rope and started to raise the flag, I was blown away. His cheeks expanded even more, and the colour of His eyes changed into oily dark green,” says Jelena Fassbender
    “I saw from her face that she had also noticed the miracle that was unfolding. Mohanji’s face was physically changing in front of us into Hunumanji’s face, the half-monkey half-human devotee/servant/son of Ram and Sita…” says Priti Bharadwaj

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