Kalpataru Series – A wish to attend the Global Summit

by Aditya Nagpal, India

Recently, I took part in the Mohanji Foundation (MF) Global Summit in Sri Lanka as the India Head. I really feel blessed to have gotten this opportunity to represent MF India at the Global Summit, and it was all due to Mohanji’s grace. I would like to share my experience, an incident at work, which made it very easy for me to go to Sri Lanka.

I work in the corporate sector and getting holidays for anything is a big deal. You need to have a valid reason if you want to take a long holiday. Last year, I had already taken many holidays and applying for more seemed next to impossible. In November, our CEO Madhusudhan called me and said that I will be heading Mohanji Foundation India and I will have to go to Sri Lanka for the Global Summit.


I accepted the responsibility immediately but the thing that struck my mind was getting holidays for it as I had already taken a long holiday for the Kriya Intensive program in December 2019. I did not know how to get more holidays as it could make a negative impact on my reputation in the company. So I was a little worried about it, but I had a strong desire to go to Sri Lanka with Mohanji. The time to go to Sri Lanka was approaching fast and I had not even applied for my holidays. I had no ‘valid’ reason to apply. So I just surrendered it to Mohanji and here is how it was taken care of.

I am currently working at my Client’s location. My Parent Company has deployed me there. Three days before going to Sri Lanka, my Parent Company manager called me. I was concerned that it could be about my holidays as I had taken too many. I entered my manager’s room a little worried, but here is what he said, “I wanted to talk to you for the last few days. I would like to tell you that our Client is highly impressed by your performance and they want to take you as their permanent employee. Are you ok with that?”

I could not believe what he said, this was an absolute miracle. I was worried about taking holidays and now I would not only be able to take holidays, but I would move to a bigger company with a higher salary. There was a deal between my Parent Company and the Client that at the end of the project, the Client Company would take the best amongst all the employees deployed there. With Mohanji’s grace, I turned out to be the best amongst everyone. I knew that it was all a divine play of our Master. He arranged this for me.

Our Master will arrange everything for us at the right time, when we are ready. All we need is a strong connection with him. He will send us to the right places at the right time. He knows what is best for us. All we need to do is surrender everything at his lotus feet because he really will take care of everything. When he says, “I am walking with you and protecting you”, he really means it. Blessed are we to be in his Consciousness. Let’s forget our personal egos and work together to spread his mission as much as we can.

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1 thought on “Kalpataru Series – A wish to attend the Global Summit”

  1. Faith is the key.
    This experience is showing exactly that.
    Thank you for sharing this Aditya.
    Many people experience Mohanji’s grace in their day to day life and work places, which can be very easily ignored as coincidence. To be able to recognise the grace is a big step.

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