The grace of the Master

By Krishnakumar Sampath, Maryland, USA

Generally, an ordinary human being like me can’t understand the different episodes of a real-life situation. Still, when we look back, we can easily connect the dots by tracing them back to a particular situation and understand why and how it happened. This may not be applicable to all incidents, but for certain experiences, the dots are easy to connect.

My uncle, who is 60 years old, had an increased risk of becoming Covid-19 positive. He became Covid-19 positive on July 1st, 2020. He was ignoring the symptoms, mistaking them for a common cold. As things got worse, he started blabbering and complained of pains and tightness in the chest area. At this time, the presence of divine grace became evident.

In Chennai, it’s hard to reserve a hospital bed in this current Covid-19 pandemic. When my uncle began complaining of chest pains, his wife started looking for a hospital, but she couldn’t get hold of one with space for him. She is a math tuition teacher, and one of her students is the daughter of a doctor in a leading hospital in Chennai. Therefore, she contacted her student and talked to her father (the doctor) explaining the situation. The doctor immediately recognized the severity of his condition and arranged for an ambulance to pick up my uncle from his home and shift him to the hospital, which was a few miles away.

My uncle almost collapsed in the ambulance, his vitals (pressure, pulse) were all going down, and he was on the verge of suffering a heart attack. He eventually suffered a cardiac arrest as the ambulance entered the hospital (see the play of divine grace) and within a few minutes, he was taken to the operation theatre, and his heart was revived. If he had suffered a cardiac arrest somewhere along the way to the hospital, things would have gone either way, but it happened right in the hospital premises. What can we call this, other than grace! After the revival, he was admitted to the ICU (intensive care unit) as he was in a critical condition. I came to know about the whole incident two days after he was admitted to the hospital.

I immediately contacted Mohanji Acharya Latha to do a Mai-Tri Method session for him. She quickly sent out a message to the Mai-Tri practitioners’ group to do Mai-Tri for him. My friend Sachi connected me to a Mai-Tri practitioner, Bhavani, to do a distance session for my uncle. He continued to stay in the ICU, fighting for his life for the first two weeks on a ventilator. In those two weeks, he had irregular heartbeats for two days, but his vitals were stable without medications.

Bhavani started the first session on him during which she felt a lot of blockages had been removed from his head. The subsequent four Mai-Tri sessions removed a lot of blockages from his stomach region. After two weeks, a tracheostomy was performed on his throat to prevent any infections occurring from the ventilator. He had the tracheostomy tube in place for two weeks with little oxygen support and started breathing on his own after this period. He gradually recovered well to the point where he started eating solid food, and now he is on his way to recovery.

It is really Mohanji’s grace that he was able to fight the Covid-19 virus and survive a cardiac arrest at the same time. The 4 Mai-Tri sessions carried out by Bhavani during the two weeks when he was in the ICU were instrumental for his recovery. If Mohanji’s grace was not there, I cannot think what could have happened. Faith is very important though doubts will interfere with faith. But it’s better to have persistent faith through thinking, contemplation, and ignoring the mind. Listening to Mohanji’s talks and reading his books will increase our faith in Mohanji. We are all lucky to be blessed by this great Master.


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