The Lord of the Lions – The Truth

By Rekha Murali

“If you want to grow spiritually, root in EXPERIENCE, not in words, not in theories.” – Mohanji

I learnt the value of these words only through my experiences. As I connect with Mohanji more and more, I realise that it is the experiences that help me understand my spiritual growth. Experiences abound every day but how aware am I of these experiences? How much faith do I have to recognise these experiences as a blessing through the grace of the Master? Pain or pleasure, is it not learning? Is it not a dilution of the pre-destined karma? I bow to Mohanji, resting my head at His feet in complete surrender, with a humble prayer to remove what is not essential for me!

Each day of the past four years has brought forth so many experiences, some very minuscule and some so huge that it has shaken me out of my stupor. Some made me realise the depth of my connection with Mohanji, while others made me doubt Him. But since 2017, there has been a great shift within me, recognising the greatness of my Guru and I am now able to completely accept Him with deep devotion and faith! There may be tests in the journey but now I have the confidence the compassion incarnate Para Brahma is walking with me helping me jump over the hurdles with ease!

I now share with you an experience that showed me the invisible hand of the divine assuring me of protection and unconditional love. It showed me the true stature of my Guru, Mohanji! I felt His presence without presence deep within the core of my being!

The story begins…

On Mahashivratri, there were many miracles that took place at the ashram in South Africa. Reading the sharing by Swami Bhaktananda was mesmerising. Mohanji’s face in the picture had morphed into Lord Narasimha himself – the face of a lion! Lord Narasimha is the fourth of the ten primary incarnations (avatars) of Lord Vishnu, the Hindu God of preservation. The main purpose of the ten avatars was to restore cosmic order.

Going back to my story, I was overwhelmed by reading the beautiful write-up and wondered at the power of the lion-faced God – known as Narasimha or Narasingha. Singha in Sanskrit means lion. The next evening I sat down for my Consciousness Kriya (CK) practice. Those were the days when tears would roll down my cheeks for no apparent reason and during the practice of CK, I would weep buckets. At that time, I was also being initiated into the Mai-Tri Method and so a lot of baggage from my sub-conscious mind was getting cleared. I was being churned inside out by Mohanji! Kriya and Mai-Tri are a wonderful combination of cleansing. But that particular day, my Kriya session turned out to be different and specially blessed!

A key aspect that I need to mention before I get into my story is about Consciousness Kriya. Since my initiation into (CK) in January 2018, I have been very regular with it. I just felt the need to do my practice every day although I could not see any visible changes initially. Slowly I realised the depth of this practice. Initially, the changes were very subtle but soon, the experiences became more visible. That started a stream of many beautiful experiences, revelations etc. CK is such a priceless technique that enhances the practitioner’s communion with the Masters directly. It opens you up completely to the Consciousness and the connection with your Guru and Tradition deepens. I was not aware of this for a long time although I have had visions of great Masters and received many answers through various sources during Kriya. Sometimes it would just appear as a thought in my head! Kriya has opened up so many dimensions within me that I could have never imagined possible. First and foremost, it has helped me connect with Mohanji’s consciousness so deeply. Blessings abound everywhere and it is this sacred practice that helps me to be aware of it! Immense gratitude to Mohanji for opening this unknown part within me through this beautiful gift of Kriya!

So, while doing Kriya after Mahashivratri, I connected strongly with Mohanji’s consciousness and the tears started unabated. Along with my crying, I was aware of each step of Kriya and followed it diligently. Suddenly my breath increased in speed and I was gasping with the tears flowing incessantly. In a flash, I had a beautiful, inner vision (in my mind’s eye) of the most compassionate, the most beautiful face of a lion. The face was lit up with the loveliest of smiles and had the most gentle eyes. I quickly looked down and saw a human body along with the face of the lion. The lower portion was adorned with a beautiful yellow silk dhoti with a reddish magenta silk shawl draped around the waist. A word popped in my head – “Lakshmi Narasimha”, although I could not see Lakshmi. Normally Narasimha has his consort Lakshmi on his lap. My hands automatically joined together in Namaste.

Lakshmi Narasimha
Lord Lakshmi Narasimha

I was dazed and I felt waves of bliss. By then the Insight Timer beeped and I jumped out of my skin still crying. They were tears of joy and devotion. I sensed that the divine had appeared to bless me. I thanked Mohanji for this beautiful experience and relived the vision again and again in a state of bliss.

As usual, later on, the mind started doubting the entire episode. Was I hallucinating? Was my mind playing tricks because of the blog by Swami Bhaktananda? I looked at Mohanji’s picture and questioned Him too. I remembered Mohanji comment that every experience we have is our own.

I did share this with some members of the Mohanji family and a couple of dear friends. The comments I received were mostly ‘beautiful’ or ‘awesome’. I could not receive any clear answers or assurances for my lingering doubts. I was not sure if this was for real. But I could also very vividly remember the whole vision and I would tear up thinking about it. My body would indicate the truth of the vision.

Mohanji on experiences


The first confirmation…

Finally, Mohanji Himself chose to give me the answers. He soon put my mind to rest through Devi Amma. Devi Amma is a highly evolved spiritual Master and a disciple of Sage Agastya Muni. Whenever I pose questions to Mohanji, I always get clear answers from someone and this time I was blessed to get my confirmation from Devi Amma herself. Again, I attribute this to CK, as it has helped me physically be in touch with this Divine Master, Devi Amma. Moreover, Devi Amma and Mohanji are so deeply connected and they always speak as one. For me, speaking to Devi Amma is akin to being in the presence of Mohanji! I sense the same happiness, and gentleness that I experience in Mohanji’s presence. Both of them shower me with the same unconditional love and compassion. So, two days after the vision, it so happened that I got a chance to speak with Devi Amma out of the blue.

Devi Amma
An embodiment of Love

As we were speaking, I described this vision to her and asked her if I was hallucinating. She then explained the beautiful reason behind the vision assuring me that Lord Narasimha had indeed appeared to bless me. My hair stood on end and tears flowed. Devi Amma explained that Narasimha is the most compassionate of all avatars of Vishnu and He appears when a person is going through a lot of internal turmoil and stress. She explained that I’d bottled up all the emotions within and appeared cheerful on the outside. So he had appeared to relieve me of the burdens that I was carrying deep within, cleansing me, of which I may not be even aware of. She mentioned that it was happening because of my deep connection with my Guru. I was thrilled to hear this as I had seen the same compassion and love in Mohanji’s eyes, as I had in the vision. I felt extremely light in my heart and was full of gratitude to Devi Amma as she had in her beautiful way filled me with her unconditional love. I sent a silent prayer of thanks to Mohanji too and I felt extremely overwhelmed. Masters have spoken to me directly and have shown me that they are with me. This physical validation was because of CK which enables direct communication with masters.

Mohanji on experiences 1

My second confirmation…

That night passed peacefully and I was happy with myself. A couple of days later, (it was a Friday), I got further confirmation on the reality of this vision. It so happened that a distant relative whom I am not in touch with called me. After a general discussion, as a religious person, he started speaking about temples and Gods and he mentioned that he had been thinking about talking to me that very morning about Lord Narasimha! I shared with him my vision and he immediately mentioned that my maternal grandfather was as an ardent devotee of Narasimha and it was a genuine blessing from the Lord. This was my second confirmation. There was a lineage connection here as well, my grandfather being a devotee.

And the third one…

Soon after that, my husband and I left on a holiday to a nearby town (Pondicherry). We planned a visit to a temple of Ram on the way. I immediately sent a humble prayer to the Lord himself… My request was that if the vision was true, I would see the idol of Narasimha in the temple dressed in the colours that had appeared in my vision…yellow dhoti with the reddish magenta wrap!

After we worshipped the main idol and walked around, we came across another deity called Sudarshana. My eyes lit up immediately and with heart pounding, I went quickly to view the back of the Sudarshana idol. The reason for this is because, in all South Indian temples, the back portion of the Sudarshana idol has an idol of Narasimha sitting cross-legged in yoga and is popularly known as Yoga Narasimha!

Lo and behold! I turned the corner and saw that the Yoga Narasimha was dressed in a yellow dhoti with a magenta cloth draped around his waist. Normally in such temples, I have always seen the deities dressed only in white dhotis. The Sudarshana idol was also dressed in a white dhoti. I was stunned and with tears flowing, I prostrated with gratitude and surrender. This was clear proof of the vision that I had during CK. The colour of the clothes matched exactly with the vision. So the appearance of the divine during CK was a blessing indeed! What more could I ask for?

Experience and mind

The entire experience was truly enlightening and assurances were given in various ways till I was satisfied. We proceeded to our destination (a resort) and I was unaware of the other plans that Mohanji had in store for me. This was again a blessing! Looking at the beautiful lawn in the resort, a thought crossed my mind that it would be wonderful to do Conscious Walking here for the guests of the resort. Mohanji fulfilled that so easily by helping me approach the Events Manager who agreed immediately to my idea. I also suggested doing the Power of Purity meditation and within a matter of minutes, everything was finalised for the next day. Announcements were made and Mohanji ensured His presence without presence. During the Mohanji energy transfer, a participant felt someone standing next to her although I was nowhere near her. She also sensed a surge of energy, a tingling sensation in her body! It was the first time that she was doing a proper meditation!


Mohanji not only gave me the opportunity to conduct a POP meditation and Conscious walking for the guests of the resort, but He also ensured that every participant benefitted by it. Participants experienced the energy and bliss that everyone feels in the presence of Mohanji. Conscious Walking also had an enthusiastic group of participants and people were happy to have learnt something new during their holiday. They felt energised and were happy to take back something that they could practice at home on their own. He orchestrated everything and all that I had to do was just go with the flow.

Thank you, dear Mohanji, for the various tools such as Consciousness Kriya and the Mai-Tri Method to help me discard some of the deep-rooted karmic samskaras!

The patience with which Mohanji handled me, understanding my doubting, uncontrollable mind and sending me messages through various sources was astounding. He is always there holding my hand, guiding me on my path even if I am not aware of it. He is my Narasimha, wiping my tears, showering me with His love and compassion. Ever smiling and gentle, He lovingly puts my disturbed mind to rest and protects me through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual upheaval. In this lifetime, my Narasimha is none other than Mohanji, who is compassionate incarnate. I always experience and see the same gentleness, unconditional love and compassion in Him that I saw in my vision of Lord Narasimha that day.

Dear Mohanji, I pray that you hold this Prahlada (devotee of Vishnu for whom he incarnated), your loving child close to you and never let go. On your shoulder, I merge into you with no worries and the faith that you as my Father, my Guru and My Narasimha will take me with you. You are Mohanji Narasimha!

Prahlada and Narasimha


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