Protection at the time of need

By Nimika Keshri

It was July 2019. My child who is 2 years and 8 months old was at home as his day-care nursery was closed. My mother-in-law was here with us in Finland for 2 months. She was enjoying the company of our little one while both my husband and I were away at work. One evening we had planned to go shopping and so my husband said that he will come home early. It so happened on the day that my child who usually sleeps for 2 hours in the afternoon would not take even a small nap and soon fell asleep in the early evening hours.

I informed my husband that since the baby was asleep; we should cancel the plan for shopping that day.

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Blessings to family through the phone

My husband who is an entrepreneur has a small office space in one of the shared office buildings. He informed me that he was supposed to move the office to another room in the same building, and he will continue his shifting since we were not going out. After around 3 hours, I called him to know when he was coming back home, and he informed me that he had a lot of boxes to dispose of in the garbage. He will be going down to throw them in the garbage room, and then will leave for home. The drive back home is around 20 minutes. So I was just getting the dinner ready.


Around more than 1.5 hours passed since I had made the call, and I thought to call him back and check where he was. To my dismay, he did not pick up the call. I tried a couple of times with some intervals but each time it went to his voicemail. Now I was tensed. In such situations, usually, the mind thinks negatively. Then I remembered Mohanji and Sai Baba and a thought in my mind said, when Baba and Mohanji are with me, nothing wrong can happen. I just bowed down to the Masters and in 5 minutes called him again.

This time to my surprise and by the grace of the Gurus, he picked up the call. His voice was a bit tensed. He informed me that when he went down to throw away the garbage, he forgot his phone on the desk. He went to throw the garbage which was a room inside the same building. While he was coming out of that room, it was locked and he was unable to open it with his access key. There was no other way to come out and he was now worried as it was late, no one was there in the office building, and his phone was not with him. The only way was to wait the whole night in that room and come out only when someone else opened it from the outside. But soon, someone opened the door, it was the office cleaner. He said that he saw my husband coming down and since his room was open and he was not seen anywhere, he just came to check here, if everything was fine.

Mohanji prayers

After hearing this, I was in tears and thanked Mohanji and Baba Sai. This was no more than a miracle. How an unknown cleaner comes as an angel to rescue him. There was no way, I would have guessed that he was still in the office building locked in a garbage room and that night could have been a nightmare for all of us. But when Masters like Baba Sai and Mohanji take care of their children, nothing can go wrong. We just need to have firm faith and they take care of everything. My pranaams to the Masters.

Mohanji Nimika



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