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By Sreeja Ranjit, Ethiopia

Every silent prayer and our soul’s call reach our beloved Para Brahma and the Tradition. We get answers almost immediately…

I was very eagerly awaiting my visit to Kerala in January 2022. I wanted to be there for the Prathishta Dina Ceremony at the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Palakkad, and I was also waiting eagerly to meet Mohanji personally.

I had expected my visa formalities which happen every year, to be completed by the 1st week of January. Things did not go as planned, and I got it renewed only on 12th January. By then, flights to Cochin via Dubai had stopped due to the spread of omicron. Other routes cost triple the amount for just one way of the journey. 

The strict quarantine rules in Kerala for passengers from Africa made me very sad and disappointed as I knew I couldn’t go ahead with my plans in this scenario. I could not imagine why things had to go wrong when all I wanted was to be in my Guruji’s presence. Tears would overflow daily due to my expectations of being with Mohanji not being fulfilled.

On 11th January, I had the most beautiful dream of being in Mohanji’s presence. I got up in the morning feeling so happy. My heart was full of gratitude as Mohanji had spent so much time with me. He heard all my accounts on why I could not make the trip and spent a lot of time with me, patiently hearing me out. Then he suddenly disappeared. I was clueless why this happened. 

Yesterday, when I spoke to Savitri Vasudevan, she told me out of the blue that Mohanji had said to her that he astrally visits people who need him, and sometimes they see him in their dreams. I thought, my Goodness, I took so much of his time that Mohanji was delayed and had to leave immediately.

I was in bliss for a few days. But on 15th January, my mind started playing games with me again. Seeing the ceremony photos and Mohanji again, I felt sad that I could not be there. I was inconsolable, and tears would start flowing whenever I thought about this.

On the 17th morning, the first message I saw after waking up and opening facebook was the below message from Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba about the Supreme Soul from Sandeha Nivarini, Chapter IX.

Swami: Oh, you have come! Well. What is the news?

Devotee: What other news do we have except yours? I heard that your Kerala tour was most pleasant and wonderful. I am sad that I was not destined to join.

Swami: Why are you sad about it? Listen to the account and be happy, that is all. Have the confidence and the hope that when such an opportunity next presents itself, you may be able to join. Don’t brood over the past.

I was shocked beyond words. It was a direct message for me; it said ‘Kerala tour’ as well! I read the message again and again. Baba answered me with so much clarity and in a stern and matter of fact manner, but also with a lot of love and affection.

Immediately, all my sadness and disappointments left me. I was beaming with happiness. I thought I would read a few Mohanji blogs for posting on the Mohanji Consciousness FB page, and this was the first message from Mohanji that came to me to read:

“If you really love something, there will be a pleasant, consistent connection. It will be a connection forever, very pleasant, loving and without expectation. Then you are not looking at him and judging, “Oh, is he looking at me? Is he smiling?” Whether he smiles or cries, it just doesn’t matter; the connection is forever. When you are stable and mature in your own inside, your connection outside also reflects that.”

Love Mohanji.

Again, it was a revelation and a clear message to have a clear, consistent connection without expectations. After all, wanting to be in physical proximity of a Master was also an expectation. When time is destined, even that will happen. Tears of deep gratitude started flowing again. 

Thank you, Mohanji. Koti koti pranaams at your lotus feet. I have no words but deep gratitude in my heart to my beloved Baba and Mohanji for always being with us and guiding us every time we falter. 


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