Resurrection of Lazarus

Here is a miraculous escape from the jaws of death of a devotee, saved only by the grace and protection of Mohanji!

I died (well almost). And Mohanji brought me back to life.

The reason for writing this anonymous account is just to make sure that my family does not panic after reading the incident that I am about to narrate. Hence, will obscure certain names of locations to protect me and my companion’s identity.

In India, Diwali is a big festival and is accompanied by holidays at work. I decided to put the few days of Diwali holidays to good use by going to the Himalayas and doing some serious spiritual practices. I consulted Mohanji and he told me about the practices that needed to be done.

The place I was going to has a very powerful Goddess temple. I planned to drive all night, so I could reach it early in the morning. I was travelling with a companion and that person had gone off to sleep while I negotiated the mountain roads in the dead of the night.

As the car turned a corner, I saw a leopard crouched by the road. I stopped the car and woke up my companion to also look. We watched it for a few minutes until it leapt and disappeared in the hills. I didn’t think much of it at that time, but should I have? Was it Divine Mother?

In the next few days, I did my spiritual practices intensely sitting on the lap of Divine Mother.

On the way back, I stopped by the ashram of a very famous saint (who is no longer in the body) and who is known to be an incarnation of Lord Hanuman. As I sat down before his seat, my third eye area immediately started to vibrate as if receiving a Shaktipat. After some time, we started again towards home, Mohanji’s padukas and the Sri Yantra of Divine Mother in a shoulder bag strapped safely in the back seat, like how one would tuck in a small child, with the seat belt.

Within about half an hour, the accident happened. As the car was coming down the mountain road, the brakes failed and the steering jammed, mysteriously. Both my companion and I knew that we were about to fall off the mountain when the brakes failed to stop the car. All of a sudden, the car was off the road and tumbling down the side of the mountain, as they show in the movies. I vividly remember the alternating darkness and light as the car tumbled down while flipping.

People confess their surrender to God or Guru while they are hale and hearty. It is difficult to replicate the few seconds before death and one’s reaction during those last seconds. I was dead calm. As the car was crashing down, I thought I was going to die and I calmly took three names: Mohanji, Maa (meaning Divine Mother) and the name of the saint whose ashram I had just visited. The car came to a stop. (We later came to know that the car had fallen about 100 feet!).

No frantic sentences were uttered while the car was crashing, nor did I see my life flashing before me. The airbags had saved both of us. We were bleeding a little from cuts here and there, but as we climbed out of the car, we realized that neither had any serious injuries. Miraculously within minutes, villagers arrived and rescued us.


As we climbed to the top of the mountain where we had gone off the road, villagers told us that a shoulder bag was found on the road. This was the same shoulder bag which contained Mohanji’s padukas and Mother’s Sri Yantra. It is as if that they stepped out at the top of the mountain, anchored themselves and stopped the car from falling further! We were later informed by the villagers that, the tree which stopped the car from falling further was the last tree on that mountainside. After that was a sheer drop of about a kilometre down the ragged mountain into the river below. Of course, we all realised what could have happened had the car fallen further.

It seemed as if Divine Mother and Father (Mohanji) fought with Yama, the God of Death, themselves to stop him from taking us away.

As I waited for the police to arrive, the only thought that was in my mind was that I knew for sure, the strong bond I have with my Guru, Mohanji – as I was about to die, I took His name. There was also a certain comfort and a feeling of bliss that my surrender and faith was tested and wasn’t found inadequate.

This reminds me of the beautiful Indian bhajan (spiritual song) which goes:

इतना तो करना स्वामी जब प्राण तन से निकले

गोविन्द नाम लेकर, फिर प्राण तन से निकले

This means that – Lord, as my life exits from my body, please allow me to take your name.

Almost felt like James Bond – straightened my imaginary tie after climbing out of the crash! Why should I care, when ‘M’ has my back! (And no, I am not talking about 007’s boss!)

When surrender is complete at the lotus feet of the Guru, the Guru will cross the cosmos to protect you and hold your hand in a split of a second. Physical distances are meaningless between a Guru and the devotee. What truly matters is the bond between the hearts.


Over the next few days, we finally managed to reach home. Apart from the car, we did not suffer any other loss – physical harm (Can you imagine tumbling 100 feet down a ragged mountainside and not requiring even one stitch?), wallets, travel bags, among other things.

Incidentally, I had left Shiva Kavach and Devi Kavach mantras, recited by Mohanji, playing on a loop in my altar room at home. Was this a coincidence?

Mohanji has resurrected me many times before, from sure death, but those stories are for another time.

Today, Lazarus lives, saved by his Jesus.




Compiled, Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 5th December 2019


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5 thoughts on “Resurrection of Lazarus”

  1. Tears of deep Gratitude to Mohanji for your protection and that of yr friend. This testimony of your faith and Love for Mohanji is very moving.
    Bless u

  2. Speechless, spellbound, gasping for breath as if I went through the experience myself. There’s a high possibility that I may never be able to fully understand HIM or his ways of working. Deep down I know He is there and will “always do the job” as he casually remarks

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